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  1. Sorry to disappoint you but it did. There was also one phaeton built with sidemounts.
  2. Early 810 Cord's used Lockheed brakes. Try calling Auburn Cord Parts in Kansas to see if they have any. Mike
  3. Apparently the owner has never seen a real Auburn or Cord painted Cigarette Creme
  4. Sorry I didn't get a chance to say Hi to Ed. It was interesting to contrast the subtle differences between the consecutive numbered J's above. Ed's photo above demonstrates that colour is everything.
  5. Part of a vacuum ash tray. The part shown is attached to a ash can by a hose.
  6. It is important to note that Don was the driving force in the creation of the Meadowbrook Concours.
  7. Auburn is correct, the pan is not dented.
  8. The collection was dispersed long ago. Mr Fitterling kept many of his Duesenbergs in the ACD museum, for many years.
  9. I cannot seem to get the 2" lower radiator hose on my Cord tight enough, to stop seeping, with the correct clamps. The fittings on both the water pump and radiator are smooth (not pitted) and painted. I would rather not use stainless gear clamps, if I can avoid to. The hose is a new piece of Gates Green Stripe. I would appreciate any suggestions which would stop the seepage. Thanks
  10. The metal side mount covers might be the most desirable part of the car.
  11. Matt, It's time to get a factory shop manual for you and the car.
  12. I'm with Tom. I drive my 70 Cutlass convert (automatic & air) everywhere in the summer. If it were a 4 speed or didn't have air it would spend more time in the garage.