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  1. There are drains in the original garage and we were planning on doing the same in the addition. Connect the 2 building and make just one outlet. If we kept the addition under 1000 sq ft it would have required only a permit. But it is 1120 sq ft and requires multiple inspection, and the inspector saw the outlet in the original garage and made us close it up. We did not inquire about what would be needed to make it legal. I am guessing it would be along the lines of what AUBURNSEEKER needed to do. So no drains in either building. I am planning on a movable 4 post lift which does n
  2. Yes it was interesting to watch. The cement for the floor will be done the same way. That is why we have to wait till Monday for the pour, the truck will not be available till then. There was very little hand grading done.
  3. Stone is compacted and expansion joints laid in. Vapor barrier will be put down when the floor is poured. Pressure treated sill plate and cement form at the doors have been added. Back fill is just about complete. Will need another load or two of fill to give a nice slope all around the building. The floor pour is scheduled for Monday 9/21.
  4. More progress being made. Shale for the new driveway. The stone and cement trucks will help with compacting. Stone truck with conveyor. Very cool, have never seen this type of truck, but it has been around for awhile. Business end of the truck. The other end of the conveyor dropping the stone for under the cement. 6 1/2 trucks were needed to bring the floor up to grade.
  5. You are correct, block is from Riverview. We live about 5 miles from their plant, right off RT 11.
  6. Estimating completion in about 4 weeks. Siding material is on order and is due in on 10/9. We shall see. But here are few more pics of the progress. Block delivery Three courses of 10" block set. Two courses of 8" block plus another course on the back wall for about 20'. This extra course on the back wall was needed to keep the back fill away from the siding.
  7. We had our share of rocks and boulders, but you have us beat. Yes, between mine, a friend, and the contractor's ideas, I think we came up with a good way to be able to fit a lift. Here are some more pics. Photo 1....... Rebar set in the footing trench. Photo 2.......Pouring the footers.
  8. Here are pics of the footer trenches being dug and some of the boulders that were encountered. We will be using some of the boulders as landscaping decorations.
  9. We have been planning the garage addition for the past year and last week was the ground breaking for the actual construction. We needed to have other work done near the site in preparation for the addition, which started a few months ago and has been on going. The existing garage is 26 ft wide and 28 ft deep. The addition will be 40 ft wide and the same 28 ft depth. It will be a reverse gable to the current garage with two 10 ft x 7 1/2 ft doors. The plan is for a 4 post lift in the future and to accommodate the extra needed height the addition floor will be 7 inches lower and scissor tr
  10. At first I did not think it was a 90 series. But I think the position of the front seat is too far back, making the back seat area look too small. I am still not sure if it is a 90.
  11. I know exactly what you mean Matt. How could someone do that to such a rare and beautiful car. Oh well, to each their own.
  12. I believe the show were on the Discovery Channel about 5-7 years ago, maybe longer. There was also a website. They were great shows and the restorations were outstanding.
  13. I stopped telling EBAY sellers about fakes, reproductions, etc. years ago. They all think they have the greatest thing since sliced bread, even after you point out what makes the item a fake. I always tried to be very tactful, but sometimes I would loss my cool.
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