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  1. It's obviously meant to go with a tread cover of some sort. Measures about 28 1/2" in diameter,center hole is 16' across. My guess is it would show the spokes of an 18" wheel,maybe 19". It's not badly rusted but has more wrinkles than I do, for the guy that has more time than money,it may be worth saving. The stainless strip is held on with small threaded screws,not just some cheap clips. Appreciate any help.
  2. There was an American LaFrance in a private preschool playground here for awhile. It ended up in a junkyard here and I traded the guy out of it. Drug it home and later sold it to Lou Wyman of the Wyman Living History Museum in Craig Colorado. Last I knew it was still down over the hill from the museum in a line of stuff. I don't recall if it was a 6 or 4 and would need plenty of work to get going. Lou and I were going to do some other trading but I haven't been able to get ahold of him lately. I don't have the number of the museum but you might look it up and try it.
  3. sagefinds


    Overland also had one they called the Country Club roadster that was very similar.
  4. It's a pretty big one covering the front frame horns,any ideas? There was an old price on it in liquid paint marker that has been scrubbed off but nothing about application. Appreciate any help.
  5. Being American Standard I think it's for coating the unthreaded,tapered nipples between boiler sections,maybe freeze plugs in engines,any other ideas?
  6. I think it's a Budd-Michelin wheel for many mediun sized cars with 5 lugs including the Nash Special Six.
  7. I sure don't see any problem of this guy putting this pile of parts on the site. I know there has to be rules but he's not some dealer with page after page of "who cares" stuff in boxes to identify. With the pile he may get some valuable info on which ones might go together,or who might be interested in what,etc. The heart of this club is the preservation of this early stuff and this post is right up that alley,saving good stuff from the melting pot.
  8. Live from Stonehenge,The Stoneheads and their new tune" My rock got a hole in it,don't roll no more"
  9. Definitely have to go to RockAuto to get parts for that one.
  10. I want to say 32-34 Ford pickup or truck but it's been a long time since I've had any of that stuff.
  11. I missed the part about the ruler but the ones I posted previously take a 1 1/2" strap,these bigger ones take a 2" strap even tho they all look smaller than that.
  12. I'm going to expound on this a little more. It's kind of rare to see a front bumper on one of these old Chevy trucks and also a front splash apron. Old farmers just didn't spend money on these dress-up items that weren't needed. The apron looks good from what I can see,the bumper looks like it might have a tweak but unless it's a real cobble job on mounting,both of these items have value these days. The head on the engine can be put on a Model T Ford engine with an adapter plate and make it an overhead valve job for a little more boost. If it isn't cracked or have excessive pitting inside some
  13. Another note,I do have another pair this style but bigger and heavier duty if those would be of interest.
  14. I have this pair and found another strap clamp. Probably $65 ppd in US,add $20 for foreign,check or paypal.
  15. Buicks that era had springs like that.
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