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  1. harvest

    1940 ford coupe deluxe for restoration

    lowered to 5k
  2. harvest

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    Tin, nice picture you have there of pop and that car.
  3. harvest

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    Dr Watson and Tinindian, thank you for the lead and gotta say I never heard of that truck company yet. Im learning. Its possible, they are Larrabee Deyo. I just spent an hour with google on the search and that's also a tough headlight to picture. Most pics of these trucks I see are paper advertisement. There are a few that are real trucks. Just cant get a close up on that headlight housing. The search continues!
  4. harvest

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    Marv, I searched on the edge, and no markings or numbers. Nothing on the flat spots either. Thank you
  5. harvest

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    I measure just the lens and it measures 9.75” od. Searching on the lens for a pat number and all I see is this “5” and the 3 dots. Both lens marked the same. Completely taken apart, I can’t find no other markings on the housing or bezel. Thank you again members for your knowledge.
  6. harvest

    Headlights 10.25" diameter

    got this old pair of lights im trying to figure what they were from. couple pics . the flat glass lens reads "Guide Tilt Ray Headlamp". any help, much appreciated. thank you
  7. canister area is 4" x 4". possibly buick dodge? thank you for your help.
  8. harvest

    Several Fog Lights, Identification Needed

    Curti and Roy, Thank you for the heads up.
  9. harvest

    Headlight Bezel Ring? 11"

    I have this light ring that measures just over 11". I have no idea what it could be from. Auto or Marine application? Im thinking someone out there knows what it is. Thank you for any help identifying.
  10. harvest

    Several Fog Lights, Identification Needed

    last fog light I have is not stamped on the housing. only thing I can read is "Monogram" on the lens.
  11. harvest

    Several Fog Lights, Identification Needed

    this light is stamped "K-S415 Approved Penna 1937"
  12. harvest

    Several Fog Lights, Identification Needed

    the housing for this fog light is stamped K-S42
  13. I dug these out of my storage container and would like to maybe see what they originally fit to. I placed a few pics and if anyone can help id. Thank you for the knowledge.
  14. harvest

    1926 ford roadster pickup for restoration

    pic with the top irons mounted.