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  1. Not `36 Buick.. maybe `37-`38 Buick
  2. Well congrats!! On the up coming B-day and on your interest in an old Buick. I was 18 in 1966. You are in for quite a task just removing garnish moldings, door/window cranks, and door panels, just to get access to the window mechanism and such inside the door, and won`t really know whats wrong until you get inside. Do you have a shop manual for the Buick? Would be excellent to have..
  3. Lasse, nice looking Buick you`ve got. Did gramps keep it that nice or have you been restoring? My current project is a `36 Buick 40 series coupe, total re-do, hoping to get paint on this year. I`ve had it together, but now apart for paint. Engine is a `41 248 dual carb.
  4. I have 2 sizes of water pump to block gaskets. What is the distance(center to center) of your water pump mount holes? 2 1/16" or 2 7/16"?
  5. It would be best to start your own post in the Buick Buy/Sell. Also state which series of car you have..
  6. The 233 and 248 is the cubic inch size of the engine, your 40 series engine is a 248.. I have a plug for the heater hose hole, and I`ll get what I need to do the valve modification and try to get it done today, and I will see if I have the pump gasket. I`ll send you a PM(personal message)with a picture of everything and price within the next day or two. Tom
  7. Bolt holes center to center is 1 7/8", water hole 1"x1 1/2" Casting #1297938 I doubt you`ll ever find a new one. I did this recommended modification to both my `41 248 water pump and my `36 233 water pump. Both gaskets, 2 copper washers(for the 2 pump mounting bolts)will be included. I don`t have a thermostat..
  8. Lassie, welcome to the forum. Here is a picture of a couple I have.. the one on the right is like what I think you need, its from a `41 248 engine. By-pass valve is missing, I can modify by installing a freeze plug with a 1/4" hole. This modification has been discussed here on the forum, which eliminates the valve. Tom
  9. Yes, and `35 Oldsmobile, also `35 Cadillac Lasalle
  10. Dave Tacheny parts out `36-`41 Buicks 763 427 3460 m-f 5-7pm central time You should buy new glass. Steele Rubber for the window gaskets(rubber).
  11. Might quiz these people about your needs. I`ve never used them, they are at the Pate Swap Meet every year. Classic Auto Title 214 697 8948 or L.Plamer@ClassisAutoTitle.com
  12. 1935 Pontiac. Hood side trim, center(silver-streak)of hood and grille, and both side grilles are not on the car.