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  1. I have a 1918-19 Cadillac Type 57 parts car that had 25" Rudge wheels with 120mm centers when I got it. Took them off and sold them to someone with a Simplex-Crane.
  2. Any interest at $275 plus shipping? I will trade for 35x5 Universal brand wide whitewall tires,certain 1913-19 Cadillac parts.
  3. I have 1918-19 Cadillacs and it's a hair later but not much.
  4. I have listed this hood for sale in the Marmon section. Hope someone can use it and I want to thank the contributors that ID'd it.
  5. I read they were called cruiserline ventiports.
  6. This was identified in the "What is It" section so ID is tentative but believed correct. There is some surface rust and the hinges are stuck but the panels appear nearly perfectly straight. I think the panels can be boxed together and still be Fedex shippable,probably just barely. So price on the hood $325,shipping $110. Hope someone can use it,please PM me if interested.
  7. Someone had a recent post they were looking for Elcar parts,I thought I had this light but it was unpacking everything at Chickasha to find it. I don't see the post now so it's advertised on a new one. Unfortunately the bezel took just a small hit but cracked the glass,and it will need wiring,otherwise it appears to be in good condition. $45 will buy it,shipping included. PM me if interested.
  8. Any interest in the elephant head nose piece that the nose trim fastens to?
  9. The chassis next to it is a very rusty 1915 Cadillac. My backyard usually isn't this junky looking but I'm doing some re-arranging and weed control.
  10. Wow,that sounds pretty definitive,I was hoping for something good and I think I got it. Thanks much. It has some minor rusting but appears just about perfectly straight. If you know anyone that can use it please have them PM me. Thanks again.
  11. sagefinds

    Early REO

    The disc wheels are Chevrolet around 1929.
  12. This has Packard type latch catches but doesn't have the shape in front to fit the Packard radiator shell. I think some Willys connected cars had the pin sticking out for the latch with a hole in it to go over the pin but can't narrow it down. Side panels are 39 5/8" long on top,39 3/8" on bottom,20 3/8" tall in front,20 5/8" in back,center panel 39" long,4 3/4" wide,24 louvers. Hinges are stuck so I can't spread it out. Any help appreciated,thanks.
  13. This was under a convertible coupe that some previous owner resto-rodded. It was identified as a 32 but as 33 it was not usable for the fellow I got it for. The right rear axle and drum are gone,missing shifter,right front fender took a hit,gas tank has no bottom,otherwise it looks like a good,straight frame with no heavy rust issues,no visable cracks in the engine,etc. Some extra sidemount hardware. Not being parted out. $950 all. Located in SE Wyoming where I-80 and I-25 cross. Delivery East or West later is a slim possibility. 307-630-7838. I don't text.
  14. Dave, I sent you a couple pics the other day of three I have that are probably a hair later but maybe the arms and links would be usable. Did you get them or maybe they went to your junk folder,I've had that problem lately? They were Houdaille script. Steve
  15. I picked this up at Bakersfield two or three years ago. Bought two early McCord gasket catalogs on ebay, thumbed page by page looking for the gaskets that would have been used in the thermostat housing but no luck. Has that bypass pipe although rusted out. Has a steel tag that has what looks like R 1650,brass tag under that with 34-108353,last patent number 1662187. Maybe Packard? Any help appreciated. Thanks.