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  1. Sorry. Throwing terms around loosely can get you in trouble. You are correct, all Auburns have Hub Caps. My preference is the wire wheel covers over exposed wires.
  2. If we are allowed to go European this thread could go another 100 pages. Didn't Harrah build a replica of the roadster?
  3. Chrome wheels with BLACK tires can look pretty good on open fender cars. The later aerodynamic cars like the Auburn look better when the hub caps.
  4. I agree with you Ed. Doesn't fit the strict definition that you and I believe in. But it is still cooler than a 48 woodie.
  5. The stainless spokes were patented in 1930 and assigned to Budd Wheel company. They are probably about as "period correct" as the full chrome wheels. Of course, I don't like either. Btw, who do you think was the mastermind behind the reproductions in the 80s?
  6. Ask Curt about the chromed wires (not the snap on stainless). I've seen those popping up on cars lately. There are some really cool Franklin's and I may need to dabble in one before I run out of steam. How many of those convertibles still exist? I remember the one in Washington state for sale, and the one that Shawn was selling (was that yours?)
  7. Anyone know whatever happened to this?
  8. I think I asked Jason about this once and he thought it was alive but unrestored. If you are really really sharp, you can pick out what is in the background, which also survived and made it Pebble eventually.
  9. My dad's Auburn has the hubcaps which I argued hard for. He still has one set of the period optional stainless snap on spoke covers but I thought the caps were better and it was one of those times he listened to me. On the sidemount vs rear spare, I honestly didn't know until the last maybe 5 years or so that people (a good number) prefer side mounts to rear spare. In the Mercedes world, a rear spare 540k is an extra 500-800k on the price and that was were I got my mindset from.
  10. I know there are a couple (as in very few) of the earlier cars like the 26 you posted. The picture I posted was a very late (1930) model with the big eight. I can't ever remember seeing one.
  11. Not a Classic, although arguable (Ed will argue against it), it did survive.
  12. This is one of the pictures West turned up and I think he referred to it a few pages back. The car did survive.
  13. Not to go too far astray, but this did survive.