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  1. Somebody has to complain, so let me start. First: I had so many customers and made so many sales, I couldn’t get away from my spaces to walk the fields until Saturday at noon. Second: The Sun was so bright I came home with a wonderful sunburn. Third: Between the Hershey Chocolate and the new food choices, I gained a few pounds. Yeah, not going back there for at least 377 days!
  2. My son HAD a 2017 Jeep. Just barely out of warranty, it’s sway-bar end links failed and the front brakes had frozen calipers and one pad worn out. My mechanic said it was apparent the sway bar links and the caliper pins were assembled without lubrication. It’s gone now.
  3. And the Region has aerial photos of the swap meet field for many years, but has stopped recently. There was a helicopter over the show field Saturday. Perhaps someone was taking pictures. Thankfully, no drones were seen.
  4. It was a treat to see; and see all the cars guys pause to see and hear the flight show. In addition, there were pairs of A-10 Warthogs flying across the park most days. No doubt they are Air National Guard pilots getting their hours; and enjoying a view of us!
  5. It’s not all bad news. On Friday, an elderly man passed by my vendor space. He was pushing his walker and obviously struggling a bit. But he was going to shop the swap meet field just like he has for Lord knows how many years. Yes, try to limit the proliferation of motorized vehicles; but always remember that many of us have compromised mobility.
  6. Looks to be late 30’s into the early 40’s. Must have been a replacement part as the odometer is nearly at zero. Any ideas? Thanks.
  7. Just about finished. Trailer full of 1937-46 Chevy and GMC parts. At our same location in the Green Field: GAI 18-19, or look for light pole 118. That’s out front, near the car corral and the Mark Hyman encampment. Tuesday thru Saturday!
  8. Chances are the least expensive is USPS Retail Ground; and you’ll spend most of what you made on the shipping. My suggestion is to charge the buyer for shipping and let the eBay shipping calculator figure the amount based upon the real dimensions and weight of your box and the buyer’s location. If you must offer free shipping, I figure the shipping in advance to the opposite coast and price it accordingly. I always offer a discount for local pickup: they do you a big favor picking it up and usually buy something else when they arrive! eBay and PayPal fees; and the high cost of shipping are making swap meets attractive again. How ironic. See you at Hershey!
  9. I never thought I would see the word “ bitcoin” used on this forum. What’s next, NOS Tesla parts at Hershey?
  10. The stick/seat combo looks like a great idea, and a thoughtful gift for any guy or gal on the back side of 50! However, this is a CLUB. If any member or visitor comes to my space and needs to sit in the shade for a bit, that’s great. We can certainly shoot the bull for a while. We take along an extra chair or two for that reason. If you’re in the green field, just look for GAI 18-19; near Hershey light pole 18. I bet plenty of other vendors feel the same way. The hardest part is asking. Once you do, you find out you have a lot in common with everyone here.
  11. Not to start a rant, but the antique car insurance companies don’t allow drivers under the age of 25. My kids loved my cars; and if they could drive them at 16, providing the over 25 insured was in he car, the experience would have been better. For several years, I had a son who was an officer on a nuclear submarine- when he came home he couldn’t drive my antiques. Now he’s 27 and likes BMW’s. Go figure.
  12. When you walk onto the swap meet field, but the event directory from one of the charming volunteers. Then simply open to the listings and look under “A”. Your feet will thank you later.
  13. Let’s take a break in the bashing Carlisle exercise to set one thing straight. Carlisle has numerous and exceptional bathroom facilities. It has three permanent buildings with free shower facilities for vendors. There are permanent toilet facilities in another 2-3 locations. As far as portable toilets, Carlisle has no equal. They have loads of portable toilets and also the foot pump hand washing stations. Hershey has few permanent facilities that are open to vendors; and they no longer have shower facilities. We have used the small building in the food court area of the Chocolate field for impromptu sponge baths using the sinks. Bill and Chip Miller built the Carlisle facility with the vendor and visitors in mind. From the food service to the bathrooms/ it has no equal. Yes, you have to pay to get in and you have to pay to park (have you priced parking at the Fall Meet lately?)- but the experience is well worth the price of admission. If you see Bill Miller at Hershey, he will be honored at The a Night at the Museum (along with the late Chip Miller)- thank him for all he and Chip did for this hobby.