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  1. because everyone doesnt have the same belief as!
  2. That seems like a lot of car for the money, and a full classic to boot; what am I missing? this has become a "soft" market. price is very fair and a real nice car. There are others in a similar price range. If youve ever wtd a v12, lots of bang for the buck here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I use Simple Green to clean tops. two years ago, I used a can of black oil house paint to seal a really badly weathered top. looked great, but I only did that to sell the car wo replacing the top. Wouldnt use oil house paint if I were keeping the car. did look nice, but doubt it will hold up well. it was a quick fix on a model A tudor.
  4. Report post Posted January 17 (edited) I recently acquired a 1916 Saxon No engine, Transmission or axles though I have the transmission housing. I am am starting the wood work as I look for parts. As I found an engine in MN I wanted to ask how likely is it to find the transmission drive shaft etc or does anyone have such spares laying around. Also as I build the wood parts does anyone have an interest in a set of wood replacement parts for the interior framework? I could make two sets while I’m building mine. Alternately I may sell the whole car if someone else has what’s needed to save this car. I am going by your last line said it- I didnt..............................................................
  5. I personally would sell what you have and start out with something better. save lots and lots of work. so many cars out there and in the end- what is your time worth?
  6. John, if its any consolation, my sons will bring in the scrapper and or throw my title collection in the fireplace. we can t take it with us, so in the end- their loss.
  7. congratulations! you made a good decision. time to move onward and upward!
  8. some of those "sedans" were chopped down into pickups and used on pig farms........... so the question is, would you prefer a pig farm truck or the phaeton above? doubt the pu would be worth more then the 522k hammer. at 522k, dont see much downside, so not sure what all the fuss is about it being original. Many Mercers became raceabouts in the 30s and 40s. Guess they arent worth a dime!
  9. So what style body would have been original to this chassis? any style your pocket would have chosen. Probably 2/3s of all Duesenbergs have had body swaps or replacements done. If you were wealthy, after 5 years you might have had another body installed. all Duesenberg sold were the chassis. So nobody can tell you your body is "wrong" or the color isnt original. It is whatever you want it to be. Yes, the body may be new, but so are the bodies on many many brass cars that didnt hold up. Does that make them trash? no........... but yes, it can affect value or perceived value.
  10. But maybe not everyone shares our opinion of their looks? some of the ugliest cars in my book! great if you own a funeral!
  11. its you.................. LOL! you dont like shiney fake?
  12. Does $6,500 sound like a fair price for this car in it's current condition? what are you waiting for????????
  13. well, the red is def to much, but would it entice you to buy the car if you were say- saving 25% on your purchase? looks that way to me............. well bought.
  14. I own a rhd model A phaeton and love it. If the dollar is stronger overseas, you list and sell it overseas and vice versa. Personally find it fun, different and enjoyable! isnt that the point of antiques? very grateful for narrow minded me better deals.