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  1. Jim, if you double click on the picture and look up in your browser's URL bar you will see the filename which gives the newspaper and date. St__Louis_Post_Dispatch_Wed__Feb_8__1928
  2. Neat speedster. The steering wheel, firewall and radiator need to be cut down to make it look exactly right. Sorry, can't help with the Jordon ID, but the engine may have come from one car and everything else from another. Those wheels are much later than 1927.
  3. I like them better than the towncars.
  4. An original advertisement showing the convertible sedan. They seemed to have a bunch of different belt treatments.
  5. RM sold this one a couple of years ago for 90K all in. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/az18/arizona/lots/r234-1934-brewster-ford-convertible-sedan/620802
  6. "Numbers matching" is very broad and generic. I personally say things like "Original vin stamped block" or "vin stamped" head, etc. Depending on the year and type of car, there could be hundreds of numbers that might need to "match".
  7. This advertisement is from 1936. No way to tell if the wheels were a later addition, although there was plenty of chrome plating going on by that time.
  8. Didn't we have pictures of a convertible sedan on where somewhere with that funky beltline?
  9. Coupe? I thought they made towncars, convertible sedans and roadsters?
  10. Besides the one you posted, there is an unrestored with with a well known collector. There may be another somewhere.
  11. We have a lot of great Brewster bodied RR in the Rolls thread, but anyone interested int talking about the Brewster cars? Basically two eras. The cars from the teens with the sleeve valve engine (Matt has a cool one) and then the 1930s cars with the Ford V8 Chassis. I actually like any of the non-towncar version of the later, this convertible sedan and the roadsters.
  12. This could be a great topic. Which cars tend to be trailer queens vs which cars tend to be tour cars. Probably some obvious reasons what a car lands in either category. I'm thinking about 540K Mercedes which is almost always a trailer queen (I know of two instances of one touring in 25 years).
  13. Wow what a nice car. Not sure a hard top will bring that kind of money but it sure looks good with that color combo - and I hate white.
  14. I found the picture of my championship heat. The car I beat was way more sophisticated than my jalopy. He was pretty bummed out. If you look closely at the other car the driver can only see out of his right eye. The cars were built to fit you for a short window and he had already outgrown the car as was twisted inside to get in.
  15. Why does everybody but me have their own distributor and coil machines?
  16. If you reply to ad, it will move it to the top. Usually something like "Still available" will do. Although the real pro guys add more information in the reply so it doesn't look like a "back to the top" post.
  17. I thought I recognized Dick's back yard. https://www.prewarcar.com/313659-1917-pierce-arrow-66-in-very-original-condition
  18. We had a frequent contributor who had a restoration thread going who started posting some pretty bizarre stuff. Another poster recognized a possible stroke and was able to get in touch with one of the kids. He is back to health and working on the car. The OP's reaction just seems weird to me.
  19. We have to be careful not to veer off topic, but anybody buying a car like that isn't going to be anti hunting.
  20. I'm gonna guess he was just having a bad day. Also, as an infrequent contributor he doesn't know who is who and realize he has some fairly knowledgeable guys responding to his question.
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