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  1. I love it. Showed an elitist buddy of mine and he laughed at it. But I’ll argue what will you find cooler for 49k?
  2. Are the 70s dimensionally identical to the 67-69? They always looked bigger to me for some reason.
  3. Didn't get out until today, a week late. 49 degrees and sunny here in the peoples republic.
  4. I'm really impressed you talked her in to that. But that makes me wonder why you couldn't talk her in to a house with a big garage.
  5. I do know a few guys that have more than one car and literally don't cut any corners. They are also tremendously wealthy. I think the reality is for most people, even garden variety millionaire types you have to pick your battles. My idea is that we should all be buying someone else's over the top restoration for pennies on the dollar and then plan on some amount to do the actual sorting that never happened.
  6. Agreed on wheels and radiator shell but that windshield sure looks CG to me. Maybe a put together pile of parts to send off a cliff?
  7. These are shots from 1980. During Derby week they would hold an open house on Friday I think. The cars would all be lined up for display. The Senior cars are in front here and the Junior cars are in back. You get an idea of the differences and level of sophistication.
  8. The most overrated collector car in history. I think there are at least 2 other threads on the convertible. I know little about Tucker history but I agree with Dave that when the story gets long you need to watch out.
  9. The only benefit to cleaning my mom's attic is that I found some more pictures. So, I won in 1977, my next brother down raced in 1978 in Senior and then my little brother ran Junior in 1980 and won also. For some reason all the pictures of me are crystal clear from 1977, but after that it looks like we were using a camera from the late 19th century. Here is my brother's Senior car from 1978 or 79. He would have been 12 or 13. Notice it looks a lot better than mine. My dad got very interested after I won.
  10. So I know a little bit about Bentley and had some pictures I wanted to post. Maybe we can make this a catch all thread for Classic era Bentley cars. Here are some pictures I took when I was about 15 years old. This car stuck in my mind for 40 years and I could have described it without having just found the pictures in my mom's attic yesterday. The setting is the Breakers Mansion in Newport RI in 1980. The meet is being put on by the RROC. I was totally mesmerized by this Bentley and I got my dad caught on it too, almost to the point where I convinced him we needed a
  11. Bravo to someone living the American dream. Started with nothing and worked his rear end off and has my admiration for that. But I'm on Ed's side with regard to the Pierce. For me, a well preserved Yugo would be more interesting.
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