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  1. One is an all black Murphy conv coupe, no? It was in one of the Harrah auctions.
  2. Looks like it lost 2 rows of radiator during restoration. Hope it doesn't run hot now.
  3. Needs a few more accessories. Hupmobile I believe.
  4. This has got to be the weirdest Model A I've ever seen.
  5. A happy owner with his new 1929 Stutz in San Francisco
  6. Yes, Stutz came out with that hubcap when they switched from buffalo wire wheels to 6 lug bolt on wire wheel with the hubcap in 1930. Then when the DV/SV designation came out part way through 1931 they had a cloisonne emblem held on with three rivets. Stutz just used the earlier cap & had the emblem riveted on over the stamped Stutz logo.
  7. Not a car, but rather a street sweeper. A 1917 Elgin. How would you like to get your arm caught in all those chains? No safety guards at all.
  8. Here's a 20" Buffalo wire wheel from a 5000 pound 1929 model car I'm in the process of dragging home. The backside of the rim has welds on it almost all the way around. It is a painted rim, never chromed. This car has been off the road since 1960, so the welds are very old.
  9. Thought you'd like to see this neat mostly original GTO that showed up at a local show a couple weeks ago. Even the owner was original. Dark blue in color & a 4 speed car.
  10. Here’s a picture of it circa 1960. It was originally all black. This is the same car.
  11. And here's what it looks like now in storage at the Smithsonian. Looks the same except they touched up the paint on the front fender.
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