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  1. I was asked a question I am not qualified to answer . Surprise, surprise. Does a 1953 Special Dynaflow need a cooler in addition to the factory one? Or any Dynaflow, for that matter. Thanks Ben
  2. Color me happy for you, Billy. ENJOY THE HECK OUT OF THAT CADILLAC! Ben
  3. Does the engine idle faster when the A/C is on than it does when A/C is off? It should. Perhaps ask the reputable professional A/C mechanic. Flushing the cooling system WILL NOT always be good enough. It may NEED rodding out. Ben
  4. LOL! Matt, another question/problem with no consensus. Good luck. Ben
  5. I believe it is an Indian word meaning Bucks horn. Ben
  6. Rounded of in my neck of the woods! Vice grips or pipe wrench? Ben
  7. Dammit, Jack, you da man!! I enjoy reading your posts. Always SOMETHING new. Keep on keeping on. Ben
  8. A 248.... First 263 was 1950. In the Super. Last 248 was 1950 in the Special. Go ahead and pull the water pump and end the suspense.😁 Ben
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