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  1. Complete set of 4 issues for 1955. Includes coverage of the new show in Hershey. Great reading and great condition. Free shipping to the USA. Price is $25. Send PM to reserve. PayPal, personal check, whatever you wish.
  2. Great pair of hood trims. Straight, solid. Have most of the original red detail paint remaining. $75 for the pair. Can help with delivery from SE PA (Gettysburg) area to Rockville, MD and any place nearby. Shipping would be really expensive and dicey at best with the current state of the various shipping options. Will hold for free delivery to Spring Carlisle.
  3. greenie

    Allentown Swap

    Pretty accurate. The building is too small and the weather too cold, although a few brave souls set up outside. Perhaps a proxy for “Winter Carlisle”- the hobby would support a larger event at a better venue.
  4. If you book hotel rooms each year for Hershey, you may have noticed that rooms become scarce every year as the event approaches; and in many cases the room rates double or triple during the calendar year. I have just booked my rooms for 2019 in one of the nicest hotels in the area. After taxes, the nights average $130. If you wait until July or later, the rates increase to about $250/night- and then it is booked solid by September. I book the room with the free cancellation option, so there really is no downside to booking early. And it’s nice to see the front desk person’s eyes widen when they pull you up on the computer and see what you paid.
  5. greenie

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    I got chocolate (with almonds) for my loving wife- who helped me get my trailer in place on Tuesday; and didn’t gripe about being apart on our 28th anniversary- which arrived on Saturday October 13- just as it was in 1990.
  6. greenie

    ID this mystery Hershey emblem

  7. Car, truck, household appliance????? Any ideas?? Thanks!
  8. greenie

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Yes! After spending Tuesday thru Friday in my vendor spaces selling vintage Chevy/GMC truck parts- I had to take a break to meet my sons along RT 39 and guide them onto the swap meet field. As we negotiated the late afternoon browsers in the Green field, my youngest son spotted an NOS front fender for our ‘46 GMC pickup. I had walked past the spot at least 3 times and the fender wasn’t there. The seller had arrived late or didn’t display the thing until Friday afternoon. We quickly parked and walked back to his space. The negotiation was quickly concluded. You CAN find anything at Hershey- providing you are at the right place at the right time!
  9. greenie

    Post-Hershey Packard truck meet today?

    His signs are out along RT 15- just opposite Latimore Valley. It’s on.
  10. Looks like great weather for Friday and Saturday. We plan to keep our vendor spaces open until noon on Saturday. Today was wet and slow after a rocking Wednesday. This gentleman left happy on a Wednesday afternoon- his makeshift rickshaw loaded down with a grille, two wheels, five hubcaps, and two rear fenders. He hopped on the thing and peddled away- satisfied that his trip from Ontario, Canada to Hershey, Pa was a success. Things you only see in Hershey.
  11. I hate when the weather man is right.
  12. greenie

    Old Cadillac or poor fake????

    I think it was carefully crafted to avoid angering Cadillac’s patent attorneys!
  13. About 3.5 inches in diameter. No DUCKS?? Brass. Back stamped “5142”, “B” Any ideas?