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  1. It has power steering. Look for the pulley- it is there. It also has power brakes. Much more likely to have both, since I can see the PS pulley it is a moot point.
  2. On my 401 with an Edelbrock (no Choke) i drilled out the tube and tapped the holes and plugged them. Your picture looks like my Riviera manifold when I pulled it off. I replaced the manifold on that. Ted
  3. Excellent! Although my stack of Daily Production Reports is like 3" thick I did not get any info on the Skylarks! Check with Sean1997, he may have some of that information. https://forums.aaca.org/profile/88178-sean1997/ I am curious myself so I may have to contact Sloan again. Please start a new thread in "Me and My Buick" and introduce yourself and your car- we love 4-speed stories! Ted
  4. A nice pair..and contrast...Red, Deluxe, Buckets, 4-speed, 401 vs Green, Custom Bench, 425 Super Wildcat, automatic.
  5. What? no Wildcats yet? Here is one of the 18 Standard Trim Coupes with Standard Transmission- 3 on the tree!
  6. Local car show at Spring Grove Cemetery - my quiet neighbors to the east.
  7. The 68 Gran Sport..Motor Spyder Wheel extended test.