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  1. Too many outliers not enough homogeneity to draw a conclusion from so few sales.
  2. The issue would be discussion of price with these sorts of sellers. Everyone wants at least $10,000. But if I offered $10k because it appears like a lowball offer he would think it disrespectful. So it stays a no sell.
  3. Meh. Lots of back story to try and convince you you would own a rare car but at the end of the day it's not desirable as a D500. He's had 10 years to improve the rust and hasn't done the heavy lifting and probably purchased it for $5000 or less and now wants his payday.
  4. Hi Ron Would you consider an offer of $6500? If not, I understand. 🙄
  5. No offense to Special owners, but the key here is - is it a Century series 6o car. That would be the 2nd year for it and they are rare. That would make it more desirable to restore - again no disrespect to Special owners but it seems there are a lot more Specials and with the Century you get, well the ability to go a Century in speed...
  6. Thanks for the pricing comment. I am seeing a lot of what I consider higher prices because people are just putting their stuff out there in a kind of take it or leave it mentality. I would respectfully disagree with you on sedan v 2 door model (whatever Buick called it) Anyone that knows me, knows the 1940 and in general the 37-1940 Buick 2 door mid range model with these big back windows are my favorite body style of this era. Most back windows are smaller, whether a sedan or the long trunk coupe models which have no back glass or just a small one. This allows a "rear seat
  7. C'mon guys ! It's a 90 series car. Unobtainium normally and here it languishes. ??? Wow. I'd love to have it for $25,000 but I am never going to be in that ball park. My 401k only has $90,000 in it at age 56 1/2. I might have a net worth of $125,000 with home equity. Great credit, but I don't need to buy a car like this and wring my hands over overspending. With my luck, the motor would blow up after a week of ownership, then I would have an expensive boat anchor. But all you guys commenting run around with $25K in your pocket, you should buy this car.
  8. I have owned 2 1941 Cadillacs, they are wonderful cars, bridging the pre war Art Deco with Harley Earl's determination to move forward. Having said that - I needed a rear fender for my series 63 and went to Wisconsin to get it and a couple of other parts and it was $150 in 1999 money. I am sure a decent one now - especially from one of the parts houses specializing in 1941 Cadillacs - would be $500. You can see where this car would add up. If however, a person wants to enjoy the restoration hobby then those are considerations not necessarily wrapped around money or cost, as we have discusse
  9. I am. It's fun to look and see what is out there. It's a tough drug to beat.
  10. https://nesd.craigslist.org/cto/d/lake-norden-1973-buick-electra-2-door/7180063981.html 1973 Buick Electra 58,000 actual miles, Harvest Gold color, interior excellent condition, 455 engine, good tires, runs and drives excellent, AM/FM, tilt wheel, factory air(not working). Rust free. Call for more details. Clare (605) 520-3310 Well, obviously I like 1973 Buicks.
  11. https://wausau.craigslist.org/cto/d/auburndale-1977-buick-riviera/7188032960.html IF the mileage is correct, this would make a nice tag team car for someone who has a nicer car, older maybe and higher value. OR an easy way to enjoy the hobbyon the cheap.
  12. https://eauclaire.craigslist.org/cto/d/eau-claire-1973-buick-centurion/7194594951.html One of my favorites. I've owned 3.
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