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  1. On to the next show! I've signed up for MCACN (november)again this year with this car- Ajesh coordinates the cars and theme for each year and this year it is 68's and 69's. I've got to get this concourse clean...and it will probably be a Mission Creep situation as I am not happy with the engine right now. It has a TA "Stage 1" cam- but it idles so poorly I think it may be bigger. Maybe need to put a more stock cam in.
  2. Drove this a little in Strongsville. Just a few tweaks and it will be my driver.
  3. Did some parts farming last night, got a NICE pedal/column mount out. New pedals on it, next week I'll have a big push to hang exhaust and some engine bits. Had the air compressor pressure switch go bad and a Air Dryer unit I ordered was damaged in shipment so 2 forward, 1 back...
  4. Finally registered a car, not quite done but drivable. Looking forward to it!
  5. The ubiquitous rusty 68 core support, with matching inner fender! Picture here is car as it was being torn down. It was a MESS!
  6. Great show. I was especially impressed with this Oldsmobile. The scale of it amazes me. Some other highlights (for me :)) were the Ghia and the Maserati. Congrats to all.
  7. OK Topper, How is it going? Almost 4 years later. Wish we could see your Wagon. Regards, Ted
  8. I had to use an older picture but I had my 69 GS350 3-speed out a couple days last week. Great driving car! My commute to work is 30 minutes, mostly highway. I have some speedometer maintenence - odometer is woeking but speedo is bouncing at zero til I hit 80, then it flops over and reads 120! Phone app speedometer helps. Onward!
  9. This was interesting- I'm used to Buicks and have not seen one of these clutch Z-bar linkages before. The holes were worn out and new ones ez to find. Not as weird as my 65 GS or 65 Wildcat forks (cast iron) but very different from the 400/455 style in the Buick.
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