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  1. Maybe a distant cousin.
  2. Anything I have listed here would be a great car for you to enjoy: www.petersmotorcars.com
  3. I own a great one that I would sell you. Photos at www.petersmotorcars.com Call if I can help. 419-668-1884
  4. I wonder what they were hunting? Quail? Rabbit? Jackalopes?
  5. Sure looks like a Lincoln. I can see the Greyhound mascot on the radiator cap.
  6. I don't know but that looks like the firing order is on the door.
  7. It is a car that has been hidden away for years. It is off the radar of even the most seasoned collectors. It is a shock when it is found. Just because your uncle put away his car dirty and left it sit in the garage for 20 years doesn't make it a barn find. If he has been talking about it the entire time at the local watering hole it wasn't hidden.
  8. It means you just won the burnout competition at the local dragstrip!
  9. Well I was speaking in the context of the AACA. If I wanted to talk about Hot Rods I would be on the HAMB. I have seen tens of thousands of cars in my life. But I have never seen a perfect car anywhere. the idea of a perfect car is an illusion. Anyone who says their car is perfect is a liar. The most we can do is chase perfection and hope to come close. That is perhaps the fun for some. To chase perfection. Others could care less. But having perfectionists among us is a good thing. They push us all to be better.
  10. The point of this hobby is to put things back as they were. I like hot rods. I have owned several. But when you are building a hot rod and have a problem making a part work you just get another part. Or you modify what you have. There are no rules. It is the wild west.
  11. Perfectionists make sure things are done right. They do things how they are supposed to be done. They do research. They do not take the easy path. Yes it takes more time. Yes it is harder. Yes it costs more. Without perfectionists in this hobby you might as well start building hot rods.
  12. Sure looks like a Packard. Hubs, front fenders, and lamps.
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