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  1. No problem. Send me your address by PM I am traveling this week on business. But I’ll get them to you
  2. After my move I found a NOS AC Delco cruise control stalk. In original packaging. I can get part number if anyone is interested. It was sold to me as a correct part for Reatta. I believe it is but you can judge. Replace your worn stalk with new or have a back up. Price is FREE with me paying shipping to you and paying you an additional $20 to not have to throw it away. Was originally a $89 purchase plus shipping for me. These are common on eBay for all kinds of prices. I also found my original to the car sales brochure for the 1988 Reatta. I’ll gladly pay you to take this so I don’t need to recycle it. Let me know how much you need.
  3. I agree. If the seller just puts it in CL because he wants to move it and leaves out his story and simply states it does not run and has no title I am fine. Buyers can then decide on price. Imperials are neat but complicated cars. I have gotten a bonded title in Iowa. Yes it can be done. But it’s still a process.
  4. Anyone know the production off hand. Can’t be many made in a shortened 1942.
  5. Not really. Seller is entitled. These sorts of heavy cast parts take up a lot of shop space.
  6. Sorry. The seller wants another bail out of a purchase and is a story teller who likes to read his own words. It cost him $5. I hope he enjoyed it. (The story). He describes in great detail how to get a title “easy” in Nebraska yet has not bothered to do so in his ownership years. Same with getting the car running. You (meaning the buyer) do it! It’s easy. ! I just want my cash and the nearly 3 ton boat anchor gone.
  7. Basically a LeSabre with a big block in this configuration. Still an awful nice car.
  8. That’s a cool find. I wonder how many of those they made in 1956 it’s been along time since I’ve seen a 300 B
  9. He’s simply asking too much. Cadillacs are notorious for rust issues and you are going down a rabbit hole. The best thing to do is seal it the best you can and live with it as an artifact. To remove, fix the rust, and replace is likely a $4000 + job on a four door car with 100,000 miles (?) on it. Nice driver class car. $4000. For $11k I expect blower motors working.
  10. No registry. Join the BCA and reach out to the technical experts listed in the Bugle.
  11. That’s an interesting car in deed. These have all but disappeared too.
  12. If it’s a custom it might be rightly priced but since it’s not it’s a little bit high. However the 327 was a good motor and this would be a fun car I just think it’s a bit too high on price
  13. In my opinion those are horrible colors Dark green not bad. Mint green is horrible with this one.
  14. There are no buyers at $11k obo. He’s fishing
  15. Mitch this buyer wants bailed out of a bad decision. I doubt he has more than $2000 into it