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  1. I remember that trailer well. I helped load 4 Stutz Timken worm drive rear ends into it for George at the auction. I attended that one too. I was using 100% of my vacation time from work that year to go to Europe for 3 weeks and to go to Herhsey that fall. I called in sick to work the Thursday & Friday of the Packard meet to be able to attend. I called it "The Packard flu."
  2. Here's AJs car in the 1971 movie Fools' Parade. It Starred Jimmy Stewart and George Kennedy and was fimed entirely in Marshall County, WV. The car makes a brief appearance at the beginning of the movie being driven by the town banker. There's no good side shot of the car shown, just a front shot & close up of the driver.
  3. This item is no longer available.
  4. Up through the 1960s Cleveland was an industrial powerhouse that put most other cities to shame in that category, excluding Detroit of course.
  5. So it doesn’t list the Cleveland location where it was built? That was a mistake. They had to have either a factory showroom, or a showroom on Euclid or Carnegie Ave in Cleveland.
  6. You said you have an owners manual for your car, right? What address does it give for contacting the factory?
  7. Where the White factory in Cleveland stood is now an empty field. These photos were taken from E 79th street looking West.
  8. This is an ariel photo taken of the White factory in 1936. It appears the main office was in the tall building in the center with the power plant right behind it. The outline around it shows it was quite a large operation by the mid 30s when their production concentrated solely on trucks. That's Lake Erie to the North of it. It's all gone now.
  9. There is a huge difference between those 2 cars. The 1940 Packard is much more modern in every way possible. 356 ci 9 main bearing engine with R9 overdrive make it cruise effortlessly on the freeway. It steers, shifts, accellerates and stops much better than the 1930 car. The 1930 car has an updraft carburator with fuel delivery through a vacuum tank, an engine with all babbit bearings, mechanical brakes, and a crashbox transmission. The 1940 car has all insert bearings, downdraft carb with automatic choke run through a traditional fuel pump, modern hydraulic brakes, and a synchromes
  10. \ This car was originally a very dark green color. It was in Florida and someone painted it white with a black beltline & put a tan naugahyde interior in it in the late 60's or early 70's. You could see the original dark green paint where the white had flaked off in big chunks. The long time owner bought it in FL and brought it up to Ohio around 1973 where it stayed until he sold it maybe 15 years ago and the new owner then had it "restored." They left the tan naugahyde interior during the restoration. It was a very low mileage car if I remember correctly. After it was
  11. It's a 1966 Toyota 2000 GT. They go for big money. Most were coupes, but they made 2 convertibles for the movie. You Only LIve Twice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N77m1gRC7F4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8eJ8bj2sh0
  12. Don't see many baby blue Mustangs anymore. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG7jXkqe_bU
  13. The best Bond car in my book. Although Bond didn't actually drive it. And only one problem with this scene. Bond places a magnetic homing device in the trunk of the Rolls. Problem is the body is made of aluminum with a wood frame. Nothing magnetic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65nNcNiwJHM
  14. I believe that car was for sale in the middle of the White Field (airport runway) at Hershey around 2002 or 2003. I think they wanted around 70K for it at that time. If it's not the same car, then the one that was there was painted a similar color. What it is, is basically the cowl and windshield of a towncar, and the rear section of a convertible sedan body with a big long door in the middle. I don't think it was a test mule for anything. I don't think it's gone up in value any since the asking price 20 years ago.
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