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  1. Hello, I am in need of the drivers side horn bracket (13829). This is welded to the hood support so I assume it would need to come from a parts car. I am also in need of the cup washers for the upper front grill or a solution for proper mount. My car had washer stacks behind this trim. Any help or suggestions appreciated. Thanks, Dennis
  2. dl456

    From the HAMB....what is it?

    Keiser, In 1930 they made the model 70B , the 87 and 66A. This looks like a 70 or 87. Is this engine available? It may have some value due to the rarity of the internals. Dennis
  3. dl456

    From the HAMB....what is it?

    Willy's Knight. Hard to tell the model. 70 or 87 ??? Dennis
  4. dl456

    Antique sliding steering wheel

    Dan, I sent you a Pm a couple days ago. I was wondering if you could provide details and pictures of the spline area. Thanks, Dennis
  5. Midman, I sent you a PM. Dennis
  6. dl456

    35 to 41 Cadillac Parts. Too much to list. Priced right.

    Richelieumotors, I sent you a PM. Thanks, Dennis
  7. Hello,, In need of a drivers side or set of exhaust manifolds for full size. Please pm if you can help. Thanks, Dennis
  8. dl456

    1920 Big Six

    Thanks Ken, Pictures would be great. I had the car running fair yesterday. Not ready for prime time. It has an adaptor and a Carter B&B on it now. Throttle linkage from the steering sector is missing and the carb. is sitting at on odd angle making it near impossible to hook things up correctly. I also need a distributor cap and rotor for Remy 358-A . Any suggestions? Thanks, Dennis
  9. dl456

    1920 Big Six

    Thanks, I'll take a look.
  10. dl456

    1920 Big Six

    Jon, Thanks for the reply. I am digesting this info. and pretty sure I get it. The comment about tires and the link puts things in a clear perspective. Dennis PS: We were lucky enough to bail for a farmer that bought a large implement trailer about 12 inches off the ground. You could stack 5 high (155 bales) and barely break a sweat. Better than a Toyota or a Ford. Those were the days!
  11. dl456

    1920 Big Six

    Thanks for the comments. My manual says the same. Listing the model of the Stromberg as LS-2 for the EH but omitting the model of the Penberthy for the big six. Anybody have a SV-29 to measure the throat size? Jon, What are your major issues with the Penberthy? Can you recommend a good replacement? I like to keep things original but will make some compromises for reliability and performance. I have a Rayfield running good on my Mitchell after considerable tweeking. Not an impressive or easy to understand carb. Dennis
  12. dl456

    1920 Big Six

    Hello Jon, I have a LS-2 on my Special six (288 CI) and I have an extra. I assumed the big six (354 CI) would need something in the range of 1.75" venturi. I would like to hear your thoughts on recommended throat size and best carb. for touring. Thanks, Dennis
  13. Hello, Looking for the model number of the B&B carb. used on the Studebaker Big Six for 1920 so I can start my search. Please let me know what to look for or if you know where one exists. Thanks, Dennis
  14. Steve, Center the hole and start with a 1/4'' or slightly larger bit. Then use a step drill to proper size. It will look like a factory punched hole. You could probably get by with a harbor freight tool but a Irwin will last forever. This is also the best method to enlarge any existing hole. Dennis
  15. dl456

    hose clamps,

    Thanks for the reply Todd, The only evidence I have is from a early engine removal (old time drag racer) and that engine had all corbin style clamps on it. I have a 57 Buick with 5800 miles and it has Wittek tower clamps on the cooling and Corbin clamps on the fuel. I have searched for a period photo but unfortunately the only ones I have found, don't really show what I need. I would also like to find documentation on the fuel filter and clamping arrangement. Any ideas on this? Dennis