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  1. Called him, is a decent car but he got it out of an estate, kids were fighting and he was not able to find or get all the parts. Missing some expensive stuff including the almost impossible to find 3 window only rear window. To bad I would bet the guy had it.
  2. Hello, I had sent you a message about this car a few days ago. I'm wondering about the bumpers etc and what the asking price may be.
  3. Interesting posts, I met a guy looking for one of those 413's any leads I can pass on??
  4. Is the coupe business mans or five passenger?
  5. Hi Lawrence, Have you seen the one advertised on classiccars.com ? I also have been looking for a business coupe for a couple years now but not specifically a 48 New Yorker. I was going to call the guy but didn't, I think he's asking way to much, at $26,500, but I have not seen very many 8 cyl cars come up for sale. If you have any leads on any coupes other than 48 New Yorkers let me know. I'm looking at Chryslers and Desotos from 41 to 48. Thanks, Ed
  6. Hello, Is the carb an stromberg Ex32? Any arm rests? Thanks, Ed
  7. I need a horizontal grill bar for my C2, should be the same as C1? It is the third from the top. Aren't they originally one piece, but tend to break in the middle?? Ed
  8. Did you determine if it was the 320 or 248 cu in? I also am wondering where you are? Please let me know if it is available. Thanks, Ed
  9. Hi Ken, It even came wrapped in brown paper which I did not keep. The beige line you can see inside both gauges is the cork gasket which has shrunk, The speedo even turn fairly easily with a small screrw driver, and will make the needle bounce. Sounds like you have been busy hunting parts, and had some success! What else do you need?
  10. Hi Ken, I will take some pictures when I go out to my shop today. Is your car the 34 J that was auctioned fairly recently? I would really like a coupe, but they are sure hard to come by, you are lucky to have it! Did you not have bumpers either ,and just got some, or did you have some and find better ones? Even if you have a rough spare, I would consider it. I will try send the pictures tonight. Ed
  11. I guess you don't have a left front bumper then? It would be $400 w/o a trade
  12. Steve, I sent you a private message with that contact info. Ed
  13. I don't think casting would work. The originals are thin stainless steel and are stamped I believe. A cast piece would either be to weak, or to thick to fit. I don't know about the 3d printing though. It could not be plated though??? The bumper I could make from steel, but it would be labor intensive, and I am not ready for it yet anyway. So I will keep on looking. None of my bezels are good enough to copy, and I can't do anything on them for a while. I may know one fellow who may have another bezel, I will ask for you. I got two from him, and I'm not sure if he has any more. I think he
  14. I will likely have some of the parts you need, I am picking up another car and a lot of parts sometime towards the end of june. For sure I should have the wheels, I will let you know. Ed
  15. To whoever needs 427 or 527 bezels, ideally I would do a trade for the left half of the front bumper if anyone has an extra. I also have an extra NOS instrument cluster if anyone is interested. Cheers, Ed
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