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  1. Dennis, go to my profile, find the threads I started. Should be one on the EFI . Then ask questions and I will answer them if I can. If you are planning on driving much, you will like it. Ben
  2. Fantastic, Bill. I have always liked that color. Ben
  3. Tastes do change. We did not think of the cars of the 50s-70s being big. That is just what they were! The "excesses" you folks are talking about just seemed to show one had arrived. Had made the grade. Was able to keep up with or pass the Joneses. WW's were not uncommon. What we see today as WWW's I don't believe were seen often if at all. At least in Missouri where I lived. Ben
  4. Blonds, Brunets and Redheads! Aren't we glad for choices? The world would be a dull place if everyone liked only the same. Ben
  5. Thanks, Jenz. I ended up with 9.5 to 1 on mine. I would like to do another, if life gives me the time. Would you mind sharing part numbers or other info on the BMW pistons? Ben
  6. Times 2 on the cornbread! And the skillet MUST be pre heated so the bottom crust is as hard as a ====Buick. NO SUGAR. Best eaten in a bowl of buttermilk. Ben
  7. Rand Mc Nally Truckers Road Atlas, Large Print. Ben
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