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  1. You should compare the 54 Vette with the XK140 which came out in late 54. Which was available in MC form (i.e the "C" head) and 200 HP. Honestly, there is no comparison between the Jag and the other three in performance. They are all attractive two seat cars, but only one can haul ass.
  2. Jag won Le Mans in basically a XK120 in 1951. You can't even consider the idea of racing any of the other three. By the end of the 1950s the Vette had some pop, but this discussion is about 1954.
  3. As someone who as spent a lot of quality time growing up with a XK140MC (my mom's daily driver for 20 years) you can't compare that car with the other three. They are neat and would be happy to own any of them, but they are slugs compared to the Jag.
  4. In the movie "Devil to Pay" 1930.
  5. Im thinking AL Minerva. And agreed on Murphy body.
  6. Nice find Mark. I've asked to have it blasted it out to the Stutz club email distribution.
  7. We have been running original front drive shafts and knuckles for 50 years with no problem (2 trips from Boston to Reunion and back). You just need to keep a lot of grease in the boots. So with that said, finding a decent used set could work fine. I don't think I've seen any of the Richardson conversions for sale in a while.
  8. Between 0 and 50 mph you are 100% right. Plus you stole that line from someone.
  9. If you remove the running boards, you will probably need to reinforce the fenders or they will be distorting all over the place at anything over 50 mph. You would be surprised at the power of wind. It is a pretty cool car as is. Personal mods that are reversible are probably ok, but be careful how far you go. Typically, personalization doesn't appeal to every buyer the same way.
  10. Buy an original if you can, the reproductions, at least the first ones, did not have the right plenum structure and it was hard to get the car to run right.
  11. Wondering where this thing went and if it was ever made to drive again? Built int the 30s and using a Stanley engine. I think it sold about 10 years ago?
  12. There are a few of them around but not a lot. Do a google search and you will find pictures.
  13. Hemmings did a very solid write up on this which explains quite a bit. No wonder that car has always been so confusing.
  14. That super eight engine is really nice. You can cruise along at 75 in overdrive all day long. That would make a perfect caravan car. I should buy it just so I have a place to store my Packard tachometer.