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  1. You have a supercharged convertible coupe. All you will have to do is pick up the phone.
  2. Just my personal experience. After driving a '41 Lincoln V12, a '41 Caddy and a '41 Packard, I found it hard to believe that all cars were built during the same decade, let alone the same year.
  3. I got the same great advice when I was 16. However, once you get all the bugs out, your next problem is many years later and you've forgotten half of what you have learned. The only way to stay on top is to have multiple cars.
  4. Since you have sourced the Stewart "drive" end, could a speedo shop square the "head" end for you, so you don't have to use the adapter ?
  5. Ed, Are the tires double sided white......or does it just look like it in the photo. Also, any idea of the date of the photo ?
  6. I can't think of an automobile that has so much written about that is incorrect. in this case the wheelbase of the phaeton and convertible coupe did not change from 1936 to 1937.
  7. A copy of this car is being built out of a sedan. When I saw it last, about 10 years ago, it was about 60 % complete. I don't know if it was ever finished.
  8. Perhaps you can find your application here http://www.turnswitch.com/speakers.htm
  9. I agree with Ed. The parts alone to rebuild my 1936 Cord water pump were almost $800 (my Canadian currency), which I gladly paid. I think you did well and I'm glad that you are pleased.
  10. Bay St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. That is the City Hall (at that time) in the background.
  11. Pete, I've seen rear windows on cabriolet's with and without beveled glass.
  12. Sorry.......I forgot to mention that the rectangular rear windows on any Cord are not considered correct.
  13. Yes, you will find photos showing different rear windows. However, if you don't also know the serial number, the photos alone will not determine if a particular car is considered early or late. I have photos of my Cord (2288H) taken ~ 1939, which show the small window and one piece top (without the removable back curtain). A friend owns 2300H which was has won primary and senior at Auburn. It is also considered early and has the small rear window. I don't know what serial number is considered the end of the early run, but I can find out if your interested. There are other early/late features that we might see in a photo. You can send me a photo in a PM, if you like. I also have a correct small window frame that is available.
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