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  1. Strong price for the car but I can’t remember the last time I saw a 1950 Super Riviera in this condition as a starting point.
  2. I later realized I had 2 more complete Craftsman Logs with Pens etc, I just threw them out. Threw out all service manuals, 2 1988, 1 1989, 2 1990 and a NOS 1991. Made the trash kind of heavy. My recycle was already full. I still have those NOS wheel centers, threw out 6 NOS caps purchased for $250, and 2 NOS door panels in tan. Hated to do that, OK not really, but was not willing to throw them in with the sale of the last 2 Reattas for $500.
  3. That seller is in fantasyland. $30,000 obo? I have never seen a collector car market completely fold like for the Reatta. They are worthless. I get it, they are not worthless if you own one and are enjoying it. But whether it's the convertibles Jim posted in the U Pick It Yard or this ad or it's me unable to give away my NOS parts, this is a total tire fire for a market for a supposed collector car. I have a few reconditioned power window switches from Jim I will have to toss as well. $30,000! I need to clean up my desk after laughing while drinking coffee. I threw away 6 NOS wheel covers. The 1988 #105 the oldest remaining Reatta left went to a guy for $500 and I doubt he restores it, so it will be crushed. The reason the Reatta convertibles were in the U Pick It was because they have no resale value. It probably ran and drove just fine, but when placed on Craigs List for a fair price, normally speaking, you get crickets. Drive your cars until you can't then send them to the crusher.
  4. Eric - not happening. YOU need to reach out to the seller. He has likely not checked back on over a year and your posting YOUR contact information for him to see on this forum will not result in a reach out.
  5. Provenance is always an interesting subject to me. With authentication, it can add an air of mystique to a car. For dead celebrities, it can be as close as one might come to them. Or it can be meaningless, as is the case here. 1st, it's not Frank Sinatra's car, it belonged to his dad. It's plausible that Frank bought his dad a car now and then, and I can see it being a Buick. But it is not worth a premium of what? $14,000! As others have suggested, a person would need a lot more than an old registration or such to justify. I would want photos, and some with Frank in them. In the end, this is just a warn out old 4 door Electra, a great car restored or nice original to be sure. But if purchased, one would need to restore it at a cost of $60,000 or so, hence it rests in quiet solace to memories for and of someone, but not me.
  6. I'm not sure what to make of BaT. I can't tell if those are real bids against a reserve, whether people are just playing around or even how big of a reach this BaT gets in the marketplace. Likely the seller wants $20,000 + . BaT implies a person is getting a bargain but if it ends at $8000 or so, does it mean anything?
  7. Thanks Matt. Memory getting fuzzy. I used to that "Standard Catalog for Buicks" which explained all this but I got rid of that years ago.
  8. I just love seeing the oddball later Buicks. I can not tell you when the last time I saw one of these. Are those original wheels or aftermarket? Isn't that 4 cyl the 1.8l turbo from Brazil?
  9. Thanks Jon. I had a bunch of NOS and Jim Finn reconditioned parts and perfect door panels in tan and could not give them away - crushed them all. Please let us know your prices, and try the Facebook group, it's slightly more active than this forum, which is no longer active.
  10. The buyer, who does not care what is included and what is not, is coming on Thursday for a FIRM take all that is Reatta away day.
  11. I hate to toss them, or give them to the buyer of the cars. But if no one wants them. I know they are light and would fit in a small box. Craftsman Log is spoken for. I found 2 other light switches and the instrument "panel" for the 88 parts car.
  12. I've been informed the switch is from a Riviera. My apologies. I can't remember where it came from.
  13. Email or text me or call me. PayPal is - abc.moran@netzero.net for payment or shipping. These are truly free items if you do not want to throw a little cash at me no problem, but would like shipping/postage covered.
  14. I have a fully signed Craftsman log/owners manual, etc for FREE if you or anyone needs it. I found a good looking switch for lights, I believe it's 1990. Remember those NOS perfect center caps someone offered a few months back? I have a set of four of those. FREE or donation. See light switch FREE or donation.