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  1. Smartin

    1971 buick centurion convertible

    Yep. One of my favorite 71 colors.
  2. Smartin

    1971 buick centurion convertible

    The more the merrier! I love this car...
  3. Awesome. I had a similar experience with the trans in my Roadmaster. Shortly before I sold the car, the trans was rebuilt (flight pitch) and it was a different car. So much more crisp!
  4. ....ooorrr something got kicked up when you ran over it and punctured the line.
  5. The GSX feature at MCACN 2018 was a major success! I think I can rest a little, now.
  6. Smartin

    Yet another 57 Roadmaster

    Thanks Lance for entrusting me with another 57! Depending on how the next car I have here goes, I may be able to jump on it near the beginning of the year. If I end up painting that car, then it will be most likely mid-Summer when I start on it. For now, it will be tucked away in the garage.
  7. Smartin

    1972 Electra 2-dr. in E. Texas, not mine

    Ah the elusive 72 Buick Cascada! Yeah the car looks pretty good, and with not too much effort could be (at least outwardly) much more correct. If it's as solid as it looks and runs decent, I think the price is probably in the ballpark...but yes, on the high side of it.
  8. 5 days until it's loaded in the trailer....I think I can I think I can. Regardless of the completion of this particular car, this show is one "not to miss."
  9. Smartin

    Winter Buicks

    This evening's driveway view...
  10. Smartin

    1966 conv.---glass or plastic rear window?

    If glass is available, use it. Plastic windows in convertibles suck.
  11. Smartin

    Ethanol damage after 4-1/2 years

    My radiator guy does gas tank work. I gave him one that looked like this out of a 55 Pontiac. He used caustic soda inside it to soak and dissolve the garbage...and flushed the hell out of it. Then he lined the tank with some super duper stuff that keeps this from happening again.
  12. Smartin

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Ahhhh the ol'd paint brush. I had the same problem with my Laurel Mist 58. Low mileage, and I popped the hood...hence why I detailed the engine compartment. Hank's 60 was the same way. Damn paint brushed everything under the hood.
  13. Smartin

    How buttercup got her groove back

    That interior!
  14. Smartin


    I'm surprised that domain name still exists.
  15. Smartin

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Have you looked at the filter area while the car is running to make sure it's not leaking from there? That is a LOT of oil to disappear without a trace.