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  1. www.cadillaclasalleclub.org
  2. Here's an interior shot of that roadster.
  3. Cars made in America - zero
  4. This small series 1939 Mercedes was at a local show today. Owner claimed it was in Norway during WW II and was used by the Luftwaffe.
  5. Found these skirts that are labeled 1957 Buick. Were these a factory accessory, or just Foxcraft aftermarket? Is there any demand for these?
  6. A friend of mine was showing me a new storage unit he's renting to store a few of his cars and we discovered this parked on the property too. An Imperial LeBaron sedan. It has Oregon plates on it with a 1995 sticker. The body is pretty good, but someone has begun taking parts off it. The instrument cluster is removed, as are the taillights. It's a pretty grey color with a touch of blue in it.
  7. K8096

    Reo Royale

    Look closely at the tires of the victoria coupe just posted. The tires size in the sidemounts is smaller than what's on the ground. It's quite noticable when you look at it.
  8. K8096

    1928 chassis?

    There should be a flat square spot on the side of the carrier on the passenger side which will tell you the ratio. The most common ratio is probably 4.5 : 1. You'll have to take a wire brush to it to see it.
  9. In my mind, the headlights are worth more than the rest of the car.
  10. https://www.ohio.com/news/20190607/local-history-driving-uphill-was-sport-in-richfield Richfield is outside of Akron.
  11. If that Cadillac still has the original paint on it, I’d think it would be a good candidate for the preservation class at Pebble.