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  1. Not much visual evidence of progress, but due to the previous owners dubious engine swap I've had Steve sorting out a few mechanical issues. First test run blew up the water pump... That was probably the vibration , but futher inspection revealed bad motor mounts, trans mount, butchered flex plate, loose bolts. To the parts bin!
  2. I have a love of original fasteners. So yes, the nuts and bolts from my projects are saved and reused. I'm a long way from being able to ID every one on my Wildcats - but I feel like they are unique enough to warrant re-use.
  3. Outstanding! So glad to see it back - and a little jealous - but also now your posts will be closer together. Cheers, My first move when getting back from paint is the B U I C K hood letters
  4. I've been on a mission to get these together for a photo. Finally had the perfect day! Tried to get the flag on top of the elevator in the last picture Enjoy your Independence Day.
  5. Rodney- the wheels are an unexpected surprise. Looked at Coker and they do not list a 15" for this car. Wonder how my supercats would look ...
  6. It arrived Monday! A little ruff inside as expected. I may need a tailgate or some inventive surgery to the hinge area- it is compromised. One detail that is interesting- the little "Texan" logo similar to the 1960 Invicta Wagon "Texan" interior. A little nod to that.
  7. It arrived Monday! A little ruff inside as expected. I may need a tailgate or some inventive surgery to the hinge area- it is compromised.
  8. Is that line for the secondary choke blocked? Looks great.
  9. I saw this for sale in West Harrison, Indiana. Guy lives across the street and is looking to sell to finance a 57 Chevy project. I forgot to get the number but can get that tomorrow if any interest. 64, White/red interior, Super Wildcat. Tired paint, saw it go under its own power!
  10. Matt said: "Eventually the owner of the car shows up and sees that the shop has mostly turned it back into a car." I see Adam as a closer on these - he is already booked :)
  11. Thanks Rodney- with radiators and heater cores we are getting it done with original tanks with new cores. We are even saving the dimpled tops and bottoms when possible. No more scrapping these things!
  12. Well fellow admirers of all things Buick, here is the latest from Electra 225 build somewhere in Ohio! The heater core had taken a cr@p so it is at the recore place. meanwhile the skirts are on and wheel covers are on...
  13. It hurts to be one of those guys. I've said over and over that so much good work has been done- the last 10% done and everybody would be happier. I just today had a conversation regarding this - a "done" car going to another shop for the final sorting and in this case some redo. One trait i do not have and I admire in others- the ability to finish the job. Here is one that needs that last push.
  14. Certain features have combined to make purchase this project 63 Special Wagon 215 2bbl 3 speed column shift looks like a solid start. more when it arrives from the road.
  15. That sounds right - I am not up on my 63 Special models! Sloan Museum will get a note soon. I would also think the 4bbl would require the 4-speed or automatic transmission. Research Needed!
  16. I'm trying to purchase this 63 for my collection. Looks like a cool hauler, 3 on the tree, 215. Unknown if it is a 2 or 4bbl. I've aspired to having a 215 powered car, this may be it!
  17. Welcome to the forum Odes - Where are you? I’m in Cincinnati...have had a few 425’s slip away. Odd how many 66 blocks vs 65’s or 64’s I’ve had/ have. Cheers, Ted
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