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  1. Dale, I haven't been able to get ahold of the guy for a few months. I'll either email or call if I can make contact. Steve
  2. Mike, A friend of mine has a museum in Craig Colorado and he has a restored Liberty. But in the spare parts repository there are parts for a couple more of them. I was going to trade him out of them but that hasn't happened yet. He wants some 03 Cad parts that I have. They had the Waukesha engines,the only extra crankcase got to Arizona for some reason and hasn't come back. I don't have any pictures or other details,this has mostly been over the phone. Maybe PM me and we'll see what comes together. I've had trouble finding msg's in this system and responding but sometimes I get it done. Steve
  3. Anyone going to have any really good 35x5 wide whitewalls at Chickasha? Looking for the highway type tread,not the square block pattern.
  4. Looks like they would deliver the postman but not much postage.
  5. It's kind of hard keeping those engines from tearing themselves apart just going 45MPH with those 5to1 rear axle gear ratios. Of course,they would go up the side of Devils Tower at the same speed but that's not on the agenda. There is a 4.06 ratio listed in the parts book,I would sure like to find one.
  6. I have a couple early Cadillac V-8 projects 1915-19 which take an updraft carb hanging from an upside-down U manifold of course. But years ago I picked up a manifold that someone made that went straight across with a Stromberg 97 sitting in the middle of it but this assembly you have would be fun to try to adapt. I guess I'll have to do some thinking,counting of the scheckles and so forth. Do you have a ballpark price in mind?
  7. sagefinds

    Rubber Bumper

    Most likely it bolts to the bottom side of the frame over the rear axle. If you drive over a dip-n-launch it keeps the axle housing from hitting the frame metal to metal.
  8. Those wheels appear small like 15" or so,small for what period they appear to be. They remind me of those Kelsey-Hayes accessory wheels all the early Ford guys are nuts over. None that I ever saw had that strip across with the threaded stud tho or a double rolled bead. From what I can see the strip looks original,not a later weld-on. Can you see a name or a KH between the bolt holes front or more likely in back? And as recommended above,get tire size,hole pattern,width between beads,etc. If all the measurements are in inches and not millimeters they could be a custom wheel that came out in the fifties or sixties with their own bolt-on hubcap. In that case there should be interest in them from several directions of the car hobby. In any case,that strip could be removed and a conventional hubcap used.
  9. sagefinds


    I've always bought and sold parts to support my hobby. I have some Dort parts and there is little to no demand for them. I would have to think twice before I invested in one of the cars.
  10. That tool is also a jack handle.
  11. This looks like it would lock a big wire wheel like #6 Houk or Buffalo to a spare carrier. The cap is 6" across,the octagon on the lock is 4",probably the same size as the hubcap wrench. Plenty of wear so it was used for some period. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. sagefinds


    Pretty stern-looking bunch. Wonder what their day was like before they got to the picture taking point?
  13. I had some 25" wires with 120mm centers awhile back,you're talking 20 mm bigger than that? That is a huge center. I still have a couple 100 ringnuts and a couple 120 hubcaps but they won't come close. The center plates say Buffalo Wire Wheels,Rudge Whitworth Type.