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  1. 1929 Packard 1941 Chevrolet 1936 Chevrolet 1936 Ford 1931 Ford
  2. I bought a 1929 Packard once and when I finally got around to looking under the front seat I found a complete tool kit. I called the gentleman I purchased the car from to thank him for the tools and he had no idea they were there. He didn't even know there was storage under the seat.
  3. How about this? Details at www.petersmotorcars.com
  4. Tin Men is a great movie. Especially if you like Cadillacs and humor.
  5. Weird that it is not listed in ebay motors. It is listed in as a poster.
  6. The car on the left may be a 1931 Plymouth. The car on the right looks like a circa 1915 Buick.
  7. As I understand black tires did not come into use until 1912. Not sure when white side wall tires were invented.
  8. Stick with the coil and points. If you break on the side of the road you can walk into most parts stores and figure something out. If the electronic breaks you are calling a tow truck.
  9. Install a new Clutch and Brakes. Then sign off on it. Or remove the clutch and brake shoes and ship that way. Be sure to charge the buyer for your effort.
  10. I do not think this is a Cadillac. But it looks very similar to a 1911 Cadillac. The body is made different though. The Elk Mascot is awesome!
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