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  1. mercer09

    Autronic Eye

    i SOLD ONE SEVERAL YRS BACK IN THE SAME CONDITION. nos AND FULLY COMPLETE WITH BOX. iT WAS A VERY LATE 58 AND FOR A bUICK. It brought very good money and paid me back for a cleanout I did, where I would have lost a good bit of money- but the autronic eye popped up and saved the day! fella who bought it, wtd it to make a run of them as reproductions. dont know if that ever happened.
  2. mercer09

    1936 Cord 810 Beverly

    so many of these for sale in the 50k plus range lately. Makes me wonder where this mkt is headed? Believe it or not, I had a far harder time finding a westchester then a Beverly, when I bought mine. 5 Beverlys for every Westchester I found. I dont care for the "knapsack". Think it ruins the lines of the car. Obviously my opinion...........
  3. mercer09

    1912 olds limited

    I remember one on ebay for around a million about 2 yrs ago- is that the car? was fully restored and beautiful!
  4. mercer09

    Big find in the south of France

    bet the stutz brings no more then 15-18k. these cars were just let go for too long.
  5. I had my hands on this car seven days ago..... Is that the one in Hemmings now for 250k?
  6. 450 million paid for Salvatore Mundi by da Vinci and half of the opinions out there consider it a "fake"....................
  7. mercer09

    Big find in the south of France

    not so sure Roger................ many need a ton of parts. Easier to start out in Europe with a much nicer car then to try and piece together a lot of rust. shipping is cheap compared with the condition of most of these cars. this is rat rod material.
  8. True al- maybe not lost- but definitely undiscovered. So much wealth was in France and Switzerland after WW2 and the people who own them, dont need the money. In the last 2 yrs, 1000s of paintings were "discovered" in Germany that an art dealers son held. Value in the billions............ he wasnt advertising............... located right in a major city. Totally unknown.
  9. maybe even a few Duesenbergs? At least 10-20 sitting in garages throughout Europe.
  10. mercer09

    Big find in the south of France

    not worth the shipping fees.....................
  11. yes Jim, just sold a nice 31 tudor because I didnt want it- only a vicki. As you get older in life, you can settle or just wait for what you want. Ill wait................ lol! ps did find one in Hemmings, but too much $ for what it is and all the way out west.
  12. mercer09

    crank handle identification requested

    not a chevy, unless the end was cut off almost any crank handle is going to need a catch on the end............
  13. well, found an unrestored A400 that would have fit the bill, on Mafca, but fella wants too much and is none negotiable.
  14. mercer09

    question- shipping a body US to ENgland

    forget cars and coffee................. cars and women!
  15. mercer09

    1930 Cadillac V-16 Club Sedan

    Nice car! When looking at this one and the price, compared to the 8ook speedster listed several months back, this seems a bargain. Yes, I know they are not one and the same. But money ALWAYS matters.