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  1. There are no absolutes and your point is taken and accepted. That said, a very desirable/rare/expensive parts car is likely kept inside and not likely left to become a "rusty eyesore".............Bob
  2. A parts cars during a restoration? That's fine. Removing parts I may need down the road? That's fine too. Keeping a rusting eyesore(s) on my property after the restoration? Not a chance..........Bob
  3. Move to PA. Antique and classic plates are once and done, no annual renewal, and no annual inspections. ...............Bob
  4. If there is a loss and you find yourself on the wrong end of a law suit you can explain to your lawyer " But I'm sure I'm in the clear. I listened to some guy's advise on a chat forum"......Oy Vey...........Bob
  5. Someone should mention that polishing anything is using the most dangerous power tool in your shop. Do enough of it and it will happen and when it does it happens soooo fast you won't even feel it. A floppy buff is the most dangerous. Parts with edges, like trim, are just waiting for a slightly off angle application to the buff. Besides GOOD safety glasses a full face shield is a must. loose cloth gloves are a big no no. Tight leather is much better. Please don't take polishing lightly. When your buff grabs that head light ring and slings it past your face and you hear it ricocheting off
  6. There is, or should be, a wire type spring down in the works of the jack. If is missing or broken the jack is KAPUT. ........Bob
  7. My motto has always been: Nothing in moderation. Do it until you make yourself sick.................Bob
  8. Thanks, Terry. I needed a valid frame of reference before I decide to sell. I'll ask around locally and see if anyone is interested. As to the pipeline sign I actually very much like it. We found it in the woods nailed to a post. There was a pretty big rattle snake curled up next to the post. So between the bullet holes and the rattle snake the sign has a story to tell.........Bob
  9. Seeking opinions on these two signs. The 42" Texaco is single sided and an actual "barn find". It was left behind in a barn on a farm my dad bought in 1960 so I'm certain it's the real deal. The 12" pipeline sign I found in the woods in Clinton Co., PA. Neither is for sale at the moment but probably will be at some point. I'm thinking you guys would have the best idea of what the signs would fetch. There are a couple of Texaco signs on Ebay with asking prices in the nose bleed area. I'm guessing wishful thinking. I talked today to a local auctioneer and he thought the Texaco wou
  10. They make for a lousy phillip's and an even worse slotted head screw. Add to that the grade is typically -2. But the suppliers that cater to Harry home owner, who's only trying to stick a couple of boards together, only has to stock limited types of screws and hapless Harry never knows the difference...........Bob
  11. I bought some Pittsburgh brand wrenches at Horrible Freight, of all places, and I'm very impressed with the fit, finish and hand feel. The price was VERY right and they seem to be holding up quite well.................Bob
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