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  1. Says a couple of issues are all there is....then goes onto say many more items need attention. It needs brakes, exhaust, has had body work, drips oil, has rust...
  2. Agree. THAT is a modern collector car. Well done. I love those wheels.
  3. I am curious since the owners on here state the 90 series "should be worth a lot more than" $35,000. What should new buyers pay for a nice one? $50,000?
  4. Now $4k to me. He sent me a response to an email. Said doors needed wood. I guess I thought there was no wood in the doors on Specials in 1936. I'm just not in. I don't have $60,000 to restore it right. That's what I don't get about the modern craigslist and to a lesser extent Facebook. People seem to want to sell these to make money instead of saying I purchased to restore and changed my mind. There is little evidence this seller bought to restore and then changed his mind.
  5. Dale, Chrysler did this in the late 50's a nd early 60's, the rectangular steering wheel. They also placed in some cars - the rear view mirror on the dash. Push button transmissions control, and in some cars the drivers seat was higher than the passenger seat. Oddball stuff like that adds a bit of charm now. I am sorry, I tried real hard to like the 61-63's but Exner seemed like he was on drugs during this time, too excess. If you look at the 59's and 60's, you see art. Maybe not to everyone's tastes, but art. The complex grille of the 1960's is one of my all time favo
  6. 1967 Cadillac Eldorado Project Classic Driver Project Restore Coupe... (craigslist.org) 1967 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe (The Rich Man's Sports Car). 429 ci, 340 hp, 480 lp-ft, 4 barrel, TH425 automatic. Has new tune-up (points, condenser, wires, cap, rotor, timed and dwelled), new S/S resonator, tailpipe. Has a newer starter and battery. Runs and drives great, tires like new (but has age). I would drive this car anywhere. The "patina" is great. This is one of two years for hide-away headlights and the first year for front wheel drive. Car has less than 81,000 miles and is basi
  7. No, I have been putting a few 37-38's on here over the past 3 months and there was "truly" a nice slantback in Kansas I believe for if I remeber $17,000 or so and we all drooled over it. It was much nicer than this one. It's a shame that sellers waste everyone's time with $45,000 asking prices like this and ads which really don't "add" much to the sale interest.
  8. I would not increase it. I really do love the car but there is no practical way to get it to Iowa. I would probably have a coronary trying to drive through greater New York - then Pennsylvania, and so on. So it would need shipped. Shipping to Iowa would add $1500 to $2000. So I a can not even consider. But, growing up in the 70's these were the cars I liked. Not so much the 4 doors because the cars were styled as 2 doors and the bean counters said you need to sell 4 door models. But I believe 1978 is a downsize year for Ford, and they really got unattractive in my opinion after that
  9. Agreed, but not sure the Chrysler Corporation was in the position, circa 1953ish, to go all in on an essentially specialty niche car. I had an agreement to purchase a 55 Imperial from a WP Chrysler Club member 18 years ago, paid a down payment but then changed my mind. Wonderful cars, lithe and tight compared to the Lincolns and Cadillacs, and I like the Cadillacs.
  10. A late fuselage beauty. I would buy it for $6000. To be fair, these are rare. Many rusted out and filled salvage yards for years.
  11. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/d/1936-buick-2-door-sedan-barn-find-from/7208574926.html Poster's Notes: Normally I am not posting projects but this appears to be originally Sequoia Cream and anybody that is a car friend of mine knows I love browns, golds, creams..... Plus it's my favorite 2 door body style with that big back window. ******************************* Very solid body. Straight eight. Currently not running due to long term storage. Original banjo steering wheel is busted. Complete except for air cleaner. Needs full res
  12. Still way too high for essentially a 100,000 mile car. With wrong upholstery as noted by Suchan. Paint is tired. Poor guy probably had to get an appraisal. Now she wants half.
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