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  1. Tom, Thank you very much for the offer. Will be in touch when I will be needing it. Thanks Jim
  2. I do want one that will screw on to the hub, not the lugs. But what size do I need. What is the opening dimension? Thanks Jim
  3. Need to pull the rear brake drums on a DA 6. What is the correct size puller I would need. They are wire wheel drums. Thanks Jim
  4. The Buick 248 CID engine is 115 BHP @ 3500 RPM for single carb and 125 @ 3800 for the compound carb set up.
  5. Len, I just sent you another PM. Thanks
  6. Len, I just sent you a private message. Thanks Jim
  7. Hi, How do you send a private message to someone. Want to negotiate price on parts, but rather not do it on the forum. Thanks in advance. Jim
  8. What price do you want for all? Thanks Jim
  9. Thanks Bob. That is what I wanted to confirm. Jim
  10. Thanks Larry. The number I gave was for the kit which includes the valve adjuster. The actual push rod has a different number. Thanks Jim
  11. Hello All, My Buick reference books are still packed from when I moved to PA. Can someone check a part number and let me know what it fits. Push rod Group 0-426 Buick part number 1393664. Appreciate the help. Thanks Jim
  12. I agree it is not a drain plug. The only way I know to change the rear end fluid is to remove the cover. That is not an overdrive unit. That is stock 1942 Buick torque tube to rear end attaching point. Jim
  13. Hi all, I know this is a Buick forum, but wanted to share why I have been a little behind on taking more pictures of the 1942 Buick. Have moved my other cars to PA. See attached photos. I drove the 1952 Chevy Belair coupe to its new home a week or two ago. The drive from New Jersey to PA was a little over 150 miles, did it in about 4 hours with a stop for gas. The other is a 1929 Dodge DA deluxe coupe, dual side mounts and rumble seat. A full restoration is planned. Thanks Jim
  14. Hi Pete, I have that piece of trim, but thanks for the offering. I do have all the parts that you do not see on the car. The car was very complete when i purchased it. Thanks again for everyone's interest. Jim