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  1. Thanks for the clarification. I will check out the RED LINE gear oil. Jim
  2. Thanks Ben. That's what I thought but wanted to be sure. JIm
  3. HI all, The rubber oil lines that run from the oil filter canister to the engine block were all cracked and oozing oil. I removed before I thought about which line goes where. So my question is what line goes where. The block has the outlet at the bottom close to the oil pan and the inlet goes into the head. The oil canister has a threaded hole at the center on the bottom and the other is on the side close to the cover. Thanks again for everyone's help with my prior issues. Thanks Jim
  4. I thought there were issues with using GL-5 in older vehicles because of yellow metal. Thanks Jim
  5. I think Don's son Dan is running the business.
  6. I believe the sequence on the 1942 buick 320 st 8 is from the center out on one side then center out to the other end. Thanks Jim
  7. Put 8 ft LEDS in the new garage, best thing I ever did. Jim
  8. Thanks for the info on shark hide. Will check it out. Never heard of it. Thanks Jim
  9. Can someone tell me what shark hide is??? Never heard of it. Thanks Jim
  10. AL W, Can you share who rebuilt the radio. I would like to have the one in my 1942 Buick rebuilt but have heard all kinds of comments both good and bad on the the rebuilders out there. Thanks Jim
  11. Well after I put the horn ring back together properly, while calling myself every name in the book for being such a dumb a**, it worked. The horn did not go off as soon as I installed the ring as it did before. It took about 15 minutes of adjusting the plate to get all 3 spokes to work correctly. Neil, again thank you for all your help. And now onto the next issue. Jim
  12. Neil, you are going way beyond helping!!!! I will change how I put it together and will let you know tomorrow. Thanks Jim
  13. Continuing the horn assembly. Paper insulator and heavy spring on top of the horn ring. Placing plate on top of the heavy spring. pushing down the retaining plate. I did not take a picture of the little nuts on the studs, no insulators under the nuts. But are these the nuts that need to be adjusted. If you want to see more pics let me know. Thanks for all your help Neil. Jim
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