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  1. Really? Interested in selling? looks a little smaller than mine, which I think is a little big Ben
  2. That should work. Probably better than BFH. Ben
  3. I don't want to be a contrarian, but I am satisfied with the peer attention. Willies? What? Derek, was good to see you again. And those GROWN younguns! Matt, was good to meet you. Sorry I missed the "gathering". I missed the text/email. I figured with Lamar not there ,it was off. My loss. Like Derek, I was initially disappointed in the car numbers. In the end, it was a good show. Good job, North Texas!! Ben
  4. Nice teardrop! What brand? \ I pull one with my '50 Buick. Ben
  5. Sure, you could. The new ones are more efficient, though. I am glad I used a new instead of old on my '50. Ben
  6. NAA, as great as Terry is, she can't hold a candle. Besides, this one took after her Grandma , Miss Rita! Ben
  7. The Fuel injection requires an electric pump. I deleted the original. Ben
  8. I agree with Brian! Enjoyed the car and honored to meet you, Joe. Ben