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  1. You are buddies with Mark, Dav?
  2. I tried and tried to buy a 67 GTO vert with the dual gate when I was 16, before I settled on a 69. Later I ended up with a 68 that had the dual gate (his/hers). Not the same as a stick.
  3. Really nice stuff sells, especially for a desirable car. I've sold stuff too quick a couple of times but never second guessed myself. I was just happy the cars sold. Most of the time it takes forever.
  4. Isn't the same as Cadillac and Chevy both being GM products?
  5. I don't know that it is underground. I think everyone probably knows about a car or two that fell off the radar and is stashed away. Nothing is every really "lost". The 33 Dietrich probably sold for an unimaginable amount of money.
  6. Yeah, seems like the seller might be a weirdo. RE: new cars in HS. We had a few different kids that got brand new cars in HS. One was working 50 hours week after school, the others had their parents co-sign the loans. I liked all of them but I'm not sure life was kind in the long run. Not sure there is any correlation to the new cars though...
  7. As of 1982 in my suburban NE HS of 1200 kids the pecking order was super clear: 1. Anybody that actually had a 4 speed. 2. Any year GTO or Chevelle SS but ESPECIALLY 66-67. 3. 69 Camaro 4. other year camaro (we had 3 different 1980 model year cars) 5-10 Anything pre 1972 11. Tom's Cougar We didn't have any, but if we had any HEMI cars that would trump #1, even a column auto. We probably had VWs and such but I didn't notice. Mustangs would be in there with Camaro, but we had next to none that I can remember.
  8. I'm sure parked in one of the great collections in America. Will be interesting if we see it before restoration.
  9. You were lucky you started with that much. Btw, I say this as a guy that owned 2 Cougars, but the Mustang guys vs Cougar guys is an interesting dynamic. Back in HS, the Cougar guys were all wearing trench coats.
  10. What is shocking to me is the fact that an air/auto musclecar is more desirable than the equivalent 4 speed car. Just shows where things are going and why resto-mods are popular. I'm definitely one of those guys that walks around shows and looks in disdain when I see an automatic in a musclecar, especially a column auto! But those days seem to be changing.
  11. I was thinking 810/812, because I actually had the experience last year of sitting in a 35 12 and then an hour later sitting in a 37 812 and just noticing the build quality differences between the two cars. I love the 810/812 Cords and think they are undervalued, but from a "high end quality" perspective they are not the same as a Packard or Pierce.
  12. Somebody did get a great deal. I think that most people selling a car make the mistake of asking for the moon and then watching the car sit on the market forever and become stale.
  13. You need a collection manager. I know a good one!