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  1. The front (OOPS, 2nd tower has a set screw on top. Be careful with the heat, towers are not steel.
  2. Flathead engine.. no rocker arms. Rotor turning, cam turning as Bloo stated, I agree most likely some valves stuck open or flat cam lobes. Have you ran a compression check on each cylinder?
  3. Keep at it, it`s probably just "krud" buildup on the shaft. Lay every piece out so you can put everything back on the shaft in the same place. When re-mounting the assembly to the head be sure to use a thread sealer on the short tower bolts, otherwise oil will eventually seep past the threads and oil will puddle around the spark plugs..
  4. 11 links mark to mark, 233-248-263 engines, 13 links 320 engine..
  5. Hydraulics.. I`ve always submerge the lifters in oil and pumped them up before installing. The lifter shown, the keeper looks to be bent and could pop-out. I hope you put the lifters back in the exact hole they came out of. Decades ago I learned the hard way, lifters ate the lobes off the cam, ruined everything in about 20 miles..
  6. I hope all the extras are there when you pick it up. I sure like those fastbacks..
  7. Selim, do you recall on assembly of timing gears, mark on each gear should be at the approx. 3 o`clock position with 11 links of timing chain mark to mark. If that`s correct, bring #1 cylinder (closest to water pump)bring piston to top dead center on the compression stroke, also at this point timing marks on flywheel should be visable thru the window(bell-housing)above the starter(if the flywheel was installed on the crankshaft in the correct position). With the #1 piston TDC compression stroke you are ready to install the dist.(picture, rotor position)you may have to turn oil pump shaft to get the dist to drop in completely. If you have an original dist. cap the firing order is on the top of the cap, #s located at the base of plug towers. If not, start with #1 going counterclockwise thru the firing order on the plug cover, running plug wires. Should fire up..
  8. You, yourself say it`s a "straight eight" in your original posting.. I hope you got the timing gears(crankshaft and cam) timed right on re-assembly..
  9. Since the place is local, I`d go by and check the place and their work. A lot of the older cars mouldings were stainless steel which can be buffed/polished to original luster, no chrome.
  10. Dave Tacheny had one he wouldn`t part out, don`t know if he still has it. 763 427 3460
  11. Yes 16", I have a couple sets of the `35-`36 Pontiac/Chevy artillery wheels, which are 6 lug and a 4 1/2" bead width, won`t fit Buick. Attached is a picture of one of my Pontiac/Chevy artillery wheels. "Wheel Vintiques" makes artillery wheels that might fit your needs.
  12. Jim, mine are 5" bolt circle, and bead width is 5".
  13. By the decal, looks like a Thermador..
  14. Junkman, I sent you a personal message but recieved no reply.. Keep me in mind if you decide to sell.. Thanks Tom
  15. I don`t think I`ve ever seen a pedal car with rear spring suspension, at least that`s what I think I see..
  16. Gary, dosen`t sound right to me, float level too high or trash in the needle and seat not shutting off the flow. Fuel should not be as high as those top gaskets and should not be wet. Remove the screw on the left side of the carb., fuel level should be right at the bottom of the hole, if fuel comes out when you remove the screw, fuel level is too high. Even with the engine running you should be able to remove the screw and fuel not run out the hole. The leak up top by shaft and clip looks like it could be oil/lube from that shaft, if you`ll look at the little cap cover it states to remove the screws and put a couple drops of oil in the screw holes to lube the shaft, not sure how often to oil.. And I hope "PP the groundhog" is right.. I think his record of being right over the years, is only 17%, but that`s probably better than the weather-peoples predictions..
  17. Jim here is a picture of my `36 40 series artillery wheel.. and mine have 14 spokes, your`s has 16..
  18. Jim, I noticed your wheel only has the 5 lug holes, my `36 artillery wheels have the smaller holes to hang the wheel from while starting the lug bolts..
  19. Jim, just copy/paste(highlight, then copy, the ebay number above) then paste the number on the ebay site, or type in the number, "search for anything" line. I found them looking, 1935 Buick artillery rims 16s
  20. `35 Pontiac Brave, looks like the broken one was used for a pattern/mold and cast the other two.
  21. Jim, here is 2 artillery wheels (ebay #173743371890). These are really getting hard to find, price is way up there, does have "make offer"..
  22. Valve cover looks like my `36 233 engine, my cover has 1 louver on the firewall end.