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  1. Is there an identifier on the rear ends to know what gears you have or will I have to open up and look at the part number? -aristech
  2. Thanks @Bloo for the information and pictures. Well if it was easy everyone would be doing it LOL. The sidemount I ave looks just like the one on the 1936 Pontiac Superior Ambulance. Knowing the fender is larger on the 8 helps me greatly with my plans to use the is fender I have.
  3. Just want to try and keep the topic fresh . I have been doing lots of research on the side mount for the 1936 Pontiac 8. I see side mounts were offered . But cannot find any Brochures that show a Pontiac with a side mount on it. Anyone have any thoughts pics etc. The 1936 cabriolet has a 1934 Pontiac side mount cover on it. I was using as a reference but now I can't because it is not correct.
  4. I want to know if it is possible to swap out the gears in my 1936 Pontiac 8BA. Factory is 4:55. Is there a cross reference to a better rear gear setup? I am trying to keep original torque tube.
  5. Here is my passenger side fender for a 1936 Pontiac six. I know it was and option to have one/dual or no side mounts on the Pontiac. And I have attached a 36 Pontiac convertible. With a side mount. There has to have been some out there that were purchased.
  6. I am in search of a 1936 Pontiac dual side mount covers. For my 1936 Pontiac 8. Anyone have any leads would help thanks. -Jermaine
  7. Has anyone had to preform a rear main seal replacement on a 1939 Pontiac 6 or 8 cylinder? I was looking at my 36 and it is very dry and not leaking underneath. But I have a friend that is saying his rea main seal is leaking. Thoughts?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has removed the pan from a 1936 Pontiac 8 and replaced bearings? I have a rod knock and need to replace the bearings. If anyone has done this would like to see some pictures and some instructions on what wold be the best way to go about it.
  9. Do you think the starter is staying in gauged?
  10. The 1953 Chevrolet 235 is not full oil pressure it is just like the 216. Same oiling system . Only difference is cubic inch ,side cover is small and the distributor cap is taller.
  11. For inline six motors 235 and 216 the bell housings are same only difference in 1949 Chevrolet moved from foot start to push button on the dash. Depending on what vehicle you are putting it in here are things to keep in mind. Inline six 235 motors all the way up to 54 have the water pump in the same location as a 216. When you go to 55-62 the water pump is lower and can cause over heating and or will not fit in the vehicle unless you run an electric fan. For best fitment 54 235 is the best motor to get and run. Other things to keep in mind gas pedal rod on 235 is in a similar location as the 216 but may require some modification based on application . 1953 235 engines are the last year of the dipper motors. They are not full pressure motors like the 54-62 motors. I have rebuilt 4 1953 235 motors for customers and they are not full oil. 1950-1953 235 motors are the same and they are not full OIL. You flip a early 235 like a 53 and a 216 up side down with the pan off they both look identical with the scoops on the connecting rods. using an early 235 is the same thing as keeping your 216.
  12. Here is a video so everyone can hear the sound. Oil pressure stays at 40 I did and oil change and sound is still there 1936 Pontiac
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