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  1. 2 New 600,000 bushel bins for the Whitewater Mill LLC. Rain is making our wheat crop pretty soggy but the May frost did not hurt too much. Buicks do not like the rain either. 68 Wildcat project stalled - the engine I thought was in working condition got some water in one cyl. Now deciding whether to build a 455 or do the 430. Good problems!
  2. OK, the weather has been uncooperative here. I tried to put a couple miles on the Special Wagon and it acted like it was out of gas (it was not) so back to the barn with that. Got a couple days driving with the GS California in April. Garage is jammed up - cars in "pole position" are inoperable now. I'm lucky to have these challenges! Here is the latest tire/wheel test on the 64 LeSabre Wagon though.
  3. This guy will be coming back from a long restoration as soon as travel restrictions allow. Must make some room!
  4. All interior bits getting shined up for the Electra. I'm waiting for a trunk divider so the seats can go in. Today I hope to get into the rear window motors and get them operational.
  5. A little topic deviation - I found this place recomended by some Ford guys for plastic chrome resto- https://www.vacuumorna-metal.com/content/restoration I'm going to try them on some 65 Skylark armrests. I tried some Duplicolor chrome paint an was disappointed but not surprised-kinda dull looking. Man that Tealmist color is FINE. Would look good on a 68 Wildcat
  6. Yes, those are year end totals. Daily production report is kind of misleading- I guess they made one every day and added them up for this final report. BQ transmission I think the Q may be an indicator of the rear end ratio but have never confirmed. Like the Riv GS was "BS" and rear ratio 3.42:1. Found This: LeSabre V8-300 BU V8-401 3.07 Axle BJ V8-401 3.23 Axle BR V8-425 3.07 Axle BN V8-425 3.23 Axle BT V8-425 2 Carbs 3.07 Axle BQ V8-425 2 Carbs 3.42 Axle BS
  7. SO awesome! Wildcat Deluxe with bucket seats and column shift. From the Daily Car Reports, Buick Motor Division, 8-24-1965- Model 46437- 11617 built A-8 Engine-High Performance V-8 425 Cubic inch Dual 4 Barrel Carburetor Dual exhaust- Flint Only -54 built of the deluxe coupes White paint- 2324 (these will #s will all be regarding the Deluxe coupes) Black Deluxe Bucket seats - 869 built Let us know what other options are on your Wildcat and I can try to help. Cheers, Ted
  8. OK Mitch! Whenever I see these not modified I get excited. Hope it works out.
  9. From my memory, lots of fun going on with transmissions! So Full Size 63- last year of Dynaflow w/Nailhead bellhousing 64 Full Size -(non LeSabre coupes and 4-doors) non switch pitch 400 w/Nailhead bellhousing 65/6- Super Turbine 400 Switch Pitch w/Nailhead bellhousing 67 Super Turbine 400 Switch Pitch w/BOP bellhousing 68++ Turbo Hydramatic 3-speed w/BOP bellhousing For LeSabre 63 last year of Dynaflow w/Nailhead bellhousing 64 (data unsure)300 cid BOP bellhousing; assuming 2-speed but was that switch pitch in 64? 65/6/7 Super Turbine 300 2-speed, optional Super Turbine 400 Switch Pitch w/BOP bellhousing 68 2 speed turbo Hydramatic or Turbo Hydramatic 3-speed w/BOP bellhousing 69 ? Cadillac also used a Switch Pitch 400 for 66; except for limousine.
  10. The latest addition! I can see the quality of parts on this vs the Wildcats. The armrest is all metal!
  11. Looked like all- I wonder what a single stage would look like. T
  12. I think urethane base coat. I'm sending it to the guy that painted the Stage 1 to spray out.