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  1. pont35cpe


    Guess she wants her "Jerry beads"..
  2. pont35cpe

    36 roadmaster spring shackles

    Bill, I had a heck of a time locating the four rear shackles for my `36 Buick 40 series, which are probably different from the Roadmaster, but I was able to find a set. You might check with Nelson Pease in Palmer, Ma. 413 283 7620 Best time to call is Sat. morning 8am eastern time, he is open 8am till noon on Saturdays, one man operation, he deals in mechanical parts. He is open during the week days, I found it easiest to call him on Saturday morning. Nelson is great to do business with, if he has what you need he sends it with invoice, then you send him a check. Rare Parts in Stockton, Calif. shows to have the "rear forward leaf spring bolt kit" in stock..
  3. 1936 Buick grille ebay item 332874068132
  4. pont35cpe

    1937 Buick Century Coupe (Project)

    Ben, I know, doesn`t mention anything about drive train and parts or title that may be with it, not even what kinda boat he expects. It doesn`t look that bad, but what has been done to this point? Glass looks to possibly be new..
  5. pont35cpe

    What is it?

    Dave nailed it..
  6. pont35cpe

    1937 Buick Century Coupe (Project)

    No.. Try this..https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/bar/6744338260.html
  7. Not Mine... Location Mesquite, Tx. Craigs List https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/bar/6744338260.html
  8. Gary, I`ve put a dual carb set-up on my `36 Buick (`41 248 engine) had to have the manifold milled flat(where the carbs mount)because the engine in the `36 is level and the `41 is tilted. I decided to not use the primary/secondary WCDs with progressive linkage. I`m using two front WCD carbs with parallel linkage, both carbs have chokes. What I did on my auto choke, something most people are probably not aware of, is I used a Holley electric choke, fits perfectly, but works backwards from the stock auto-choke. I took the element (bi-metal coil) out flipped it over, bingo, works perfect. I put one on each carb. I think you`ll find, that the hole where your original starter switch mounts, is restricted and may not pull enough vacuum to operate the wipers. Your car is going to run so much better with the WCD. Also, congrats on an excellent build.. Tom
  9. pont35cpe

    Speedometer cable for 1935 Lincoln K

    Matt, Texas Industrial Electric was recommended to me by a fellow AACA member. I think they have the necessary info on hand, you`d just have to call and ask, you may have to have the length of your original cable. I put a Lloyd Young OD in my Buick and wanted to run my speedo off the OD instead of the transmission with a corrector.. I had to have the original type end(square drive female) to the speedo and the end to fit the OD(ford/willys)end that the speedo driven gear fits into, this end of the cable is square male and slips into the speedo driven gear, and was made to my requested length. The way my cable is made it can only be removed from the housing at the speedo end. Can you remove your inside cable? Attached is a picture of what they made for me.
  10. pont35cpe

    Speedometer cable for 1935 Lincoln K

    Matt, check with Texas Industrial Electric, Ph# 210 654-4075 or look them up on line which shows all their fittings/cables/ housings/correctors.. email TIE@TexasIndustrialElectric.com I had them make mine(`36 Buick)housing and all, my housing caused my cable damage.
  11. pont35cpe

    1939 Buick Special restoration

    Divider of the windshield.. Does this make me "The Winner"? OOPS!! Little late.
  12. pont35cpe

    Find the Buick

    Same place in the 50s lower pic, and Buick?.. Remodeled..
  13. pont35cpe

    Caption this photo

    Results of the first game of "chicken"..
  14. pont35cpe

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    When I retired I thought "What will they do without me", shortly I realized they(employer) put someone in place of me and never even missed me. So enjoy your retirement and don`t look back..
  15. pont35cpe

    1936 series 40 Buick help

    I think you are right on the removal of the key switch. As I recall you need the correct key and a wire to push the "release" thru the small hole, turn the key to the left and then it`ll pull out. Maybe someone will confirm procedure to remove.