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  1. Pinch weld moulding fits the rear cowl behind the convertable rear window. Likely also fits 54-56 buick and olds 88 series. Mouldings are straight with no kinks or incorrect bends. There is one very minor ding near one end that could be easily removed. Three snaps have pulled out and the holes could be TIG'ed closed and re-drilled for the snaps. .... $200.....Pics on request........Bob
  2. If it does just snap onto studs it's often old and hard and difficult to pull. 😋................Bob
  3. When I use a word it means exactly what I choose it to mean. Neither more nor less. Please unfix it for me.........Bob Dick around in American English ..........Collins American dictionary Slang 1. to spend time wastefully or unprofitably 2. to be busy in a desultory way
  4. There's is no right or wrong, good or bad, Willy. I have pertronix units in all five of my collector cars. The oldest at least 20+ years. Zero failures. Biggest thing for me is no dicking around trying to reach the distributor buried WAY in back. Or fumble fingering little bits that fall and go......somewhere? Dwell meter? We don need no stinkin dwell meter. Timing light? Yeah, I think I remember using it once. Removing the distributor to work on it? Oy Vey! Either way. They both do what they were meant to do and what was made by the hand of man will, at some point, fail. In the mea
  5. Yeah, those clips are a bitch every time I have to replace the Chinese condenser or adjust and lube my Pertronix unit............Oh..... Wait..............Never mind....... Bob
  6. If it was once made by the hand of man it can again be made by the hand of man..................Bob
  7. Cool deal. Give my precious baby to bunch of folks who could,nt care less in return for a couple of out takes off the cutting room floor. Where do i sign up?........bob
  8. Poor weld, off spec steel, HAZ embrittlement, off spec rod or wire????...... etc, etc, etc................Bob
  9. There is only one way to properly repair this. The torque tube must be removed from the car. The area should be well cleaned and de-greased. The broken pieces should fit back together, assuming the ham handed prying with a screw driver didn't booger them up. Once you have a good trial alignment the broken edges should be V-eed out to about 1/2 way through. It will be a bitch to clamp so use 4 tack welds to hold alignment before the finish weld. Assuming you are stick welding I suggest a 1/8" 6011 rod at about 90/100 amps, either AC or DC. 6011 is a deep penetrating rod tolerant of rust or
  10. Very nice condition 56 Chrysler tail lite lens. As expected, some crazing. No dings, scratches or cracks. The lenses in my 56 were the same condition and the car was awarded an AACA grand national. $150 plus actual shipping..........Bob
  11. I'm guessing it's just a matter of there is no use for it. Oh well, at some point it will be turned into re-rod or some such............Bob
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