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  1. He also contacted me about the tires I'm looking for. I told him to post pictures of what he has on my posting before anything else,so far no pictures.
  2. What size are the wheels,they appear to be around 19",and are you sure they are #5 and not 4.5. I have some hubs and caps I thought were #5,turned out to be 4.5's.
  3. Jerry in Florida,picture what you have,if you really have any,on this posting before we go any farther.
  4. Need up to six for a project. Universal brand type tread preferred,others considered. If you have what I want,I will try to pick them up if possible to save you having to crate them.
  5. I've had this for years and have never figured out what it fits nor has anyone I've shown it to. The slot in the diecast end is actually a thread maybe to sling oil or grease back into the center. The other end looks like a large bearing race. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I got this hood with some other unrelated stuff one time,believe it's 40 or 41,model unknown. The front end of one side is bent down a bit but the panels are very straight. The side chromes are stainless and have some hail dimples. The center chrome is plated steel and it will need rechroming but at least they are all there. The Hollander Interchange Book shows some different hoods for the same years and near as I could tell,40 and 41 won't interchange. (But that book is always confusing to me).Look these pics over,if you think it's something you could use,PM me with your email address and any questions on measurements,etc.
  7. Hi Steve, I have a right front for a 36 Roadmaster,it will need some work but no major rust issues. Your post doesn't give a series. If interested PM me with your email and I'll send pics. Steve
  8. I presume this goes into a cartridge of some sort,what it filters,gas,oil,diesel is unknown. Appreciate any help,Thanks.
  9. Indiana buses had individual doors down the side like that in some years.
  10. Are you sure it's electric? Looks like it has two mounting bolts in the back. Is there a hole in the bottom where a winding stem might have stuck down? I think Wills St Clair had black face oval instruments a few years.
  11. John, By any chance can you use Buffalo MS 4.5 stuff? Steve
  12. They look like 31era Cadillac. Both have the horn mounting tab so they would be for one of the fancier dual horn models which may include V-12 or V-16.
  13. Maybe headlight buckets for something being a pair and light sheetmetal.
  14. Here are pics with a quart oil can. I think it's from the 40's but not sure. The top looks like the bottle was heated and blown from glass pipe and then broke off of it like very early bottles. It's 22" tall,about 9" in diameter. I was able to find some pictures online of what the label would look like but didn't get copies. If you are interested send me a PM ands we'll talk it over.