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  1. I have no idea what that impeller would look like,any of these look familiar to you?
  2. I picked this up several years ago,have never used it and probably never will. It is 220 volt,single phase,the motor runs both clockwise and counterclockwise and it does work. There is a 4groove pulley on it. It looks like you can do a lot of things with it but whether it all works or not is unknown. The darn thing is heavy. No instruction manual came with it,there is something on the front about a link put on or take off if testing 24 and 32 volt items. The deck is pretty cruddy,couldn't get it cleaned off at picture time. If picked up,price is $150,boxed on a pallet ready to ship is $225. Sh
  3. I do still have all the parts but I would be shooting myself in the knee and the foot if I sold a motor separately.
  4. There was an '18 advertised in the Model T Ford Club of America magazine probably a year and a half ago along with an extra engine or two. I'm pretty sure it was a widow and located in Indiana. If you can't track it down I may be able to dig up the number. Don't remember if it was 7-pass or not.
  5. The car to the right is definitely a Nash Adv 6 with six lug wheels. 1925-28 were pretty similar so 58L-Y8 is right in there.
  6. I've wondered if the young rats and mice born in that environment have development problems breathing that oil air especially in hot summer heat. Another note,several years ago I bought a big 84 Chevy 3/4 ton four wheel drive that had an engine fire. Interior was fine,tranny needed rebuilding,engine was fine after new hoses,wiring,etc. My wife taught school about two miles away and drove it every day. One morning she called and said it was steaming under the hood when she got to school. I went over to check it out and found there were two big bite marks in the new top radiator hose. Some critt
  7. Is that sasquatch walking there to the left of it?
  8. Thanks NZ,Got my reading in for the evening and got the picture.
  9. I have a PACKARD script 288 cylinder head that seems to be worth about a dollar a dozen. I saw one in a junkyard that had PACKARD THUNDERBOLT cast into it and wondered if there was anything special or unusual about it. I looked in the Car Spotters guide and couldn't see a Thunderbolt model of any year. I didn't get a picture of it. Appreciate any info.
  10. I've had Packard and Chevy wheels over the years and I don't believe it's either of those. Appreciate the input.
  11. That looks like some different wheel treatment in the center of those disc wheels on this coupe.
  12. When better cars are built,Buick will supply headlights for them.
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