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  1. Hey John, what happened to the mid 20s RR towncar that was in French Lick and owned the local VFW or something like that. They used to bring it out for car events at the hotel & park it out front. I think it was brown and had drum headlights. Nice original car. I rode in it close to 25 years ago. Is it still there?
  2. I have what you need. Don't know about shipping it though. This one came from a 1941 Cadillac 62 series coupe. You have a private message waiting for you.
  3. The local mafia visited our cruise in last week.
  4. The cruise club that runs the big cruise in in my area got a cease & desist order from the county health dept a couple weeks ago.
  5. jdome..... the maroon car pictured above IS the car that was in Akron. I know the guy who bought it in 1955 up in Chardon. It was originally all black.
  6. About 1/2 way through this video it's seen backing into a space at a 1961 Grand Classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biHKhVVB_V4 That proves the car is authentic & not a rebody. No one was making new bodies yet in the early 60's. I believe this is the car Badenhausen owned. He did a 15 part series in the CCCA Bulletin maybe 7 -8 years ago about the early days of the hobby. He also had the blue 1933 Packard Dietrich DCP.
  7. One question though, as this car is a Custom Eight with the 356 engine, & trim all the way around the trunk lid, why doesn't it have the chrome trim on the glove box door? I know all the 22nd series Custom Eights do. Did they get rid of that on the 23rd series?
  8. AJ, if you buy that Nash I have some authentic Nash Gabriel shock absorber fluid you can use.
  9. I've had a several early 1950s cadillacs, including 2 1950s. Here are answers to your questions. 1. it overheats after about 15 mins but drives great. maybe a stuck thermostat or something? - take the radiator out & have it boiled out. Very simple. Just undo the upper & lower radiator hoses & it comes out with 6 bolts - 3 on each side. Should cost around $150. Don't take it to RadAir, find an old, dirty, inner city radiator shop that looks like it has numerous EPA violations. They do the best work. While that is out, take the threaded plu
  10. 2 summers ago when I drove out west, remember?
  11. I'm the only one who has seen the Pierce in person. I want it.
  12. The following is the correct answer to your question Matt. The car you have there was originally a funeral home car in Cleveland. I know this is a fact as my dad was very good friends with the long time NE Ohio owner, and even knew his father, who bought it from the funeral home in the early 1950's. It was in pristine condiiton when they aquired it, and only used it on Sundays. While most 356 powered Packards of the 1940's have overdrive, this car does not. No need for O/D in a funeral procession. Also, the "One Sixty" script emblems on the hood sides were added later. The funeral h
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