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  1. The touring down the road looking this way looks like 1915 Cadillac.
  2. I'm guessing mid twenties Nash Advanced 6
  3. Sometime in the past someone was looking for a two-arm regulator for a cabrolet,late thirties I think it was,their description sounded like something like this one. The shaft for the handle is square. Appreciate any help.
  4. As somebody that has been in the hobby for a half century and always bought and sold parts to support it,I have to say that thing has too much value to scrap. It looks familiar,like a spare tire door for an English sports car but these days my memory bank seems to only have a penny slot. Those cars got rear-ended like all of them and someone has a dinged up,hammered out,bondoed rear hatch that needs that one of yours. It looks close to new old stock. Put it on ebay with a title something like "1950s-60s Triumph?MG?,Sunbeam?other rear spare tire door,looks NOS" and price it at $149.95 or more shipping included. After a million or two people look at it you will sell it.
  5. The early TT trucks used a split rim but it was 23" and only on the rear. The later TT's used a 20" rim on the rear that had a lockring. The fronts were the same as the car used. Your wheels are fronts so they are most likely an extra heavy aftermarket wheel and they have value. The spokes don't look bad to me with some original paint. You can saw down through the tire at the split but that will damage the ends of the rim a little. If the rims aren't all rusted out I would value them at $125 per wheel and rim. You can put an ad on the Model T Ford Club of America for them and don't have to be a member but you will need to open an account with the name you want to be called and a password. And you may have to box and ship them to the other end of the country from wherever you are. All the tire dealers are selling those big wheels up to 22" so you may be able to pick up a box or two there that fits and that helps.
  6. Is that a Buick only thing? I have this vac tank top with other fitting,it's # 177R.
  7. I think I have a 1918-19 Maxwell cowl. I've had it forever and actually thought it was Maxwell until a guy came through here many years ago and told me it definitely wasn't,and probably Studebaker. That threw me off but it was destined for the What is It forum eventually. The cowl is getting ragged but probably helped protect the tank,not dented and no visable rustout. It's amazing the cap and sediment bowl are still there. Where this thing came from is totally out of the memory bank. Looks like bolts through the firewall are what is holding it in. I guess you'll have to decide if it's something you can use or not. I also have this other cowl and rear tub,it has the heavy windshield post castings but different from yours. Any idea if it might be Maxwell,maybe earlier?
  8. Howard this is a textbook wanted ad. You have the years wanted,showing a picture of exactly which one you are looking for and mention some trading stock. It was so good I went out back and looked at an old,unidentified cowl I've had for years that has a gas tank in it. Mine is different but still close enough where it could be related. Has a similar indent and about the same sheetmetal braces off the bottom. The filler has a Y fitting where I think one side had a gauge. Maybe a different model or a couple years newer. If you would consider one that wasn't correct but might still work,I could take a couple pics tomorrow and put them on here. Let me know.
  9. These are out of a Colorado estate,according to the fellow selling the stuff,one engine and one transaxle rebuilt. One radiator and shell,looks recored,three hoods,one good,looks like all body sections and a pile of wood patterns. No top irons.Some electrics. Some lower rustout. Boxes and cans of nuts,bolts and parts. $4500 all. Delivery is possible particularly towards Houston in the next week or two.
  10. Chris, I have this one,OD is about 16 3/4" but it's a 15",will take a 15" tire. Layer of very light surface rust,no holes wallowed out,no curb dings,etc. You can still read the makers name in it. The bolt pattern is 5 on 5 1/2",6" wide between the edges. $75 plus shipping. If Chris doesn't respond,it's available to anyone else that wants it. Whether this is the exact one for a '63 Wildcat is unknown. Steve
  11. John, I sent one to Wayne back when and it looks like I'll be able to help you out,that pretty much clears me out of Visionalls. Steve
  12. In the big Crestline Chevrolet book the model T I-ton looks every bit that big. I have the back end of a frame with worm drive rear axle that looks as big as a TT truck,just has a big castiron Chevrolet hubcap on one side,otherwise I would probably still be wondering what make it was.
  13. I think that is an early 20's Chevy model T 1-ton truck,they had those headlight shells,