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  1. Great car and photo! Current issue of "Collectible Automobile" magazine features these Regal GS's in an article.
  2. I have been contacted by a friend, who is seeking this item that fits into the dashboard above the radio. Does anyone have a suggestion regarding a possible source for this unit? Thank you in advance for any recommendations.
  3. This is quite an interesting car. The bucket seat interiors were quite rare in the LeSabre series cars of this era. Factory A/C, the optional headrests for 1966, and the cornering lamps are all nice options. Another unique aspect is the optional Super Deluxe wheel covers. These are essentially the Electra 225 wheel covers, and, while Buick typically offered these as an option on LeSabres, this is the first time I have ever seen the option on a '66 model.
  4. This is the rarely seen '61 Invicta Custom 4-door hardtop with full leather interior.
  5. A striking car in Sable Black. The fact that the car is rust-free and drivable makes this one a solid starting point for someone who wants to begin enjoying the car even as it is improved over time. While the seats appear to have been sewn with the correct pattern, the fabric is not original. For someone seeking a fully authentic example, these would need to be re-upholstered during the future.
  6. There is a classified "Cars Wanted" listing in the current Buick Bugle. The potential buyer is specifically seeking a '56 Roadmaster sedan, and makes it clear that he does not want a hardtop. tailfins, you would be wise to contact the individual who is seeking one of these.
  7. Your video preview is my favorite automotive video of the year, Matt. There is something remarkable about seeing that majestic Buick zooming past the right-hand side of the Packard. I can't wait to see the full presentation!
  8. As Lance noted, this car has a dynamite color scheme. What a cool car this could be! Wish I had the resources to take it on.
  9. Tom, I'm thankful to see that you are sticking with this car and are determined to keep working at it. It's great that there is a specific date by which you hope to have the car road ready, and that is very useful as a motivator. I look forward to seeing your progress. I think that this is a pretty special car in terms of the color and option mix, so I'm convinced that it's a car worth saving and re-doing as needed.
  10. Just one of the 1,700 remarkable Buicks displayed, this 1931 model 96-C drove from Seattle with us. Gary and Shirley Cummings were an inspiration to all -- always gracious as they steered their majestic Buick across the country without a hiccup. Here, we see the Buick in Staples, Minnesota, where Nyhus Chevrolet - Buick hosted a car show and reception for us.
  11. It was perhaps the most memorable week ever for this Buick enthusiast! I'll add a couple of photos. Gary's '55 Roadmaster seen here at the Hot Rod Cafe in northern Idaho. This was our first night out from Seattle, and we had a Buick Centennial parade and car show in Coeur d'Alene, The second image shows Gary's car (a few cars back) in the lineup a few miles outside of Flint, as we were preparing to drive the final distance to the Flint Cultural Center. We entered Flint with fifty-six Buicks, having gathered cars all the way across Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota
  12. These cars are very special in 4-door hardtop form. The "flat top" roofline was sensational. And, in my opinion, the Silver Birch paint color is great on a '59, enhancing the "Jet Age" styling themes.
  13. A beautiful car, but I wish the seller had included more and better exterior photos. Have you seen this listing for a '57 Super 2-door Riviera at Volo Car Museum? https://www.volocars.com/auto-sales/vehicles/15830/1957-buick-super
  14. I'll suggest that these are not actual asking prices. I've seen listings where the sellers have no idea of the vehicle's value, so fail to set an asking price. So, it is not uncommon to see prices shown like $11111 or $12345 when the seller simply needs to fill the price field with some numbers.
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