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  1. You WILL like the FI, Dennis. I would not go back for anything. Did you use their Legacy model or the newer set up? Ben
  2. My apologizes. I was wanting a picture of the water pump with the front of the manifold. 1948-1949 probably correct. IF the water pump discharges into the SIDE of the block just below the manifold it is a 1950, otherwise '48-'49. If you remove the water pump you should find the engine # stamped on a machined surface behind pump. That will confirm year. Ben
  3. One more, please. The water pump and the front of the exhaust above the generator. Defiantly 1948 or later 248. Ben
  4. I believe the engine number, without series digit, is also found under the water pump. Ben
  5. That is a "fender finder " to let one know if getting close to an obstacle. I have forgotten the real name for them. Ben
  6. Dang, Marty, now I have to dry my keyboard!😀 Ben
  7. Jake, the one piece windshield says Super [ or Roadmaster ]. The back door glass says 51. The Mod 52, Riviera Sedan, has vent glass BEHIND the door in the C panel versus the [ this ] 51 with vent glass IN the door glass I am not even certain this vent is operational. Special has NO vent at the back. Ben
  8. My oh my, that '51 would be hard to beat. Ben
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