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  1. American Austin
  2. My guy's are the ones with the closed restaurant and bowling alley that can't make their mortgage payments. The original reason for shutting down the economy was to flatten the hospital curve. It was either flattened or it didn't need to be flattened, but either way we should have gone back to work along time ago. The goal posts keep getting moved by a segment of the population that doesn't need to open their restaurant, hair salon, etc, to pay the bills.
  3. Matt, what is interesting is we both seem to be outwardly intelligent guys, yet we see things exactly opposite.
  4. Too bad it wasn't scheduled for Florida and be happy it isn't in Massachusetts. As I drove around today I pondered why the Bowling Alley, Ice rink, salons, restaurants, retail stores were closed, but the alcohol stores, pot shops, mini marts and Home Depot were packed and doing booming business.
  5. It is in a museum somewhere. Hopefully tucked in a dark corner. Eddy, you sure she didn't just embroider the Shah's initials in to Herman's old bath robe and pass it off to you?
  6. Knowing Eddy it is probably a lap robe. That needs to be washed.
  7. You gonna tell us what it is?
  8. Steve, I’ve got a request pending the librarians going back to work.
  9. Murphy dual cowl Minerva. Wonder if it survived?
  10. Period advertisements reference Brunn and Judkins. We do have a single photo (Posted here) that shows 3 coachbuilt J8-90 cars at the Commodore. They look to be all Brunn. We have a single photo of a Judkins sedan (also posted there). There are drawings which show Derham bodies (also posted in this thread) but I have never seen a live picture.
  11. Randy, you are pretty sharp and have been doing this a long time. Did you get any of the heebie jeebies that you feel when something doesn't seem right?
  12. Probably. But I don’t know who it is.