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  1. Al, here is a picture of a `35 Chevy suicide handle on the left and a `36 Buick handle on the right, both are for the passenger side.
  2. Al, not sure what you mean "a little long"? The only longer shafted ones I`m aware of were for the suicide doors, where the interior handle was on the end of the shaft. On these the shaft is clocked differently also. I`d like to see a picture of what you bought. Tom
  3. Yes it will, key slot will be upside down but it can be removed from handle, turned 180deg and reinstalled. You can just swap your handles unless you are wanting key/lock access to both sides.
  4. Steele provides the re-vulcanization service, customer provides the cores..
  5. Jack, great start for the story ahead..
  6. You might consider cleaning gas tank also..
  7. Both flappers were froze up on my `41 248 dual carb engine ex manifolds, I also tried the soaking and heat, wouldn`t budge. So taking a closer look at the flappers both were a little offset(larger gap on one side), I then set it up in my press and applied pressure to the shaft(oppisite end of the gap)to move the shaft sideways, both came right loose, little stiff at first, worked them manually with some spray lube and both were free moving as they should.
  8. Usually you can hear a vac leak but not all the time. I use wd-40 to locate a vac leak. with engine idling, spray wd, one place at a time, intake to head, base of carbs. Engine will speed up when detected. Your rear carb should not be putting any fuel in the system until kicked in progressively. Makes me think flooding over(not stopping the flo of gas) trash in needle/seat or too high float level.
  9. I was close with the quote, its only been something like 55yr since I seen that show..
  10. How about a `42 Oldsmobile.
  11. No, not from an engine, the tag(frame#) is original to the car. If the original battery tray has been removed, this same number is stamped on top of the frame rail, usually hidden by the battery tray. Attached is a picture of a `41 Pontiac cowel tag and the small tag(frame #) below.
  12. My `41 has the same small type serial number tag, located on the drivers side of the firewall. This same number is stamped on top of the drivers side frame rail..
  13. If you are looking for complete replacement supports you should state the length(closed and extended) of yours..