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  1. windshield looks Dietrich, but Door handles don't. Rear door window looks Rollston to me. We need one of our Rollston guys to pass judgement on the door handles.
  2. It doesn't scream Rollston to me, but if we could see the door handles we could probably identify it. Definitely coachbuilt by somebody with a good designer.
  3. For somebody in America, a Springfield Rolls has a lot of advantages. If I lived in England, the same would be true for the Derby built cars. The whole Springfield thing was a very interesting experiment, and we are lucky to have the 8 to 10 years of cars they built.
  4. Orin, thinking about it is usually more fun than the reality when you follow through.
  5. It is HARD to be HUMBLE when you own a HEMI. my girlfriend back in 89 made it for me. I’ll have to find it and take a picture.
  6. As usual - ignore Pierce Arrow boy. think XK140 or 150.
  7. Bob, I will forgive you since we are mostly on the same side of the argument. Matt - I'll forgive you later if you give me a ride in the Hurst 442.
  8. Has anybody ever seen a 70 GTO equipped with the Humbler package? My GTO club newsletter had a interesting article about the guy discovering the pilot car used in the SuperBowl Ad in 1970.
  9. Actually, last year seemed busier than the last few. I completely agree with you on the camaraderie of the event. There are guys I only see once a year and it is at Hershey. I rank my car events as follows: 1. Hershey 2. PB 3. Scottsdale 4. Amelia
  10. If you want a complete history of McManus's junk yard and what happened to him, the Southern Cal region of the CCCA had a whole article in their newsletter sometime in the 70s. I'm sure they talk about the touring car. It was reprinted in the "California Classics" book. There are three volumes to the book and I don't remember which one it was in. If I can find it I will scan it and post it for you.
  11. Hey Orin, I think I see enough space to squeeze another car in. And yes, I like the sign.
  12. The shop that does my work has a 23 year old graduate of a vocational school doing body work. He's always working when I walk in, but I don't know if they have sprayed any of his work yet.
  13. The dip of the door says Triumph TR6 to me.
  14. The plates are in full view of the world when you are driving down the road. I think it is something somebody did years ago and it caught on. You see other guys covering the plate and figure there must be a good reason.
  15. Sadly, that paint job is probably hiding the very presentable original paint which was probably something much less flashy.
  16. American Austin
  17. My guy's are the ones with the closed restaurant and bowling alley that can't make their mortgage payments. The original reason for shutting down the economy was to flatten the hospital curve. It was either flattened or it didn't need to be flattened, but either way we should have gone back to work along time ago. The goal posts keep getting moved by a segment of the population that doesn't need to open their restaurant, hair salon, etc, to pay the bills.
  18. Matt, what is interesting is we both seem to be outwardly intelligent guys, yet we see things exactly opposite.
  19. Too bad it wasn't scheduled for Florida and be happy it isn't in Massachusetts. As I drove around today I pondered why the Bowling Alley, Ice rink, salons, restaurants, retail stores were closed, but the alcohol stores, pot shops, mini marts and Home Depot were packed and doing booming business.