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  1. One of the goals of the Cleaning was to free up a space for this 65 Wildcat that has been in a restoration shop- it came home last week and it is looking pretty. One of the goals for this was to honor the previous owner by getting it done and sharing his story. I will have to make a separate post regarding that - with more pictures of course!
  2. All the Passenger Elevators have that rope control. Pull in the direction one is going to stop. and PAY ATTENTION as with all endeavors The rope turns off the motor and activated the brake. For many years ours had a brake with shoes acting on the outside of a drum -part of the manufacturer's design- later we were required to use a motor with an integrated brake. I have the over the top prevention brake activator in my garage, an additional memento of our "old Days" as Flour Millers in Cincinnati. Speaking of Distilleries, the Seagram's (https://www.cincinnatimagazine.com/
  3. Spent the morning with the HVAC guy. Heater hangs from the ceiling and I borrowed the forklift basket from work. @ 2 hours in he needs a pressure switch, I need coffee, so we have a break. Pressure switch is not at the store( why the phone call did not reveal this info!) we try to steal a part from the unused unit on side 2. That requires dad's Regal, the Wildcat convertible and the 68 convertible to be moved so we can get access to unit 2. I drive him over in the forklift basket and as I'm lifting the forklift dies. Out of fuel! 2020 strikes again! I
  4. I was looking at this last night for a 68 Buick. Nothing exact but I looked at this http://www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com/prodinfo.asp?number=BT6584 and this https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-72-Buick-Skylark-GS-Battery-Tray-GM-1382372-/271535443580 Here is a 65 big car example (for reference)
  5. Verde Green (I know, redundant) - if it was an Olds it would be Cypress Green or Chevy would be Cypress Green. Steve (the painter) took the previous pictures while the mist was still in the air (I was assured a Mask was still on) The haze lifted by Saturday when I went to visit. I've been busy shining still...I wish I could find new Ventiports. These are not bad, but I saw half a set of NOS LeSabre ones on eBay and they really pop. Onward through the fog!
  6. https://www.nytimes.com/1997/08/29/us/kentucky-doctors-warn-against-a-regional-dish-squirrels-brains.html
  7. Yes, that is possible if the safety off was not working! We ran this machine a long time with very few incidents. Inspected every month by the city it seems like. One bad one was when old Joe went over the top. Joe was the guy that told me he would hunt and eat squirrel. One day I asked him how that was going... he replied “momma won’t let me eat them squirrel brains anymore!” I’ve not yet penned the song that will contain that lyric...mad squirrel disease...
  8. That turned out nice! I keep seeing restorations of toy trucks with plastic parts and the plastic turns out nice. I wondered what they use to clean that up. The fan looks like it turned out as new! You are an inspiration. I'm cleaning every little bit of my Electra - when I think I'm going to far all I need is to remember Sebastienbuick! Cheers, happy Christmas to you. Ted
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