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  1. Please post Airstream questions, and items for sale in the General Chrysler Section ONLY!!!
  2. I am looking for a canvas top boot as in this photo for a Packard. 6 or 8 cylinder Packards from 1926,1927,1928, early 1929 would be the same. Any condition for my survivor Packard roadster. Thanks. Jim
  3. FYI.....Airflow's and Airstream's are 2 entirely different Chrysler models.
  4. Joe, please don't betray your older friend and wife. Keep and enjoy your wonderful convertible.
  5. Yes, not a factory power brake unit. Has radio head on the dash, but no speaker on the firewall from what I can see. Accessory clock mounted on the glove box. I.M.O. 1934 where the only real Airflow with the chrome art deco waterfall grille and the true Airflow look. 1935 grilles remind me of a 35 Ford with the painted black grille. Boring. After 1934 they cut back on style. 34 had the 3 tier tri-plane bumpers rather than the one piece slab. The hood ornament and wing ornaments on the fender skirts not as much fancy detail in 35. No stainless trim on the fender skirts as in 1934. The 3 hood vents on each side of the front quarter on each side in 34 much neater than the boring single strip vents of 35. I think this car is a very nice car. 1935 much better looking than the 36 or 37's when they added trunks with access from the outside & removed the spare on the back which is neat. All the coupes from every year with the fast back styling are very nice and the best looking. It appears Chrysler stole the fastback styling from the 1933 Cadillac Fast Back Aero-Dynamic Coupe shown a year before at the Chicago Worlds Fair, Century of Progress 1933 with the same bumpers and fastback design that Chrysler copied. The thing that would have helped the Airflow if it only had front coil springs like some GM cars at the time. Much better handling and easier steering than the Airflow. Really would have made a difference. After all that. Still a nice car
  6. Thanks Steve, it was 17 long hours since the last picture was posted until yours now!!! The 1928-1934 pics of American Classic's are the Best IMO
  7. Walt, love the picture of the Packard roadster with the rumble seat windshield. I am looking for a top boot as shown in the picture any condition for my survivor Packard roadster. I believe 3rd thru 6th series are the same 6 or 8 cylinder Packards 1926-1929. If anyone has one, please get in touch with me. Thanks, Jim Fredrick🛑
  8. Pre WWII real photo's much better than magazine ad's I.M.O.
  9. Thanks John M !!!!! You are the 100 Page Man. You'll get your pie in the sky😀 when you die.
  10. Up Date on Miss Crabtree. The car is a 1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster. It was in the short, "Teachers Pet". John, if you google it you should be able to find more pics of the car from the side view. It has the narrow chrome radiator used on the 29,30 Chryslers. June Marlowe June Marlowe (born Gisela Valaria Goetten, November 6, 1903 – March 10, 1984) was an American film actress who began her career during the silent film era. She was best known for her performance of "Miss Crabtree" in the Our Gang shorts
  11. Matt, I think Miss Crabtree is driving a Chrysler. 1930??
  12. Any Packard Auto Show Car Pics Doozer??? During the teens, 1920's and 1930's in St.Paul Minnesota the auto show was held at times at the Willy's Overland Building. The building still stands on the border between St.Paul & Minneapolis Minnesota on University Ave. It was taken over in later years by International Harvester and is now office/warehouse space I believe.
  13. Doozer, thanks for posting these wondeful pics!!!! Any Packard cars? Thanks again Walt for starting this thread and John M posting everyday!!! Jim
  14. John M....... You posted a photo of a 1936 ? Judkins V windshield? Lincoln in front of a very fancy building. Its the photo's that has a caption "The Henry Ford". Any more info on this car or its location? Thanks, Jim