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  1. I`ve also used the spark-plug with the quick disconnect to pressurize the cylinder to replace valve springs or seals..
  2. Probably nothing to say, it had the smallest amount of vendors in my 25+yrs of going. I got there at 7:45am and was headed home at 10:15. I did find a correct set of beauty/trim rings for my `36 artillery wheels and a rear RH tail light, I considered it a success, many a years I came home with nothing.
  3. I bought new ones from LeBaron Bonney for my `36 Buick. They don`t come with hardware, you`ll have to remove/install your hardware. The hardware is just about impossible to find anymore.
  4. Back in the day of drive-in movies, everyone with spot-lights would play tag on the screen, before the movie started, if they weren`t swapping slobber..
  5. Seller should state a price then buyer can pass or counter-offer.
  6. Is "Auto Hardware Specialties" (Rex Weber) Sheldon, Iowa "1929-1941 GM parts" still in business? I`ve tried calling but no answer..
  7. I think the 455 engine has a full intake manifold, meaning no valley pan under the intake manifold. So no, won`t fit. Maybe a more educated Buick guy will confirm..
  8. I`m with the other comments about the silver stripe, more so around the windows than the belt line. Other thing that stood out to me was the fitment of the passenger door, the way it kicked out about 1 inch at the bottom, usually a sign of bad wood or the diagonal rod loose at the bottom.
  9. I was happy in my dealing with Cam Nolan at LeBARON BONNEY. Can contact her at cnolan@lebaronbonney.com
  10. I saw Blazing Saddles a short time ago, it was butchered so bad from the original, I turned it off..
  11. Lamar, I`m familiar with the high-light and copy, was looking at the listing page, never thought about the top bar. My computer skills are still evolving. Thanks
  12. Not mine.. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/pts/d/whitehouse-1964-buick-wildcat-trim/6819636121.html
  13. Lamar, the high light in blue, where do you find that, all I can find is the Post ID number.. DUH!!