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  1. Yesterday we got some pictures of the "campus". Starting another wheat storage project - need more storage @ 1.2million bushels.
  2. This reminds me that I need to record the mileage again on the cars. I definitely did not make the challenge. 2020 is the year of the cat....68 Wildcat daily driver! Cat Rod!
  3. I have a set on my 65 Wildcat. Offset had to be compensated with a 1" spacer. T
  4. I figure at the current rate of project completion...say 5 years per...I need 100 years to get current projects done. So I am looking at ways to extend my life. Soup for lunch today! Wheeeee Engine swap tomorrow!
  5. Here is the one you could put your 62 lid on it and call it done...
  6. Gran Sport style or Electra style? I bought this one from PalBuick (Jim Schilf) many years ago- it was so cool I had to have it. Q-jet size opening. I came across another one in black. Reference only.
  7. Right on. Pre drilled holes for 350 transmission (or 4-speed) frame position. Big 65 Buick frames have holes for 4-speed frame position as well as the ubiquitous automatic position.
  8. Check this place out http://www.everyday-performance.com/ Ken at Everyday Performance has rebuilt several Q-Jets for me. Beautiful work and tested on an engine before sending back. He did my 69 Stage 1 carb...not something I would send out to just anybody
  9. Me and the Skylark 1980. Miss being skinny and the freedom I felt driving that car with my 8 track blaring. My latest purchase- a 68 Wildcat coupe is also this T code desert beige. May have to change to Arctic White. Not that nostalgic for Desert Beige!