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  1. Thanks to you both , I will have a chech at the linkage , and also look at the 2 synchronizer , I changed the 2 main bearing some 5 years ago, that also helped for a while. Thanks.
  2. Hello , my 1941 Oldsmobile serie 68 drops out of second gear downhills. Any idea what to do?
  3. Wanted Oldsmobile straight eight engine 257 from 1939-48
  4. Need flywheel and bellhausing for 1948-1954 Pontiac straight eight with manual transmission
  5. Does anyone know of a 1 inch sway bar that can fit my 1941 Olds. the original sway bar is 5/8 inch and it is to soft. have read that mybe the after market sway bar for 1958-62 impala can fit, any ideas?
  6. Want to buy Olds straight eight 257 engine from 1937-48, must be a complete runner.
  7. Hi , anyone know if it is possible to bore the Pontiac 249 0.080 ?
  8. Many thanks for your reply. This was help full.
  9. Hi , I have this -49 Pontiac 249 witch I need to bore more than 0,060 . Can I bore it up to 3-3/8 like the 268 are ?