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  1. That's a good percentage. Percentage only. Total number of all cars, that's odd that it was lower than last years total which was I think 160. Denver is harder to reach for some, lots of driving. I think next year will be better. Strongville, Ohio is pretty centrally located, and there were a lot of Reattas sold in the area (500 miles circumference)
  2. Yes a classic 50's color combination, looks great on the Packard because of the separation of colors.
  3. As is the case most often, we who love Reattas have or can have as many as we want. Try ebay, at least there it will more than likely reach an enthusiast who wants to collect it and appreciate it. I tried C.L. to sell my 1990 convertible and there was no one interested. On ebay I found the motivated buyers.
  4. Thank you for posting, as usual I am blocked from getting there.
  5. I understand. I will likely take photos of everything I do. I suppose Nylon or plastic is used for a couple of reasons. Weight and yes, cost savings over metal. Remember a couple of things. New, Reatta windows are not hard on a motor. They are small-ish especially for a 2 door model and the distance traveled is not too far. #2 - Planned obsolescence means that Buick never intended for Reattas (or most cars for that matter) to "collected" for over 30 years or so, so yes they were built for a certain service life and as they got older, with the heat and cold cycles of most cars, had greater resistance to movement than engineered, they fail. Or slow down. Then fail.
  6. Just my 2 cents worth, but I agree with Dave in regards to needing it hoisted and have a technician look into it. I used to be a technician, and when I received a car with a leak service "line" (on the ticket) I would hoist, and walk around for evidence of the leak, and try to determine source. Sometimes, I left the vehicle running but most times I could tell. It may be the pan, but typically with the lines, fittings are a source of a drip, all which can be seen from underneath. Any way you look at it, the transmission will need a service, meaning in the modern sense, they hook up a pump capable machine, fill it with the fresh fluid and it pushes out the old fluid. Which in this case should be done after the leak is sourced and repaired. Most shops will want to charge you 1 hour for diagnose time, and 1 hour to repair. Cost? Dealership hourly is from $135 to $175 an hour. At independent garages, maybe $100 to $150. Trust is huge. In 8 years as a dealership technician, I never "dropped the pan" once. Not saying it's not possible but I never did. Transmission leaks for my brands came from worn out metal lines, fittings which had worked loose including cooler fittings. Once repaired, and cleaned up with alcohol, then - unless it was done recently - please consider the flush service. I was a technician during the changeover years from "drop the pan" service to flush service. I highly recommend the flush every 50,000 miles. I know we have collector cars which don't get driven as much as daily drivers, so mileage may not be a factor. I just bought my daughter a 2001 Mazda Tribute (Ford Escape) and had to shop around for the flush service. It ranged from $150 to $200, which is a rise from the old days. But it's really essential. 3 years ago my wife's 2009 Nissan puked it's transmission. That cost me $4300! Transmissions are the high dollar replacement part on most modern (including Reattas) vehicles. Hope that helps and does not confuse.
  7. That's too bad. I just sent in my application and fees 4 days ago. I thought you and Dave were both there, for instance, an update can come from anyone. Barney and Marck have added photos and information in the past. I'm not on Facebook. Technically I am , but when I tried to go in to view 1988 #199 that Kevin posted, I was declined. I would not know how to navigate Facebook.
  8. I am trying to plan a comprehensive vacation the 1st week of August that is made daunting because we have an exchange student joining us from Germany. I live in Des Moines Iowa and basically my choices were to go west or east/southeast. I am a car guy and love automotive history. My daughter is 17, my guest will be 16 when she visits, I'll have my wife, and I and I am trying to mix in fun kid stuff like zip lines and amusement stuff with some history and activities. I want to go to Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford museum. I want to go to the Edsel and Eleanor Ford Home. Wouldn't mind some other Detroit area "must sees" even if it's a bit on the seedy side, like the old Packard factory (or what is left of it). Any ideas welcome, and link websites if you can. I might stop at Gilmore on the way.
  9. Not swept under the rug. Mike Book, Sidney Meyer and Bill Stoneberg won by a convincing margin, voted in by members of the BCA. Therefore the direction they want to provide is supported by a large majority of members. It's as simple as that. There are so many clubs, so many hobbies and activities a person can participate in, that if you don't like being a member of the BCA right now, then choose another interest that suits you and try that.
  10. I was looking for an update of how the Reatta Rendezvous went, how many cars, and some photos. Especially with the owners. Dave, sorry for your issue but agree that you got lucky to be so close to home.
  11. That's exactly right. This vote was to end the contentiousness. It did for me. I am already planning to attend next year's National Meet strictly as a volunteer. I might be able to sneak out and view some great Buicks in-between. The membership has voted, both sides laid out why to vote for them, some folks got voted in, some didn't, let's move on. I have a pretty well defined path in front of me, 2 extremely rare Reattas need some love. Just think of all the time I will get back not farting around on the forum about what has been resolved, as far as the membership is concerned, on June 1.
  12. As for this sub-thread on privacy, just remember everyone - the laws are usually based on intent and common sense application. That's 9/10's of the law as they say. I am no lawyer, but I did work for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Legal as an administrator who worked with attorneys to resolve issues. Intent is a big deal. If I post someone's information here from a free search of the web, in order to aid in resolution of an issue, and I get in trouble with some authority, intent will likely get me out before any charges are issued. But if you pose as that person, you are in big trouble, if you cause harm to the person intentionally, you are in big trouble.
  13. I would send Alan some cash, even by mail, to ease my conscience a bit, but that's me. Since he did not cash your check but did good work.
  14. You are correct, but it's semantics. I chose the word auction. The correct word might be for sale, or presentation. My point was that many posts in this thread are curious why the seller does not do more to try and sell the car, when the answer is he wants nothing to do with it, it's a burden to even probably take the car cover off it and drive it around.
  15. That's one reason I have not pulled the trigger on any purchases. I don't need parts that don't fit. It seems on ebay a part "fits everything."