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  1. Y-Job Fan, you are completely correct. The Fisher Body data plate indicates that this car was built with a gray interior. Given the decision to switch the interior color, the restorer needs to complete the job and change the color of the steering wheel, dash board, etc.
  2. I have noticed this car on Ebay. A very beautiful and desirable Buick!
  3. Great, Adam! I was hoping that someone would step forward who could use this. I already have a spare, or I would have been all over this.
  4. Looking forward to more, high-quality photo of the completed car. It's just stunning!
  5. PART HAS BEEN FOUND. Wanted: 1971 GM B-Body or E-Body -- Windshield Upper Reveal Molding For 2- or 4-door hardtops. LeSabre, Centurion, or Riviera. Electra part number is different. Group 10.093 Part 9739353 Prefer NOS if we can find it. Needing this quickly to complete the installation of my new vinyl roof. Thanks in advance for your help! My original molding was slightly tweaked, and will not fit properly.
  6. Pete, I had hoped that someone here would be familiar with this collection or know the seller. that '42 76-S is stunning!
  7. Mecum's upcoming May, 2019 auction in Indianapolis lists a remarkable array of pre-war Buicks, and I assume that these might all come from the same collection. Every year of Series 90 Limited is represented from 1937 - 1942, and there's a stunning 1942 Roadmaster Sedanette and a 1949 Roadmaster Estate Wagon offered as well.
  8. Simply stunning as it nears completion! What a remarkable Buick treasure this is!
  9. As a follow-up to John's post, I also nabbed a few shots of the '57 Roadmaster coupe displayed at the Portland Nationals, 2014:
  10. Thank you Al and Matt. I appreciate your contribution to the topic, and I am suggesting that any 1956 tri-tone combinations offered by the model maker be limited to those for which we have photos. Perhaps someone will furnish some definitive information in the future or at least contribute additional photos showing tri-tone cars.
  11. Jerry, I replied to your PM last week, as well as to the e-mail that you sent. Please let me know if you are unable to view either of them.
  12. The 1956 Century 4-door Riviera will be made by Brooklin Models of the UK in 1/43-scale. There will be at least a couple of color schemes offered, although perhaps not from the beginning. Jerry, if you want a model in the exact color scheme of your car, please send me a private message. I have a source in the UK who receives a small number of models directly from Brooklin, then finishes them per his customer requests. He will be finishing one for me in this color scheme, replicating a car in our local Buick Club chapter:
  13. Yes, I have this model as well. It is indeed a striking color combination.