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  1. A nice spiral bound resource with individual tune-up sheets for ‘64-‘71 Ford, GM, Mopar, AMC, Jeep, and VW. A great guide to keep in the garage. The cover has wear, but the sheets inside are in good condition. $10 gets it to you with free shipping. Send PM to arrange.
  2. Rare sales brochure. Limited writing on front cover. Very good condition. About 20 pages with inserts. Great pictures. $30 with free shipping. 9 3/4 inches by 7 1/4. Send PM to hold.
  3. A few of the pictures are taken next to the old wooden roller coaster. By the early 2000’s, the amusement park was closed, but the property hosted a flea market every Sunday morning. The roller coaster was steadily rotting in place; and the other buildings looked like a backdrop for a Hollywood suspense thriller. At some point a few of the rides/buildings were recycled and the flea market closed- apparently over an accident/insurance claim. The Williams Grove Steam Historical Soceity continues to operate a flea market each Sunday on their adjoining property-and it draws large crowds on pretty mornings. Generations of adults, including my wife, have a lifetime of memories made in the old amusement park. I used to look at the rotting supports of the roller coaster and think: there is no way she rode that thing!
  4. Here is one you can still visit. The Boyertown Museum of Transportation, near Allentown, PA, has the original Reading Diner preserved as an exhibit. It’s a great museum and a must see for anyone who loves old trucks.
  5. Fully Loaded: Please email me at the address shown on my card. I have a panel that includes the entire back of the cab, from above the window- down to the bottom of the seam. I can send you pictures to help determining if it would help you.
  6. Very nice original set. Never repainted. Nice lenses. $250 plus shipping.
  7. Bezels may be nickel. Previous owner thought they were 1929 truck???! Thanks!
  8. This came along in a box lot I purchased at Hershey 2018. The seller thought it was mid to late 1930’s GM, but I have been unable to ID it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Annie would love a nice road trip to Hershey 2109!
  10. 6-volt. I would guess late ‘40’s to about 1952 GM?????? Your help is appreciated!
  11. Nice driver condition. Looking for a hole to seal. $40 includes free shipping to the USA,
  12. Great. Thanks. Now to find a dash with a hole that needs to be covered up!