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  1. Correct. That didn't take long. From the book "My Years with General Motors" by Peter F Drucker and Alfred P Sloan Jr. Just got started reading, but interesting that Sloan earned a degree from MIT in Electrical Engineering.
  2. John that is a nice car. Mike, don't know how old you are but I am 57 and although the majority of the 275 cars I have owned are 2 doors, I regret that decision a bit. I could easily own a 50's 4 door hardtop. If I could do it all over again, my honest #1 car choice in the fifties is a 1956 Buick Roadmaster 4 door hardtop in Coral (whatever Buick called it). Give me $35,000 and instead of looking for a 2 door hardtop, I would go for the 4 door hardtop.
  3. Not totally restored as the body looks original but that is for the better. Be a fun car to own and show, explain to the crowds.
  4. "The sales-engineering of ours continued at an increasing pace, especially from 1905 to 1915 when some of the manufacturers, such as Ford, Cadillac, Buick, Olds, Hudson, Reo, Willys and others, began to develop important volume. Hyatt's business flowed logically where ever we had customers like these that stayed in business and grew." ** Sorry no prize for guessing right but when I read it in a book (an autobiography pretty much) I thought it was an interesting puzzler.
  5. Yeah that kid has been trying to sell those for his dad for 5 years. 1-2 are Masters. They are located in southeast Iowa. I have not gone to see them but had a lengthy conversation with him. Basically dad was a hoarder that grabbed cars cheap as they became available and has pole sheds and outside areas full of cars. Bought a 2nd car to help restore the Master Six. Has boxes of parts. Etc, same old story. I am no longer in the hobby or else I would at least throw $5000 at them take it or leave it. Master Six Buicks of this era are pretty neat. I would take one over some other more exp
  6. I 100% agree. Nice 65 GS hardtops bring that. Here you get a tribute car well sorted. What a fun car to drive and take to festival shows
  7. What a minute. 25,000 is a lot of money for a 50s 2 door hardtop Buick. For $25 large I expect a "super nice" car. Might be original with some patina or an older restoration but $25,000 should buy you a #2 - car that can garner 370 points at a BCA National meet. Not that thats the end all be all but it is a litmus test. When did $25,000 buy someone a car that is described as you mention by a dishonest seller looking to fund a cruise or home improvement project??? I hate these Facebook or CL ads that tell half a story. BS. This is at best a $12,000 car. Likely needs towed home. My issu
  8. Leaks under transmission. Is it cold when you get there or has he warmed it up? Brake pedal feel. Gas gauge work?
  9. I would not touch this car with a 10 foot pole. Upholstery looks to me like vinyl. Not sure that's a MK 2 color. Would need decoded. Used to be a great Mark 2 website/registry that could tell you a lot about the cars and they would need to chime in. I don't care for weird vibe I am getting from the seller flipper. Seems he was in the right place at the right time and got a car for $4000 or so.
  10. I hate sellers that do that. On craigslist sellers put in $1 because they know people search by price a lot. This guy purposely puts $3400 in ad to get you to look.
  11. I love the old bass mouth 56 98s. Owned a 2 door hardtop 30 years ago. All 56 Olds 98 cars are rare. I would take this car as a restoration project but it would have to be a labor of love. Costs to restore a 1956 2 door hardtop, 4 door hardtop, or convertible are the same. About $80,000.
  12. I sold my triple white 76 CdV for $3300 after buying for $5600. It had 59,000 miles. Wonder if these cars are selling for anywhere close to these asking prices.
  13. Wow finally a well priced beauty. Lots of over priced cars recently. This car is why it does not matter to me much that a cool old car is a 4 door or 2 door. Either way, the ownership and enjoyment is the same.
  14. Let's face it, Reatta Red was a great color. Its the most common color but still the best color.
  15. In those years where the meet is scheduled for the west, hold it later.
  16. I don't think so. The ornament added no cache to my true 1988 SS. Bought for $1500, sold for $600 and removed the hood ornament. Personally, I thought it was cool. To me, it was an artifact. A real 1988 SS sold from an Omaha dealer. But to the buyer he could have cared less so I kept the badge and put a NOS small badge on for him.
  17. I sold the used one you see in my footer for $250 or so 5 years ago. It came from a 1988 SS I sold for $600 running and driving. It went to a 1990 SS owner without one.
  18. My daughter participated in viewing and helped me host the wash stand in 2010. I was 46 though and we started our family late. There are always going to be people unhappy with decisions but I love car shows in the crisp Iowa October days. Highs in the midwest are typically 60 to 68, low humidity- usually plenty of sun.
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