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  1. harvest

    What is this light bezel from?

    keiser, thank you for the identity and pic posted.
  2. harvest

    are these mirror brackets?

    thank you for the info.
  3. harvest

    are these mirror brackets?

    came across this in my storage box today. im thinking they may have been for a car? they have some sort of clamp system on each. possibly hang off spare tire? they are made of aluminum. I couldn't find no name or casting numbers. appreciate your knowledge that can be shared.
  4. harvest

    What is this light bezel from?

    couldn't find no part number or company name anywhere on these. they are made of cast aluminum I believe. appreciate any help. thank you
  5. bob, here is pic of back side. (George, Craig and Mercer) thank you for the helpful info. I thought it was for a radiator, but wrong again. appreciate the knowledge that has been shared.
  6. came across this badge in pile of model T parts I had in storage. can anyone help me identify what I got here? maybe what year car/truck? I guess it would be mounted on a radiator? this badge measures 2.25" diameter. thank you and appreciate the knowledge.
  7. came across these in my storage box and i think they are from a chevy? if so, possibly anyone know what year/era cars these would be fit to? i appreciate the help. thank you
  8. harvest

    help identify windshield frame teens? 20's?

    still trying to figure this out,.
  9. harvest

    Vintage Coil? Early Ford?

    came across this and was thinking it was ford? maybe im wrong. I spent little over an hour this morning on google search and cant find nothing. maybe someone here knows exactly what its from? thank you for your help.
  10. its time to release the jailbirds. 1946 4x4 marmon assist 1.5ton flatbed powered by 350 chevy. orig flathead v8 will be included. 1947 ford delivery 1/2 ton powered by 8ba flathead V8 with fenton headers. Both trucks together have taken us on a 1900 hr restoration including over 28k in receipts. Too much to list as for replacement, rebuild, parts etc. Asking 49,500 for the pair or 26k each. Willing to help with your hired transporter if need be. Truck located minutes from I-80 at zip 18013. PM me if your interested. Thank you
  11. harvest

    1933 Ford AA Engine

    Jpage, Thank u for the clutch info. Yeah, the crank sits on cc. It’s ok, as long as it isnt drug around on the gear and bearing. If it were a heavier engine, it wouldn’t be sitting on the crank. I had to roll it over to get pics.
  12. harvest

    1933 Ford AA Engine

    Dave & Nzcar, Want to thank u for clearing up the date on this engine. I appreciate the knowledge. Bare with me, everyday I’m learning with the help of members. Gotta say this aaca is a great gang of collectors who are there to help. Thanks again and best wishes for the new year to all
  13. harvest

    1933 Ford AA Engine

    the block is stamped AA330421. had a older gentleman tell me its a 33 truck engine. maybe he was wrong. ?
  14. harvest

    1933 Ford AA Engine

    33 AA engine. good block. missing pistons, connecting rods. what you see is what I have. there is a valve cover, head and fan assembly. cam and crank still in the block. was told it had new valves put in it about 35yrs ago. asking 300. PU near lehigh valley PA. can be shipped thru Fastenal if need be. Buyer makes all shipping arrangements. PM me if interested. Thank you.