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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing what you did with this.
  2. An interesting thread would be for each of us to list how many complete and partial restorations we have been involved in and how long it took. The subject car of this thread is a 10 year project, at least. Tackling one of these in a lifetime would be above the average. We tend to fixate on the work that has been done already, forgetting that a tracking missing pieces could overwhelm that advantage quickly. Would you make this car your life's work? Would you be willing to commit to thousands of hours? Thousands of dollars?
  3. Would be interesting to know if there was any advantage to this. If you have a rotor die or an ignition problem there is no fault tolerance from the dual plugs. RR on the other hand had true dual ignition in the same era. One side of the block had a magneto and plugs, the other side battery/distributor like the Nash. You could control which or both was firing from the dash which is helpful when diagnosing problems.
  4. According to this auction description from Bohnams there won't be a tag because Briggs supplied the bodies? https://www.bonhams.com/auctions/20498/lot/428 Surviving Chrysler archives indicate that 90 limousines were built on the 144-inch chassis, but the identities of their coachbuilders are not recorded. In secondary sources, this type of limousine has been attributed to both Derham and LeBaron. Some historians feel that LeBaron, with its Detroit location and relationship with Chrysler's body supplier Briggs, is the more logical of the two. In any case, there are no coachbuilder badges on this car. The sill plates read merely "Chrysler Imperial," so its ancestry remains ambiguous.
  5. I have mixed emotions. On one hand I like to see widows do well in a deal. On the other hand that car is a bad idea.
  6. Unfinished projects have shockingly little value these days. I can see how someone might fall in love with a project like this. But 10 to 15 years from now I will guarantee you will question that decision.
  7. 1951 is fairly rare. I like this car as it has a honest look to it. The price is probably a tad high but not insane like 90% of the advertisements we see
  8. send me an email and I’ll tell you where to get it. It covers the main line and the auxiliary to the distributor.
  9. I can try to sneak it out in my backpack for you Keith. I’m at the phantom II society tech seminar. The rear end belongs to a Newport town car.
  10. yes. Interesting car with a more interesting history.
  11. I forgot to mention, note the lack of headlights. There is a Phantom II for Sale right now that was built for the same customer. It also lacksheadlights.
  12. There is a replica in the schlumpf collection.
  13. Thanks!!! Considering that is a 15 minute ride why did I know know of this??
  14. Did another wheel today. 90 minutes and three people. This one felt harder than the last. You definitely need to use a lot of tire lube. And I think letting the old tires and the new ones sit in the hot sun could make life a lot easier.
  15. And another one: "Vintage Dogpatch Amusement Park Arrow Model T Car" https://www.ebay.com/itm/194427062720
  16. This is 30 miles from my house. Not sure I've seen this version of the Ihle before. Looks to be repowered. "GEBR IHLE Kinder Sport 1955 Mercedes 300 SL Amusement Park Car. Needs some love but may be a good candidate to restore. Currently doesn't run." https://www.ebay.com/itm/GEBR-IHLE-Kinder-Sport-1955-Mercedes-300-SL-Amusement-Park-Car-/255172916792 I'm wondering if it was originally a tracked car and was modified?
  17. Anybody on here that suggests converting a collector car to electric should be permanently banned. I'm not kidding.
  18. Think of it as a go cart, or a carnival car. Not a road car.
  19. If you paint that you might get less money. Cool car. Sell as is.
  20. The Astro was a big hit when I was a kid.
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