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  1. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    Any one else watch Perry Mason?

    We watch Perry Mason on MeTV, the local oldies station. One episode I swear I saw a 65 Wildcat for a flash. Cathi was not as amused as I was since the show starts at 11 pm and she was half asleep when I saw it
  2. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    65 Buick Lesabre Convertable trim - $1400 (Monrovia)

    I have the short side behind front wheel. I've parted out 10 65's and the passenger rear molding is the one that is banged up the most for some reason. Ted
  3. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    L78-15 Tire Pressure

    I was trying to see if there was a tire pressure decal somewhere. I found one for 1954 that recommended 24 cold and 27 hot. IMHO bias ply paradigm is lower pressure and will give better ride at recommended pressures. Corvair tire pressure for front was 15 psi. Many handling problems with the corvair were from front tire pressure being too high. I do like to increase pressure if in storage - my attempt at lowering chance of flat spots.
  4. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    65 - LX block VIN stamp

    If I were restamping you know they would be in a straight line and neat as I could get it. I say its legit
  5. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    WTB - 67-75 Engine, 400, 430, 455

    Please let us know where you are. Maybe somebody local can help, or if shipping is needed how much that might be. Ted
  6. Curtains don't match the rug? Text says no a/c but the engine clearly has an a/c pump. Gosh do you think its the same car? https://cnj.craigslist.org/cto/d/1969-buick-riviera-cruise/6694992959.html
  7. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    Anyone driving from Ohio to Oklahoma for tha national meet?

    I'll be going from Cincinnati.
  8. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    1971 LeSabre - $8500 with 20k miles on CL

    I need a new bottle opener - attached to the hood of a LeSabre
  9. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    1963 - 1965 Riviera 4-speed

    I was reviewing the 4-speed pedal set I have. The manual brake pedal set is different; both pedals mount to one pivot point. Probably for better leverage - the master cylinder on the manual cars is mounted higher on the firewall than the power MC.
  10. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    1963 - 1965 Riviera 4-speed

    Converting a 66 Riv will be fun. No known good pedal conversion comes to mind. But the basic format for pedal mounting seems to be the same. on a lot of cars the pedals are mounted to the same shaft that is mounted on the steering column support. Pedals hang from the common shaft, pivot from that same point. http://i51.photobucket.com/albums/f376/Wildcat65/IMG_2780_zps540tsyqs.jpg[/IMG] I have 4 Wildcats with 3 pedals and the clutch pedal on those has a separate mount so it pivots closer to the driver position. That may be for increased pedal travel needed for the clutch. My converted car has 65 Impala pedals with common pivot. It looks like there may be short clutch pedal travel - hope to have the hydraulic operator work with short travel. Ted
  11. Matt, thank you for posting my thoughts. Valve rings go bad when the muffler bearings have too tight tolerances, right?
  12. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    Wildcat 65's 1968 obsession...GS400

    Currently building the "matching #s" engine for the triple black 4-speed. I think I will test it in another car though- my 68 convertible engine has all the right parts but it does not run very well! I have a time waster plan to install this engine so I can sort the convertible engine out later. Maybe not...if I just pull the engine out and fix it it would be less hassle. Time, who knew how fast it flew!
  13. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    WTB '65 wheel

    The steering wheel is the same for 454, LeSabre Custom 464 Wildcat Deluxe series and 466 Wildcat Custom series- they have the ring on the wheel. Frame of the horn bars are the same. Plastic medallions held in place with metal tabs and maybe a bit of yellow glue. I thought the different Riviera horn medallion designs were standard trim vs custom? In LeSabre/Wildcat world there are 2 designs- standard trim and lower series Lesabre had a chrome with center Buick trishield, upper series got the black with silver lines, tri shield center. Lower level series had a plain steering wheel without the trim ring embedded. Yeah, we need pictures! Ted
  14. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    Raise your hand if you drove at least one old Buick this weekend

    yes, did some car washing and drove the 65 around a bit.
  15. Ted "Wildcat65" Nagel

    '64 401 Nailhead Questions

    I like the fuel pump idea, but also check out the rest of your fuel system...filter, tank, fuel lines. Ted