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  1. Have you checked the title? I mentioned earlier pre-war cars had the engine number on the title. I`m going to send you a PM.
  2. Look behind the oil filter, is there a square boss with threaded holes at each corner? Boss on the drivers side protrudes off the side of the block with the same square boss. The picture you posted(circle) is showing the mount bolted to the boss i`m referring to.
  3. Can you confirm the side mount bosses? Probably a complete `48 or`49 engine replacement with the `42 front mount plate. The blue paint might also suggest 1949. 1948 engine still had babbitt rods, 1949 is first year for rods with inserts.
  4. I think i`m seeing side mount bosses on your block, behind the oil filter, and just in front of the exhaust header pipe. 1948 was first year for side mounts. If it has side mounts your engine is a `48 or `49. Most pre war cars were registered by the engine number(on the title)not the frame number. Your frame number tag should be behind the right front tire, on the side of the frame.The engine number is also stamped behind the water pump, which has to be removed to see the numbers.
  5. What is the wheelbase measurement? 118" series 40A Special, 121" series 40B Special. Single carburetor? If 40B, i think it may be a 46S Family Sedanette, production 11,856
  6. The oddly shaped base should be unique to some model of `30s car. I bet John Keiser (Keiser31) could ID it.
  7. It is similar, but different from the `36 Buick. Pictures of a `36 Buick banjo wheel attached.
  8. Here is one i found(old, old stuff)to go with my `35 Pontiac. Not sure how old, but phone number is 73. Address is 1/2 block north of the Grayson county court house, in Sherman, Tx. So far haven`t found any info about Hagan Pontiac.
  9. The number is wrote with a marks a lot on the backside, the year 1936 with a 7 over the 6 and another part number crossed out, 499101 I doubt i`d ever find one by the part number anyways. The wire wheel cap looks the same, but smaller.
  10. I`ve seen the racks on `34-`35 Buicks, but not `36. I did find a picture of one on a `36 Century Convertible. You might check with Dave Tacheny 763 427 3460 m-f 4-7pm central time
  11. Any of these out there for sale? 9 3/4" OD, mount hole 8 3/16" ID. Possible part number, first digit(either a 4 or U) then 99787.
  12. I think Ben is refurring to the water inlet on the block. 1950 is on the side of the block, `48-49 inlet is on the front of the block.
  13. 1948 was the first year for the side mount boss on the block, so that`s the oldest your engine could be. 1950 is first year for the 263, and last year for the 248. So your engine is a 1948-49-50 248, the RE may mean (Re-manufactured). You lost me on the "throttle cable clip". Dosen`t the throttle cable connect to the carb linkage close to the firewall?
  14. I`m doing the same with my `36 Buick coupe exterior locking handles, using another passenger side locking handle it`ll fit in place of the drivers side non-locking handle, key slot will be upside down. Cylinder can be removed, re-keyed by locksmith to match your passenger side door cylinder, then cylinder is re-installed 180deg in the handle, key slot will be correct. The Filling Station shows to have the retainer clips, pt#FS-146. Hope this helps.
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