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  1. Aren't old BUICKS fun? Keep on keeping on. Ben
  2. I would not feel the ground is adequate. I ground mine with a 12ga wire from a bolt on the sending unit flange to the frame. Ben
  3. Wow, Bill, I did not know they were one year only! One can see why. Ben
  4. Dang, Bill. Mine was worse than that! A little filing took care of it. Ben
  5. I second Ed's last sentence. Neat video. Was there any doubt as to the outcome? Ben
  6. Wish we could see this! Since the carb was worked on, the linkage could be the culprit. Ben
  7. Well, dang. I was going to be "TOP DOG". Guess I better get busy. Just over 3000 by ten. Ben
  8. Welcome, Sir. Definitely do a build thread. Perhaps down in Performance and Modified. Ben
  9. I did. Happy with that as well. And the Fuel Injection. Six volt alternators are available. Ben.
  10. Aaron, the flexible wire used inside the distributor is available. I can't remember where, but have seen it recently. Perhaps one of the wiring harness companies? I went to electronic ignition and have not looked back. The pertronix is a good, inexpensive and reliable system. It CAN be a problem for six volt systems if the voltage is not up to snuff. As can other things. Ben
  11. Shucks. Too far to run over and help. Ben
  12. LOL. Must you confuse the guy, Morgan? Ben
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