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  1. Given all the uncertainties and and the ever evolving conditions, some logical and others unfathomable, I believe the wisest choice was made........Bob
  2. Have a rope seal in my 235 for 22 years now. No Leaks. Tough to improve on that................Bob
  3. Sal, Joe or Steve at my local NAPA store don't have return buttons and yet they cheerfully make it right even if every now and then it's my screw up. Even though I'm not big customer I'm on their "best net price schedule". If it's not in stock it's usually there early next AM. Good guys, good local store, and no annoying TV commercials. Your results may vary...............Bob
  4. I've had positive experiences with Classic, Apple and NAPA for cylinders. NAPA for shoes not so much. Glad to see you are approaching this in a methodical and thorough way..................Bob
  5. As we talk i,m sitting in our local hospital ER with my wife. Relatively minor cut. Couple of stitches. Of course everyone is masked. In a break of the action I asked the attending doc if they have had any covid patients. He said yeah we get them. I said do you keep them here or send them to another hospital. He looked at me and said "we send them home. It,s just another virus. The vast majority of other wise healthy people are sick for awhile then get better." Anecdotal I know, but a real time report from a real doctor in the real trenches ....bob
  6. Of course common sense measures should prevail, Matt. The problem is many, if not most, of the "experts", have an agenda. This whole pandemic "thing" has turned into an opportunistic feeding frenzy. From the scum bags selling knock off N95 masks, to the research "scientists" looking for grants, to the media of all stripes looking for sensationalist "bombshells", to the folks looking to say "anything" that will get them on cable news, to the drug companies hoping for mega buck tax funds to come up with a drug, any drug, they can sell at a 1000% mark up and, of course, the ruling elite who will say or do anything to further their own ambitions. So, I will continue to question most any "fact", disregard all anecdotal "freezers full of bodies" stories, and just go about my daily business as best I can. I will wear a mask when necessary, avoid crowds, and wash my hands. To the extent possible I refuse to be manipulated for someone else's benefit. And so it goes...........Bob
  7. Do a post mortem. Everything you need to know is there awaiting only your examination. Then..........DON'T DO THAT AGAIN..........Bob
  8. What or who's "expert's facts" will you be discussing, Matt? Last weeks? Today's? Tomorrow's? Or most likely: How the Hell should I know.......Bob
  9. I've flown with them a number of times. Never a problem. I can usually out climb them because I can wrap a tighter turn and core the thermal better. It's when we leave the thermal you guys have the big advantage. I'll be stuck in the sink with a 10 to 1 glide @ about 25 kts while you guys scoot off to the next boomer. Yup, Lots of fun.....................Bob
  10. Silly woman! Preparation H works much better........Bob
  11. "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." (Generally attributed to H L Mencken)...........Bob
  12. A replica of a movie prop, driven by an actor's stunt double, of an imaginary character.........Ho Hum!..........Bob
  13. Hang glider. So I'm up close and personal with my surroundings...................Bob
  14. Many reports of it raining frogs and fish from strong thermal activity so why not a turtle. I've soared with everything from newspapers, clouds of straw, spiders, to empty fertilizer bags. No turtles though.............Bob
  15. I used Classic kits for 4 of my restorations. I found their kits, for the most part, right on with just a bit of massaging needed to fit. If you opt for SS it is a bit tougher to massage. New rubber lines are a MUST. Rebuilding your old wheel cylinders is a fools errand. New ones are plentiful and cheap. Not sure if you have power brakes or not so can't comment on the master cylinder. If a manual one send it to Apple Hydraulics and have it sleeved and rebuilt. Shoes/drums are a toss up. If they are good they are good. If not Chevy parts are plentiful. If you do all that, in my opinion, DOT 5 is a no brainer...............Bob