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  1. Let us know how you do Pete. I don't think any of the opinions here are in sincerely meant. There is currently a beautiful '72 Centurion convert with about 81k for sale in Wisconsin for a long time unsold...recently marked down to $8,500, and still not selling. 455, nicer interior, half the miles. Also at least three 71-76 Grand Ville / Bonneville converts and a couple Delta 88's wanting for buyers in this price range, in similar condition, in the Minneapolis Craigslist.
  2. Gosh I like that, especially without the vinyl top.
  3. Also, the two strips of side stainless are a feature of the Special only in '47, Super and Roadmaster = one.
  4. Dang Adam! I wish you lived near me.
  5. How could any other cars in the class be more perfect than that?
  6. Hey Loren, Getting ready to install mine.....I forget, does it make a difference which side is front?
  7. Still hoping to find an image of the reinforcement that goes inside the door skin on these remote mirrors....can anybody snap and post a few?
  8. Have you tried contacting them through their website: ? They appear to still be at 5011 W. 63rd Street. I bet they would be happy to email you the appropriate images.
  9. Ed, can you show a pic of the reinforcement that goes inside the door skin for the remote mirror? I am contemplating mounting a '63 Riv mirror on the passenger side of my '65 Sportwagon; have the mirror but not the reinforcement.
  10. Totally cool, not in a rush, just let me know. Would like to chat with you by phone when the time comes.
  11. Would like to tentatively dibs on this and talk to you at your convenience.
  12. Roberta, curious about the '99 situation, maybe have an interest....
  13. Still interested for '49. Do you have any?
  14. Jealous! We have to wait until a few good rains washes off the copious salt that's everywhere.
  15. What is the diameter of the tach itself (without the housing)? Perhaps a finer question: what is the inside diameter of the front aperture of the chrome housing, i.e. the diameter of the gage face that shows?
  16. Call's apparently a pawn shop! Awaiting reply Monday am.
  17. Also looking for a better hood ornament and trunk handle bezel (the part that holds the DYNA FLOW lenses).
  18. Took apart front of my '49; driver's side of grille and mustache bar are both in one piece and nicely restorable, but passenger side of grille is cracked and pitted enough to make labor cost high. Rather find a better one. Any leads appreciated!
  19. Just the info I'm looking the resellers are selling Steele cheaper than Steele does?