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  1. The Sportwagon frame is indeed boxed.
  2. Mine is a Wildcat 355, factory A/C; it's got an apparently original 3.08 posi. But it's obviously an option, can't speak to the one-legger that might pertain. Ratios are listed in the service manual.
  3. I stood and gaped at this car , in the original mint, lengthily and repeatedly at the Chicago Auto Show in McCormick Place. The '91-'96 PA was a reasonable production interpretation. But that Essence was a beauty!
  4. Thanks for looking Roberta. I know such a diagram exists because someone posted it up to Just don't know which manual has it. I should have printed it, didn't anticipate the cancellation of that forum.
  5. Hi Everybody, Hoping someone out there has a '74 full size Buick shop manual with an exploded view of the dash showing the routing/mounting location of the long cable/joystick for a passenger side remote mirror. Going to be finally mounting one; someone over at posted it up for me a long time ago, but the forums over there have been deleted so looking for it again. Thanks in advance, Steve in Mpls.
  6. Let us know how you do Pete. I don't think any of the opinions here are in sincerely meant. There is currently a beautiful '72 Centurion convert with about 81k for sale in Wisconsin for a long time unsold...recently marked down to $8,500, and still not selling. 455, nicer interior, half the miles. Also at least three 71-76 Grand Ville / Bonneville converts and a couple Delta 88's wanting for buyers in this price range, in similar condition, in the Minneapolis Craigslist.
  7. Gosh I like that, especially without the vinyl top.
  8. Also, the two strips of side stainless are a feature of the Special only in '47, Super and Roadmaster = one.