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  1. Kudos Adam! I too follow your exploits closely and totally admire your expertise! Just wish you lived closer to me! The '49 Is getting good attention here but it sure would have been fun watching you do it up!
  2. Hello all, Reassembling. Trying to not use rusty old clips on freshly painted fennders. Here's the original clip (5 per side) that attached the stoneguards: Can't find them at Bob's or Henry's. Anybody have a source for these? Thanks in advance, Steve in Mpls.
  3. I used Waldron's, '49 Roadmaster Sedanet. Fit like a glove.
  4. Maybe the airbag wheel wasn't good anymore......for some reason......
  5. Was just talking to Bob at Bob's Automobilia, he is out of stock on '49 engine paint, and didn't say when he would get more. He went on to stay that '49 Buick engine paint is the single most problematic product he has carried, ie causing the most complaints: "it's not the right color". He also related a story told by a person who worked in a Buick assembly plant at the time, who said it was s.o.p. to dump paint remainders from other things, not necessarily the exact same color, into the engine paint vat, hence engines painted on different days might vary some in color. Plausible.
  6. In the process of building a big order for my '49 RM, been on the phone with Bob and Matt at Bob's multiple times. Very helpful.
  7. Thanks Pete, know about those. There's also a weird rectangular one with a countersunk screw, and some wedge-like ones noted on Bob's and also on Steele, just don't know where they go. The first one is described as hood to shroud. But there's no fan shroud; what shroud do they mean?
  8. Only under-hood shot I have of my car, not very helpful: (Also, never had intact heating ductwork, good pictures of those would also be helpful. And anybody know the right diameters? tried to measure, seems like 3 3/4 and 4 1/4, but sort of hard to do!
  9. Anybody have some good pictures of what the various under-hood rubber bumpers should be/look like? Ordering from Bob's/Steele, confronted with many choices, only some of which I understand..