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  1. The Clutch Doctor Trevor Olson. North Branch , MN. 1-651-674-four one seven five He has shoes for our Elcar in his shop now. Dennis
  2. Thank you, That is plan B Dennis
  3. Hello , Is anyone still selling new valves and guides for the 1920 big six? I bought a set for my Special six , but that was about twenty years ago. Thanks, Dennis
  4. dl456

    Rim clamps

    That's it. Thanks
  5. dl456

    Rim clamps

    Hello, Looking for 3 rim clamps. These are Tu-arc D and are marked. After market will be marked 37TN. I tried to post the pictures that have been floating around on this site, but can't seem to do that. Hey Lump, Can you post that again? Thanks, Dennis
  6. Very helpful, Thank again Larry. Dennis
  7. Hello guys, Really trying to get this car assembled correctly. 1) I have decided not to add the vacuum tank under the fender. Where does the vacuum line from the engine enter into the cabin? Are there reasons I should reconsider the vacuum tank? I guess I am used to vacuum wipers slowing on low vacuum pulls. Other considerations? 2) Where does the radio foot switch mount? I have been through numerous pictures and can't see it. I am also looking for the clips that mount the rear of the fender skirts. These bolt to the rivetted bracket on the fender skirt to pull the back against the fender. I have one but need one more. I could fabricate but checking here first. Thanks, Dennis
  8. Thanks George, Second picture is exactly what I needed. Let me know if I can ever return the favor. Dennis
  9. Thanks George, A picture would be great. My concern with the weatherstrip adhesive has been ,even with the tips cut off , it looks like it will take a certain amount of stretching /repositioning to make them fit properly. I'll have another look this weekend. Dennis
  10. Can anyone help with the rear fender skirt attachment. There is a "L" bracket rivetted to the rear of the skirt with a slot in it. I don't believe this can bolt solidly to the fender. I am assuming it has a piece of angle or something to just pinch the rear of the skirt to the fender. Anybody have a picture or description? Nothing in the manual. Thanks in advance, Dennis
  11. Hello , After a totally non-productive weekend in the garage, I have a couple questions for you Lincoln experts. 1) Does anybody rebuild or sell parts for the vacuum antenna ? I have made new seals for the top section. Leather cups should be adequate. The bottom valve (circular rubber piece) refuses to seal. I can make it go up and down by working this lower valve by hand. 2) What does the rear clip or attachment for the fender skirt look like? 3) I have a set of reproduction gravel guards. Only two of the attachment tits line up. I assume there are no vulcanized reproductions available. Any tips other than patience and curse words? I just don't see how any glue is going to hold these where they belong. Thanks, Dennis
  12. Chuck, I just sent you a Pm concerning another part you have for sale. How does this light mount? Thanks, Dennis
  13. Does anyone know who may have a crashed or rusted hood to salvage this horn bracket from? Any car with trumpet horns should work. In order to fabricate the bracket, I am going to have to purchase a 3/4'' bead die. I will probably only need it once so I am reluctant to buy one. Help or leads appreciated. Dennis