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  1. You,re obviously quite talented and march to your own drummer. Nothing wrong with that but most of the folks here don,t hear the same cadence you do. Likely we could learn a thing or two from you.....and visa versa. No right or wrong. It is what it is..... Enjoy..........Bob
  2. You are SOOOOO correct, Jon. My new Jeep requires constant attention and finger touches to get it to do ANYTHING. Add to that it's single minded determination to get you to do what IT wants or it flat refuses to co-operate. Door ajar? You ain't going anywhere. Back up while looking out of the door? At this point imagine the voice of HAL " I'm sorry, Bob, I can't let you do that". Stop and go? Nope. That's stop, stall, start, and go. Ad ifinitem/ad nauseum...............Bob
  3. Recently bought a new Grand Cherokee. About 6 colors available in silvers, grays, black or white. Any color interior as long as it was gray or black. I was more excited buying a new single malt scotch than I was buying the car. I told my wife we were buying a new Jeep and she said......."whatever". Does anyone REALLY believe the car hobby has a future?........Bob
  4. Several years ago I ran into the same problem, Alex, with the rear gasket on a 56 Chrysler. I was working with Restoration Specialties to supply a gasket. The first attempts were sized wrong in addition to not having the bottom corners formed causing the buckling you are getting. After three iterations they got the size correct and corners formed. Evidently they were using straight lengths and somehow formed the corner bends. Have no idea how that's done. Perhaps an inquiry to them will tell you how it's done. I was working with the father who has since passed away. Not sure if the son is even interested but it might be worth persueing............Bob
  5. HI Alex. From your latest pix it looks like they just vulcanized a straight length into a gasket without forming the corners. I looked at Steele Rubber and they don't list corner window gaskets. Other than finding correctly formed gaskets you are doomed to working with what you have. Some guys cut wedge shaped pieces from the inside of the curve to allow the rubber to make the curve without buckling. Not the best but that may be your only option. I'm not 100% sure of where the mystery part fits but I'm fairly sure it's a wire harness cover. The formed "dimples" in the ends allow the harness to curve out of the cover without chaffing. Good luck with your Buick.................Bob
  6. Where did you buy the seal? It looks to be a straight length bent around the glass. That will never work. It needs to be molded to the shape of the glass when made. I'm thinking your mystery piece is the wire harness cover by the door opening......Bob
  7. Someone has way too much time, money, or both..................Bob
  8. I can tell how it,s done on a 55 and i,m guessing a 53/54. The snaps are riveted to the strip and clips hold the strip to the body pinch weld. Snaps are standard issue and can be attached to the strip any number of ways........bob
  9. See above V.L..............Bob
  10. The question was whether a malware/virus could be imbedded in a link posted in the forum. The question has been asked in the forum support section. It has been answered by forum computer guru Peter G. Thank you, Peter. Yes, indeed. It can be. Case closed. You'all be careful now.......Hear.....bob
  11. Thank you, peter.......bob
  12. Not questioning your wisdom JF, and that is also my understanding, but is that the definitive, for sure, answer?
  13. Suppose a link is included in a post. Is it possible to be infected by some sort of malware simply by clicking on (opening?) that link. That's assuming you do not open any further enclosures or links within the initial link. Thanks........Bob
  14. Thank you for the info on the survey, My question was more on the security of the link itself. As I said, I'm no computer expert and I've always been advised to not click on (open?) an unsolicited link. I wanted to take the survey but was hesitant to click on the link for fear of a virus. Hence the security question that invoked unwarranted hostility. Thanks for the info but the question remains vis-a-vis it's safety to open.......... Anybody?..............Bob