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  1. The Electra is ready for the chrome to be installed. I am REALLY getting anxious. Cheers!
  2. Details...inner fenders, cowl, radiator top cover, rear window stainless... I hope to have it back here Monday after Easter.
  3. in 65, 66, 67 and 68 the WIldcat and ELectra shared the 126" wheelbase. The LeSabre was on a 123" wheelbase. I'm working on and Electra now and the trunk is bigger.
  4. Bling a ding I'll be working on it here next month.
  5. The material for 64 and 65 is foam with a thin cloth backing. The foam is exposed. See first post for picture.
  6. Update: We will be giving these away at the WOT meeting in Bowling Green in May during the GSCA event. It will be super fun. I will share this other places, but this is the first announcement. Cheers!
  7. I had these made for a WOT meeting @ bowling Green. We gave a case of them out as door prizes. Cheers Ted
  8. Very nice ! I was in NZ touring the South Island then ended the trip in Aukland. I met John Murray there - from the Buick v8 board- he picked me up in his LS6 Chevelle and we rode around then parked and had some Tui beer. Your wagon is a match for mine too. Welcome aboard. - Ted from Ohio
  9. Imagine driving on the streets of Nice and the coast...oui.
  10. Steve, there is no great support for this board style of headliner. I've got 3 WIldcats that have now been changed to the bow style. The Electra here is going to be my experiment in recovering with foam. The bow plastic I've harvested from several cars. Fingers crossed for the result. Ted
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