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  1. It's Delco Remy model 727 V.
  2. I think parts car is a bit of an exaggeration Ed. However, I will share with you they were thinking of drilling a hole in the flywheel cover so they could pry on the flywheel with a screwdriver to try to get it to turn over. Thankfully they didn't get that far.
  3. Here's some more shots from May, 2018. Spark plugs appear to be in place. They were soaking it with tranny fluid to try to free it up. It has the original jack & handle in the engine compartment. That's probably something missing on most cars. Everytime I visited it I would carefully put the cover back on it and put pieces of wood to hold it in place, and everytime I returned it was blown off. The ower had left it there for the garage to try to get running. Nothing happened.
  4. That's the car that was sitting outside behind a gas station/repair garage for a year in Akron. Engine is stuck. I think they were asking around 50K for it a couple years ago. So Kumar probably paid 20-25K for it and is now trying to double his money.
  5. Here's a nice original pair that sold on e bay earlier this year for $3550. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Woodlites-1920s-30s-WOODLITE-HEADLIGHTS-Cord-Auburn-Packard-Hot-Rod-Brass-/193809512484?hash=item2d1ff27824%3Ag%3AKNAAAOSwzDxfzo2c&vxp=mtr&nma=true&si=SeS1w1Orxxf%2BZxOWUxPvK7BtmGw%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  6. Tell us about the AA Stutz sedan in the background
  7. I believe '48 Cadillacs used the same body as '49s. Also a couple series of Buicks and maybe the big Olds also used the same body shell. You might have better luck finding a rusty Buick being parted out.
  8. They were normally seen on higher end British cars. Normally you'd see just one mounted in the middle just above the bumper. Not a pair of them.
  9. I think this wins the prize for worst color combination ever. Baby blue & orange. Photo from the 1960s. Car is a 1930 Packard 733 dual cowl phaeton. How much you want to bet the body is now on a 740 or 745 chassis?
  10. That may not be the same car as is parked in Central Park. The Rollston in Central Park has sidemount mirrors and a trunk. The car in the Salon does not.
  11. Yes, those are definitely Rollston door handles
  12. I believe the serial number is stamped in the frame on top in the engine compartment
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