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  1. I believe I covered some of the basics on watching how you run the parts on the wheel in the video. Been there done that...scary as hell when you realize how strong the wheel can be to rip it out of your hand faster than you can blink.
  2. First half of the video is me doing some work on the horn of the orange car, but I also talk about a couple events this year...
  3. Roadhog has one for me, I just need to go get it. It's about an hour drive...need to plan accordingly. It should fit all 364's from 57-61
  4. That trans looks like it really needed help...glad you guys decided to go through it. Makes you wonder how many "working" dynaflows out there are in this condition but we don't know it. I'm pretty sure the 62 I just sold could have used a good go-through...but I had already lost several thousand $ so that was out of the question.
  5. I think Dei is onto it...at least that is what I would check first.
  6. The 57's were designed to show the whole tire, with the sweepspear following the line of the wheel opening. Respect the wheel opening😁😎
  7. Ha! Thanks....you should have seen it before I hit the record button. That corner of the garage get NASTY with me running that wheel there.
  8. I posted this on the AACA Technical section last week, but it's crickets over there. So, A friend over on v8buick.com asked me how to polish his stainless trim before he puts it back on his freshly painted race car. He just wanted a once-over quick job....most bang-for-your-buck type deal. I decided to create a video on how to do this, because it's nearly impossible to explain it via text alone. I call this the "Cliff's Notes" version of polishing. There are a bunch of steps you can take before this, but I will cover that in another video. IF you're looking to do a
  9. I just stumbled onto this thread...nice to see a local member on here! Hello from Foristell! I haven't seen many 62's that don't need a ton work work recently. But I will keep my eyes open for one.
  10. Ah ha! That's the info I was looking for. Thanks John.
  11. I'm trying to find a fuel pump for a 65 Riv and no one has a pump with a return. They are only in/out config. Am I missing something?
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