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  1. What say you Buick Regal GS? I can see you're on the site, but crickets. Took the time to dig this out, photograph and post this for you. If you don't want it, fine, I will put it back where it was. But please at least acknowledge one way or the other.
  2. I didn't clean it up at all, that's just dirt.
  3. I don't believe it! I have one! This has been sitting on a shelf in my various garages since I pulled it out of my outbound '73 Century in about 1983!! It work fine when it came out, but after 38 years on a shelf ...who knows.
  4. My newly installed Steele kit in vivo looks just like Wheelnut's pictures.
  5. Seller sent me the following pictures. Engine number seems to be appropriate for a '38 Special.
  6. Not sure, the guys put that on the car before I could see the pieces. That shorter straight piece must be for the body centered on the rear window, linking up to the pieces that go around the top left and top right corners of the opening?
  7. That's a nice car, lots of value. The only other mentionable nit that I can see to pick is that the Roadmaster and Dynaflow badges are reversed.
  8. I stand corrected! Here's one.....zoom in.......she's getting painted right now. That is a brand new Steele kit just installed.
  9. The long piece is not mounted to the body. It is mounted to the underside of the trunk lid: the posterior parts of the sides and around the trailing edge. Sorry I am not near my car right now, so no pics......
  10. Found one on my phone: And now that I'm looking at it on the big screen, this photo looks a little washed-out compared to reality. Nevertheless, you get the idea.
  11. Buickborn, that's an interesting theory but I don't think so....I actually own a '52 Pontiac Catalina Super Deluxe 8 in Belfast Green, which was the special color for the top of the line car that year, and it is much different than the Roadmaster here. The Roadmaster is much darker and more green/less blue than the '52 Catalina.
  12. Hey David, I'm on the same page with you. It's a really nice car, with quality work. I didn't meet the guy who did the work, he had died and the car was being sold by his son. Nothing "wrong" but quite a few things not quite "right", just done to that guy's taste. I really did the same thing you did: thought seriously about it and at a lower price ($13,500! In like 1999.) but decided to pass and hold out for the right "original", which I fortunately found with 38K original miles, sleeping for decades in the garage of the second owner, a 100-year-old man who bought it in 1954! I'm not sorr
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