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  1. Back in the early eighties I think? Driving my 1969 Cougar on interstate 25 in Colorado. Rush hour AM traffic. Throttle linkage on the carburetor got stuck in the open position and wouldn't release. Somehow managed to get her pulled to the side of the road and thought to myself, how the heck am I going to get out, open the hood and remove the air cleaner to unstick the linkage?? Other vehicles were racing by me at highway speeds. Had to do something so I went for it. Made sure it was in park, set the emergency brake and took my chance hoping everything would hold. It all worked out in the end, but man, what a SCARY position to be in. Have also have the vacuum hose come off the transmission modulator so she wouldn't shift, and had to fix that on the side of the road as well. Still have her to this day. She and I have been thru hell and back many times.
  2. Hi Folks, I think this is a good place to post this topic. I am curious to know what all of you have used for interior insulation material. Do you try and keep original or use something more modern? I am talking about things like the firewall, roof, sail panels, under carpet, you get the idea. I had someone tell me they use Owens Corning Pink Fiberglass Insulation that you would use in your home. This seems like it would be a health concern for me. Fiberglass fibers can get into your lungs and cause health problems. Thanks for the Input
  3. Hello All, I own a 1969 Mercury Cougar with a 351W 4V I am seeking an original complete air cleaner assembly. Lid, base, snorkel and heat shield with all original Autolite stickers and markings. It should have Premium Fuel on the lid. Please let me know what you might have. Thanks,
  4. 1973 AMC Stripped down Gremlin. Ran it out of transmission fluid a few times and she still kept running. Hauled engines, rear axles and god knows what else in the back. Loved It!!
  5. I too would like to PM a few members here. What is the 'magic' number/ranking one has to attain to be able to do this?
  6. Thanks for all the reply's so far guys. As a matter of fact a few years back I was coming home from visiting my sister in San Antonino and stopped in Midland to visit the local library and check the newspaper archives. To my disappointment, I didn't find anything. Reckon I'll need to do some further investigating. Will keep you updated.
  7. Been there, done all that. The telephone directory from Midland TX provided me with the name of the dealership. I have also check with various historical societies as well to no avail. Seems like nobody or nothing exist for this dealership. I suspect it was a fairly good size dealer so that kind of surprises me. I'm hoping someone here might remember them or have some information. My car is a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7 Convertible that I have owned since 1980. Believe I am only the third owner. Car was originally sold in April 1969
  8. Hi Everyone, Not sure if this the right place to post, but I'll ask anyway. I'm trying to locate some information about the dealership that my car was originally ordered/sold at. All I know is that it came from a dealer called Midland Lincoln-Mercury Rambler in Midland Tx and was located at 2803 W. Wall Street. I would be very interested in anyone has any advertisements/pictures any thing related to this dealership. Would have been late 1960's. Thanks A Lot!
  9. Hi Everyone, Apologies if this has been discussed prior. Looking for advice/techniques on treating and the removal of minor surface rust from interior pieces. I recently moved to a wetter climate and now have notice some parts I had stored have surface rust on them now. They range from metal dash parts to engine parts. What do all of you folks use to remove and then treat so it doesn't return? Appricate any advice on what products to use and opinions. Thanks
  10. Hi Larry, Thanks for responding and making an offer to send a copy of the manual. I'm new here so I can't PM anybody yet. Guess I'll need to read more posts and up my count more!!
  11. That is it! Can't stand F**book but will check it out.
  12. Hello Folks, New to this forum so bear with me if I am not in the right place. Or if not appropriate to post on this forum I just recently picked up a Sears Craftsmen Diagnostic Oscilloscope but it did not come with any cables or instruction. I'm thinking this is a 1980's model. There is no model number on it anywhere. I don't know where to go about locating either of these items. I would appricate any possible leads that anyone might provide. I'll try and post a picture of it later. Thank You.
  13. My thoughts and prayers for Bob and his family also. Motorcyclist need to follow the same laws and rules as the rest of us. That driver should be responsible for or their insurance company should pay for everything. They should also have their driving privilege's revoked forever.
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