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  1. Good deal. You'll be amazed at how good it can look with a cut and buff.
  2. Maybe I've just had crappy irons...seems like they just never get hot enough.
  3. Looks great! What are you planning to do to polish?
  4. I've had much better results and luck with a soldering gun. ...or one similar. I think you can get them at any of the hardware stores.
  5. Buffing is complete. I couldn't resist throwing some bling on it..
  6. All of my 57's an d 58's had shrouds...don't know of earlier ones.
  7. 1000 grit finished early this morning. Buzzed through the 2000 round, and then 3000 DA. Before I quit for the day, I ran the buffer over the RH door to get some motivation.
  8. I usually see around 5.5 volts, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the current problem.
  9. If the problem did not happen the next day, it is likely not a vacuum leak. I would look at replacing the t-stat with a 180, and replacing the temp sending unit while you're at it. Those are both pretty easy swaps. Don't go tearing the car apart without eliminating these simple things first.
  10. I have been busy with installing all the door guts, and rear window guts. Wiring harnesses, cleaning and painting other small parts. Time to take a break from that and start cutting and buffing this thing.
  11. That is not a 75. And he's showing a photo of a 57 Chevy fender like it will fit.
  12. Try these guys... Or these guys... I believe either of them can make you a new cable.
  13. I assembled all of the hardware onto the new glass today. I got a hardware kit from Todd, which includes a good portion of new parts, but some I had to reuse from the old glass. I'm really glad we got new glass for this car. The old stuff was so scratched up and worn out...would've been a bummer to install it on such a nice car.