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  1. Hey Tom, Tell us the story of how you came to buy a new Riv at age 18!
  2. Good Morning All, I recently had my original moustache bar rechromed, and now am trying to figure out how to address the letters "BUICK EIGHT" embossed in it. They are obviously supposed to be black. But how flat? What's the right tone? And has anyone ever identified a pressure-sensitive lettering in the right font that could be used? To complicate things a little, the rechroming inevitably filled in the depressions a little, so they are not as deep as they are supposed to be. The below picture is from the net, it's not my car. Any pointers?
  3. The rest of it does go in the lid. Steele has a look kit, you can see the pieces.
  4. The four door is a Special, 1947-48. Could even be a '49, which were few and really just leftover '48's. Not a '46.
  5. Great car. But what else could you buy for that price? There are many smarter moves. Therefore, it's too high.
  6. Hi All, Finally getting around to reinstalling my beautifully restored original steering wheel, and suddenly the original horn bar doesn't look so nice! Anybody have a nice one available, ie shiny, not pitted or corroded, black paint ok? Gotta be a nice one, current one is not terrible, just not as nice as the wheel! Thanks in advance, Steve in Mpls.
  7. As we say in the business, you can't get a 20/20 refraction from a 20/400 brain.
  8. Hi Paul, Post up some pics of your car. What is it's story?
  9. Nice! Is that the recent eBay car out of Minnesota?
  10. Little or no info, no pics...….John's apparently in the Souix Falls area; went to CL there, no ad.... I don't think he wants to sell it.
  11. How about a nice set of the engine-turned dash bezels? Especially the center one.
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