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  1. Bhigdog

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    When I worked in the tool room leaving the chuck key in on a lathe or drill press was a mandatory day off without pay. When I started my dad told me to never trust a machine. It will sit doing it's job day after day for years and years, and the whole time it is just patiently watching and waiting for someone to get careless. .............Bob
  2. Bhigdog

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    What mike said. Also, when running a lathe, no ties, scarfs, loose shirt cuffs, long hair, gloves and NO rings. I might opine that the piece of equipment in the shop most likely to hurt one is the buffing wheel...............Bob
  3. Bhigdog

    What does original mean?

    Most every car on every show field is a phony and that includes my grand national and national award winning "restorations"......bob
  4. Bhigdog

    My "new" lathe - Input?

    A relatively light duty lathe but is fine for what you will likely use it for. If your chuck is a 4 jaw that is really all you need for 99% of your jobs. If not 3 jaw chucks are readily available as is almost anything you might need. The rust looks like surface rust and even lite pitting is not a problem. Google will be your friend. Find out all you can before simply mucking about. Personally i dont know how one can get through life without a lathe (and mill).....bob
  5. Bhigdog

    Gas pressure

    In rough numbers water is 8.4 Pounds per gallon, Gasoline 6 pounds per gallon. Do the math..............Bob
  6. Bhigdog

    Beltline molding fuzzies

    What he said.....bob
  7. Bhigdog

    What's Going On in Macungie?

    ATCA. BTW there's usually a ton of Canadians there. They even play the Canada national anthem after ours. Everyone stands and salutes both. NICE!...............Bob
  8. Bhigdog

    What's Going On in Macungie?

    Held every Fathers day weekend. Unbelievable event. Every sort, kind and type truck you can imagine. From fully restored tank trucks and cement mixers to ancient chain drives just as they were pulled out of the quarry swamp. From big momma Auto Cars to my little Chevy 1/2 ton JC. All are welcome. Big flea market but mostly truck stuff. Non judged event, just a lot of good old boys having a lot of good old fun. I put out a post last June urging attendance. There is a spectator fee ( just like the AACA should do) and the field is usually packed. If you're getting a bit tired of the same old, same old, check it out next June. Definitely worth a drive..............Bob
  9. Bhigdog

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    My shop has a steel ceiling on the trusses with 8" of fiberglass batts on top. In the hardest rain I can barely hear it. Building connected to it has a metal roof and no ceiling, same as the stable. In a good rain can hardly hear yourself talk. I have full length snow guards as in pix above. Zero problems with snow.................Bob
  10. Bhigdog

    Need an engine/tranny moved from SC to VA

    Rent a uhaul trailer and go get it.......................Bob
  11. Bhigdog

    Looking for Work Shop/Out Building advice

    My two cents: A metal pole building with the correct pressure treated posts will out live you and can be put up in almost less time than you would spend inspecting an existing structure. It can be built to YOUR needs and spec. It's likely the most square footage bang for the buck available. ( in your choice of colors, too). When you pour the floor think about 5 to 6 inches thick where you may want a two post lift. Flexible foam wall insulation wrap is cheap and effective. A white steel ceiling with 8" of insulation laid on top is reflective, cheap and effective. A FULL 12' foot ceiling is a must. If you wire it install a 200 amp breaker box now. With proper design and construction a metal pole building is attractive, efficient, cost effective, works very well and lasts a long time..........Bob
  12. Bhigdog

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    Ever hear the saying ....."Sock it to the Doc".......Nuff said.............Bob
  13. Bhigdog

    1957 Ride Height

    Minus the weight of the rolling frame and determining the correct front/rear weight distribution of the body........ Yes?........bob
  14. Pissing capital away to save a percentage of it on taxes while you are only posting a 7% ROI? Like I said: What were they thinking?........Bob
  15. Bhigdog

    1956 Buick replacement sheet metal parts

    Check with "Rocker King". Mostly NORS repair panels...........Bob