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  1. That item is the "jack stand", don`t know about color. `41 Pontiac used the same type jack and stand.. It`s a rim jack, I think it was only used a couple years, maybe `41-42.
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Bendtsen-1964-1966-401-425
  3. I like it!! More pictures please..
  4. If there is a part/casting#, ending with an even number right side, ending in an odd number left side..
  5. Carter WCD 608S was used on some of the 40s small(248)inline 8. it`s a 3bolt like the `37, difference being on the `37 linkage is to the inside of the carb., the carter is on the outside, so linkage would have to be modified. Also starter switch is in the base of the carb. I think Gary W changed his `37 to a Carter during his restoration.
  6. Cody, would you have a pr of the metal stripes L&R that run up the inside of the front hinge post(`36 Buick 40 series), wind lace attaches to it, approx 36-37" in length. Tom
  7. Lares Corporation can rebuild yours.. 1 800 555 0767
  8. Before you re-solder. The 1/16" protrusion, bend the wire strands outward from the center, this will help in re-soldering..
  9. The electrical insert out of the bulb holder. The insert consists of the bake-lite, two springs and two sleeves(inside the springs), does not come apart. Check the little springs to make sure they are not rusted away or collapsed, should be able to check the spring action by pulling on the wire, or pushing the soldered end. If the springs are not working it could result in not making contact with the bulb. To replace the wire, use a soldering iron on the soldered end(the end which makes contact with bulb) when melted pull the wire out the back. Then strip insulation off the end of new wire appriox 1/8", slip it in place of the old wire, the stripped end should stick thru the sleeve about 1/16", then solder. Hope this helps..
  10. And at that price attendant included.. Fill it up with Egular, I mean Rethel..
  11. Here`s my Pontiac printers block..
  12. Here is a picture of one I re-worked, TinIndians example won`t work on this type of bulb holder. As I stated Kurt Kelsey may have the electrical piece.
  13. That is the same. `41 Pontiacs use those also. The electrical part is the harder piece to find, I rewired mine, a lot of times the springs in that connector have rotted away and they`re useless. Kurt Kelsey(sells NOS Pontiac parts)he may have these.
  14. When newbies come on site with parts for sale, we automatically think "could this be another scammer"? I`d just like to pass on to everyone that my dealing with Chance, who I bought a hard to find NOS bearing for a center steering link of a `36 Buick, as all good. I`d buy from him again.. Tom
  15. Exact same number on my `36 40 series manifold..