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  1. There is an adjustable relief valve on the drivers side frame rail where the line connect for the dash pressure gauge. This should be removed and bench set at 2-1/2 lbs. I suspect you may still have float or needle and seat issues at the carb. Dennis
  2. Hello Robert, I have never seen a parts manual for the integral head cars . Do you have one? I bought a operators manual from you a while back. I have a parts manual for 1919 /1920 but the engine parts are different. 1916 series 17 ED 6 cylinder. Thanks, Dennis
  3. Just reaching out again to try and find some parts to get my engine completed. Need : Exhaust manifold Lifters valve caps These parts were lost when the previous owner pulled it from a shop. Never returned. Trying to put another old Stude on the road again! All leads appreciated. Dennis
  4. Thanks Terry, I actually have several of those. Too short.
  5. Thanks Jim, I have looked at available springs in lieu of application. I haven't found anything that would replace. Worst case, I have a local spring shop that can make them. Not expensive per item after a set-up charge. These were used on most early Wagner Lockheed with the 12'' drums and single return spring. Anybody need any? Dennis
  6. The four plugs without wires should have primer cups installed. These were likely special primer cups for a Disco acetylene start system. Dennis
  7. I am looking for brake springs for 12'' Wagner Lockheed drum brakes used on several late twenties/ early thirties cars. These only have one return spring per drum. 7-7/8" o/a length .085 wire .560 diameter 3-3/8'' coil in center with 2-1/4'' hooks on each end. Thanks, Dennis
  8. Nice video All of the factory scenes are most likely the Willys-Overland plant in Toledo. Cars are WK model 70. 58L, speaking of labor intense, just matching tolerances of those knight engines (bore, inner sleeve, outer sleeve, pistons) was labor intense. They were measured and assigned a letter designation to match in assembly. A through D as I recall. Dennis
  9. Thanks Steve, Looking forward to getting out. I will try to bring a AACA vehicle and a HET Vehicle. Dennis
  10. Steve, Typically at Auburn spring and fall, we are able to camp on the premises with a motorhome. I realize this is different, but will this be possible for this event? Thanks, Dennis
  11. Hello, Looking for Studebaker six lifters, valve caps and exhaust manifold. (Non detachable head) Would also be interested in a complete engine. Posted in Studebaker section but trying here as well. Thanks, Dennis
  12. Frank, Call the "temperature gauge guy" Roy Martin 802-862-6374 Dennis
  13. Those could be Gabriels or Watson. Gabriels should be embossed on the front cover. Most strapping sizes are available. If the springs are intact you should be good. Take that nut off the cover and take a look. Clean the cover and look for a name. Dennis
  14. Let me know if you get serious. Located in Ohio. Happy to help. Dennis
  15. Lucky Star, I sent you a PM. Thanks, Dennis
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