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  1. And thank you for having the good manners to acknowledge the answer to your question. Far too many folks ask for help, get an answer from someone who has expended effort to help, and then simply disappear with out even a thanks......bob
  2. That is the correct dip stick for all 1954 & 55 A.T.'s. The fill pipe is 2 piece and is connected by a short piece of hose. When butted together in the hose the pipe will be the proper length to give an accurate reading on the dip stick. The bolt hole in the mounting tab welded on the upper pipe should also line up with it's hole in the engine block.............Bob
  3. The place for every thing for all things of course............McMaster-Carr............. Search compression packing or seals.................Bob
  4. Nope. One size fits all just print up a dozen or so with a nebulous name like Acme Sales and Equipment. No one really gives a s**t they just need to fill a square..........Bob
  5. Use your computer to print up a letter head or purchase order with whatever name strikes your fancy. Walk in like you own the place and just say "cash sale" when they ask for your account. If they ask for a tax number just say this is taxable. Easy Peasy and perfectly legal. Worked for me many times, never turned away. It's a win-win-win-win. Wholesaler makes a sale, you get your belt, maybe even at a wholesale price, no tradesman has been harmed since you always were going to do it yourself and the state gets it's cut of the action..........Bob
  6. The motors were not made to need lubrication. OTOH they were not expected to last for 65 years. I,ve found over that time the lube in the bearings get gummy and the lubriplate in the gear box hardens. I may not preemptivly pull the seat but if i allready had acess to the motors i would open them up and put a few drops of fresh lube in the bearings and clean out the caked lubriplate in the gear box and replace it. But thats just me........Bob
  7. Anyone who is getting financial or estate planning advice HERE, and acting on it, should first visit a competent mental health expert to get their head examined............Bob
  8. Hard to fault acrylic enamel with hardener. Put on enough so you can color sand and buff to get rid of the minor dirt and nibs that always happens. Mimics lacquer in looks without that phony plastic look of base/clear. It's very forgiving to apply and It's also easy to repair minor dings and chips. Lots of ways to skin this cat but that's my 2 cents............Bob
  9. PB blaster and tap on the pin. Failing that, careful dremel work........bob
  10. Wood is like an exotic girl friend. Beautiful to look at, a joy to play with, but you never REALLY know what it will do or how it all will end....................Bob
  11. Other than the wheels that would be a fairly straight forward project. There are some Amish and other wheelwrights still plying their craft but I suspect the wheels would be pricy. Can't tell from the pix the type of wood, whether soft or hard wood, but whatever it would be readily available, although if it's ash it looks like that wood is going the way of chestnut and will soon be near extinct. A number of years ago a young couple and their kids passed through here in a Conestoga type wagon. I forget their reasons but they were traveling and living in a team drawn wagon. They needed it to be pushed across a section of field and a bunch of us heaved, pushed, and pulled the damn thing a couple of hundred feet over soft ground. The two things I remember were the weight of the wagon and the way it smelled. ..................Bob
  12. And make nice juicy steaks and farts illegal.............Bob
  13. The problem is she likes it and wont let me get rid of it. I was serious when i said i wanted to give it away (to my son). She said i could put it my will. So that POS will likely end up pissing on my grave..... Bob
  14. P T Barnum knew of what he spoke...............Bob
  15. I've got one. 427 convertible, 4 speed, no power anything. AWFUL car. Hard steering, noisy, blazing hot in the summer, cold in the winter, drafty, miserable SOB to work on, getting in and out is like getting in and out of a sunken tub. If it wasn't for my wife I'd give it away. Failing that I'd burn it in the drive way. It does go like Hell though....................Bob