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  1. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    Bingo! What John said has been niggling me for days. Tell you what.Your mini starter, if like mine only has the one small terminal, or s terminal. Disconnect from that. Get yourself a pushbutton switch from an auto parts store. Mount it somewhere convenient. Unhook the wires at the carb vacuum switch. One will be "hot" with ignition switch on. Connect to one side of the pushbutton switch. From the other side of the pushbutton run a wire to the s terminal on the starter. You have now bypassed any miswired circuits. Turn the ignition switch on, push the button and see what happens. The wire John is speaking of is a ground for the solenoid. With the generator NOT CHARGING it is grounded thereby grounding the solenoid. When the generator began charging the ground was broken, rendering the solenoid inoperative. You lost this with the alternator. I simply taped both ends of that wire. As Willie says, do this and check back. Ben
  2. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    ME & MY === 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick, 1958 Buick and……..

    Little Elmers will fix that! Ben
  3. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    What year is this LaSalle? - Now Franklin

    The Franklin fenders match as well. LaSalle do not. Ben
  4. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    Brian Heil Official Announcement

    You will be alright if you just stay away from BUILDING. Enjoy! Ben
  5. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    1949 Buick Road Master model 70 starter issue?

    Question is , why? Ben
  6. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    3rd generation attempt to finish the 39 Buick special 8

    Beebe, if you have not done so already, you might scroll on down to the Buick section of this forum. We have a modified forum on there. Good folks up here except they are "restore to original" folks and will not be much help. Like the car! Ben
  7. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    radial tires

    Way to go, Matt. For what it is worth, I don't always agree with you. This time and subject I believe you nailed it. Ben
  8. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    57 caballero project brakes

    Does it return to even braking after "cooling " down? Have you pulled the drums for inspection since problem began? Ben
  9. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    ‘60s Olds/Buick question

    Stanley, Google 1960 Oldsmobile interior or dash. Should find what you need. Ben
  10. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    1949 Buick RoadMaster starter won't disengage

    Sorta kinda. Nowhere near as difficult as I think you are implying. I WANTED to go EFI. Necessitated going 12V. Changed all bulbs. Pretty easy and cheap. Rebuilt one wire alternator. Less than $50.00. Still there. Already had a voltmeter, 0 to 18 V. Bypassed the ammeter. Six volt battery was on its last legs, so 12V was not a big difference. When the starter drive [bendix ] broke after five or so years and 10,000 or so miles, I ELECTED to go with the 12V mini. Excellent decision. 6V starter rebuilt and on the shelf. Need one? Sure have had no problems with dim lights, slow heater blower, . Oh yeah, The AC will freeze me out of the black car on a 100 degree day. Ben
  11. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    1949 Buick RoadMaster starter won't disengage

    ONLY if done wrong. I changed mine about seven years ago. Could be no happier. Since I did away with the carb and installed EFI, I have no accelerator start. Good old push button. After breaking the six volt starter drive after five years a mini starter was installed. No problems. Ben
  12. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    Buick pictures you may or may not like

    What's not to like? Ben
  13. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    1997 LeSabre--what is this electric motor for?

    I believe it is just air "leveling". Similar to the bags one can add to coil springs that come into use when ,say, hooking up a trailer. Ben
  14. Ben Bruce aka First Born

    Chevrolet bodied 1941 Buick question

    Muddy the waters some more! Page 229, The buick A Complete History, reads " And on February 3rd, 1941, there were four new Special models designated Series 40-A. They were on a shorter [ by three inches ] 118 inch wheelbase and used bodies that Curtice talked Chevrolet into providing him." Ben