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  1. Yes, Carl is correct. The cast aluminum housing and the bale as pictured. Thanks for adding the picture. Dennis
  2. Restorer, Sounds like the makings of a TV show!! Just Kidding. Best of luck. Dennis
  3. Like to find the distributor cover and bale. 24 V-63 Thanks, Dennis
  4. Does the Elgin have any provision for dash mount? Threaded holes or studs? I can't tell in the pictures. Thanks, Dennis
  5. Thanks Larry, Merv has some but I have not got a reply yet. Chris H. does not have any. I will try the other sources. I thought I'd try here first. It's one of those parts that could be rattling around in the extra bolts if anybody had a parts car. Dennis
  6. Hello, I am about done assembling my Continental. I hope. I'm looking for one clamp for the fender skirts. It's about 1-1/4'' long and 1-3/8'' wide and I think it may be part number 26H-16254. It clamps the back half of the fender skirt to the fender. I could make one but it has serrations on the bottom. It would be somewhat time consuming. Just checking to see if some one has a straggler in their bolt box. That's where I found the one I have. Thanks Dennis
  7. What is the story on the blue Auburn cabriolet in 35 Packard's post above? Runningboards and fenders? Body builder? Any more pictures? Thanks, Dennis
  8. Mike, Does your engine have a oil return pipe on the rear main cap? Does it have a vacuum pipe from the intake to the valley pan? I had similar issues with my 37 (no seal) that I resolved. Dennis
  9. Thanks for the replies. I have not started disassembly but will have to in about a week or so. I will post back with what I find or make. Thanks, Dennis
  10. Hello , I had intended to polish the paint and chrome pieces on my top frame , but unfortunately they are not going to make the grade. I will have to disassemble and plate/paint. Any guidance or suggestions from somebody who has been there/done that? I assume there are replacement fasteners for the rivetted joints. Is there a good source? Kits? Thanks in advance, Dennis
  11. No Scam, E-mail worked for me. I talked to John on the telephone. Nice gentleman. Dennis
  12. No worries Larry, I plan to be there. While I don't find the car all that attractive, I am curious about the engine. The poster and the Standard Catalog both list this as a OHV 4 cylinder. Was this their own manufacture or assembled? Dennis
  13. Larry, He mentioned this car will be at Auburn fall. Labor day weekend. Dennis