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  1. That's sad. I mean the dealer probably swooped in and offered $8500 cash for it. Who knows as it was reduced once. If the dealer details it and improves it, I have no issue with an increase in price to make a profit. Dealers handle "paperwork" including title work, or at least they are supposed to and Wisconsin can be a tough state for that especially now. But $17,000 is a bit steep.
  2. Too plentiful to go $28 large. Sure, it has ultra low mileage but I have seen several with less than 75,000 miles, a few with less than 50,000 miles for sale from $9000 to $14,000. There is a 42,000 mile Silver 75 on Des Moines CL now for I think $10,500 asking that will likely sell for $8500 in my opinion.
  3. I communicated with the seller and here is his phone number for future reference -- 5152401881. I live in southern Minnesota
  4. To answer the original question the car has no value anymore. To those who say "I can part it out for something" yes, yes you can. But no one is restoring 1929 Peerless' Especially sedans. If I owned it I would pull parts off of it and throw them on ebay for $1 starting and if there is interest, the parts will be sold at market price. If there is no interest in that part, scrap it. $1000? No way. Any sale of any kind is what you want if the goal is to move it off the land. Otherwise, if it can stay there let it rest.
  5. I'll take the 1st one, my colors. Bronze and saddle..
  6. Visors were installed partially to aid in windshield wiper performance, or put another way, when vacuum motors lost momentum the visors blocked hard rain from obscuring the view. Of course, as others have noted - there was the "me too" aspect of the visor when neighbors had them.
  7. Wow, looks like a good one. With apologies to all of the not top of the line collectors, of which I have counted myself in at many points in the hobby, if you can go back to the 20's and get a Master 6 Buick, for Standard Buick pricing, go for it!
  8. I agree 100% BUT I like the triple white one. I don't know why but I am itching for a restoration and I am also digging the 69-76 Marks. Like you I have a wide swath of interest from the teens to the 1990's. I have owned 260 cars in the last 42 years. I own NONE now due to cost. But getting a triple white 1970 Mark III for $600 and "playing with it" seems like fun to me. I know these and most 69-76 Marks can be had for less than $15,000 in very nice condition - like the Silver 1975 noted above - but I do enjoy restorative work. These Marks, while huge after 197
  9. There are a lot of Marks from 1969 to 1976 on Facebook. Here is a 1974 in Galesburg, Illinois, $5000.... Marketplace - 1974 Lincoln Continental | Facebook Another 1969 in that Teal color recently posted - a nice color for this car - Marketplace - 1969 Lincoln Continental · Mark III | Facebook
  10. Marketplace - 1969 Lincoln Continental | Facebook Selling for $1200 per the seller. I know we are not supposed to purchase Mark projects. Marketplace - 1970 Lincoln Continental | Facebook I made a $500 offer on the one above. I did so because it is triple white. The seller countered at $600. Here is a 1975 in desirable Silver Marketplace - 1975 Lincoln Lincoln Mark VII · Cartier | Facebook Marketplace - 1976 Lincoln Continental · Mark IV / 65D | Facebook 1976 is special, but price is opt
  11. I just know I am jumping back in on Reattas as they are increasing in value exponentially, per Y Job Fan's observations. This week I purchased 2, and I am going to place them in storage so in 5 years I can refer to them as "Barn Finds". By Y Job Fan's accounting, I should see a 5% gain each year more or less. Buy Reatta's now before they become unaffordable!
  12. I monitored Reattas for sale for years as a fun interest. Ultimately, I found several cars I purchased off Craigslist (CL). I am a recent convert to Facebook Marketplace. Like, the last 5 months. I always did my searches off CL. Only this week did I place "Reatta" in my Facebook search and I was surprised to see that this is where CL ads went, more or less. I am not an expert and base my comments off observations. Y Job Fan and others -do more intense market research. I was surprised at the extent of the drop off of Reattas on CL and like some, thought it was
  13. I think you are correct then. Reatta prices are on the rise again. Good time to jump into the hobby.
  14. I wouldn't. While I like Caballeros just like the next guy, they are not a Nomad. And I would personally not pay a premium over any Buick stationwagon. I once saw a 64 LeSabre wagon with factory bucket seats I would have preferred. Or the vista roof Skylarks from 64-69.
  15. One sale, or purported sale, does not prove the naysayers wrong. It could be an outlier. Reatta values remain stagnant. Maybe they have bottomed out. I know that in my searches of Reattas I used to do 6 years ago, I could find 100-200 for sale in a 700 mile circle around Des Moines, Iowa. Maybe more. Now those same searches yield much fewer cars and those cars are either worn out types or nicer examples. I know my recently sold Reattas, 2 if which were among the rarest in the world have not popped up for sale. They were project vehicles. Owners are either doing nothing to them or chipping
  16. Exactly. I won't buy anything GM. I idolized the company for years as the best of America. But no more. I own a Toyota Tacoma. By simply putting something out there, they will continue but they are way behind the electric car chase despite coming out with the Volt. But they didn't support that product, instead focusing on profitable trucks and SUVs. Now they won't even introduce the all new Electric offroad vehicle as a Chevy-GMC.
  17. You made the right choice at the time. It always amazed me how much difference in technology they made in 18 years back then and into the 70s.
  18. Perhaps Jim but by that I mean nice cars from the 70s. If I had $5000 for a project I would buy that 1936 2 door I posted for $3500 in a heartbeat over this tire fire. I don't look much anymore but you can buy nice 70s Buicks for $5000 to $8000. You can buy nice 37-40 Specials for less than $20,000. As mentioned this is a $1000 car. Whoever pays this seller more than that needs his head examined. In my opinion of course.
  19. Starfire-I appreciate you taking the time to correct my mistakes. You are obviously very knowledgeable regarding these cars. I thought all Starfires in 1961 came loaded. And I had no idea about the special motors.
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