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  1. Yep...spread the grippers 😁
  2. The lower rear fender mount bolts are 3/8" thread, 16 threads per inch. I wouldn't have much faith in the J clips with the nuts tack welded in, if you want to tighten them enough to hold the fender in place. I'd rather use the integrated threaded clip like I posted earlier. That way, there is no nut that can snap off the clip.
  3. I just used that type on the bottom of the fenders I installed yesterday on the Tealmist Gray car. They have plenty of strength.
  4. Front sheet metal installed today... I'm hesitant to post more complete photos, since this car is supposed to be unveiled at MCACN. 2020 is canceled, so that means it will go to 2021 and be unveiled then. I don't know if I can wait a year to post pics LOL EDIT: I removed the teaser photo to stay eligible for the unveiling at MCACN. I may have to stop entirely posting photos of this project until after the unveiling. It's going to kill me LOL
  5. https://www.amazon.com/Tapped-Hole-U-Style-Material-Thickness-Distance/dp/B00C3MUMOW
  6. Finally have a correct trans mount...got the engine and trans stabbed in this afternoon. I started putting some accessories on, but ran out of steam. Earlier today, I installed the top motor, hoses, and lift cylinders. I also got the new tires mounted on the wheels we are using. I still have to clean them up a bit more and paint the centers. Some of you will laugh or stick up your nose, but this is what the car came with, so that's what is going back on. I dig it.
  7. Use an awl to locate the holes through the trim pieces once you have them in place.
  8. For some reason, I am thinking the 58 splines that go into the transmission have one blind (flat) spline, and the 57 did not. Can anyone confirm? I distinctly remember fighting my 58 trying to get them together, not knowing about that spline...then finally figuring it out. But I don't recall this on any of the 57's I've taken apart or put together.
  9. The holes for the trim screws will be located in the edge of the dash pad topper. If you had the top recovered, check to see if the holes were covered by the material.
  10. I think it’s the leading edge since it’s “pointing” to the number
  11. Had a big SNAFU with the transmission mount over the weekend, and everyone who sells them thinks that a TH350 mount is the same. It's not. I have a correct 2268 mount coming now. Radio, ash tray, and glove box are installed. MCACN was canceled last night...so this car will be unveiled at the 2021 show, alongside another 70 I am painting this coming year.
  12. Not too much to update on this one...except that I now have the engine and transmission...and a bunch of other parts I've been needing. I have the dashboard mostly together...sans a few things that are still trickling in. I'm currently installing some accessories on the engine to get it ready for install. For some reason, I left off "spark plugs" from my list of things to buy. I'll be going to Auto Zone tomorrow AM for that so I can hopefully get the engine installed this weekend.
  13. The anchor pins "center" the shoes in the drums. The shoe adjusters are to be adjusted out until you can just barely spin the tire. Then loosen the anchor pin nut on the backing plate. Make sure it is loose enough that it will move if it is out of center. This allows it to kind of self-center where it wants to be. Tighten it back up. Then loosen the adjuster to where you normally adjust the brakes. The right front one was really far out of whack...most of the others were in decent spots, and didn't seem to move much, if at all.
  14. I just realized that I never updated this past January. It looks a lot like this, except there are 5 cars in there now...and a bunch of other parts. And heat and AC
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