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  1. Now it is all in primer! Color will soon be Verde Green. Spray out was just a little darker but within my tolerances. And now lots of sanding.
  2. Console has wood as does the door panels. Check out the pictures, Standard has the rectangular wood trim, custom runs the length and continues on rear qtr interior.
  3. Moving along with sanding and primer. Trim off to polisher. cleaned Door window guts. Steve is trying to get the paint shop to come up with the right Verde Green.
  4. Hi Bill, yes this one does have the cable hold down. Just talking to Carmen about a 3.23:1 posi
  5. Here is the headliner problem - today I stripped all these panels and bows of this foam. I've procured some foam, now I need the Vinyl Dye paint to spray.
  6. Yessir, Milwaukee's finest! Plus the Wisco plates, it stayed in someone's garage for a long time in Milwaukee.
  7. I decided to have the holes for the dealer emblem filled. No disrespect for Wisconsin, just don't want to advertise. Fenders came off and got stripped. And so on...
  8. One would think the the Wisconsin Plates and Lou Ehlers Dealership callout would mean one thing: RUST. But the conscientious owner had the car rust proofed back when, and whatever dinosaur gave its life for this rust prevention product is to be commended, there is almost no rust to be found on the car. Now taking apart was sorta easy, a balance of the good- not a single bolt was broken- and bad- working with tar fingers inside doors and quarters. So Many Parts!!! Here is the stripped car- at least the part I did.
  9. Way back in March of 2020 I found this 65 Electra Custom Coupe. I like the Verde Green/green interior; it looked solid and it was priced about right. Got the car in and was really impressed by the condition of the seats, chrome, and body...not so much the paint and headliner! I pulled on a couple thisngs and prodded a couple others...all of the sudden the entire interior was out and the chrome was coming off! While I'm at It! I arranged for it to be painted and away we go... Here is the car the day it got delivered from Minnesota.
  10. Let me look into that... I gave one to my buddy in NC and the passenger side may still be available.
  11. From Wildcat World this is the same paradigm. Only the color for the custom interior headliner was applied to the foam as above Electra interior. The general color data is available in the Color and Trim book but I am looking for a vendor that can make that green in vinyl dye. Ames has the dark green I need .
  12. OK that is good for the Riviera...any ideas where to get that color paint?
  13. Here is the headliner on the Sea Foam 65 on ebay now. Looks like it was a vinyl material. Is that correct? No comment on the steering wheel please!
  14. I see many green interiors out there-including one for sale now- Has anybody here restored the foam headliner? I need the green paint for the foam or a source for green foam. I've found some foam to experiment with. Thanks.
  15. I’m definitely aware of that on my Riv- I have a bit of rubber over the + terminal. Wildcats have no issues that way, the tray is much lower allowing for good clearance.
  16. Great effort, it really looks great with the proper ride height and wheels/tires. Congratulations!
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