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  1. Good idea. I’ll take a selfie in my space and then spend the rest of the day at the AACA Museum.
  2. Carlisle Events continue to plan their slate of shows, starting with “Spring” Carlisle in mid June. The virus and the PA Governor will have the last say; but the optimist in me hopes they are successful. For the last several years, Fall Carlisle has looked more and more like a staging area for Hershey. This year, perhaps it will be a proxy for the Hershey Swap Meet. No one is more enthusiastic about our hobby than Bill Miller, Jr. Let’s hope 2020 finally takes a positive turn.
  3. When this started, I looked at people wearing a mask in public and thought they looked like a bank robber. Now I look at people in public who are not wearing a mask and think they look out of place. We are adults and we can follow reasonable guidelines. If the State of PA moves Dauphin County in the “green phase” sometime before Hershey, I think we can use what we’ve learned and enjoy the Fall Meet responsibly.
  4. John: There was a brass plaque given to car show participants. My guess is that the ribbons were for a different purpose- either for Region workers, or perhaps judges, or both.
  5. Yes. Please send me a PM with your email address. I can send you pictures,
  6. A new addition to my display of 1954, ‘55, and ‘56 Hershey dash plaques. My guess would be it was worn by Hershey Region officials, celebrating their first year as a Region and their first year hosting the Fall Meet. I would not come along for 9 months, so perhaps a slightly older member can shed some light. Thanks!
  7. Small palace, becoming rubble. Lots of 4-door cars, maybe he was starting a retro taxi-cab service.
  8. If you’re over 50 and you attended Carlisle swap meets in the ‘80’s- you probably remember a character who called himself “Captain Lee”; and demonstrated and sold a product called “Spra-Strip”. It was a close cousin to Aircraft stripper. For a few years, a friend and I secured a bit of a franchise from the Captain- and we sold the product to body shops in the Maryland area and at Carlisle Events. The active ingredient was methylene chloride, although my chemical engineering son cringes when I say that. Whatever it was, it was very reactive and easily removed most automotive paints. Lacquer paint melted into a gooey mess. It also would “eat” the cans if it sat around too long. Our best customer was a Corvette restorer and he stripped all his cars with the product. Even then there were health concerns about the product. It was thought to cause respiratory problems. If you’re determined to use these products, please wear appropriate gloves and a respirator/ and try to do it outside with good ventilation. The Captain moved on to a part time gig hawking Hemmings Motor news at swap meets and then he vanished.
  9. For what it’s worth/ several reman units on evil bay.
  10. According to the Lowe’s Motor Speedway website , the 2020 Spring AutoFair has been cancelled.
  11. The popular All-Ford show at the Carlisle Fairgrounds has been moved from the weekend of June 5 to the weekend of July 31. The State of PA may not allow large gatherings in early June. This means the York Street Rod Show may not occur. Too bad, it’s small swap meet always yields some nice antique parts. The new Ford Show dates overlaps Dad August Fesche in Macungie, but one day at each will work. All subject to change!
  12. Great Hershey vehicle. Including the comfort dog.
  13. This event will apparently be held as scheduled, at the Atlanta International Raceway. Georgia is the first State to reopen its economy and this event qualifies to be held. I won’t be there, but it will be interesting to see how the public and the vendors react. With major east coast swap meets and car shows pushed back to June, hopefully these early events will be safe for the vendors and the public.
  14. Here is the (red) truck , a 1946 GMC EC-101, that got new tires.
  15. Did he forget the scooter dragging a beer can?