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  1. Thanks for addressing my question, and sorry for hi jacking this thread.
  2. Maybe related or not; what was last year a standard transmission was available in a full-size Buick?
  3. The only Buick my wife and I have owned was a 2004 Rendezvous. Really one of the best vehicles we have owned.
  4. Revisiting this old thread. Nothing has happened relative to this “project” though much has happened in life. Including my wife’s retirement and selling out and moving from IL to Eastern TN. Renting a too-small place now with no extra space for another vehicle, or anything else. Moving from the Illini Prairie where the roads are laid out in a grid, to the edge of the Smoky Mountains where a straight or level road can’t be found, requires an adjustment. 😎 Someday...
  5. Thanks! Is there a difference in the parking lights?
  6. Thanks. 1953 Special. The last of the Straight 8’s. My family had one when I was a boy. With a Dynaflow. 1947 - 55 Advance-Design trucks. I’ve owned 3 of them in the past. As far as 51 and 52 Buicks; what features, trim, lights, etc are different? Particularly on Specials. Thanks.
  7. I have posted on these forums a few times. I like 1953 Buicks! And I like Chevy A-D Pickups!... But, I don’t know... what I don’t know. And one of those things I don’t know are the differences between 51’s and 52’s. At first glance they look nearly identical to a novice like me. Is there a guide or summary of the changes? Thanks.
  8. One of my dreams is to repower a Chevy A-D pickup with a Buick Straight 8. Is this a real truck or a photoshop? I wonder if a 53 Special front clip could be grafted on the front of a 47-55 Chevy pickup?
  9. Someone should save that 53 grille and bumper.
  10. The upper grille is Packard. I’d be glad to drive that to the Dairy Queen Cruise. 😎
  11. Good for you. The Chevy 6 swap would have been a LOT of work. You will be happier with the Straight 8.
  12. Being a 1953 Buick fan, especially Specials, I found this thread very helpful. Thanks.
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