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  1. Hi all, I know this is a Buick forum, but wanted to share why I have been a little behind on taking more pictures of the 1942 Buick. Have moved my other cars to PA. See attached photos. I drove the 1952 Chevy Belair coupe to its new home a week or two ago. The drive from New Jersey to PA was a little over 150 miles, did it in about 4 hours with a stop for gas. The other is a 1929 Dodge DA deluxe coupe, dual side mounts and rumble seat. A full restoration is planned. Thanks Jim
  2. Hi Pete, I have that piece of trim, but thanks for the offering. I do have all the parts that you do not see on the car. The car was very complete when i purchased it. Thanks again for everyone's interest. Jim
  3. Did you try Bobs Automobilia in CA. They list paint for 1931-1938, but it does not give the color.
  4. Thank you all for your interest in the car. Will try to get some interior pictures within the next day or so. Here is what I know about the car. The first 8 years is based on info from the second owners family. From 1942 thru 1950 the car was in New York City and owned by a wealth family. The car was chauffeur driven. This was told to me by the oldest daughter of the second owner, she said that her father had told her this. Not sure how accurate this is, just passing it on. Now I have some facts from 1950 thru 1970. The second owner and his wife had seven children and the sedan was getting a little small for the family. The wife refused to buy a station wagon. One of the children relayed to me that his father almost bought a Ford woody wagon, but he was not sure of the year. But he did remember his mother not being very happy. So my guess is he started looking for the biggest sedan he could find. The Buick is a model 90, which is the 8 passenger sedan with jump seats and no division window. The car was only used when the whole family went out. He always had a second car that he used for work and around town according to his daughter. The Buick and whatever the second car was , were always garaged. They lived in Nutley, New Jersey in a fairly large home with a two car garage in the back. One of the daughters still lived in the house.The car has the registration sticker on the front windshield from 1970. The last time the car was used was for the wedding of one of the daughters in 1970/1971. The car was parked in the garage and not moved till I purchased it in 2001/2002. I am technically the fourth owner on paper because the car was transferred to his estate when he passed and that is who I bought it from. But I am really the third owner. I do not recall when he died and how the car was taken care of for those 30 years while it sat in the garage. The family had no interest in it. I do know that garage roof did leak and took its toll on the roof of the car and rain did collect behind a piece of trim and rotted out the clips that held it on. That area does have some very bad rust. I will take a picture of the area. So there you have it, its prior life before my ownership as best as I can piece together. Some facts about the car, plain and simple, it is all original. Original paint and interior. The seats still have the factory covers front and back. The odometer shows just over 49,000 miles. Not sure if it's the second time around, but i am going to go out on a limb and say i believe it is the original mileage, due to its overall condition. Thanks again for your interest and allowing me to tell the story. Jim
  5. Gave the Buick a quick wash. All that dirt was getting to me. Now you can see the original paint.
  6. Hi, I am in Berwick, it is about 30 minutes north of the 80 and 81 intersection. I think that is about 3 hrs from you, give or take. Thanks Jim
  7. Hi All, A little background first. Bought this 1942 Buick Limited about 17-18 years ago. It was in a garage in Nutley NJ since 1970. Did some work to it to get it road worthy. The usual......tune up, oil change, brakes , tires, etc. Then life happened....... no money and no time. Fast forward to 3 months ago. Retired, downsized, moved to Pa with a great woman. So now i have the time and a little money. The plan is HPOF Hershey 2020.
  8. From members of the CCCA that I know, they say he had a heart attack and passed quickly. Very sad.
  9. Hi Dave, The pics will help me also, will be putting a DA coupe back together in the near future. Going to be my retirement project. But i have a question, where did you purchase the oil filter? Thanks in advance, Jim
  10. Hi, 19" locking rims are very hard to find. They were gobbled up by classic car owners over the years because they were used on Duesenbergs, Packards, etc.
  12. Hi Matt , I am not sure if the 1941 Buick manual has the courtesy lamps diagram, but the 1942 does have it for the different models. I attached the diagram for 90 series models. Good luk
  13. I am not sure if this is the right area to post this sad news. Bill Hirsch passed away on October 23rd. He will be missed by all who knew him and everyone in the car collector hobby.