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  1. All this came from the Carlisle Chevy Show. The seller thought it is International Harvester pickup. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  2. Beautiful dash removed from 16,000 mile car. Complete including AM radio, clock, and the complete wiring harness and fuse block. This would spruce up your ‘59; or really dress up your man cave! It’s fairly heavy and bulky, as you might expect for 1959, so pick up at my home near Westminster, MD would be preferred. Can also offer free delivery to any Carlisle event or Hershey 2019. Please take advantage of this opportunity before it has to go on eBay. Price is $300. Have many other pictures. Please send PM if you’re interested.
  3. Well shaped and a nice casting. Anyone recognize it? Part of number that is visible is 3269. Thanks!
  4. Friday was a nice day in Macungie. Clouds and even a few sprinkles gave way to breezy sunshine by 10am. Trucks of all shapes and sizes poured in all day. The swap meet is again smaller than it once was, but still entertaining for about two hours. The truck show is a relaxed affairs with most of it on grassy areas with some tree cover. Go on Saturday and have a great time!
  5. Matt is spot on! Thanks! Now to find a ‘48 Buick that needs a speedometer.......
  6. Nice old speedometer. Help reunite it with its own kind. Thanks!
  7. Bob: I think you mean you stopped going in 1983. Don’t we all wish we could turn back the clock to “Post-War ‘74”. You’ve missed quite a lot since 1983. The Ford, Mopar and Corvette shows have become spectacular events. The Chevy (GM), Import, and Truck shows are smaller. As for Spring and Fall, most of the same car guys and gals still attend. For many years it was the best excuse I could find to take off from work!
  8. Picker was a term I first heard at an early Carlisle event. The Picker would “greet” incoming vendors as they tried to unload, and make low-ball offers on any choice parts. Later, the vendor would see his stuff elsewhere on the grounds, marked up quite a bit. The term was intended to be derogatory. Ironically, on early telecasts, Mike and Frank lived up (down?) to the term, but later stopped low-balling old folks when ratings improved and criticism mounted. Now it’s a simple form of voyerism- looking at what others have sqirreled away.
  9. Ethanol is made from corn which should only be used to feed hungry people or farm animals. Check out pure and find out how close a gas station might be that sells ethanol-free gas. I leave it in my L&G equipment;and the antique cars all winter long with no I’ll effects. I do add some Stabil before winter.
  10. As a resident of Westminster, and Carroll County MD, it is disgusting that the Carroll County AG Center could not accommodate Jalopyrama; and a world-class event moved away to the Eastern Shore. Thankfully, the organizers found a great venue to continue to raise funds for some deserving local charities. Great job, Mike!
  11. Weather was nice, if a bit chilly- at least until we left about noon (darn weddings!). The car show was on the grass in the park, with the swap meet just below. The number of vendors was slightly down, but some interesting parts were offered. There were about 80 cars in the show when we left, with more coming in. Surprisingly, the Hudson contingent seemed small. A great old show in a wonderful setting. Let’s hope it bounces back. Here are a few of our purchases:
  12. Gauges have a Ford script on the back. Any idea if year and model? Thanks!
  13. The 2019 rendition is this Saturday, May 11. The weather forecast, like it can be believed, calls for sunshine. That would be 2 years in a row and a modern record! The Hudson-Essex-Terraplane (I hope I spelled that right!), group has revitalized their weekend gathering and should turn out in good number. Stop out to see a great early Spring show and swap meet.
  14. Spring Carlisle was well attended and had typical springtime PA weather. Thursday was chilly with a few scattered sprinkles. Friday was off and on rain, heavy at times. Saturday was breezy and clear. It was hard to gauge the number of empty vendor spaces, as some left early after the Friday rain. However, many vendors have been moved forward from the North Field; and the number of vacant spaces in the north field was less than last year. So let’s say vendor attendance was up. The parts for sale were of quite a variety as the pictures show. Yes, it’s not Hershey- but after a long Winter’s nap- it was a fun weekend.
  15. Nice clock delete plate. $25 plus $10 shipping. Send pm to hold.
  16. Nice relic found at Spring Carlisle. Any idea as to year and make? Thanks!
  17. Two nice manuals, 1973 and 1974. As new condition. $5 each plus $5 shipping per manual. Or take both for $12 shipped. Paypal, Money Order, your check. Send PM to hold.
  18. This needs to go to a good home. Steering wheel and inner shaft removed. The remainder looks to be in nice condition. Not pictured, but included, is the upper cup that attaches to the bottom of the steering wheel. . Free delivery to Carlisle or Hershey ok also.
  19. I’ve had the pleasure of walking thru BOTH, but the Charlotte mud is a red clay that the Hershey mud could barely dream about becoming. Of course, the warmer Charlotte weather typically means the mud dries out rather quickly. South central PA in October is a different story- that mud stuck around for weeks! Swap Meet mud is a mild occupational hazard. We have learned to deal with it!