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  1. Exhaust noise will be ticking like a bad lifter. Intake noise will be hissing or moaning. Can you describe the noise?
  2. I bet part of the problem is that the contract specifically stipulates something like a "new 2020 Chevrolet Corvette." Well, there aren't any more of those. The lottery commission can't buy one off eBay and give it to him because it's not new (even if it only has 10 miles on it--it has been titled by someone else, which is no longer a new car). There's a lot of gray area in the law here, but when a contract says what it says, you either honor it or, if it cannot be honored due to external circumstances, you have to renegotiate. I guess that's what the lawyers are doing here. Ultimately, I thin
  3. It's a lot easier to fool someone than to convince them they've been fooled. Look at the world around us--you really think it's at all difficult to pull the wool over people's eyes with just words?
  4. I have an identical car and if I could get $45,000 for it, I'd be delighted. Mine has the sidemount covers, a correct carburetor (the wrong carburetor suggests that whomever was working on it didn't make it right), and an overdrive for touring. The restoration is older, but it does have a brand-new $10,000 interior. It's a very good car but not perfect. $50,000 for a fairly ordinary 4-door sedan, Cadillac or not, is probably the top of the market.
  5. I installed a stacked plate auxiliary cooler on our Suburban 2500 that we use for towing. I installed it after the factory cooler. My thinking was that the transmission typically runs cooler than the engine coolant so if you put the cooler ahead of the radiator, the radiator will just be putting heat back into the transmission fluid that the auxiliary cooler just took out. I think the amount of heat that transmission fluid adds to the radiator is negligible given the differences in thermal mass (the amount of transmission fluid in the radiator vs. the amount of coolant). Most radiator-based tr
  6. I sell the heck out of these. The last Wildcat I had was easily our most popular car. Part of that was because it was cheap but these seem to have a very strong following. This is all the money, but they probably won't stay this cheap if my experience is any indication.
  7. If a C5 Corvette is on your list, that's my recommendation. They are fast, comfortable, spacious, reliable, and surprisingly economical. Bulletproof reliable, cheap parts, excellent tech support, and insanely fun to drive. Turn off the traction control and you can hang the tail out indefinitely. Very well balanced cars. I'm obviously a fan, having worked on the development of the things, but in terms of bang-for-the-buck, it is by far the biggest. Great cars for very little cash. Case in point, I just sold this car for about $22,000. 2002, all options, 6-speed, 31,000 miles:
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