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  1. 23/24 Studebaker light six carburetor. good linkage. kept on garage shelf for decades from a past relative. carb shows a small repairable crack on top plate as seen in last pic. asking 400 best offer. add 15 for shipping lower 48. PM me if interested. thank you
  2. anyone possibly know what vehicle this wrench be for? It has a casting number 3850. appreciate any help.
  3. Drwatson, You nailed it! Really want to say thank you for the help and posting the pic. I did some net searching and yes, its from a Maxwell. Wish I had the rest of the car. Hopefully, someone out there might have a use for it. Thank you again
  4. reminder, auction ending today. thank you members for your interests.
  5. good condition. used on various early cars for cold weather start. $150 and $15 for S&H lower 48. Pm me if interested. Thank you
  6. Terry, that's a superb collection I can say. Really nice display. I few of our members at the Blue Mountain Engine Assoc have a few displays similar to yours they show to the public that attract a number of young and older enthusiasts. Thank you for sharing the photo!
  7. Btt. Anybody interested at $200 for both? Thank you.
  8. Keiser, I couldn't find a patent number... just the wording Pat Pending. Thank you for reaching out.
  9. I had something like it long time ago that was used on the rear suspension of a 59 impala to help with air ride. just wondering if maybe this is something like it? the hydropower is throwing me off, maybe water injection? appreciate the responses. still would like to pinpoint it.
  10. This Mason jar looks to be used possibly for a fuel system? I have no idea what it would work with. Possible car related? The lid is marked hydropower? I searched for this on Google with not much luck. Any help much appreciated identifying. Thank you.
  11. I dug all this out of old coffee can in the garage. anyone recognize what I might have here? thank you for help.