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  1. Nice to see some of the old names.
  2. I have given up on Buick building a car for the American market. Remember Buick is no longer a true division. All of their SUVs are rebadged most from foreign manufacturers like Daewoo.
  3. Since the decline of the Reatta hobby I don't see an issue with the merge. If the commenters would not comment on some of the ads, there would maybe be 1 new post a month? Maybe 20 all year? It has really dropped off in the past 3 years.
  4. In this case I agree with Y Job Fan. And others. Nobody, meaning few, are restoring Reattas. There are just too many nice ones still left. But if one were to restore a Reatta and it has been done and I still think they are not a bad choice for restoration- then a low mileage car like this one is best over say a 150,000 mile car. Miles are miles. As Dave knows and others- some Reattas go a long time. My continuous upheaval in my marriage, now ended, and my lack of a quality garage environment meant I could not tear down my 2 Reatta projects and restore them. But I started to by dismantling a
  5. What is worse - it is free to him. Dad passed it down to him to preserve and restore. With a heavy heart my arse...
  6. What a bunch of BS. "With a heavy heart..." Dude is trying to sell a car which he has done nothing to in at least 15 years, does not want to do any heavy lifting (meaning move it, get it running, nothing) yet wants running, driving #3 car money for it. This kind of ad annoys me.
  7. I never understood the fascination with NEEDING A/C in a collector car. We all agree A/C is a modern convenience we all must have. They don't even make cars with out A/C, it's standard. But, A/C was not common until the mid 60's. And it was not necessarily reliable for some time. I don't want my "old cars" to have anything power. Other than Power steering and brakes but if it's old enough to pre date those, I am still OK. I am into old cars for the style, the feel and the surrounding of whatever I buy. This car would be perfect.
  8. Yes. I got a paint quote once on a 1990 Red Reatta convertible I owned. That was 10 years ago. About $10,000 for a convertible. I would do it myself. Wouldn't be perfect but thats what the hobby used to be about.
  9. A nice honest driver but never a $6500 car. Would buy it for $3000 if a restoration was under way on another car. Drive it to club events. That sort of thing.
  10. I don't see the peel per se you guys see. Old paint fade on flat surfaces yes. You 2 know more than I do. The back seat though is certainly redone.
  11. It is true that Pine Tint Green was a popular 53 color. Not sure what the percentage was. 53 was the last mass production year for Kaiser. So more of these are seen on the road.
  12. Blowers only came in 1954 and were standard on the 54 Manhattans and optional on the Special. It was the same attempt as others saddled with flatheads or older motor designs in the dawn of mass production OHV V8S. Packard's straight 8 in 1954 was its highest CID and a 4 barrel, Buick had a 4 barrel on it's 52 322. Hudson had dual carbs and Kaiser tried this. It reportedly helped but by 1954 Kaiser's days were numbered. Many got pulled off in the late 50s.
  13. The upholstery is not correct. The exhaust tips protruding from the rear are a deal killer as well.
  14. No, but close. Is it just me or does the 53 Kaiser need another 3-4 inches in the trunk. I am a former Kaiser Frazer Owners Club member. I am not an expert on them but have done my research. While there is a lot to not like about a 53 Kaiser, there is a LOT to like. With few internal politics to mar the styling, most KF products are more pure. The body shape of the 1953 is pure, and simple. The less is more front, small grille and bumpers, as opposed to Harley Earl's over the top chrome encrusted front and side profiles, is beautiful and portends the post 1959
  15. Oh the hobby. Virtually everything needed to be done is getting priced so high that few cars are getting restored. This car is more of a curiosity, as in - an automotive artifact - than it is a lustful object d' art. I would love to buy it, but let's face it - the Airflow Club had 1st dibs and passed. Not so much for the engine, as for the total cost to restore.
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