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  1. West, One possibility that I did not see discussed. There are two ignition resistors under the dash to the left of the steering column mounted to a junction box. They reduce the voltage to the coils. I have found these open (no voltage to the coil.) If the car was running good before being parked, this is a likely suspect. Dennis
  2. Randy, Second Sandy Olson for your gaskets. He has a web page. Bob Knaak for your cone clutch. California. PM me if you need his phone number. Dennis
  3. Hi Chris, That sounds good. I will send you a PM. Thanks, Dennis
  4. Hello, Noticed a little more activity here on the earlier cars. Glad to see it. I am looking for a side curtain rod socket that mounts to the door. This is a small cast bracket about 3'' long and 1'' wide . It mounts to the latch edge of the door and the side curtain rods slide into them. A long shot, but thought I'd ask . Thanks, Dennis
  5. I may be interested if it cleans up with only minor pitting. It is hard to tell from the picture. Do you know what you want for it Dennis
  6. Hello all. I appreciate all the comments and feedback and I am very pleased to announce that my buddy will be en-route to pick up Barney"s Century on Saturday. His dad is 70 something and his favorite car that he owned was a 39 Century. This should be Fantastic!!! Many thanks to Matt, David and all you guys and just another reason why I appreciate this forum. Merry Christmas to all. Dennis PS : while the adoption stuff is still in limbo, I have been invited to the presentation. I'll try to get some photos.
  7. Hello all, I just received a call from a good friend of mine. He is looking to purchase a 39 Century for his dad for Christmas. I knew nothing about this idea before now so the decision may be a little hasty. He has found a coupe from a Classic Country. A dealer in Illinois I believe. Anybody know this car? What is the best /easiest way to determine the Century engine . I always heard that Century coupes were a little hard to find. I will likely be maintaining this car so I welcome your comments. Quickly please. Thanks, Dennis PS : I have alrea
  8. Was his forum name junior osbey? I received a message from him as well and his friend could help me out. i did not respond because he joined the forum on Thursday and 0 content. Dennis
  9. Hello , Looking for a twin H intake manifold . Thanks, dennis
  10. dl456

    BB-1 carburetor

    Thanks to all for the comments, Special thanks to Jon for sharing his experience and knowledge with forum members. I will run with what I have as I continue to sort the car. May experiment at a later date. Not a fan of fuel pumps but the BB-1 needle seems to hold this pressure well. Dennis
  11. dl456

    BB-1 carburetor

    Jon, Yes, i am happy with the way it runs. I will at some point be returning to vacuum tank delivery. I have many period carbs at my disposal. Your opinion: Would you rebuild a Marvel (as equipped) or recommend a good replacement? If I can be nosy/ curious ( it's my nature) What criteria is used in determining proper venturi size? Is it CID , carb throat, intake manifold or a combination ? Thanks for your patience, Dennis
  12. dl456

    BB-1 carburetor

    Hello Jon, I was hoping you would reply. Looks like I'm out of luck on the Fuel Valve?? I have read my plugs after about twenty miles and they are light gray and appear to be good. Performance on the pump is excellent. Would this alleviate concerns about venturi size or should I be checking further? Thanks, Dennis
  13. dl456

    BB-1 carburetor

    Hello Mark, The vacuum tank is rebuilt and tested. It's not a matter of keeping up but rather the head pressure from the tank moving the needle fully off of it's seat to replenish the carburetor float bowl. This only happened during long periods of load. A low pressure electric pump cured this issue. I don't believe the needle and seat in the carburetor is correct for gravity feed and was hoping maybe I could find one that was. Thanks, Dennis
  14. Hello, I have a 22 Buick 6 and currently running a BB-1 in lieu of the Marvel. This is going together as a runner and not a restoration. Restoration may come later. When running on the vacuum tank, it runs out of fuel in the carburetor bowl on a long period under load. A long medium grade. I have fixed this issue by installing a low pressure electric fuel pump. Runs great! I seem to remember that gravity feed needles were available for the BB-1. Was I mistaken or is this the case? I would like to go back to vacuum tank supply if possible. Thanks,
  15. Thanks Mark, I'll throw some pictures up when I get it together. Dennis
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