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  1. Nice smattering of mid-50’s American cars. I see 3, maybe 4 Buicks. 1 Packard, 1 Dodge, a Plymouth or two, 1 or 2 Olds, a couple of Chevy pickups and a bunch of Fords.
  2. Thanks. That’s a popular swap in old Chevy trucks to replace a tired 216 or 235. They are getting harder and harder to find though.
  3. Thanks! I went to the seller’s website (Sweden). 17 pictures and I translated the description into English. It identifies it as a Special. It’s a custom car with a 430-4 V8 and Automatic from a 67 Wildcat. A/C, PS, PB, stereo, etc. Sold. There seems to be a lot of American cars and trucks in Europe.
  4. Thanks for all responses. I saw this video on YouTube of a beautiful black 1950 Jetback 4-door somewhere in Europe. Is that a Roadmaster or Super? I wish they showed the engine. Thanks
  5. Just floating this to the top to see if anyone else has any useful info. Thanks.
  6. Thank you. I went on the Hometown Buicks site. Lots of data! Buick built several models, almost too many, in 50-52 and slimmed down their offerings in 53.
  7. What was last year for this body style? What series had this body style in what years? What were the model numbers? What is correct spelling? Was this body style known by other names? I know Chevy called their “fastback” cars Fleetlines. Is there a good resource for this info on the internet? Thanks!
  8. Just to supplement NTX’s comments: prior to 1955 Chevrolet and GMC half-tons had torque-tube drive. Half-tons got an open drive shaft with the 55-1st Series. 3/4-tons had a two-piece driveshaft with the front piece enclosed and the rear piece open with exposed U-joints. By 1954 both driveshaft sections were open. All models had leaf springs. The coil spring rear suspension started in 1960 and went thru 1972. As he said some models of Chevy and GMC during this period, usually 3/4-ton and larger, had rear leaf springs.
  9. Okay, I saw this car on eBay and then went to the dealer site. Question: this is a Super Riviera, right? Same wheelbase as standard Roadmaster? 263? I am still learning... and enjoying it. 😉https://www.route65salesandclassics.com/details/used-1952-buick-super/74423458 Thanks!
  10. Thank you MrEarl for gathering this info and posting it here !! The fatsco link does not work. I get a 404 error.
  11. Gateway Classics original location was Fairmont City, IL in an old Venture store building next to I-70, almost in view of the Gateway Arch. Been there several times before they moved to their new location. At that time everything was on consignment. My best friend sold a sharp 32 Ford 3W Coupe Street Rod there back in 06-07. As with any used car dealer, a buyer must do their own due diligence. Caveat Emptor.
  12. I agree FB Marketplace is not very user friendly. I saw a Studebaker for sale and it was listed as a Chevrolet. Of course, probably some less informed folks might not know better. Still, their user groups are very active with lots of vehicles for sale.
  13. That trailer must have been purpose built for that Buick or a similar senior automobile. I would like to see the hitch. Do you suppose the car has extra/overload springs? Anyone have any further details about this setup?
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