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  1. The seller was great to deal with. Answered every question without hesitation.
  2. I made her an offer for what I thought was fair, and she turned it down. Says she has other interested parties and will move on. I'm ok with that. It's more of a project than I thought it would be. She did send me a whole bunch of photos and videos, which was a deciding factor on what I was willing to offer.
  3. Is anyone near Westby, WI to look at this car for me? I want the car, but I want to make sure it's not a rot box. I will pay for time/fuel, etc
  4. There will always be a display only option for anyone who chooses so do so.
  5. The BCA was never going to capture the performance GS/GN crowd, I'm afraid. And I'm confident it never will really get a big following. This is why we (The BCA) have teamed up with the GS club to co-promote the events we currently have. At the GS Nationals last weekend, the BCA signed up 21 new members on the spot, and hopefully more who will join online. Big win for the BCA, just for being open to coordinate with other clubs with the same goal in mind.
  6. Jose, I got your message...completely forgot to call back. Sorry! I'll check back.
  7. The 12 year-old rule has me puzzled a bit, as well. As complicated as the class system is in the BCA, I think there should be a place for the “modern” cars…and it would be a moving target of course. So eventually, your “new” car would be able to qualify for the 400pt classes we are all familiar with. hmmmm
  8. It is factory....hose goes to the vapor/charcoal canister in the left front wheel well. I would be interested in buying if you would sell.
  9. Is there any sign that the "new" fender was wrecked and repaired at some point? That would be my only guess as to why it's off so much. I can't imagine that being factory slop.
  10. the truck builder is on another level. But keep in mind that it has taken him 5 years to get to that point. I wouldn't have the patience for that. That's why I don't build cars for the Ridler award or street rod nationals. The level of perfection is ludicrous.
  11. I'm kind of shocked...is the market that bad for the 53's? It could use a paint correction, but that wouldn't make up for the $30k deficit.
  12. I was thinking maybe put something under the hood at that point and gently "close" the hood, allowing the object to push upwards on the bottom side of the hood....effectively increasing the arc of the hood in that spot. I've done this many times on door and trunk edges. Might be more difficult on the hood with its stiff side framework, though. On 70-72 GS's, NOS front fenders are not arc'ed enough for the hood. Some people build the fender edges up, and some metal work the fenders into place. I have done both. Would much rather do the body work and not metal work.
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