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  1. Well I went ahead and ordered the one above. I just need to see some pictures of the order in which it goes together. The Starter rebuild shop I used took mine apart and I need to see the sequence it is to go back together. Thanks, Jermaine
  2. I am looking for a 1933Oldsmobile F33 221-6cylinder water pump. I am looking fro a friend. any leads would be great thanks
  3. I am looking for a 1933 Oldsmobile F33 221-6cylinder water pump. I am looking fro a friend. any leads would be great thanks
  4. Just want to keep This fresh. Still looking for the solenoid. Below are compatible Solenoids Car Model Year Solenoid switch Graham 95,116,120 (RHD) (1937) 1516 La Salle 36-50 (1936) 1516 Studebaker Pres. 3C (1937) 1516 Pontiac 36-28 (1936) 1516 Pontiac 37-28CA (1937) 1516
  5. Yes I will be at the shop tomorrow afternoon and I will check it.
  6. Thanks for your help. I am gonna contact him now.
  7. Do the place I took my starters to be repaired they could not locate a replacement first pic is what it looked like when I pulled it off. second is what it looks like now.
  8. I am looking for a starter solenoid for my Pontiac 8. If anyone knows of one for sale or has one for sale I need one. The shop theta rebuilt my starter was not able to locate one.
  9. Ok here is the lock the key is in the upright position. I do not see a number on the lock housing.
  10. Can you posted pictures of what you have?
  11. All I need is the rear bumper brackets and bumper guards.
  12. I am missing the key pulled it out and just my luck dropped it and the little hook broke .SMH And yes mine has a brown knob on it. I am gonna try and fix mine if its possible and then get a numbers off the cylinder.
  13. I am looking for a pair of rear bumper brackets for my 1936 Pontiac and rear bumper guards.Also looking for Glove box lock with Key.