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  1. Now that I think about it, I'll talk 90s too as long as it is 93-96 Fleetwood Brougham or 4x4 stick trucks.
  2. I posted a 70s car that I want and an 80s car I want too. I could be the biggest elitist on here except for Ed. I wouldn't take the negative comments too seriously, it is mostly just b*** busting.
  3. Probably a little late to be asking, but how close is this to what a Conv Coupe is supposed to have?
  4. I think for most purposes, hide is equivalent to delete unless you are a moderator.
  5. Well, my dad had the same car for 30 years with a 54 359 in it. He buddy that owned an identical 53 Caribbean always wondered why my dad's car seemed more powerful. You could really notice it. We sold that 15 years ago at Hershey, probably should have kept it.
  6. You need to appreciate the art that goes in to those descriptions. They tell the story without telling the story. The engine in that car was worth 45k not too long ago and there is probably another 10k in parts between the wheels and instruments and two speed, etc. So theoretically, it is a 55k assemblage of parts. A period picture from 1938 showing all the parts glued together would double that number or more. But one would think that the picture would have materialized by now. When I started researching my car, I had something like 1/2 dozen different per
  7. And I was wondering why Packard went bankrupt.... I guess I’m not easily upgrading the 327 in our 53 to 359 specs?
  8. Thanks. I know the 327 is 5 main bearings and the 359 is nine so there must be a more differences than stroke?
  9. It is a very cool assemblage of parts. My only hesitation is the inability to come up with any history prior to 1960. There is a big difference between something built in 1938, 1948 and 1958.
  10. To do the motor correctly, steel rods, holman timing chain, etc you are talking 30-35k. But you will also be bumping it up to 120-130 hp. The high speed rear end is about a 5k project but it will go highway speeds comfortably. The owner is very responsive to questions so anyone interested should reach out to him. Although a closed car, it is a catalog custom Lebaron on the 145" wheelbase. Not to be confused with production bodied cars on the shorter wheelbase.
  11. There are states that require you to install seat belts in to a car not designed for them?
  12. I think they actually started everything at around 50 bucks. Don't expect a lot of activity until the last few hours.
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