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  1. Think I will keep my 1992 Roadmaster. Ben
  2. Really paying attention , weren't they? Ben
  3. Thank you, young man! In your opinion, do the disk stop better than the drums? Better [ ? ] bearings should be a plus. Ben
  4. Way ta go, Evan. Wonder how they would perform on non power assisted. I did not know your '37 was power. How is it done? Ben
  5. If you buy it and part it out, I am interested in the transmission if it will work in George. Ben
  6. Ethan, Ethan! Do not question us old folks. I had probably driven as many miles as you have by the time that '57 came out. As Frank said, turn the lights on and stomp the dimmer switch. It is sticking through the floor about an inch and a half. It is about an inch , maybe a little less, in diameter. Look for it, you will find it. Ben
  7. Paul, welcome. You must do what Bernie [ 60 Flat Top] said. Appears you may be sucking air. Sending unit mentioned is mounted on top of the gas tank and incorporates the suction line from the tank. This the sending unit for the gas gauge. There may be a rubber hose where the gas line connects if the unit has ever been replaced. Also a rubber hose/line between the suction of the fuel pump and where the gas line comes from the frame. Good luck Ben
  8. I would begin with checking if power is reaching the lights as Beemon asked. Could be both bulbs burned out. Unlikely, one will not know until tested. THEN follow follow back towards the headlight switch. Dollar toi a donut, ou will find power TO the dimmer switch, non FROM same. The dimmer switch is located just about above where your left foot sits when driving. Might even try switching [ pushing with your foot ] first. Turn the head lights on , step on the dimmer. Ben
  9. That is correct on the '37 and later for sure. The supply is at the front passenger corner of the head as opposed to the rear corner if I am seeing his picture correctly. The advice to remove the rocker arm assembly and clean is spot on. Ben