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  1. The Reatta is a candidate for G.O.A.T. for sure.
  2. Aaron. Previous commentary is 4 years old. This car belongs to someone else by now.
  3. It’s close to me but I note the photos are from a different season. Not fresh. I like the colors and like many of us we like the 3rd gen T Birds. Ford recognized the squared off C pillar was a loser on the Galaxie by 1963. Why not on the T Bird? Unlike Buick’s Riviera, the T Bird would have benefited from a rakish C pillar. The Riviera last 3 years with the formal C. Then they went high angle C. See also the 66 Toronado.
  4. This is nice. Apples to apples as nice as a 52 Cadillac and better than the downsized Lincoln’s. They smoothed down the 3 box. Not sure if that is original upholstery but it might be. Hudsy is right, glass tint against that body is awesome.
  5. I love that color. Different enough. Wish the engine compartment was a bit more detailed for nearly $20k. Definitely will need tires.
  6. Terry: Are you bringing it to the Des Moines Concours on September 11-12? I will be there volunteering.
  7. I would be interested but I would need to speak to you and my pre war friends. They usually bring me back to reality. “Jake, sigh, you just need to buy a nice running driving old Buick”.
  8. Larry Remind me what a 6 45 is in the heirarchy of 22 Buick’s? Or any of you experts
  9. I need help identifying a company which I believe was in Wisconsin and advertised in Hemmings for years. They specialized in putting your paint color in a can. I tried them once and the quality was spot on. But Googling I can not positively find a good match. Does anyone have their contact info?
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