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  1. On my '50, the four are easy . the next on on each side not so much. Ben
  2. It helps if the drag link is dropped as well. If your motor mounts are "crushed" you can gain a little by inserting a wood block in there. I just did the drop/install on my '50. Ben
  3. John, some rule of thumb measurements I have "known" over the years. First one is as close as one can get . Second is no more than two inches. I recently install a Roadmaster radiator, which is thicker, in my Special. About one inch. Spacers are readily available. Ben
  4. George, for Dad from whom I learned to love cars, and especially Buicks. Ben
  5. Don, the Straight eight doesn't even know the difference. I cannot hear a difference in engine speed , at idle, when the A/C is switched on. Ben
  6. Don, I can not answer for a '60 . I did install one in my '50.An original Mark IV. Vintage Air Owns the Mark IV name and makes what I have read is a good unit. Ben
  7. Looks right to me. Many have lost the mounting bracket you have. Ben
  8. I think I have met Dean. He was at Chickasha about three years back. Ben
  9. Welcome! Nice Buick. There is/are active Buick clubs in Australia. Bet some one , from one with an old ,one will be on here soon. Ben
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