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  1. What I found when I took the heads and manifolds off a Cord that was parked in 1962 that I bought and was trying to see if i could get it run before restoring it.
  2. I followed with interest the sale of both the Auburn and Cord parts. You mentioned that the parts came from an estate. What ever happened to the bodies.? With some of the parts being restored, someone must have had a body. I would be interested in the Cord body if available, it appears to have been an open Cord. Thanks Cliff
  3. I’d like to buy the Autolite vrb4008A regulator. Let me know where to send payment. Thank you.
  4. Reach out to Bills transport. I would highly recommend. You can find him on this site under garages, trailers, etc.
  5. Cord was parked in 1962. Cord is now registered and back on the road this year after complete mechanical rebuild and rest of car left as found.
  6. On eBay search for Cord windshield winders. There is a set on eBay now. Maybe those can work for you. The winders fit a number of different cars
  7. I have three 1934-1936 Auburn door handles for sale. There is one locking and two non locking handles. They all have dents or tears and are being sold for parts only or for repair. See photo's attached. Price is $150.00 for all 3 handles plus $10. for shipping in the USA. Contact me if interested.
  8. Over the years restoring some of my Cords, I needed to have robe straps made and went to one of the oldest saddle and bridle manufacturers in Hartford Ct. and they were able to make what ever I neeeded.
  9. Many years ago when I was young and didn’t know any better, I cut out and removed the front seat and divider from a rare 1937 Cord Berline to deliver to Hershey Pa. to give to a friend of mine that lived in Ca. The Cord was LOADED with mouse dropping and bird dropping. Luckily health wise, nothing happened to me.
  10. over the years, I’ve owned quite a few Cords. Pictured here are 2 cord bodies I purchased that were on top of the roof of a old garage that was close to collapsing. The picture is pretty faded but you might be able to still see the 2 cords.
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