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  1. Sometimes that social side of ownership is much more taxing than perceived. and if it is, then you are doing something wrong in life! The real story is that a Chevette lasted 19 years with his disposable income, he could have made it last 100 yrs...............!
  2. roadster roadster roadster........................ who needs a stinkin sedan? lol
  3. IRC, that violates the terms of the PayPal user agreement. so what? paypal is not a part of ebay and you can take payment any way you choose................. cash cash and cash, if that is all you really want. LOL
  4. didnt pu on the firebird........ have a 67 camaro conv here that I need to get ready to sell. I agree, the firebirds are a lot more appealing to me then camaros- but the camaros do tend to bring a little more. buying the lit makes more sense then another car.
  5. when I list on ebay- I start low, because I want to build interest and competition. Starting at what I hope to get for a car generally produces no bids. you only need 2 people that want it.............. Randy, some nice finds there! All at great prices. Cant believe the camaro is even available at that price.......... Had a 30 Buick model 58 yrs ago- was the same body style as the Stude. That is a screaming bargain! Good solid car that needs minor work and could easily be worth double.
  6. The Buick is a good choice and gives a lot of bang for the buck. I thought you were pretty clear with what you want. A done car in #2 condition for hauling groceries..........
  7. Randy, you nailed that one! doubt one could find something much closer to what was requested, in a limited prod car.
  8. nope- dont accept paypal I dont. with zelle, walmart to walmart transfers and wiring money, it would be silly to accept ppl............. if you do accept ppl- let the buyer know they are responsible for the cost.
  9. photos are far better- your ebay listing shouldnt be more then 125. to list and sell- which I find a bargain, if it does sell. good luck on your sale.
  10. go to the ford barn.....................
  11. Hemmings is good for older buyers as well. Many are not internet savy. Sold my 30 Buick model 58 to a fella from Spain. He saw it in Hemmings. CL can be a waste of time. Ebay is my preferred method and still has many faults........... sell rate is about 50%, because many buyers are not serious.