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  1. I didn't ask the year, I asked how many were built. Unless they built a lot. My recollection was 3, but maybe 4?
  2. Looks like you are pretty close to the finish, why selling?
  3. Another cool car I would own if not for my dad's biases and putting peer pressure on me. He's a total 810/812 zealot, as he feels the performance of the L29 is sub par. I think the performance relative to all peers in 1929 is probably fine, save a few of the very high end cars. Could someone who has driven one give us their impressions? Is there much difference between the early cars and the later higher HP engines?
  4. One of my all time favorite Sedans. Is there 3 or 4?
  5. I think a couple of previous posts were deleted which loses the context of the last posts.
  6. Thanks John! Now if Ed will get off facebook and give us the compare and contrast with the PII we will be in business. Your car as a late one with the vacuum clutch was probably a much different experience than the earlier cars. A couple of months ago I was lucky enough to be driving in a high end prewar car with the curator of a big collection (Not Eddy) who was double clutching through ever gear, even the synchro ones. I asked him why he was doing that, because it was only necessary on first and reverse. He said force of habit and he always does it. He was so good at it that if you weren't watching his feet you would never know what was going on.
  7. The last time I went the Concours day was a slightly upscale version of Saturday. That Dodge would have been very cool to see, and from what I saw, you could have brought it either day.
  8. We had a discussion about the Marlborough P1 that sold for nothing in Arizona last week in another thread. So we should probably keep the prewar Rolls talk here. This PII Newport is selling at RM Amelia. Attention Ed!!!! Please tell us why we would prefer the P1 over the PII for driving. I know you think that but we need to know why! Any thoughts on how this will do?
  9. If you look at the factory photo and the the side shot, I think what needs to happen from a cosmetic perspective is: 1. Fenders and wheels are the dark dark brown currently on the molding. 2. Snap rings are chromed 3. Tires are black. Voila! Much better looking
  10. No. Hearsay from my dad who was Ted's best friend. I worked at the shop when I was a kid but only at the very tail end of the Duesenberg production.
  11. I wouldn't sweat it Matt. About 99.5% of the time when somebody outside the hard core hobby calls something a Duesenberg, it is almost always a Buick.
  12. Collectors are really not that forgiving for Duesenbergs. There is still a 50% discount, just not the usual 60 to 75% that you see across the board for a dead nuts rebody. I think that is because a Model J is all about the engine. You get the king of the prewar hill with a Model J. 1. Both real toursters brought around 1.2 million in older restoration shape. 2. The car we are talking about brought under 1/2 that in older restoration shape. 3. The Gooding tourster (also a Billings body) was bid to 550, and has been for sale for years. Btw, I think the 50% number is for a "good" Billing's tourster, the real bitsa cars have sold for 350k or less.