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  1. As Lance noted, this car has a dynamite color scheme. What a cool car this could be! Wish I had the resources to take it on.
  2. Tom, I'm thankful to see that you are sticking with this car and are determined to keep working at it. It's great that there is a specific date by which you hope to have the car road ready, and that is very useful as a motivator. I look forward to seeing your progress. I think that this is a pretty special car in terms of the color and option mix, so I'm convinced that it's a car worth saving and re-doing as needed.
  3. Just one of the 1,700 remarkable Buicks displayed, this 1931 model 96-C drove from Seattle with us. Gary and Shirley Cummings were an inspiration to all -- always gracious as they steered their majestic Buick across the country without a hiccup. Here, we see the Buick in Staples, Minnesota, where Nyhus Chevrolet - Buick hosted a car show and reception for us.
  4. It was perhaps the most memorable week ever for this Buick enthusiast! I'll add a couple of photos. Gary's '55 Roadmaster seen here at the Hot Rod Cafe in northern Idaho. This was our first night out from Seattle, and we had a Buick Centennial parade and car show in Coeur d'Alene, The second image shows Gary's car (a few cars back) in the lineup a few miles outside of Flint, as we were preparing to drive the final distance to the Flint Cultural Center. We entered Flint with fifty-six Buicks, having gathered cars all the way across Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota
  5. These cars are very special in 4-door hardtop form. The "flat top" roofline was sensational. And, in my opinion, the Silver Birch paint color is great on a '59, enhancing the "Jet Age" styling themes.
  6. A beautiful car, but I wish the seller had included more and better exterior photos. Have you seen this listing for a '57 Super 2-door Riviera at Volo Car Museum? https://www.volocars.com/auto-sales/vehicles/15830/1957-buick-super
  7. I'll suggest that these are not actual asking prices. I've seen listings where the sellers have no idea of the vehicle's value, so fail to set an asking price. So, it is not uncommon to see prices shown like $11111 or $12345 when the seller simply needs to fill the price field with some numbers.
  8. My brother-in-law and his wife joined us on an Easter afternoon "social distancing" cruise on the backroads to the old mining community of Wilkeson. Here we are at the 1913 Wilkeson school building, with my brother-in-law's '65 Riviera GS and our '59 Electra. My father-in-law joined in the fun.
  9. Great story, lebu! Thank you for sharing. Do you live in Idaho? If you're here in the Pacific Northwest, would be great for you to have this very unique Skylark ready to display at the upcoming Buick National Meet slated for 2023 (I hope) -- or 2024 -- for Spokane, Washington. I'd love to see your car.
  10. One more photo, lebu. The Anderson Buick building shown here in 1957, before it became the Buick dealership building that I remember from childhood.
  11. lebu, I have obtained a historic photo of Anderson Buick in Boise, Idaho. Not a great photo, but at least we can get a glimpse of the signage. Edit note: Adding a second image, in which the same Buick sign can be seen in this distance. This image dates from April 1, 1962. It appears that cars were parked on the roof of the building.
  12. lebu, it has been fifty-seven years since I last saw the Anderson Buick Co., but I've done a little digging. The former dealership building still stands on Capitol Blvd. in Boise, across from Julia Davis Park. The cross street is Fulton. I have attached a current photo. This is the structure that I remember from the early-1960's. My understanding is that the building first housed a Nash - Rambler dealership, which moved in 1957. I assume, then, that Anderson Buick first occupied the space in about 1957. But I have also learned that by 1974, at least, the dealersh
  13. The 315-hp rating was correct for '71, with 330-hp for the Riviera GS' modified high performance 455. The 255-hp sounds correct for '72, when the horsepower ratings were revised to reflect net horsepower.
  14. Joe was a fine man, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting at the Buick Centennial in 2003. I found him to be a tremendous help as I sought additional information regarding that once-in-a-lifetime event. Joe was absolutely one of the guys who made the BCA a great organization.
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