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  1. This is the Westchester that was sold at Hershey and went to Spain. The pictures were taken at the 2005 ACD Reunion in Auburn, Indiana. Last I knew it was "For Sale" again but that was about 10 years ago.
  2. We only know of two with Rollston installed sunroofs, my Custom Beverly and the Westchester sold at Hershey that went to Spain. Dad bought the Custom Beverly in May of 1962. No idea who put the sunroof in the one pictured above. JIm
  3. These look to be exhaust parts but what from? They are not Cord!
  4. This pictures is said to be circa 1909 New Jersey. What make is it? Thanks
  5. I thought that this was a mid-to-late twenties Dodge but someone else thinks the grille is too wide for a Dodge. So, what make is it?
  6. Can you help identify this grille? Thanks
  7. Found on a travel site and have no idea what it is. It is flying Swiss flags on the fenders, so that might be a clue. What is it?
  8. 1940 Cadillac is a bit different
  9. It has been identified as a 1939 Pontiac
  10. Can anyone help me identify the car behind this fellows Grandfather. Almost looks like a truck to me. Thanks!
  11. No I did not take the pictures. The fellow that posted them somewhere else is saving the car.
  12. That's just it, the grille and the emblem with the G in it . Looks Pontiac-ish to me too,
  13. Anyone know what make this is?
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