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  1. Anyone know where I could source a remote filler line for a 1955 Coupe Deville brake master cylinder?
  2. The car offered for sale is a 1947 Lincoln Continental Coupe in mostly original condition. The car is very solid overall with its twelve cylinder engine running strong. While on the subject of the engine, the factory intake manifold was replaced with an Edmunds unit that supports two carburetors instead of one. The rare manifold appears to have been with the car for quite some time as its overall condition matches that of the rest of the engine bay. This Continental has been cared for its entire life, this is evident by the rust free condition of the frame and body. The interior is also in goo
  3. Matt- My Lincoln also did not fill to full capacity, I had just assumed there was some residual coolant in the block. However that puking happened when I filled mine up a few times but eventually went away. I assumed the system was just naturally purging air out. It should be noted that my car later vapor locked but due to an exhaust leak in the heat exchanger gaskets. I was advised by a mechanic at the Canton Car Museum to tap and plug both to avoid any problems. I assume this exhaust leak was also contributing to the heat problem and was difficult to notice because it was not very loud
  4. Just got the car running cool, I guess it was puking coolant as you said Matt. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  5. Thanks a bunch for all the details Matt... I'll follow up on some data when I get back home. My gut is telling me that, as you said, the system is not full (32 quarts). If I remember correctly the car took ~28 quarts.
  6. Thank you very much for the detailed response, I am away from home at the moment and can follow up on specifics this weekend. But here is the full chain of events: the car needed a generator repair, so we removed it along with the water pump as they are tethered via rag joint, after re-installing the two components we filled it with coolant and tested it to make sure it was charging. Later that day we took the car for a quick test drive, initially it seemed fine but after about 10 minutes the temperature gauge was pinned at the limit, and it started blowing coolant out of the radiator cap, the
  7. The car starts up fine and runs like a swiss watch for about 5 minutes but boils over within minutes of this and cannot be driven. The water pump has been rebuilt and the overheating problem seemed to start after the generator was rebuilt, which involved the removal of the water pump. Am I missing something? From what I can tell, and have been told, the car does not have a true thermostat, instead shudders in front of the radiator. There is no steam in the exhaust, and the motor seems to run fine. I would appreciate any help!
  8. Will do! I will be picking it up in about a week.
  9. Just sealed the deal on the car... I think I got a good one!
  10. Thank you! I'm going to see it tomorrow and will be making a decision on it, it is an all original car with original cedar green paint.
  11. Thanks! That helped a bunch! SO the only difference is wheelbase?
  12. I have the chance to buy a series 40 46SSE and have been searching around to find out what the difference is between a series 40 special and a series 40 deluxe special. If someone could help me out that would be great! Thanks
  13. We only recently acquired the car, Also the car now lives in central Massachusetts, but it certainly would be great take the car home at some point!
  14. I was checking this thread to see if anyone else had a '55 Caddy with a Continental Kit. Our 1955 Cadillac Coupe DeVille was under the same ownership since new until a few years ago. The car has the original Arlington Metallic Green paint and original interior. With the car we have the original order form (specifies a continental kit), acknowledgement letter from Capitol Cadillac-Oldsmobile Company of Washington DC, and car invoice from the day it was delivered (specifies a continental kit). Also, notice how the continental kit from Cadillac does not extend the full bumper which would also req
  15. For sale is a genuine supercharged Auburn air cleaner. While by no means perfect, it is usable as is with the obvious damage. The cleaner could also be restored for a show car. PM me for a price, and feel free to ask about other 851/852 parts as we have a small pile of mechanical and body parts.
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