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  1. I just bought an old, but excellent shape, pinion puller for torque tube drive shafts. It was just used successfully on a 48' Super. I would like to offer it for use by our local chapter, but would like some information about torques tubes. 1. What years of Buicks used torque tubes?? and 2. Will this pinion puller work on all years?? Larry
  2. This is a follow up on my efforts to have my differential repaired in my 55 76R roadmaster. I needed a replacement ring gear carrier. I have heard that early 55's have the ring gear riveted to the carrier, latter ones are bolted. I obtained a ring gear & carrier fron Msgr. Douglas Cook in our local BCA chapter, it was out of a 54 Century (series 60) and was riveted, but in great condition. Not knowing if thie unit would fit in my Roadmaster (series 70), I took the Roadmaster & the 54 ring & carrier to a top notch differential shop. to make a long story short, the next day, they called and said the Roadmaster & the Century carriers were exactly the same, even had the same casting #'s on them. They removed the Century ring gear, by machining out the rivets and installed my Roadmaster ring gear using my bolts. They needed to reface the ring gear a little because the bolt heads were a bit larger in dia. than the rivets. They needed NO other parts than what I had brought, and the total bill was only $300.00. I am pretty sure that all ring gear carriers are the same for 40,50,60 &70 series cars, at least on 54 & 55 cars, the ring gears could be a different ratio of course. SHE RUNS GREAR!!! Larry Minery
  3. Thanks Paul: I thought they might be different. So now I need to look for a donor car. Are regulators the same for a convertible as a 2 door hardtip?? Do you know what year's of regulators would be the Same?? Anyone out there that would have a set of regulatore for a 65 Wildcat convertible??? Larry
  4. I want to comvert my crank side windows to power. I have all 4 motors and wiring. Could it be as easy as un-bolting the hand crank and bolting the motor in and hooking up the wiring, or am I dreaming???? Thank you for any suggestions. Larry
  5. Thanks for the info Willie. I am going to keep my eyes & ears open for a while here on the site & see what I can learn. You must be at the National. Do you know Bob & Sandy Buntaine?? If you see them, tell them, Larry says Hello!! Larry
  6. SCROLL DOWN TO HAPPY FACE TO SEE THIS OUTCOME OK The keeper rod that that slides into the ring gear carrier & spider gears is frozen in place. The hole in the ring carrier seems to be a bit oblong. One guy thinks it may have possibly been caused by trailer towing (oblong hole) which the previous owner did do. He also thinks the spider gears have worn groves into the rod, keeping it from sliding out. I know that the ring gears have different ratio's in the Special (40 series) & Century (60 series) from the larger Super (50 series) & Roadmaster (70 series). What I need to know, are the RING GEAR CARRIER'S, the same for all 4 series????????? Also my 55 Roadmaster has the ring gear BOLTED to the ring gear carrier. I have been told that Buicks 1954 & back, had the ring gear RIVETED to the ring gear carrier. Does anyone know if the rivet"s can be drilled out and taped to fit my 1955 ring gear????? I want to keep my ring gear & pinion as a set. Larry
  7. I bought the speaker at a vendor in So. Cal. (Danchuk Manufacturing 1955-1956-1957 Classic Chevy Parts) that only sells 55,56 & 57 Chev. Parts, but some chev. & Buick speakers are the same. A bit pricie, but they are only a few miles from me & I could pick it up. As for OHM's, it is a measurement of electrical resistance. resistance can be measured from almost zero OHN's to millions of ohms. For instance the voice coil of a 4 ohm speaker has very low ohms. Many other electronic parts have from low to very high resistance. All the bulbs in your cars have a resistance, usually lower. I think the last name of the guy that discovered this was Ohm. Larry
  8. I finally found a 6 X 9 4 OHM rear seat speaker for my 55 76R and have it installed. It works great!!! Ah, the sound of low-fi, just like the good old days! Thanks to all for your suggestions. Larry
  9. Hey BRB62 no problem. I should have mentioned that the radio is a tube type in my first message. Thank you for replying back. Do you know a couple in Australia by the name of Ron & Beverly Noonan?? They traveled from Ca. to Flint with us to the 2003 Buick National, great people. Larry
  10. Thank you Jin & JPIndusi: You two are the only one's I have heard from that feel the 4 ohn speaker is correct & you both seem very sure of your selves, so I am going to put the 10 ohm back in the box & shop for a 4 ohm speaker. Thanks again for your input! Larry
  11. NTX5467: Thank you for your thoughts. As of now, I think I will install the 10 ohm in a day or so. By the way, the radio is a stock 1955 tube type radio that has been rebuilt and works well. Larry
  12. BRB62: Thank you for your reply. I an inclined to think either 8 or 10 ohm will work. I will go with the 10 ohm unless I hear anything differently in the mean time. Larry
  13. I want to install a rear speaker in my 55 Roadmaster 76R. I have an NOS 10 ohm speaker (6X9 inch), but always thought car speakers were 8 ohm. Does anyone know for sure what is correct, 8, 10 or what. Thanks