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  1. My posting of said parts store, disappeared, flushed down the rabbit hole, never to be seen again..
  2. Get a better shot front/back and dimensions, length of center rib and diameter horizontal center. The one above the rams head. Thanks and $ ?
  3. Be best to go back with the rope type seal. Groove is not machined for 2pc rubber seal.
  4. WOO-WEE!! Devyn Oh, there`s a Buick.
  5. You have to get the flywheel off. Remove rear main cap, then remove the 6 flywheel bolts, these are "thru" bolts all 6 have to be removed and can only be knocked out with rear main cap removed and crankshaft will have to be rotated, can do maybe 2 bolts at a time then rotate to the next 2 bolts, remove flywheel, then you can get to the top 2 bolts inside the bell-housing. Also before you start to remove the flywheel, mark the flywheel and the crankshaft so you can put it back on in the same position, it`ll go on 6ways, only one is correct for timing marks to show in the window.
  6. Lloyd Young did mine before he passed away, grafted in a Borg-Warner R-10 which was common in Borg-Warner 3spd speed transmissions 40s-50s-60s. Here is a discussion on AACA about this subject.
  7. Jim, it`s been a month since the original poster, whirlwind95, has visited. You might receive a faster response if you send him a personal "Message". This way he will receive an email.
  8. ?? I don`t know how my posting got here. I`ve never even looked at any Riviera topics. This statement was in reference to water pump mounting bolts of a `39 Buick, in a completely different topic.
  9. Great, glad to hear you found the problem. That`s one of those things that`ll drive you nuts trying to figure out the problem. Sorry but i can`t answer your question on using the smaller line. Maybe someone else will chime in with an answer. Tom
  10. It also has the 320 engine, 138" wheelbase, and cost $1695 new. If it`s been stored inside, which it looks to have been, maybe the wood is still good. Bad wood scares a lot of people off.
  11. Picture #6, one on the right is a `42 Chevrolet, one on the left is a `41 Oldsmobile.
  12. Might try French Lake Auto. I have 4 bumper guards if interested.