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  1. Seller dropped price to $800, get on down to around $500-$600 i`d be interested.
  2. Isn`t the series model stated on the front louver of each hood side panel?
  3. Looks to be running on the front carb only. No fuel line to rear carb.
  4. I`d say remove the cluster. On the `36 the gauge needle slip in between 2 pieces of glass, it`s kind of a trick getting the needle between the 2 when installing a gauge, needle can be bent/damaged very easily.
  5. Here is a picture of my `36 40 series rear shock and link. You`ll need to make a grommet for the shock arm hole, you want zero slack.
  6. Checking for the length of front and rear bumpers of a `38 Buick Special. Also are the Special and Century bumpers the same?
  7. Yes, it can be quite a task, that`s why a lot of people just live with it and the 2x4. It`s not so bad when the door panels are off.
  8. First.. I could be wrong, thinking the Buick hinge is similar to chev/pont. Attached picture is from my `41 Pontiac cpe door hinge, detent springs are not installed, but can see the rivet holes. All the detent springs(8) on my `41 Pontiac were broken, 2 for the top hinge hold the door wide open, and the 2 for the bottom hinge hold the door at half way open. I didn`t know about these springs until i remove the hinge and saw the remainder of the broken spring still attached. Have you had your hinge off, or just doing a visual? You should be able to see the rivets(looking in the hole with door op
  9. You`ll need both upper and lower detent springs for each upper hinge. https://www.chevsofthe40s.com/shop/search.lasso?vehtype=Car&year=1941&Catalog=All&search=door+hinge+detent+spring&SeachBtn=Search&dept=&cat=&new=&sale=&showcase=&searchtype=FT&method=KeywordSearch
  10. The "hold open" hinge spring is broken off, pretty sure buick/chev/pontiac use the same spring. Here is a set on ebay 302582073227
  11. Copy and Paste, look up "how to copy and paste". I could try to explain it, but may confuse you. It`s really simple, then you can copy and paste just about everything, pictures the works.. Or list ebay item number.
  12. Are you aware that all the main journals are different diameter size, don`t mix them up. I had to shim the main bearings on my `41 248 engine.
  13. I have never removed mine, `36 coupe 40 series, but i have the bearing(not for sale). Bearing info: New Departure 916 Disconnect the steering linkage and both tie-rods. Looks like the front pan (just above bolt head)needs to be removed. Then remove the 4 bracket bolts, knock the center bolt upward and arm and bracket, should slide on out. Good luck.
  14. In your picture, looks like your spring hooked to the clutch pedal, should be your brake pedal return spring. Looks like you`ve got a pretty nice 2dr sedan to start with..
  15. Welcome newbie. Dave Tacheny parts out 36-41 Buicks 763 427 3460 central time M-F 5-7pm I`ve got a `36 40 series coupe and have bought many things from Dave. Post some pictures of your `36, everybody here likes pictures. If you don`t have a Shop Manual for your car, and you plan to do your own work, get one.
  16. Check with Dave Tacheny 763 427 3460 central time M-F 5-7pm.
  17. FYI, it should be a 233 cu in, rebabbited rods and main bearings(also Babbit)if not already, would have to be cut/line bored to match crankshaft, also every main journal(all 5) are a different diameter.
  18. You would have to remove water pump to see #s stamped on the head. Stamped numbers, not casting numbers. Also looks to have a Stromberg Carb.
  19. Another cause on the door could be the diagonal rod is loose, lower horizontal wood piece rotted, and metal piece for rod becomes loose and has no tension. There was no window sweeps back then, which left a big gap for rain and trash to get inside, build up in the bottom of the door, rot the wood, and usually the lower 4" of the sheet metal.
  20. Picture is rather dark, but kinda looks like there may be side mount bosses, 1948 was the first year for that change.
  21. 263 engine would have side mounts, water pump inlet on left front side of engine, and left side of engine there are vertical ribs on cylinders, would also have a 4bolt mounted carb. Engine duz look like early 40s. Bell housing looks like a `41 248 engine i have. picture is a 263.
  22. Great looking ol Pontiac, don`t see many 5 windows.. Damn, i should have gotten married, so i could inherit something.
  23. I sure hate hearing of his passing, he was the best i`ve ever dealt with. He`d take your order, send the parts with an invoice, such a trusting person. Only one other person i know of that duz that is Lester Harris Minden, Nevada. He specializes in obsolete engine and chassis parts
  24. Yes i think so, measurements match. I think all `35 6and8cyl use the same rear fenders, not sure about `36. I know the rear of the `36 rear fender is wider probably because tail lights were moved to the fender, also the `36 rear bumper is longer. Thanks again..
  25. That car is too nasty for only 29,000mi., maybe minimal of 129,000mi.
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