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  1. Hello, I need to take apart and repair the non locking side trunk latch. I'm wondering what type of pin is used and where to get them and how to peen over both sides, Thanks!
  2. Pete helped me out with some latches, Thanks! Question about repairing the latches. I have to take the non locking side apart to repair it. What can be used to replace the pins that hold the sections together? Can't tell if they are stainless or not, but like a buck rivet on both sides, peened over. Any suggestions appreciated.
  3. Hello, I am looking for a useable or repairable set of trunk latches, really just the uppers, for 36 or 37 Cord. Thanks, Ed
  4. Thanks to all who responded, I bought the one from the Mecum Monterey auction.
  5. Hello, I need the Chrysler experts opinion on this Saratoga please. I am interested in bidding on this car but am doubting if that interior is original. They don't say it is, just say tan interior. It looks like original pattern but the fabric I am doubting? All the material I have seen in Chrysler of this era, excluding Highlander of course, seem to have faint stripes in it? Any experts out there that would care to chime in?? They also don't call the paint original, I am pretty sure it's an old repaint if they say it's lacquer. Any info appreciated. Ed
  6. They had another auction a couple years ago of mostly outside cars, most pretty rough. Must have been 300 or more. I got a decent 38 ish International D . Think I heard he had 1200 or so. Do't think I'm super accurate on the numbers but he had a ton!
  7. I looked at about 50 of these before they went up for auction. Heard about them late, they had already sold a lot of the good ones, must have had a couple hundred or so. In general they are bid to about 1/3 of what they were asking. For example I think they wanted $35K for the Auburn and not sure but $40-$45 for the Packard, and $20K for the 50 Packard! All are rough around the edges especially for that money. Most not running. Think they had marginal inside storage. Was lots of mouse droppings in the Auburn. To bad, they deserve better.
  8. That one was for sale earlier, without interior photos, looked promising. I did call and they sent some pictures and saw the interior. To bad, but they have lowered the price. Thanks though!!
  9. Thanks, I saw most of those except the one owned by Neil G. Maybe he still has it, I sent him a message. Also thanks for the tip on the other forum, I'll join up.
  10. I searched various things 41 Chrysler for sale, 41 Imperial for sale, and finally business mans coupe for sale and looked back 10 pages or so and no luck. I'm probably doing something wrong. Appreciate it, thanks!
  11. Thanks, I'll try find it, I always just seem to look in the Chrysler and autos for sale not mine sections. I've obviously missed it.
  12. Hello, I am looking to be the new caretaker of a Chrysler product businessmen's coupe from 41-48. Would prefer a Highlander, but can't be to fussy! Not really looking for a project, have to many already. Nice original, or restored, older resto, whatever but not modified please. Thank you, Ed
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