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  1. That rod looks like about 1/8". You can go to a welding shop and get a joint of gas welding rod,it's good and stiff and should handle the job,just cut it to length. If you need a 90 degree bend in it be sure to heat it to red hot to bend it. If you need the little brass levers,Rand Broadstreet in Ohio would probably have them.
  2. At first glance it appears the same as the Cadillac but the bead to the right of the soldier is different and the hood and cowl don't have the gentle top curve,more of a Packard-like sharp bend.
  3. Thanks for these photos,they might help enough to pick out some top sockets. Your car has a four piece hood where the three hoods I have are two piece. I'm in the middle of a hefty project and can't look for numbers in the pile of wood I have. None in the bodies and I don't think the doors have any wood either. I'd like to see you get this pile somehow. Maybe I could deliver it close to the border but could you get into Canada with it?Trades?
  4. Greg, Things are busy and hectic here but I did get a check mailed this morning. If the lights fit into a medium flatrate box the postage should only be 16 or 17 dollars so that would put a couple more bucks into your pocket. I'll look forward to getting them. Thanks, Steve G.
  5. Got your msg Greg and will get you a check out as soon as you have a total. Thanks,Steve
  6. What are you looking to get out of the pair?
  7. I got this out of a '30 V-8 Cadillac headlight but it's not original for Cad. Peerless?Franklin? other make with big headlights or after market? Has BENJAMIN embossed on the face near the bottom and MCK on the edge that would be covered up by the rim. Has 12 7/16 embossed on the top edge but closer to 12 1/2" in diameter by the tape measure. Appreciate any help.
  8. In 1912 when Cadillac came out with the first car with electric start and lights,they had a taillight very similar to that one in size and configuration,just unplated and Cadillac script. '13 Cad was about the same. Other quality car manufacturers of that era scrambled to also be electrified. I believe your light is an original off one of the other makes in the start of the nickel era about 1913 to maybe '16.
  9. I've run into this before,any chance it ended up in your spam folder? I got your PM okay, If it's not there,try sending me another one with your email address.
  10. Are you looking for two separate trunks or two fitted suitcases for one trunk? And if that is the case,what size is your trunk?
  11. This pair is as close as I can come. They are 10" but only 1 1/4" wide. I know you only need one but I'd like to keep them together anyway. I don't know if a narrower band on one side would affect stopping or not,a narrower one should have more pounds per square inch. You would need to duplicate the arms from the side you have. Take $45 for the pair shipping included if you think the one might work.
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