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  1. Well congrats!! On the up coming B-day and on your interest in an old Buick. I was 18 in 1966. You are in for quite a task just removing garnish moldings, door/window cranks, and door panels, just to get access to the window mechanism and such inside the door, and won`t really know whats wrong until you get inside. Do you have a shop manual for the Buick? Would be excellent to have..
  2. Lasse, nice looking Buick you`ve got. Did gramps keep it that nice or have you been restoring? My current project is a `36 Buick 40 series coupe, total re-do, hoping to get paint on this year. I`ve had it together, but now apart for paint. Engine is a `41 248 dual carb.
  3. I have 2 sizes of water pump to block gaskets. What is the distance(center to center) of your water pump mount holes? 2 1/16" or 2 7/16"?
  4. It would be best to start your own post in the Buick Buy/Sell. Also state which series of car you have..
  5. The 233 and 248 is the cubic inch size of the engine, your 40 series engine is a 248.. I have a plug for the heater hose hole, and I`ll get what I need to do the valve modification and try to get it done today, and I will see if I have the pump gasket. I`ll send you a PM(personal message)with a picture of everything and price within the next day or two. Tom
  6. Bolt holes center to center is 1 7/8", water hole 1"x1 1/2" Casting #1297938 I doubt you`ll ever find a new one. I did this recommended modification to both my `41 248 water pump and my `36 233 water pump. Both gaskets, 2 copper washers(for the 2 pump mounting bolts)will be included. I don`t have a thermostat..
  7. Lassie, welcome to the forum. Here is a picture of a couple I have.. the one on the right is like what I think you need, its from a `41 248 engine. By-pass valve is missing, I can modify by installing a freeze plug with a 1/4" hole. This modification has been discussed here on the forum, which eliminates the valve. Tom
  8. Yes, and `35 Oldsmobile, also `35 Cadillac Lasalle
  9. Dave Tacheny parts out `36-`41 Buicks 763 427 3460 m-f 5-7pm central time You should buy new glass. Steele Rubber for the window gaskets(rubber).
  10. Might quiz these people about your needs. I`ve never used them, they are at the Pate Swap Meet every year. Classic Auto Title 214 697 8948 or L.Plamer@ClassisAutoTitle.com
  11. 1935 Pontiac. Hood side trim, center(silver-streak)of hood and grille, and both side grilles are not on the car.
  12. Al, here is a picture of a `35 Chevy suicide handle on the left and a `36 Buick handle on the right, both are for the passenger side.
  13. Al, not sure what you mean "a little long"? The only longer shafted ones I`m aware of were for the suicide doors, where the interior handle was on the end of the shaft. On these the shaft is clocked differently also. I`d like to see a picture of what you bought. Tom
  14. Yes it will, key slot will be upside down but it can be removed from handle, turned 180deg and reinstalled. You can just swap your handles unless you are wanting key/lock access to both sides.
  15. Steele provides the re-vulcanization service, customer provides the cores..
  16. Jack, great start for the story ahead..
  17. You might consider cleaning gas tank also..
  18. Both flappers were froze up on my `41 248 dual carb engine ex manifolds, I also tried the soaking and heat, wouldn`t budge. So taking a closer look at the flappers both were a little offset(larger gap on one side), I then set it up in my press and applied pressure to the shaft(oppisite end of the gap)to move the shaft sideways, both came right loose, little stiff at first, worked them manually with some spray lube and both were free moving as they should.
  19. Usually you can hear a vac leak but not all the time. I use wd-40 to locate a vac leak. with engine idling, spray wd, one place at a time, intake to head, base of carbs. Engine will speed up when detected. Your rear carb should not be putting any fuel in the system until kicked in progressively. Makes me think flooding over(not stopping the flo of gas) trash in needle/seat or too high float level.
  20. I was close with the quote, its only been something like 55yr since I seen that show..
  21. How about a `42 Oldsmobile.