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  1. Hi George, sorry I will be stuck at the garage for Hershey. Im 2hrs east of Hershey show if you wanna take a ride,.
  2. carburetor has been sold. thank you for your interests.
  3. good condition. had been garage kept for decades sitting on shelf. $100 and $15 for shipping lower 48
  4. I found all the info I needed for this stuff searching the web. thank you
  5. looking for some help here from the chevy guys. i recently picked up some chevy parts that were included in a garage sale. i got a chevy big block, 2 sets of heads, cast intake, cam and forged rods with some beefy looking pistons. couldnt find the crankshaft but i did get 2 transmissions that were wrapped in a blanket? (thinking they may have been rebuilt?) anyway i got some numbers from the block and 2 sets of heads and was looking here for some help of what i may have if anyone can correctly identify what i got and possibly might know what kinda car it may have been used in? 1 set of heads, (3964290,g11,gm3t,)(3964290,f24,gm4t) other set of heads,(3909802,b137,gm5t,conv4)(3909802,b77,gm6t) this set of heads have "O" around circle emblem. engine-3963512,gm4,conv2,L18-8, hi performance. intake-3856289,e205,q-jet appriciate any knowledge that can be shared.
  6. Barn kept for 40-50yrs in my hands. good for parts or make a good one from the two. Looking at both engines, there are no cracks breaks or welds. both engines show original tags. both engines missing carburetors and manifolds. 1 engine missing distributer. ( no transmissions or flywheels) $200 for both engines. 1 engine (1915 brass tag) has been taken apart and the other is still together (1917 aluminum tag) Pickup at zip 18013 near I-80 eastern PA. possibly can crate everything for Fastenal drop off for extra $50. Buyer make all shipping arrangements. Contact me if interested. Thank you