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  1. I love these cars -- both the final generation (1997 - 2005) and the prior generation (1991 - 1996). I believe that demand for these cars will grow over time. Even as "cheap wheels" used cars, though, they developed a strong following. The local Buick dealer told me in about 2013 that he could sell older Park Avenues and LeSabres all day long. (This is on the West Coast where the Asian brands dominate.) As such, many of them have been used up. I drive a beautiful '96 Riviera (Light Jadestone) every day, and passed 161,000-miles yesterday. Fabulous car. And my wife loves her beautiful 2005 LeSabre, so I'm a great proponent of the 3800-powered Buicks built from 1988 - 2005. I have been monitoring an elderly couple with a gorgeous 2005 Park Avenue Ultra, and need to let them know to call me if they ever wish to sell. I also think that the 1997 - 2004 Regals are wonderful cars, especially in GS or Joseph Abboud trim versions. These cars were very well styled compared to competing models from the other GM divisions.
  2. An excellent article, and I was especially thrilled to see you car included, Doug! I have always liked this generation full size Buick. My parents purchased a new 1977 Electra 225 Limited Landau coupe -- a beautiful car, and I wish I had managed to keep it in the family when they traded it in twelve years later on an '89 LeSabre.
  3. In most cases, the outside rear view mirror was not even a factory-installed option in 1958, so many cars were delivered with no outside rear view mirrors. Buick offered outside rear view mirrors as approved accessories that were intended for installation by dealers, with Buick providing templates to show the proper mounting location for the mirrors. I'm basing my comments here on what we know about the 1959 and 1960 mirrors, which were factory-installed only on convertibles and the Electra 225 4-door hardtops. We have seen many Electras of the era with no outside rear view mirrors. It's hard to understand how and why such a low mileage example would have been fitted with the later Buick chrome plated road wheels in lieu of original steel wheels and wheel trim.
  4. Ben Perfitt, thank you for your post. You have hit the nail squarely on the head. When I see the constant / pervasive marketing for Toyota, Hyundai, and Kia, I keep asking myself what the heck GM is thinking. It's easy to think that no one really cares about selling the cars. And it's maddening to think that GM might someday shutter the Buick brand because "no one cares". The fact is, enthusiasts like you and I appear to care far more than GM itself does. I wrote a lengthy email last week to auto industry analyst, Peter DeLorenzo, complaining about how GM is mishandling the Buick brand. This was days before the article appeared in the NYT. A futher example I cited was the Buick Verano of a few years back. Interestingly, the J.D. Powers and Associates quality surveys revealed that the Buick Verano was the most reliable / highest-quality model sold in America, regardless of manufacturer or country of origin. Owners seemed to love these cars. But we never saw a single advertisement touting the car's Lexus-beating quality. And rather than re-commit to the model and continue to refine it and intelligently market it, GM canceled it. . . . We know that the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are industry powerhouses because their manufacturers stuck with them, allowing them to build incredible brand equity. This is a concept that GM fails to grasp. It's criminal that the long-running LeSabre nameplate, among others, was allowed to die.
  5. General Motors has finally hired a Chief Marketing Officer, so let's hope that Buick gets some attention fast. The last major campaign -- "That's not a Buick" -- was stupid and insulting, and was no way to burnish the brand image. And there is a new Encore variant on the way in the near future -- albeit with 3-cylinder power -- and a new Buick Enspire CUV coming in 2021 for the US market. Hoping that the Enspire will be produced here and replace the non-competitive Envision from China.
  6. Many makes have deleted the brand nameplates from their products. Nonetheless, GM's unwillingness to invest in Buick in the USA is infuriating. Look at the billions that GM has blown on Cadillac during recent years, yet Buick gets almost nothing in terms of unique product for the U.S. market. And there is no worthwhile marketing or advertising for the brand. The remaining Buick passenger cars sold in the USA are imported from Germany, and those few buyers who even know that they are offered go to dealer lots to find that none are even in stock. It's tough to sell cars when none are on hand. General Motors could give lessons on destroying once-proud automotive brands.
  7. Actually, this is not a 1969 Limited interior. I believe this to be an Electra 225 Custom without the Limited option. The Limited nameplate appears to have been added to the roof sail panel. The wheel covers are from a much newer Buick, and that's regrettable. The original 1969 Electra 225 wheel covers were a beautiful design. Gorgeous car, but too many things have been messed with.
  8. What facts have been misstated in the listing? I have a particular interest in this car, since I have known of it since about 1960.
  9. Long-time Centurion owner and enthusiast here. My parents purchased this 1971 Centurion Formal Coupe new, and I have owned it since the late-1970's. It's been a remarkable car for the long haul!
  10. The Brooklin Co. in the UK is close to offering its new 1/43-scale replicas of the 1956 Century 4-door Riviera. As you may know, Nicola Bulgari owns a controlling interest in the Brooklin firm, which has offered many fine Buick models during recent years. I received a question today from one of Brooklin's consultants regarding steering wheel color for this model: "I'm writing to ask for your expertise on the first Brooklin version in blue and white. I think Nigel (Brooklin's principal manager) has gone for Cadet Blue and the interior is at present also blue and white with a blue dash. They've painted the steering wheel white but is this correct? Things are still at the prototype stage but they'll be spraying bodies in earnest soon, possibly the end of this week." The fact is that I'm no expert on the '56's, but some of you are. Any thoughts on the steering wheel color for a '56 Century with the color scheme that has been described above? Thank you in advance for your help.
  11. There was a Monarch Buick in the Indianapolis area.
  12. Y-Job Fan, you are completely correct. The Fisher Body data plate indicates that this car was built with a gray interior. Given the decision to switch the interior color, the restorer needs to complete the job and change the color of the steering wheel, dash board, etc.
  13. I have noticed this car on Ebay. A very beautiful and desirable Buick!