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  1. John, attached is a couple pictures of my `36 40 series throw-out. Duz this look the same as yours? I got mine(collar and return spring) from Dave Tacheny 763 427 3460 m-f 4-7pm central time. I have 3 extra new clutch disc if you need one, 10"dia 10 spline 1 1/4" center hole.
  2. Kurt, i didn`t want to high-jack this thread, but i have a question for you. I have a NOS piece of SS exterior rear window trim, in the box. I`m hoping you could ID, and tell me what year, or years, this item will fit. I`m pretty sure its for a `40s era fastback, 2dr-4dr, series, if it`ll fit more than 1yr., like `41-`48 Pontiac, and/or possibly Chevy/Olds/Buick fastbacks. Number on the box is, 11.208 4113805 Thank you for your help..
  3. US `36 Pontiacs, all the tail lights are on the fender, early `36 had the `35 style lens/bezel, later in the year changed to the round style, the exact same can and lens as the `36 Buick with a different stand. The gas filler looks to be at a different angle than the `35.
  4. I did add a dedicated ground. I have 35 Pontiacs, `36 Buick, and a `35 Chevy master, the Buick and the Chevy tanks look identical, except for filler tube location, both exit the tail pan with no vent. The 35 Pontiac tank is probably the same as your `36 Pontiac, flat sides and looks to be the same sender as yours with pick up tube coming thru the top of the sender. Pontiac tank also has a vent tube from the top side of the tank, and attached to the filler tube just below the gas cap. Fill tube and vent are soldered to the tank on the Pontiac, fill tube on the Buick and Chevy, bolt to the tank. If there is a difference in the `35 &`36 Pontiac tanks, the `36 may have a longer filler tube. In `36 tail lights were moved from the tail pan of the `35, to the rear fenders of the `36, which resulted with wider rear fenders, and a longer rear bumper, and possibly a longer filler tube to the gas tank.
  5. I have a `36 Buick coupe, fuel pick-up tube is in the front side of the tank, not thru the sender. 0-30 ohm, I had to cut the float arm for the depth of my tank, works fine. You could probably modify, and add a pick-up tube. This is what i replaced mine with. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154462480065?epid=1529863054&hash=item23f6ae66c1:g:YBwAAOSwlhNgmvQM
  6. 1939 was the last year that had the "Pontiac Head" on the side of the block.
  7. Mark, have you tried Feltz Terrill @ Terrill Machine Inc. De Leon, Tx 254 893 2610 or Lester J Harris He specializes in Obsolete Engine & Chassis Parts(NOS American Made) Minden, Nv 775 267 2559
  8. Seller has not been to this site in over 2yr. Be best to try sending a personal message.
  9. You may have to replace the wood before being able to correctly align.
  10. Can`t get the camera to work for some reason. Backside dim. ID 8 3/16" OD 9 7/8"
  11. 1927, here is a `27 dash, not sure on the clock, trim is the same.
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