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  1. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/cto/d/1964-buick-electra-225/6849428927.html Gorgeous. Not mine, but wish it were. That interior alone would be more than $12,000 to duplicate. Cool thing about finding these kinds of cars is thinking about adding a couple to the collection for south of $20,000. Because that 52 Roadmaster likely did not sell, you should be able to dangle $8500 in front of him and shake hands. This one I think - if on ebay - would get that $12,000. Sure, not a convertible, but it has working A/C and the windows go down and it's just gorgeous.
  2. David Agree on the chrome, I almost did not post that comment because I could imagine new chrome looking so much "brighter" than old, like repainting ONE fender on this car would never match. I see the ad has expired, so perhaps no one purchased and the seller needs to renew the ad. I thought your photos were from a visit because you added them so well, they looked "fresh" - without going back and checking.
  3. Additionally, I was reading on the Cadillac LaSalle Club website that Miller literature is going out because of health. I believe he has a large stash of items. Someone said it went from several million items on ebay to zero overnight.
  4. Willis It is possible from my standpoint. You and I have shared many insightful PM conversations. I have spoken to - not emailed - Jack Gerstkemper twice regarding the approach and tenor of this election. I went away with a couple of advices - one of which - Jack stated "I would like to see whichever Board is voted in vote 9-0 on agenda items not 5-4". I 100% agree with that. So in this last cycle, why weren't the BOD members from both sides essentially working behind the scenes to create more one sided agreement in principle voting? I don't know that answer. But if elected I assure you that I would try to hash things out behind the scenes and may hold my nose on a couple of votes to get some consensus on others. My idea of staggered judging as the cars come in won't fly. But as I have pointed out to many members who are emailing me about this, I was one of the few candidates that put down ideas in writing front and center, agree or disagree. That draws more criticism, which is OK. Right after I sent my profile in, I had a key communication with a member of the judging administration who has my 100% loyalty and he stated he did not see it as possible, so I agreed with him and advised Jack Welch and Jack Gerstkemper of the same. But the point is - the inclusiveness of the meets especially on Saturdays, is the biggest sticking point here, and ideas are needed. To simply say as Willie probably would - that everything is fine and we are just troublemakers - goes against the hundreds of replies I am getting to communications to members. Now if they could just vote!
  5. https://cleveland.craigslist.org/cto/d/avon-lake-buick-reatta-1988/6827705034.html Early car I texted the seller and it is #407. Pretty early and overall in nice condition. $3500 OBO no tradingFor sale by owner; in storage since 2010. Computerized dashboard. Good condition. Red 1988 Buick Reatta. Tan Interior. 82,000 miles.
  6. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/cto/d/mason-1952-buick-roadmaster/6825121806.html I would take a 52 Roadmaster with 38,000 for $10,000 or best offer. Ad has been up for 3 + weeks, so offer $8500 maybe. IF the ad is authentic, then this would be the deal of the day. Not sure if seat fabric is original, but it's tasteful. The paint appears to be an Ivory, off white which I like, contrasted with the green roof.