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  1. You might check with Bendtsen Adapters 763 767 4480 I think it`s more than just a bracket. Or Speed Gems sales@transmissionadapters.com
  2. I think aftermarket, but it looks a lot like my `41 Pontiac trunk handle.
  3. I got seals for my `36 40series from OlCar Bearing, which may be closed now, after George passed away. I`m not sure if the `34 50series is similar to my `36 40series, if so, seal is a felt donut. Also, my manual states to pull rear axles twice a year and put 1 tablespoon of gear lube on the axle roller bearing, and to inspect/check/replace felt oil seals. Bobs Automobilia might have them.
  4. Set screw hole just below plunger. This latch is from a wood framed door, all steel doors latch may be different.
  5. Lamar, i`m who bought that grille from Bob Saunders, my brother picked it up and has it, i haven`t touched or seen it yet.
  6. Duke and Thunderbolt.
  7. Greg, i`m in Texas and my brother is about an hour away in Oklahoma. I`m planning a ride up there within the next few days(weekend), then will let you know if he has one. Tom
  8. And here is a `37 intake/exhaust. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124901159254?hash=item1d14b07156:g:X0MAAOSwUbFhQQaX
  9. Greg, here is one just listed yesterday on ebay. Needs some work, like they all do. Flapper in mine was froze up also, i used acetone/trans fluid 50/50 mix soaking the shaft, then i looked inside at the flapper, one side was against the metal, other side had about 1/16" gap from the metal, so i set it up in my press and applied pressure to work the shaft sideways and it freed up to where i could start moving the flapper, little stiff at first, worked it awhile then freed up completely. Studs were also broke, one had enough bolt i could grab with vise grips, heated with a torch and it screwed out, the other was broke off flush, i center punched it and started with a small drill bit, then a couple bigger ones, again used the torch, and an easy out, and it screwed out. Rather high on shipping, but duz have a make offer. A `37 or `38 40 series exhaust manifold might work also. My brother might have one, he has 2 `38 40 series. Here is the ad. https://www.ebay.com/itm/303930235424?hash=item46c3a75a20:g:F~sAAOSwi-xgWQk7
  10. Sorry, but won`t part out. Eventually i may sell this complete setup, everything has been rebuilt and 100% complete, ready to bolt in. Only thing left to do is fire it up and adjust the valves, which i plan to do, that`s why the temporary 12v.
  11. Here is a couple pictures from my extra engine, `36 233. Position of weight in the picture(closed?), exhaust flows up thru base of intake. When warmed up weight drops(90deg) and exhaust flows to header pipe.
  12. Now i know why they call you Shorty..
  13. `35 Pontiac, and `35 Oldsmobile used the same bodies, only difference is the dash and the exterior belt line, Oldsmobile has a double bead belt line. I think the door internals are the same. Attached is a front door picture from my `35-`36 Pontiac shop manual. I took several pictures, this one is the best i could do.
  14. Sam, could you also post a picture of the flywheel end of the crankshaft of the 263.
  15. You will have to use the `37 front mount, intake/exhaust manifold, flywheel/clutch/bell housing. The other thing, is weather the 263 engine had a standard or Dyna-flo transmission, crankshafts are different.
  16. Peter, you just disturbed some dormant brain cells in me with that statement. Sylvester the cat. All those Looney Toons characters were the best, ever. I`ll be talking Donald Duck for the next week. Thank you.
  17. I agree with Larry on the float. Other thing is trash in the needle/seat.
  18. Water distribution tube could be rusted away, not controlling the flow of water to the cylinders.
  19. Have you tried Lester J. Harris Minden, Nevada 775 267 2559
  20. I think this is what you are looking for.
  21. It may not matter if the hooked end of the spring is at the top or the bottom. I did take one i had in the shop apart and both springs were in the bottom notch.
  22. Yes, the hooked end will fit in to the bottom notch of each fulcrum, the other end pushes against the each side of the lower stick. With the buttons and small coil springs all wrapped around the shaft it will compress and slip in. The fulcrums straddle the lower shaft at the pin, is your pin worn? The wear is usually to the fulcrum, this is where the sloppy stick comes from, do your fulcrums show wear at this point. There is also another spring that slips over the tip-end of the shift stick, do you have this spring? You should be able to use a C-clamp to compress the fulcrums to slide in the trans top. Don`t forget to use some lube. There are parts/pieces listed on ebay.
  23. Bloo, here is a picture of the parts kit i have for a `36 Buick, 8 pieces total. I haven`t seen a complete kit in years. There are some listings on ebay for the individual pieces. The fulcrum piece is the piece that wears out(sloppy/looseness), and the 2 torsion springs. Wohlert 5005, is the kit i have.
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