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  1. Brass is Best

    Car Vending Machine 7 stories tall in Indiana

    What happens when you hit D-8 instead of D-9?
  2. Brass is Best

    1912 olds limited

    This Limited was at St. Johns this year.
  3. Brass is Best

    Unique GM Ignition

    1946, 1947, 1948 Chevrolet used it as well.
  4. Brass is Best

    Fire at the Los Angeles Auto Show!

    Better call these guys!
  5. Brass is Best

    Model A Fords Ready to Enjoy!

  6. Brass is Best

    Wanted Brass era car or older to restore

    I have a few. More information at
  7. Brass is Best

    Unidentified race track, anyone recognize it?

    They must have forgot to bring the clubs and dogs.
  8. Brass is Best

    just finishing up my 1915 shell gas station

    Great work! Do you have any car shows planned at your complex?