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  1. pont35cpe

    Wanted 1940 Buick Roadmaster Transmission

    Try Dave Tacheny 763 427 3460 m-f 4-7pm central time. Dave parts out `36-`41 Buicks..
  2. pont35cpe

    Steering Wheel Repair

    Poorboy it, split some radiator hose and slip around it, then cover the hose with a Steering Wheel Cover..
  3. pont35cpe

    1936 BUICK 80 hood ornament

    Ed, I tried sending AAC an email also, got no reply. Haven`t tried the ph #248 435 6115 I spent 2yr at NAAS Fallon(`67-`69), was allowed a 96hr pass once a month, Navy said it was "isolated duty". I had some wild times in Nevada.. Mustang Bridge Ranch was still in operation.. The thought of that place disturbed a brain cell..
  4. pont35cpe


    There was a TV series sitcom early 60s, Tooty and Muldoone, "Car 54 where are you"? I don`t recall a Buick, seems like a Dodge/Plymouth is what they drove..
  5. pont35cpe

    1936 BUICK 80 hood ornament

    Those are hard to find.. Don`t know if American Arrow Corp./ Don Sommers is still in business, but they did make a SS `36 ornament. Maybe some other member will confirm..
  6. pont35cpe

    '51 Super's frozen heat riser

    I have two Buick inline 8s I rebuilt, a `36 233 engine and a `41 dual carb 248, all three of the heat risers were froze in place. I first looked at the flapper and noticed it was closer to one side(all three), so instead of trying to turn the flapper, I applied pressure to the end of the shaft to move it sideways, that`s all it took, all three came loose. All three of the flappers of my manifolds have about a 3/32" sideways movement..
  7. pont35cpe

    Jack for a 1933 Chevrolet Master Coupe

    I can`t help with your question., but I knew a Dennis Jones in V-4 division on the USS Midway(69-71), could that possibly be you?
  8. pont35cpe

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    Oh yeah, I do plan to change the bulbs to 12v, if I ever get this car back together..
  9. pont35cpe

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    Al, I just checked the bulbs, guess I never changed them, they are 6-8v, may not be as bright with 12v bulb.. Tom
  10. pont35cpe

    1936 Buick gauge cluster lighting

    Al T, attached is a picture of my cluster lit up in the dark with 2-12v bulbs.. When I rebuilt my cluster I did away with the yellow/cream, painted mine silver metallic. Originally no dimmer, I`m using a later model light switch with reostat..
  11. pont35cpe

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    Timing hole/cover is located just above the starter. Turn the distributor clockwise to advance.
  12. pont35cpe

    1948 Pontiac Streamliner 8

    Rings might be stuck to the cylinder wall from cleaning pistons. Stuff/cleaning fluid/moisture seeping down between piston and cylinder when cleaning?
  13. pont35cpe

    1948 Pontiac Streamliner 8

    You stated you smoked the starter.. Could the starter bendix be hung in the flywheel?
  14. pont35cpe


    MrEarl, 1942 Roadmaster is my guess.. San Francisco? I roamed those streets in the 60s, Navy days..
  15. pont35cpe

    What did you get for Christmas this year?

    Must not have liked what I got.. was deleted..