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  1. relatively good condition- few creases but nice- 45. includes shipping to lower 48 copy of same, dated 1928, but is a copy- goes for 20. shipped to lower 48
  2. A model A is a very viable option. the 36 phaeton cant be bought in your price range.
  3. congratulations! motor looks like a Loco............
  4. sticking float in the carb from sitting- tap the bowl with a wrench.......... Marvel Mystery oil in the tank to free everything up.
  5. need top latch for a 41 ford conv thanks
  6. well I have one, but dont think you'ld want to spend the $ 1907 model DR................. It is the high end and extremely rare 22 hp and 3 spd
  7. well you had a terrific exchange rate with us for about 10 might want to give a few examples of what you want.
  8. Beautiful car John. If taking this car to Hershey, it should definitely sell. good luck!
  9. Restoration Specialties from PA
  10. used to be you could order a carpet set from JC Whitney for around 140. where does one get carpet today? dont see it listed any longer. thanks!