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  1. The Reatta is a candidate for G.O.A.T. for sure.
  2. Aaron. Previous commentary is 4 years old. This car belongs to someone else by now.
  3. It’s close to me but I note the photos are from a different season. Not fresh. I like the colors and like many of us we like the 3rd gen T Birds. Ford recognized the squared off C pillar was a loser on the Galaxie by 1963. Why not on the T Bird? Unlike Buick’s Riviera, the T Bird would have benefited from a rakish C pillar. The Riviera last 3 years with the formal C. Then they went high angle C. See also the 66 Toronado.
  4. This is nice. Apples to apples as nice as a 52 Cadillac and better than the downsized Lincoln’s. They smoothed down the 3 box. Not sure if that is original upholstery but it might be. Hudsy is right, glass tint against that body is awesome.
  5. I love that color. Different enough. Wish the engine compartment was a bit more detailed for nearly $20k. Definitely will need tires.
  6. Terry: Are you bringing it to the Des Moines Concours on September 11-12? I will be there volunteering.
  7. I would be interested but I would need to speak to you and my pre war friends. They usually bring me back to reality. “Jake, sigh, you just need to buy a nice running driving old Buick”.
  8. Larry Remind me what a 6 45 is in the heirarchy of 22 Buick’s? Or any of you experts
  9. I need help identifying a company which I believe was in Wisconsin and advertised in Hemmings for years. They specialized in putting your paint color in a can. I tried them once and the quality was spot on. But Googling I can not positively find a good match. Does anyone have their contact info?
  10. i would definitely pass. The subject of transport back to USA has been brought up before with some saying its easy. I will NEVER try it again. Who is going to transport it? Last I heard the border was still locked down due to coronavirus. So your only shot is an expensive unknown transporter. It won't be cheap and you won't know anything. It may get pulled off the truck at the border. Everyone gets paid in advance. So their interest in your car is less. I lost out on a 1942 Packard 180 7 p because it was in Canada and I could not get transport. I prepaid a guy $1500 to go get it and bring it to Vermont. He cashed my check and never did anything. I paid for the car which wasn't much at $2,000 but was a total loss as the seller resold the car after I could not get another transporter. No way. This auction is a total trap especially with Coronavirus and it's not really an auction with the seller able to control final sale decision.
  11. As much as I detest that female seller of the 61 Buick Electra in the Buick Buy Sell section, I like this seller. Tire kickers are welcome to come by!
  12. Yes. There is a CLC member that drives a bit tattered one to national meets. You bet.
  13. That car has been for sale for at least 2 years. I might have posted it here a year or so ago. I spoke to the owner wanting to purchase when I was in the CLC. I have a strong affection for no particular reason for 1920s Cadillacs post Leland. Would love to own this and I have kept my eye on a 1939 Series 75 Fleetwood in the low 20’s. Wrong time for me so I doubt I ever jump back in to the hobby but if I had garage space a person could likely get two pre war Cadillacs for less than $42,000.
  14. Apathy perhaps. If the BCA is run well, why be concerned? It seems to be doing quite well.
  15. They were not that nice new. Disagree. Look guys, so much of the hobby is not on here. I go to "festival" shows there are all kinds of cars from drivers to salt and pepper guys that retired and dropped $80,000 right away on muscle car from a dealer or a hot rod. Then there are still guys out there, few and far between - painting cars in garages using modern equipment and paints from Eastwood and other suppliers. There have been many comments over the years from 1st and 2nd gen old car hobbyists, those who started to collect $100 cars in the 60's or 70's - who have said "they came from the factory with runs and different shades of front fenders v rear." The problem is the expectations of "400 point judging" or whatever. Don't you think that a $3,000 paint job in a garage, using modern quality paints, and HVLP paint gun with moisture capture and so on - is not better than the paint jobs from the factory in the 50's to 70's. IT IS! $25,000? How does one arrive at that figure, especially since the poster states "$25,000 easy". Does that mean that $25,000 is middlin' and one can actually expect to drop $30,000 or $40,000 on a paint job?? Guys, we love the cars, and this is posted in the Riviera section. No Riviera has ever been invited to Pebble Beach. (I don't know for sure, but I am pretty sure) A$50,000 or more bodywork/paint job for a Full Classic poised to be entered into a major Concours? OK, but those cars are owned by the Jeff Bezos crowd, not (most) of us. If we agree with the $25,000 easy comment and give a thumbs up, the hobby is surely on the decline.
  16. It is a hobby to enjoy but somewhere in the last 35 years it became a market driven investment pit for many, not all. There is a very nice 1972 Boattail listed for $12,000 in the Buick Buy/Sell section. In my mind, it could likely be purchased for $11,000 and likely has some blemishes if seen in person. So you buy this car for $11,000, which I am sorry is still a lot of money to me - and take it to an ROA meet or BCA meet or any local festival meet. You love the car, but someone starts nitpicking it, or you park next to "Mr. I - spent - $80,000 - on - my - restoration" car and he does not even offer a hand to shake, just walks over to the trophy area and plops down his chair to wait for his plastic award. There are just too many variables in the hobby. You are more than entitled to drop whatever coin you want to separate yourself from the 20 footer, it's your hobby profile. But please go talk to the guy who has 3 kids, 2 in college, and grandparents to support in nursing homes, and say "nice car"!
  17. Jim, and so unless one is a devout hobbyist with space, some skills and a machine shop / qualified transmission shop around, a person should make a decision not to drop $10,000 or more on a Riviera. Rebuilds on about any motor, done correctly, are $10,000, an automatic transmission $4,000 and that does not include accessories and installation time.
  18. Wow, lots of old timers. Miss Steve and his Polo Green conspiracy threads. Now back to figuring out how to fix a newbies antenna or headlights, or CPS.....
  19. Sorry Bussa, I was assuming it was a son, my bad. Then she wants a cruise for free on Dad! I just don't get some of the latest generation when it comes to selling cars of their parents that they likely rode in for the last 10-20 years. Dad said when his daughter visited for Independence Day "Let's go up to Smitty's for some ice cream in my beloved old Buick!" "OK Dad, cmon kids, load into Grandpa's old car". The grand kids get in and mom is thinking I hope no one sees us. Dad (or Granddad) meanwhile is having the time of his life. Fast forward a year or so, and the daughter is thinking "Finally!, I get to take that cruise with my 2nd husband." Groan
  20. I like the car but appreciate that most buyers want a 2 door model. This is entry level into the hobby. And your enjoyment behind the wheel will not be appreciably different from any other old car.
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