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  1. Willie, As a business traveler for the past 10 years, I travel and stay in motels at least 50 to 75% of my work week, I can say you will find motels and gas stations. During the height of the pandemic and riots I was issued a critical worker pass as my company was installing lab equipment that automated Covid tests then performed the tests. I always found nice motels but no Continental breakfasts. During the riots with curfews I could not get to Walmart for breakfast items. Now I can easily get rooms and gas but am limited to take out for food. I think BCA travelers will be
  2. How many families go? Maybe consider a fall national meet once every 4 years. Rates for motels and events are usually lower after "high" season.
  3. $28,500? Maybe a nice $14,000 car. The hobby has passed about 50% of us cheapskates by. I will fully retire in 13 years at the age of 70 and will take a look at the 401k then. Hopefully there has been a market correction by then
  4. That looks like quite a deal. For under $10k you get a nice version of Fords halo car and get to instantly step back to the mid sixties cool.
  5. You are correct. But what difference does it make? Buick is no longer a manufacturer of vehicles. Completely badged whatevers. Woulda coulda shoulda dreaming with show cars is silly.
  6. I love 73s but the issues that caught my attention were the exhaust location and the steering wheel cover.
  7. Probably a local sale only due to disassembly. I would try a BCA ad.
  8. Agreed. I love Gold-Browns- Copper etc. Price is right. Seller seems honest and did not overprice.
  9. Nice to see thar market is setting the price. Seller not too eager to sell. Nice car. I would say it finds a buter at $13,000 to $15,000. This is why I don't care for this part of the hobby. The seller was being greedy. I don't mind profit taking but he dropped the price $8000 already.
  10. There is a name and phone number and no lowball price as we normally see in scam ads (unless I missed it) so it could be real.
  11. Just seller hyperbole. This is a favorite color of mine. If an accepted offer of $9000 was taken, I think its s good buy.
  12. Based solely on your minimal information you have a highly desirable post war Buick, one model which I have owned. I would say an ebay auction would yield $4000.
  13. At any rate we could use the VIN. Just the last 6. 9 0 0 - - - Y Job Fan, it does make me wonder. Certainly no one would want mismatched seats when newer. Yet, the suede inserts and effort to reupholster Reatta seats is hard. OTOH, the smooth parts may be vinyl.
  14. No way. When these kids get an old car from their parents the last thing they want to do is spend ANY money on it. That's your job as buyer to do and pay them as though they did the repairs. They have a vacation to take you know!
  15. Welcome to our latest generation. When I see moron writing like this I don't go any further.
  16. Should be leather and clothe. This is a Four Hundred not a Clipper. I have been in at least 4 1956 Four Hundreds and seen several more. All had leather and fabric seating.
  17. The reason I stated $7500 was too much was due to the black seats. This was explained as a seat cover only by the buyer. We have seen countless seats done incorrectly on the postings here because original seat material is getting harder and harder to source. Therefore, I felt the price was too much.
  18. Thank you for the clarification. You cited numbers as opposed to opinion. I stand corrected. I have had Facebook issues because I use my company provided cell phone number for access. So, when I changed companies last August, Facebook in all of their non wisdom, made me start over. It would not allow a change to a new phone number and there is no one to call. I was a member of Marck's group but not with the new phone number.
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