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  1. I've seen some 4cyl Jeep engines that had hills and valleys like that and deep recesses around the plugs. They had a big rubber umbrella like cover over the plug and the recess.
  2. I checked my "let no car part go unhoarded" spare parts repository and found these two. They are rusty and a bit pitted. The diecast part has minor corrosion but not broken. The other one has the same screw pattern but hard rubber cushions,probably came out a bit later than your car and most likely an improvement. The end holes are 3 3/4" apart,the front holes 1 3/8" apart on center. I would sell the one with diecast for $18.50 ppd,or both in case you wanted a 'just in case' extra for $24.50 ppd. For an extra $5 each I would give them a good beadblasting. Holler if interested.
  3. Several decades ago I saw a small 4cyl T-head engine in a storage bldg. that was unidentified at the time. Later the owner said it turned out to be for a Case car. Several years later I looked at a Case chassis that also had a small T head. I don't remember any of the details of those engines but that might be another starting point.
  4. The previous owner and I both think this is truck but I've been through the big Crestline Chevrolet book,both of the Car and Truck Spotters Guides by Tad Burness and can't see it anywhere. Should be a piece of cake to ID but more like a tough old piece of rawhide. Where the front is pretty good,the back is very corroded,there is a visable 8-C but any other numbers are unreadable. Appreciate any help.
  5. I have one that appears to be new old stock that probably doesn't need to be rebuilt. PM me if interested.
  6. This came in a wood crate,is for a 6-cyl and sure has big cam bearing surfaces. There is MM and made in USA,I checked Minneapolis Moline tractors but nothing connected. It's new old stock but showing some age. It's out of an estate and the son said they had a 1920's Caterpiller but I couldn't find an early 6-cyl for them either. I thought maybe diesel but the center teeth look like they turn a regular distributor. Any help appreciated.
  7. That's georgeous. I have some cases of unopened cans of Alemite 20w-20 oil,mostly 5-quart cans but also a few single quarts if the buyer wants to dress it up with any of them. They are the all-steel yellow and orange ones.
  8. According to the Complete Encyclopedia of Motorcars,the only chaindrive Lamberts were small 2 cylinder cars which couldn't haul that bulk. I believe it's one of the bigger Thomas's of the day.
  9. I'm guessing you wouldn't want to try for a land speed record on them,but I'm wondering about the trunk. Is that a factory job or aftermarket from Galaxy, Potter or some other maker?
  10. Essex autos liked that hexagon in their hubcaps so that would be my guess.
  11. This is a seat adjuster out of a '31 Chevy. When the knob is turned it pulls or pushes a nut attached to the bars going left and right. They are in a fixed slot attached to the floor,if the nut is pulled forward it pushes the ends of the bars backward and moves the seat forward,and vise versa to move it back. Although the seat knob and rod in the picture is similar,I don't think it had enough wood to be a GM product and probably Chrysler as has been mentioned.
  12. If your tire size is 31x4 then your rim size is 23" and the hole in the center of your tires will measure 23".
  13. Do you have any detailed pictures of the wheels you are looking for? And size. Would a partial set of 26" Tuarc disc wheels be of any interest?
  14. sagefinds

    strange cover

    Stutz had one very similar to that and also Maxwell,some with their name in the top glass.