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  1. got this some years ago in a nox marked 26 chevy. ? must be then 1927-29 with the part number seen. thank you for the helpful knowledge shared.
  2. btt. New Price $185 and $15 shipping lower 48.
  3. btt. new price $30 and $10 shipping lower 48.
  4. btt. New price $40 and $10 shipping lower 48
  5. btt. New price- $35 and $15 shipping lower 48.
  6. keiser31, i was able to remove these light brackets. now with a better look at them, these did show a trace of chrome covering the iron. with looking at them now, do you still think they are from a 29' chrysler? these are heavy brackets/mounts as i hold them in my hand. thank you all for your help.
  7. the cups on pic of my mount are different style i believe. must be from early truck. heavy duty. keiser, thanks for replying..
  8. picked up a early model crawler today and it was fitted with hood/dash that im asking if anyone possibly may know what car or truck it could have been from? it has cast iron light mounts on each side which may help identify and if it helps, there is a sterling amperage gauge. any help identifying what this cowl much appriciated.
  9. excellent condition. interesting book with alot of info, pictures etc. $20 and $5 shipping lower 48
  10. hardcover book in excellent condition. amazing glossy photos ,info etc. $25 and $5 shipping lower 48.