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  1. Great event even if you have a casual interest in Porsche. And you never know when Jerry Seinfeld will show up!
  2. We’ve reached Spring Carlisle week. The weather looks to be chilly on Thursday and then more Spring-like thereafter. I have my checklist: Warm clothes (check); Cash (check); vaccine (double check!). Get out and enjoy our hobby.
  3. Carlisle rooted out the sock and trinket sellers several years ago. Yes, there are still the new tool dealers- because we line up there to buy the stuff. It’s interesting to see the 70’s and 80’s stuff mixing in; but there is plenty of true antique parts to keep your interest. Last year, Fall Carlisle was a proxy for the cancelled Hershey swap meet and we all owe CE a big thanks for holding their full slate of events under difficult circumstances. By the time Spring Carlisle arrives, a large majority of those in attendance should be vaccinated. Come out and enjoy yourself. And you can enjoy yo
  4. Sunday only. April 11, 2021. The Classic AutoMall is spitting distance off the PA Turnpike at Morgantown. There will be vendors outside and inside. I think they hit you up for $2 when you go inside. While you are there, check out the 800 or so cars for sale on consignment.
  5. Growing up, Eddie Haskell was my role model. That may explain a few things. Thanks for evoking his memory.
  6. Chilly day, large crowd, large vendor count. A good time was had by all.
  7. In 1994, MLB players went on strike, the public reacted with anger-and the future of professional baseball was in question. Along comes 1995, and Cal Ripken, Jr. pursues and breaks Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game record. Many say Cal saved baseball. Perhaps the 2020 swap meet season is (was) analogous. All across the nation, collector car events were cancelled- leaving car folks without a favorite source of entertainment. Even Hershey (shudder) was cancelled. But the biggest exception was Bill Miller, Jr. and his staff at Carlisle events. CE quickly adopted a Covid game plan
  8. Actually, I am not a SM Region member yet. I too enjoyed the fruits of their labor. Everyone I saw seemed very happy to be swapping again.
  9. The swap meet was a big success. Crowds on Friday were bigger than Saturday-a real testimonial to our demographic. The number of outdoor vendors was larger than any other year since the move from Frederick. On the Covid side, almost everyone was wearing a mask inside, although some still have an issue getting that thing over their nose. Congratulations to the Sugarloaf Mountain Region for having the courage to move forward; and for putting in the hard work to make an event a success. Check it out next year- it should be even better w/o a mask! Here my haul; and I spent all my time in my own sp
  10. If you are going for the first time, use your turn by turn navigation. It’s out there in the Country!
  11. I think the auction business is trying to shake out the dual effects of Covid and BAT (Bring a Trailer). BAT, which began as an online auction for failed project cars has exploded into an auction for high dollar sports and collector cars. They have created a functional “community” where cars are critiqued and discussed while the auction ensues. There is no sniping, the auction is extended until all interested bidders have stopped bidding. They now offer real-time delivery quotes as well. BJ, Mecum, R&M will continue to sell cars, but they are glancing at BAT in their rear view. BTW, i
  12. Today was set up day. Inside the Ag Center Arena, it looks like a near sell out. A few outdoor vendors were also getting ready. Weather looks great. Grab your mask and join us in Westminster, MD. Friday and Saturday. The Region has coordinated Covid safeguards with the local health department- who are monitoring the event. Enjoy a little slice of the new Normal.
  13. Fabled NHRA track, about 45 minutes north of Lancaster, PA. Traditional one day swap meet. No pre-paid spaces. Vendors set up at 6am, customers allowed in at 8 am- it’s pretty much over at 2pm. Tends to be 1/2 race car and 1/2 vintage and antique car parts. Nice way to spend 2-3 hours. Weather can be nice, or a bit chilly. Check it out if you’re close. It’s all outside. Don’t go for the gourmet food.
  14. This event is on. Please bring your mask and have a great time. Vendors will be inside and outside. Food outside only at a food truck. Plenty of free parking. The Region asks for a $2 admission at the door. March 26-27. Weather looks to be mild, in the mid 60’s.
  15. Come to the Ag Center in Westminster on March 26-27 for the Sugarloaf Mountain Region Parts Meet; and then Spring Carlisle two weeks after that. And try to forget 2020.
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