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  1. 850k for that is plenty of money. If it was real it would be 2-3 million bucks or more. Reproduction coachwork sits in a narrow space.
  2. alsancle

    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    LHD to RHD which needs to be converted back to LHD.
  3. alsancle

    Mark Clayton on 1922 and 1932 Packards

    The 1932 Packard is my favorite "standard" prewar car. And by standard, I mean not special bodied, or exotic, etc.
  4. alsancle

    Type 20 Edmunds and Jones Headlights
  5. alsancle

    1969 Hurst Oldsmobile Purchase

    I'm not a guru, but my understanding was that the 68 had the mechanical mods while the 69 has the visual mods, so like the Shelby Mustang the earlier cars brought more money. But then again, I really know nothing...
  6. alsancle

    1969 Hurst Oldsmobile Purchase

    I think he meant 69 is not as valuable as 68.
  7. I agree with you Bob. I think there are many ways to enjoy your cars. Driving them is fun, but for some guys scrounging parts for a life long project tucked in the corner is giving them joy too.
  8. alsancle

    1938 Packard 120 convertible

    The late 30s 120 is very popular. But you see about 10 conv coupes for every conv sedan. The conv coupes range from 30k to 100k for the best one in the world at BJ. Although rarer, I would think the coupe would still bring more money.
  9. alsancle

    1938 Packard 120 convertible

    With cameras on every phone how do you do an ad that bad?
  10. alsancle

    Where's that guy looking for a '32 Buick 90-Series?

    I think the styling is great. But 104 HP seems light for 1932 340 cubes. I know Buick has a big following just based on these forums. What is the difference between a 90 & 91 & 97, wheelbase?
  11. alsancle

    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    10 or 15 years ago there were pictures of the Cab A floating around the internet as a "barn find". Not sure I have them anywhere, but they showed the car on a rollback in a little more tattered condition than now.
  12. alsancle

    Where's that guy looking for a '32 Buick 90-Series?

    The Lincoln sorted is probably the car to have over the Buick, but can someone that knows what they are talking about give me the vital statistics on the 32 90 series. Wheelbase, cubes, HP, cruising speed, production? I really like this car. (I like your Lincoln too, Matt).
  13. alsancle

    PreWar Mercedes Benz

    Craig seems to be spending too much time polishing his car and not enough time posting links to current prewar MB for sale. This is the former Lassiter Mayfair back for sale in a much better Green than the Red it was for many years.
  14. alsancle

    "Millennials Invade Classic Car Market"

    Without causing too much of a ruckus, this makes sense. I see all prewar cars as cool, most 1946 to 1964 cars as cool, many 1964 to 1972 cars as cool, and very few 1973 to present cars. As a Millennial, most of the cool cars are older than you are.
  15. alsancle

    "Millennials Invade Classic Car Market"

    I think it is cool you drove a speedster in HS. For me, graduating in 82 it was all about musclecars and there was a pecking order. If I could have got my hands on a Hemi I would have ruled my school, but had to get along drivng a 49 Special Deluxe.