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  1. Did you try Dave Tachney? He might have a transmission. Call between 5 and 7 pm. He doesn't do email. 763-427-3460 Dave
  2. For something like this I like Kanter. Their after sale service is way better than Bob or Cars. Not even in the same league. Dave
  3. In her book on Marr, Kimes did say that he bought Marvel stock at the the suggestion of Billy Durant. She says that “Billy had given him sage advice that would work out very well: buy Marvel Carburetor.” This could be thought to mean buy the company but I think it meant buy stock in Marvel. This happened several years before the 1920 recession when Durant lost GM the second time, according to Kimes. Later “Marvel fell victim to a takeover” and Marr sold his stock for $126,000 which he used to pay for the construction of his new home on Signal Mountain Tennessee. This happened in the late twenties. Although Kimes doesn’t give a date she does say that is happened while the law suit regarding construction of the home was going on and that was in 1929. None of this leads me to believe that he owned the company, to the contrary, only that he owned stock. Dave
  4. The West Michigan chapter still sells them. $22.45 shipping included. Their ad is in the back of The Bugle.
  5. Interestingly the smallest Buick of 1941, the model 47, had 15” wheels. Go figure.
  6. Earl, you say the trouble started after you bought gas. Could it be a case of bad gas? I tore my hair out for months trying to figure out what was wrong with one of the Volvos. I went through the fuel system and ignition. Several times. No luck, then a good friend suggested I check out the gas and sure enough that was it. Moral of the story, check the easy cheap things first. Something I had forgotten. Dave
  7. It looks like a 28 standard. That is the location of the "sending unit." The fuel gauge is on the dash which is nice when it works. Otherwise it's the same as 27 and earlier. Ya gotta get out and look. I use a dipstick. Dave
  8. John, I see what you mean about parallel, hmmmmm. And it says Pillar Lamp Door Switch, so that could be jamb switch. As you say in the 7 passenger sedan and/or limo. IDK Dave
  9. Jack, Bloo and company, I drove it up to Baltimore this morning on the battery to the shop that checked out the generators. The I95 traffic was light, thankfully. I got there and they were able to take me right away. The tech (old guy with slightly more hair than me) came out with a helper and his multi meter and got right to work. We all kept our distance like we're supposed to. He checked a few things out and in about 15 minutes he had sussed out. Now here is the embarrassing part of the story...... The wires at the generator were reversed. Damn I'm sure I checked that out but I still I had it backwards. Mark you were right, it was the wiring. That was what I was thinking too but I forgot Occam's Razor, the simplest answer is most likely the right answer. Sorry to get everyone excited for nothing. Anyway, Here's the good news, it was a 75 mile round trip, 95% of which was interstate at 60-65 mph, I used 4.48 gallons of gas. Do the math, 16.74 mpg. Something must be wrong here that can't be and yet there it is. I'll keep an eye on it and see if I can repeat those results. Thank you, all. You guys are the best. Dave
  10. John, The dome light switch is on the door pillar, on the passenger side, if memory serves me well. Just to be clear it is not jamb switch. It is a little sliding on/off switch on inside of door pillar. Standard series closed cars as well as masters. I believe it is wired in series. Dave
  11. Jack, I called the generator repair shop and shop manager agrees with you, the generator is externally grounded. I polarized the generator by momentarily jumping the Gen to Batt terminals on the regulator. Still no charge. I checked the voltage output at the regulator and at the generator both 0.00 volts. Got the generator blues. If the governor doesn't shut everything down I'm going to take it into the shop. Dave
  12. Jack, I was told it was internally grounded and so I used that method. I hope I didn't fry anything. I am a little concerned because output at the generator is 0.00 volts right now. That is measured from the armature terminal to ground. Don, I checked the ground on the regulator and it is good. 2carb, Jumper wire? from where to where? I did use a jumper wire from the field wire but at the regulator end. I jumped it to the batt terminal on the regulator. Got a healthy spark too. I've been keeping the battery well charged.
  13. The generator in my 41 mod 47 has made squeaking noise since I got it a little over a year ago. I bought a replacement generator last year but inertia set in and I didn't get to it till this year. The old one was making so much noise I had a hard time tuning and balancing the new carb setup. I had to swap out the pulley and I put the new generator in the car. No charge. I polarized the generator, no change. I put the old one back in. No charge. Polarized that one, no difference. I took both up to the generator shop and they checked them out. Both are good. I bought a NOS Delco-Remy regulator. Put that in and it made no difference. I didn't think it would but I thought I had to try. About the Amp meter: When I start the car the amp meter used to show a charge and gradually drop to zero. Now it shows a very slight negative charge with the engine running and does not move as rpms are increased. If the headlights are on it shows discharge. Increasing the rpms makes no difference. Battery: Voltage at the battery is 6.25. Voltage is 6.25 at the regulator Batt terminal engine off. Engine on, 6.15 V. Gen shows 0.00V across the Arm terminal to ground. Gen to block no resistance i.e. ground is good. The wiring harness is a little crispy-crunchy so I ran a pair of new wires from the generator to the voltage regulator. No difference. I double checked that the it was hooked up correctly. It's all good. I am stumped. What do you guys think?
  14. Barry, If you want more power use a Rover block and heads. Your Buick oil pan, timing chain cover, valve covers, intake and exhaust manifolds will all bolt on. You can't tell the difference and nothing beats displacement, 4.6L 277ci in this case. That's what I put in my 68 Volvo. Dave
  15. Well there ya go, learn something everyday. Ha! Dave