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  1. Before cars I was into Guitars, well mainly bass in a unknown garage rock band. Guitars are easier to store (and get stolen) and I had a little collection. Had to enter this online contest... https://woobox.com/nebutp/gallery?web=1 Show us your cars and guitars! Ted
  2. Loaded for the trip to Columbus for attention. I stopped by the upholstery shop to visit the seats that have been done for 8 years. I've my own shelf unit there...seats look excellent in the red Madrid Grain Vinyl reproductions from PUI. He has the door panels and everything but the headliner/visors. Steve and I will have the car running and ready for Darrin to concentrate on headliner, seats and door panels next year. All fur now, Wildcatters! Ted
  3. I am good at collecting parts, but finishing the job has been challenging for every project. 1) Super X-Code intake manifold 2) the state of the trim situation- when I had the ss polished in 2005 I had accidentally sent 2 rh qtr belt moldings. Found a pair to polish next round. Drip rail and window opening seals in. 3) goodies from the stash for windows and doors.
  4. I decided I had too many red cars and no black cars. This one now color changed to Regal Black. I used some of my best chrome on the front.
  5. Built an engine or 2. First idea was a 66 Nailhead with a q-jet. Then it changed to an X-Code dual quad. Then 5-speed Tremec, hydraulic clutch. I found 65 Impala pedals and modified to work with the WIldcat's pedal/steering column bracket and hydraulic throw out bearing.
  6. Ok Buick People! One might guess from my "handle" and 21 years of posting on the forum that I am into 65 Wildcats. This one is the second one I purchased. The first is my Sea Foam Green Custom Convertible that showed up in Hemmings around 1998. I had to call and ask about it for the most obscure reason- the phone prefix was the same as my work establishment (681) so I figured it would be close by. But that is not the car I am featuring in this post. The second one purchased came from S. Carolina. I had a job there and had a friend look at it...he advised not to purchase LOL. While it was in transit an issue of the Bugle had a lead (from none other than Pete Phillips) for a 65 Wildcat 4-speed coupe. I was conflicted for 10 seconds and had to make the call for that one too. 2 65 Coupes on the way, the year: 2000. Registered one in April and one in May. This automatic, bucket seat, console, Flame Red custom was inoperative as there had been an engine fire that damaged the hood-an Electra btw, at least by the center trim! It is still leaning against the back wall too. Year 2000 was the year I lost my Mom. Dad and I found our garage coming from the cemetery as it is situated next door. We purchased the 6080 sq ft building as soon as we could. With all that space I could do a frame off restoration on the 65. In my mind, this project would determine if I was any good at restoration and if I would do more. Maybe not So the car came apart. So Many Parts! 20 years of collecting more - 3 cars worth of parts from MO, 1 from Chicago, 1 from PA, 1 from Michigan, Engines, 3.91 rear ends, 4-note horns, am/fm treasures from far and wide. First off came the body..
  7. OK, Steve is done for now and the Electra has returned to Cincinnati. The interior I took out has to go back, with headliner improvement. Waiting on Ames to send another package shelf. Hopefully a good weekend with it will bear 75% of what I need to get done. Sent the 65 Wildcat super Custom back with Steve for assembly. It will sport a red interior (those in the know will realize the Custom Coupe was not originally equipped with red Custom interiors like the convertibles) New update of old thread may be appropriate? Cheers!
  8. Man, had a colony of gremlins living in the ol Electra. First test around the block a vibration bad enough to warrant investigation. Flex plate apparently was not tightened and developed a wobble, water pump bearing wiped out, brake line rust enough to replace, master cyl would not bleed so lots of things to fix in the last month. Latest ride smooth with new flex plate, H2O pump, new master and brake line. Lots of lube for the driveshaft too. Smooth test run, think the gremlins have been put at bay for the moment. Meanwhile at work... about halfway on our building expansion to add space and 2 more lines. Regards from SE Indiana
  9. Testing positive for "Buick Fever". We have a date for it to return to the Taj Ma Garage. 8/24/21 Cheers
  10. It is on there, I had to look carefully.
  11. Not much visual evidence of progress, but due to the previous owners dubious engine swap I've had Steve sorting out a few mechanical issues. First test run blew up the water pump... That was probably the vibration , but futher inspection revealed bad motor mounts, trans mount, butchered flex plate, loose bolts. To the parts bin!
  12. I have a love of original fasteners. So yes, the nuts and bolts from my projects are saved and reused. I'm a long way from being able to ID every one on my Wildcats - but I feel like they are unique enough to warrant re-use.
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