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  1. So you put everything on the shelves and found a car under there.
  2. From the right 1st and 4th, 35-36 Fords. 3rd car from right `35 Pontiac. Guessing, second car from right, `34 Plymouth/Dodge. Last one on the left Hudson/Terraplane. That black one dosen`t look like it should be in the picture.
  3. Is that you Greg? Check with Rich Baumgarten "The Handleman" email: thehandleman@comcast.net Would be best to send a picture of your need, with your request. Great guy, i bought a locking handle for my `36 Buick. Tom
  4. Not mine.. Not too sure if rare and hard to find. Ebay item NOS pair `41 Buick rear skirt/fender(?)trim. Item 284143208165
  5. `36 is the first year with a full top(no hole), a lot less wood than `34-35 Buicks. Looks like a 233 engine, so would be a 40 series. Its just like my on going project.
  6. I might be interested, could you send me pictures of what you have? Tom
  7. French Lake Auto Parts has a `41 Pontiac 6cyl engine. Possibly the same? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1941-PONTIAC-ENGINE-ASSEMBLY-6-239-738960/133607209743?hash=item1f1b9c3b0f:g:dSoAAOSwfDRf2MzW
  8. You`d have to use these parts from the `37 engine on to the 263. Intake and exhaust manifolds, front motor mount, flywheel, clutch assembly, and bell-housing.
  9. Might check with OLCAR Bearing Company 910 693 3324 George Bachleda
  10. How about `50/60s Harley trumpet horn screen, not sure if SS, they around 2"dia. A place you could inquire anyways. https://www.billscustomcycles.com/k-model/trumpet-horn-screen
  11. I&I Reproduction(Chevy parts) also has the bumpers set of 4, $20 item DB03
  12. 1948 Packard or an aftermarket.
  13. Possibly the float level to high or trash in the needle and seat. Have you ever cleaned out the gas tank, is there a fuel filter? Are you using ethanol type gas? That stuff will goo-up internals, if car sits too long. Is the choke operating properly? An easy way to check if the fuel level is too high is remove the little screw on the side of the carb while idling, if fuel runs out fuel level is too high.
  14. It`s a push in item, should just slide out. Looks to have been painted over sometime in the past, might have to use a small blade screwdriver around the edges to free from the paint.
  15. I`m in search of a `37 Oldsmobile 8cyl coupe LH tail light assembly 920777
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