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  1. My dad worked on a Ford assembly line in Detroit during the Harry Bennett years. That explains a lot. Back in the day there were some noticeable engineering innovations and marque differences. Enough to sway a buyer or stoke brand loyalty. Today not so much. That today's makers are removing badges and offering the more or less limited pallet of drab colors adds to the "McDonald's effect." Mopar still seems to have a bit of a following. Other than a couple of Dodge trucks and the odd Durango my only experience with a "Chrysler" was a 1956 St. Regis I restored. It turned out well but other than the sheet metal was pretty much just like all the others. That said there was just something about it I didn't like. Beautiful car but it seemed clumsy when driven ...............Bob
  2. My dad felt the same way about Ford until his dying day. I have little or no brand loyalty, Ed. I've owned German, Jap, American, Korean, Italian and as far as I'm concerned everyone of them within a given price category are pretty much the same. Little more than an expensive commodity assembled from parts sourced from a common supplier, often non American,offering adequate quality at the lowest price...........Bob
  3. Dealer tried to upsell me to an extended warrantee. One to cover everything including all the electronic geewhizz gadgets was over $4,000. WTF? He explained that over a 60 month finance that it was not that expensive. Of course he didn't mention what the additional finance charges on that $4,000 for 60 months would be would be. When I told him I was paying cash he said he could knock off an additional $1000 if I financed it through Chrysler. Actually was a good deal. Only commitment was I had to make 4 monthly payments before paying it off with no penalty. So I financed $10,000 of the total price. Made the first months payment a check for $9500 and are financing $500 over 3 more months for a total interest ding of $33 to get a $1000 discount. VooDoo financing. Only in the car dealer world. I'm sure I still got hosed one way or another though.........Bob
  4. Dealer says next year all cars must have start/stop and it will not be cancelable. Oy Vey......bob
  5. What I say on the forum stays on the forum. And that's why I'll NEVER let my smart phone talk to my car........Bob
  6. I hope you had a nice talk with it before you broke up with it...............Bob
  7. Lets talk about my old cars first, and last, just to keep from being zapped by an over zealous stickler to protocol. They are fine cars. When I tell them to go...they go. When I tell them to stop...they stop, and do everything in between just as I ask. So I bought a 2019 Jeep. Nice car. Comes standard with a bunch of gee whizz features to make life easier, safer, nicer. Even has a place to plug my phone in so my phone can talk to my car (behind my back I'm thinking).........WTF? Car doesn't come with an instruction book. That's a special order item. Seems EVERYTHING you need to know about the car is embedded in it's on board computer to be accessed only by using it's onboard computer. Can you say catch 22?........WTF. First time wife backing out of the garage the car slams on it's brakes. Can't go forward or back. Wife's screaming....."WTF !" I have no idea of WTF. Twenty minutes later of making nice with the on board computer "it" tells me the car detected an obstruction ( the garage door frame). Another twenty minutes it tells me how to disable that "feature" so we can get out of our garage and actually use the car. Wife has long since left the scene in our 2004 pick up truck. The one that actually does what you tell it to do. First time I stop at a lite the car stops running....WTF! New car and it stalls. I take my foot off the brake and it starts...WTF! Is this voodoo? Another 20 minutes with it's computer says "this is a normal "feature" to save gas.....WTF! A call to the dealer tells me how to disable that "feature" but I must do it every time I start the car or it will stall repeatedly, with dogged determination, to help save the planet or whales or WTF'ever. I finally got the "book" today and skimmed through some of the "features". It seems there is quite a bit that the car will be deciding as I cruise to Grand Ma's. It will select braking force and distribution, throttle position, steering wheel feed back, sway control, roll control and a whole lot of things I never knew I needed and all without any input from me or even informing me. But the best is the voice control. I can talk to my car and it talks back to me. It's like having a wife. Just like having a wife. It seldom understands what I asked for. So now even when driving alone I can have a nice argument about the most trivial thing. Just like having a wife. If the new Jeeps could cook a good meal and be coaxed into bed there would be little need for a wife. Tomorrow I think I'll go down to the dealer and see if I can order a nice new 1955 Buick and keep my old wife. To paraphrase Pogo... We have met the enemy... and he is us............Bob
  8. Given the drivers around here... a bull dozer that could do 80........bob
  9. My sincere wishes for only the best for you VL. ....bob
  10. For federal tax you are no doubt correct. State tax varies. Here in Pa spouses pay zero % of estate, direct decendants 3%, all others 15%. Executor is entitled to 5% fee and attorney fee 5% negotiable. If the estate is being settled in a state with no estate tax consider yourself lucky, others pay the man and it comes right off the top, at full boat, often at declared value. ......Just sayin.........Bob
  11. If you are establishing a value for taxes it,s condition is poor and worth $300. Just sayin.......bob
  12. Boy Matt, that observation actually confirms a recent experiance I had. Guy wants to buy one of my cars, sight unseen, for a high price. Offers to pay $80, 000 via pay pal, right then, first call, sight unseen. BS detector starts to tingle. I say "no, look at it first". I google the guy and he does have money. Says he wants all trophies, paper work, books, pix, etc. Ok, I can do that. Calls again and asks when I last changed oil and coolant. I say "last year". That's OK , when can I deliver the car. Next call he wants pix. No problem. Next call he wants me to change oil, trans fluid, and coolant before he takes it. BS detector by now flashing RED alert. I say "sure no problem", of course I don't do it. Next call is that he wants to bring his restorer to inspect the car but it's just a formality, he wants the car and will bring check in hand. BS detector now has smoke coming out of it. Next call is he will be here with his restorer the next day so have title ready. Next day morning I check my Email and there he is...................Says he changed his mind. My initial reaction was disappointment followed by the feeling that I had dodged a bullet. I'm guessing that buyers remorse at the first sign of the car needing a repair would have prompted calls for his money back, followed by lawyer's letters, etc etc. I don't know how you do this s**t for a living....................Bob