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  1. A really nice car at a good price. Enjoy it and keep us posted with your adventures.
  2. I’m sure a brake job isn’t 10k like the 70-90 Rolls Royce either.
  3. Although Ed is a huge fan, I'm not a Model T guy. But I really do like this. Seems like 95% of them are touring cars. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1922-Ford-Model-T/164773543578 Ford Model T, Doctors Coupe, 1922, electric starter, horn, speedometer, rebuilt carburetor. rebuilt coils (all four), new radiator core, locking steering wheel, adjusted bands, good paint and interior upholstery. Runs and drives. Misc parts and tools including split rim for tire replacement, Running board luggage rack.
  4. I don't like white cars, but I love this one. Somebody explain the evolution of the pistol grip in mopar land. Some of them look like are three feet tall. This one not quite. EDIT: I know why, without the console it looks gigantic. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Dodge-Charger/284250655864 70 Dodge Charger R/T all Matching #’s 440 V8 4-speed Track Pack Professionally Restored - Very Rare This 70 Charger is fully documented with the original BROADCAST sheet, and Consumer Information sheet for the car. This is a very rare car, out of the 9509 chargers
  5. At least 1/2 the population doesn't know who JFK is. I'm not sure there is any correlation. Ultimately it is a 4 door, although as a convertible that is what makes it cool.
  6. When I was in HS there was one these tucked in the back of a bodyshop where it had sat for years. Had the big cue ball shift knob on it. This isn't winning any originality awards but I really like the look of it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1966-Ford-Mustang-2-door/174724420925 1966 Ford Mustang Gt Fastback comes with its original 289 c.i engine as well as 4 speed manual. The 289 was just recently rebuilt runs and drives very well. The transmission has also been completely gone through all seals and bearing were replaced. No oil leaks and no transmission leaks of any s
  7. 30 years ago I drove one of these from Boston to Hershey at 80 mph the whole way. What a great car. My dad had to send his to RI to some guy who was the guru for making the top actually go down (and back up). The 92K seems pretty high, but this auction has an unbelievable 420 watchers. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-Lincoln-Continental/324168737036 This is a 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible in highly restored condition. This car is in exceptional condition. Paint and chrome are spectacular. Interior is in excellent condition. Mechanically the car runs beautifu
  8. This. Would love to see more pictures of the steamer
  9. A cycle car is one step up from a go kart so they are right in my wheelhouse.
  10. I never liked T-Birds when I was younger, always thought they were for old guys or chicks. But lately I'm finding myself strangely attracted to them.
  11. Jay didn't exactly say it, but the inference was that the chassis they used originally carried that style body. Very well done. Nice job Randy!
  12. I'm doing Ed a favor. This is getting picked up Thursday and I got it running so we don't have to push it on to the trailer.
  13. This. BAT seems to be bringing out all the checkbooks lately. No reserve auctions really cause the money to fly.
  14. I have a buddy with a Cal Tech engineering degree. Those guys are a riot because they think that you go to MIT if you can't get in to Cal Tech. They are serious.
  15. The Citi Car just highlights why Elon Musk is such a genius. Build an electric car that doesn't make the driver look like an idiot or someone that got lost looking for the 18th hole. The Corvair is cool. This is from December 1966.
  16. Good luck Steve. My only thought is that the engine looks great from that top view.
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