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  1. dl456

    Schebler Model R

    Thanks Jon, Will do. Dennis
  2. dl456

    Schebler Model R

    Thanks again Jon, Pictures I guess? Since I have 1-3/8'' at the intake, should I look at 1-1/4'' or 1-1/2'' at the carb? I don't see a 1-3/8" for the model R. Dennis
  3. dl456

    Schebler Model R

    Thanks Jon. Looking at several carburetors, not only four sizes but numerous linkage and airhorn differences. Dennis
  4. Hello Mike, Sorry for the late reply. I'm afraid I don't have the publisher, etc. because the front of my book and the cover is missing. I have only seen a couple of others. It has serial number info. and some mechanical data. It is handbook size. I did check my Dykes manual and it has almost the same info. in the spec. section. The Dykes should prove much easier to find. They are always on E-bay and such. Dennis
  5. Ed, I wouldn't pull the engine down at this point either. I might investigate repairing the gaskets and then Evaporust treatment. I'm certain you already know this but some things to consider with the sleeve valve. A compression check can lead you to conclude that there is an issue (low compression on the starter) when in reality the engine is fairly healthy. There is usually a cross drilled hole in the head. As the piston comes up on compression this will expand the junk ring to the innner sleeve resulting in higher compression. (running). These holes are usually plugged with carbon. Investigate this while the heads are off. New junk rings are not available. Dennis
  6. Ed, If you have a leaking head gasket, be careful using the Evaporust before the repair. As the ER evaporates it becomes extremely sticky and if it were introduced between the sleeves could result in damage. Pour some on the floor and come back the next morning. I don't run ethylene glycol in my sleeve valve for this same reason. Not saying it will happen but it could. I didn't get to see the chocolate milkshake, but it obviously leaking down through one of the heads. Dennis
  7. Hello , My limited literature list four different venturi sizes for this carb. The application is a 1916 Studebaker six , 354 cubic inch and has a 1-3/8'' inlet at the intake. I have several Stromberg carbs that will fit but would like to build up an original if possible. What was the original size? Jon, you out there? Thanks, Dennis
  8. The title is "Auto Data Book". A great reference but somewhat hard to find.
  9. Hello, According to the data book 3/16" x 2-1/2" Same size as my '24. Let me know if you need a good shop. Dennis
  10. I used a local spring shop that I have used many times before. Timac in Xenia, Ohio. I can provide contact info. but you should be able to find one local to you. I suggest you post the dimensions and specs. Some one here may be able to help. Dennis
  11. Do you have dimensions and specs? I just had a few early Wagner Lockheed made. Dennis
  12. Hello, Anybody have a application page for Wizard (Western Auto ) points? I have several sets that I would like to identify. They appear to be fairly good quality. Thanks, Dennis
  13. MDL, I know what you need and will look this weekend. How many? I don't know if I have any left but I certainly won't have a complete set. Dennis
  14. They have many parts pre 1950. Best to call.
  15. Bringing this back up to see if anyone has parts. Bob, Have you had a chance to check your inventory? Thanks, Dennis
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