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  1. I'd heard that JFK's assassination had kept those cars from being as valuable as they might've been. Did you ever perceive that to be true? Or was that too long ago to make any difference now?
  2. That car is saveable, and it is the somewhat uncommon coupe. The general rule of thumb, however, is that the more affordable the make and era of collector car, the less sense it makes to buy one that needs to be refurbished or restored. Corvairs, VW Beetles and early fifties Mopars are all very cool, but the extra 5 grand it takes to get a presentable one beats the heck out of the extra 10-15 grand it takes to restore one.
  3. I'm really glad Roger makes these parts out of brass...I can at least tell they're not the real thing by the brass color. Once they get painted, though...😄
  4. Very low price for a running Caddy of that year with original paint that nice. I'm so glad I don't live near Interbay, WA. If I did I think I might be $7800 poorer right now. 😄
  5. Such a beautiful color. I'm usually not a huge fan of most '58 GM's, but I really like this one. Along with the color, I also like the 4 door hardtop configuration for that year. I actually prefer it over most 2 door GM hardtops (of that year.)
  6. Dodge, not too far away from there in Omaha (where I grew up) there was a model A sedan buried into the side of a hill (half of the car exposed) by the Sky View drive in theater just off of north 72nd st. I mention the address because I'm sure thousands of people saw the car over the years, and I'd be interested to see if anyone else remembers it. Apparently burying old Fords was a popular thing to do in that part of the Midwest.
  7. Very nice car, 58L-Y8. A clean, solid, good running mid-sixties two door hardtop for under $7500? Sounds like a winner to me, if it has a proper title. Nice interior, too. I think I'd much prefer the stock wheels and covers over the mags and RWL tires, anyway. Looks like cleaning the engine bay is the only thing you'll need to do.
  8. Such a nice looking example of a '59 Olds...then they put the blue shag carpet and frogs on the rear package shelf. 😁 Oh, well...all in good fun. Nice car...best wishes to seller and new owner.
  9. I think a few of us were a little fooled at first glance. I did think "retractable" when I first saw it, but - like you - thought that the roof line was a little different for some reason. Like you said, probably camera angle. The roof seam told me my first impression was right, and I knew they didn't make any standards hardtops with that kind of rear roof pillar. Still. I'm a little freaked out that I was not 100% sure about such a well known iconic vehicle. Here's a a different camera angle that accentuates the squarish-ness of the roof line better. (And a standard hardtop.)
  10. Sorry, Rocketraider. After I'd posted my recent comment, I realized that this was my old thread in which I'd already made a reference to the bottle opener (in the first post of the thread.) I changed my recent post so I wouldn't be redundant.
  11. Ok, this is my old thread resurrected. Hopefully it'll attain the glory it never achieved in it's first life. Incidentally, Jack and CHuDwah, I wonder what the legal requirements are when finding a gun in an old car. Suppose it's a function of state law...😄
  12. I probably have what some would call a phobia about digital stuff. I don't think it's a phobia about digital stuff so much as a phobia about wasting significant portions of my life by dwelling on things I don't care about. When I had English motorcycles some of my English motorcycle friends would accuse modern or Japanese bike lovers of being un-mechanically inclined. In truth, they probably wanted to spend more time riding and less time wrenching. I think the popular term is "user friendly." That's what I demand of digital technology, and if it can't be that, I live without it.
  13. I stopped my subscription to HMN many years ago because I didn't have space to store those big magazines and I didn't want to just throw them out. I think their online magazine will keep them alive...I get the sense that higher quality cars are found in Hemmings, but I could be wrong. It's a great place to visit, though their are a few shortcomings. Besides not knowing whether their advertised cars have already sold or not, they have no system for telling you how much the car sold for, which can be useful information to many readers.
  14. A great car, John and thanks for the pics! Love the colors. With my less than perfect cars, I came to realize that most people like them for how cool they are, not how perfect they are. Yours is extremely cool and you keep it in great shape.
  15. I agree with George that the right to do whatever one wants to his or her car is accompanied by the right of others to express their opinions about it. I've loved thousands of modified cars that I've seen in my life. Like most kids who grew up when I did, I was originally interested customized cars and little else. However, I now see old cars as something akin to cultural artifacts; sometimes a car customized in 1954 can accomplish that goal and sometimes an old car kept as original as possible (or restored to that standard) can accomplish that goal. I see nothing wrong in discouraging others
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