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  1. Have been dealing with them for twenty years, never an issue.
  2. Received the March/April edition yesterday. I like the new look.
  3. Received my first copy yesterday. Well packaged and delivered right to the front door. Glanced through it when I opened it up, looks like it will be a first rate magazine. Nice going Richard.
  4. Don, I am interested. Will send you a private message. Thanks
  5. You can also look into Stonebarn Restorations, right outside of Hackettstown in Northwest New Jersey. Excellent shop, they have a few Pebble Beach winners in their resume. As does Steve Babinsky. You can also try McCoys located in New York, they specialize in interiors.
  6. In my area of northeastern PA they were predicting between 10"-15". Got a solid 12" on the driveway. Some of the drifts were over 18".
  7. Hi Lamar, I am undecided about peg board over the workbench. I have a workbench in the original garage and plan on moving it over to the addition. It is 36" deep and it is hard to reach the back wall. If I cut it down to 30" it maybe better, not sure yet. Thanks Jim
  8. Dave, I still have more shelves to build and will look into your suggestion. I put up the peg board on the common wall. I picked up the peg board at the local KMART when they were closing for a $1.00 each. They are about 29" x 47" and 1/4" thick. I bought 20 panels and used 8 on the wall. Here is a pic of the installed peg board. I could not resist starting to put some items on it. Thanks for viewing Jim
  9. Thanks Ed. The shelving will be used for household items. They are overkill for that purpose but wanted them to last. I will be making more for all the extra auto parts, tools etc etc. Plus I do have some store bought units for the lighter stuff. Thanks Jim
  10. Hello all. Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. It has been about 2 weeks from the last update. Had been working in the house getting it ready for Thanksgiving. Although it was just me and Holly we wanted to eat in the dining room for the holiday. Needed to finish the moulding, put up a new ceiling light, et etc. , small things that take time. Finished the insulation and drywall on the back wall. All the wooden shelving is finished. Plus all the insulation and drywall on the front wall and in between the doors is comple
  11. Thanks Barney, I appreciate the nice words. I will look into the door opener on the special track. Thanks again Jim
  12. Did some work in the garage these past few days. I convinced Holly it was too nice outside to be doing indoor house projects. Put up drywall on the far right and one sheet on the back wall to cover the insulation. And 2 sheets on the front wall again to cover the insulation that is up. For a total of 10 sheets of drywall. I used 1/2" ultra light. It maybe ultra light but a 67 years old I do need help. And Holly was right there with me. Started on the shelving. Made two 12 foot sections. they are 2 foot wide. Sti
  13. A few pics on the inside. here is the door with the special track to follow the scissor trusses. the truss is a 5/12 pitch at the roof, but a 3/12 pitch at the ceiling. The conventional door with a automatic opener. Floor sealer is fully dried. It takes about 24 hours. Very happy with the outcome. The first electrical outlet will be for the door opener. The extension cord is a little tacky. Thanks for viewing. Jim
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