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  1. Leaky, Squeaky, Smokey, Rattles and John.............Bob
  2. Or a pair of chocks. Methodology varies with angle of trailer, terrain, type of trailer, type of vehicle, where the vehicle will be ending up, clearances, hired help, etc, etc, etc. Study the variables. Think of what can go wrong. Plan for it going wrong. Safety first. When the vehicle is safely in bed kiss your wife and have a beer. ........Bob
  3. Come along..... Done it many times. Both getting off the trailer and into the shop. That's why it's called a " Come Along". One man operation...........Easy peasy............Bob
  4. It was. Very commonly added to plaster over lath....bob
  5. I remember sleeping on a horse hair mattress. Had a very destinctive feel to it. Actually a quite comforting feeling......bob
  6. Better to use rubber roofing material. It's flat, smooth, and last forever. Contact a roofer in your area and mooch some cut offs.............Bob
  7. OTOH. Seventy three, nearly two full pages, of posts, facts, fictions, opinions, rebuttals, and general gum flapping indicates keen interest. Strictly on topic or not. Firstly, Isn't being informative and interesting the raison d'etre for the forum? BTW, you have contributed 13 of the above posts. Nearly 18%. Thank you for your interest and thoughts........Bob
  8. Snap-on's return guarantee/return policy can be read on-line. As expected it's not a simple "guaranteed for life" but rather a lengthy word salad of boiler plate full of loop holes and hoops to jump through. It appears that certain tools carry certain periods and conditions of guarantee which it's up to the buyer to ascertain. It further appears that tools bought other than from Snap-on or a franchisee (they call it "for personal use") will be required to perform the following.... To obtain warranty service contact the Snap-on Customer Care Center via telephone at 1-877-762-7664 or e-mail ncccsupport@snapon.com. The following information will be required with the customer’s warranty request: (1) date and proof of purchase, (2) where customer purchased the product, (3) full name, (4) shipping address, (5) phone number, (6) e-mail address, (7) item number(s) or approximate weight of return package. Warranty requests that do not include all of the required information will not be processed. It appears that if you buy your tools with some regularity from the same truck driver you can get a broken wrench replaced fairly easily. Other than that....... "You got some splainen to do".............Bob
  9. Can't speak of "sets" of tools but a few years back I had about 5000 used red bricks that needed the mortar chipped off. I used a HF pneumatic chisel with a set chisels. About every 1000 bricks a chisel would break. I would take the whole set back and the clerk would always say just grab a new set. I would. He'd ring it up as NC, say "keep the old one" and send me on my way. The original power head lasted the whole job. I still use it from time to time. The extra ones I gave away ................Bob
  10. If you are serious about chilling the distributor I'm not so sure a spray chiller will be very effective. The dist has a lot of mass for a bit of spray to chill to it's core. I would try packing dry ice around the dist and wrap it in a towel for at least an hour then hit with your penetrant. A bit of tapping on the shaft as the penetrant soaks in wouldn't hurt. Good luck .........Bob
  11. Snap-on............Twice the price for twice the bragging rights............Bob
  12. Might try the Freeze off to chill/shrink the dist and then use the penetrant of choice while the dist is still chilled. Repeatedly. Aluminum/steel interface corrosion is nasty. I always use a good anti seize when assembling those types of surfaces. Good luck..........Bob
  13. I've always used that rule when it comes to female friends and parts. If the available ones don't meet my standards................ I just lower my standards. 😛...................Bob
  14. Right behind you, Brother. McM-Carr. Source of all what be's............Bob
  15. Excellent. From time to time I would stay there on my company's dime. OPM is the sweetest money..........Bob
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