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  1. You were in Tomball? That's where the other '49 Roadmaster eBay car is ( No engine/green). Pete got it.
  2. Trim and paint codes on this car are the same as mine, and the interior matches mine in every detail. Moreover, the differential discoloration of various items (headliner, floor covering, carpet on kickpads, fabric on backs of front seats ie the surface that faces the rear seat passengers, etc) is also very similar to mine There might have been some restoration of the interior, but I suspect it's near, or all-original. The engine, on the other hand, looks to have been restored; no '49 engine with 74k looks like that. If the trunk was done, it was done well, although the cardboard color looks funky. And the paint job certainly looks too good to be original, but who knows? Great looking car overall. I could do without the visor. Almost $28,000 now and still hasn't made reserve.
  3. Vegard, I believe the spears from the sedanet are different. The "peak" of the moulding on the sedanet is equidistant from the top and bottom of the moulding, whereas on the 76R pictured above, the peak is closer to the bottom.
  4. Word! And...I also grew up with a '65 Sportwagon.
  5. Talked to Koch's coincidentally today....they have a mold on hand for 55-56 Buick...... $550 includes recast and paint to specified color.
  6. Gary, I think your project is fascinating. Are you considering engine-turning on the metal dash bezels, as would be original to a '40 Buick dash? Doug Seybold does these in Ohio; it would look awesome juxtaposed against the Dakota instruments!
  7. A firm called Koch's in California does a great job for less. It'd be case by case of course, but fyi a group of us '65 a-body Buick people, led by Loren Alexander, were able to negotiate a great group deal with Koch's. They stripped/recast/painted our wheels for less than $400/wheel, after the group discount. Obviously a singleton would be more, but they do great work, are excellent to deal with, and I'm confident would be less than $900.
  8. Wow, some people's perspectives are "different". If that's a turd, then all my cars are sewage. Great find Adam!
  9. Hi Gang, After 18 years of ownership, decided to dive into cosmetic restoration of my very original car. One broken window. the usual edge yellowing/delaminations, and water leaks around the rear light have led me to decide that, during the paint job, I will replace all the glass. Auto City Restorations, which specializes in date-coded LOF glass reproductions is local to me. They offer clear, gray tint, and green tint. Tinted glass was not available from the factory in '49.......but it would be nice, especially in a black car. What does everyone think?
  10. What does the plug-in look like? Does it / could it have a cigarette-lighter style plug?
  11. Any that would spec for a '49 Roadmaster Sedanet?