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  1. This was the only way I got the one off the parts car this Spring...looks terrible, but it worked! On the outside, I used the same strap wrench buick man posted. In the past, others were easier to hold on the inside, but this one was extra crusty. I have used the chisel trick before, too.
  2. I really enjoyed reading through mine today when I got it. I look forward to the October Bugle every year!
  3. One has to just hope that all the parts are there on a basket case like this.
  4. Makes the one that sold on ebay recently look like a steal.
  5. I think it’s overpriced for what it is. Just my opinion, I’m sure there are others.
  6. I agree with Doug....but if authenticity is your gig, this is not the car for you.
  7. Regardless of the interior fabric choice, this appears to be a decent deal. It would make a fun driver for not too much $$ (assuming there aren't any real problems hiding).
  8. Months ago when I made the order to CARS for some stuff, I ordered trunk fabric. Low and behold, it is NLA. I'm going to just leave it for I might have to let this car go sooner than expected. I am still trying to hold out for Strongsville to have it judged again, but I also need to free up some cash for this building I'm putting up. I'll chip away at what I can on this car to keep correcting issues, but don't see the whole list getting rectified. One small victory this evening...I was not in a mood to roll around in rust and grind on metal, so I decided to replace the hood insulation. Lance was kind enough to send me the dimensions and I got a full sheet to cut on my own.
  9. Yes I heated and then scraped it right off. These are seams in the sheet metal...and. Horrible spot for a seam, for sure. Very common spot for these to rust.
  10. On to the wheel wells...this repair has to be made on both sides of the metal. There are actually two layers of metal in both of these spots. This is the passenger side...the driver side is the same way. This will also take care of all the rust on the body shell. Let's not talk about the doors, though.
  11. Passenger side quarter was a real mess, along with the rocker. A lower quarter patch panel was provided with the car, but it was a hokey aftermarket stamping that didn't really even line up with the body lines or openings at the door or wheel. I did, however, use the wheel opening corner and lower rocker area to patch the quarter panel. The rear trick was to make sure that the bottom body line of the quarter remained straight with the rocker panel as it ran toward the wheel. When I cut out the bad spots in the quarter, it sprung out toward me. It was a real challenge trying to measure and cut, mark, measure again, cut, mark, etc...trying to hold the quarter in place. I ended up using a 4' straight edge to make sure it stayed true. Once it was tacked in place, I could go to town with the repair. As you can see, it looks a but sunken and lumpy where the repair was made. If could have gotten a hammer back there to work it back out with a dolly, that wouldn't be there. But there just isn't any room. Even with taking my time and cooling with compressed air, the panel warped a bit. I am currently working on the joint where the lead seam is at the back corner of the door. The repair ended up being about 8" in length after the bad metal was cut out. I have already repaired the inner rocker here, and welded the outer rocker together with a patch. I have one small 2" square hole to fill on the bottom side of the outer rocker....then I can move to the rear wheel wells. They are a real mess.
  12. I did some poking and the rest of it looks ok.
  13. Both holes at the lead joint are fixed. I moved on to the wheel well corner. The hole kept getting bigger as I cut...finding more really thin metal. Finally, I was able to get to some solid metal to weld to. I ended up cutting a piece of the wheel opening out of the parts car we have here. It helped with the compound bend around the edge of the wheel opening. Of course, as I was laying down grinding, I found another spot about 8" long where the pinch weld is at the rocker bottom. That is next.