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  1. Looks promising. I'm guessing that's not an original color?? I'd love to have a pre-step down Hudson. That's what my parents owned about the time I was born.
  2. Yes, is it blue or green? Other than that, I'll make no comment on the car itself, but the word "estate" is always a red flag for me, not just because a title from a deceased owner may be a problem, but because you may be dealing with inexperienced non-car people who'd rather price too high than too low.
  3. I really like these cars, and yours has turned into a beautiful example. I think it was your post back when you bought the car and a couple of others that turned me on to these Chryslers. It makes me realize there were some really nicely styled cars from that era. My problem is that when I think of the early 1980's I think of my parents 4 door Chevy Malibu (yawn) but there were really cool American cars from that time, and the Sinatra is my current favorite.
  4. Walt's opinions carry a lot of weight with me. 😉 Always a pleasure and educational to read his perspectives. However, I've always used the word "refurbish" out of respect (and admiration) for those who actually restore cars. In other words, I've never had the resources or abilities to restore a car, but I have made one or two of my old running and operational cars into much more presentable drivers. I call this "refurbishment" so that people won't think I'm trying claim that I took a basket case and turned it into a nice car, with an engine rebuild, new rear end, and so on. I agree that words do matter, though. Please let me know if there's a better word out there for what I'm trying to say. (Preferably something better than "Hack Job" 😆)
  5. Spectacular wagon! I will say that's more money than we paid for our first house...but then, I'd much rather live in that Buick than my first house! 😄
  6. Yes, he seems to have removed that engine bay photo from his ad. I'm sure there was some confusion about the engine status with that picture, and as an astute seller once told me: "Never confuse the customer."
  7. '41 Chryslers were very nice looking cars, but there seems to be a real aversion to big projects among even accomplished car guys nowadays. I would like to see the powered chauffeur window, though. Yeah, hot rodding would definitely not enhance the beauty of this car.
  8. The other day I met a guy at my storage facility with a '73 two door Cutlass...another cool car that I overlooked for many years. It had nice original paint and a perfect interior...as nice as the grand am. There was a problem with the engine, though. It's strange that I find myself looking at these as cool old cars...never expected that to happen. 😄
  9. '58 was an over-the-top year for GM, but when they're clean enough, they're pretty spectacular. I know nothing about prices on these, but the 3 deuces make it even more impressive, and original paint and such (if legit) might enhance its desirability. If I was the seller, I'd have taken some photos with the windows down; the hardtop effect adds to the appeal. I agree that an original air cleaner would really be cool. It'll be interesting to see if this sells or sits.
  10. Seems solid for a car like that. I remember these Newports as cars for middle aged people back when they were new...but now, of course, I kind of like them. 😉 If it runs good, it may be an affordable way to get into a early 70's Mopar with a big engine. I'd put radials with thin whitewalls and a more original air cleaner on it, then clean it up.
  11. Would the radiator shell and hood louvers have originally been plated? I know nothing about these cars, but the price seems good for a car like that.
  12. I always heard 3/4 turn beyond initial contact of gasket and engine surface.
  13. Well, that counts me out. But seriously, it sounds like someone has approached him with these kind of EBT offers, so he's understandably wary. As for the rest, he may want the car to go to someone like himself, as he might believe (wrongly or rightly) that the car will be better cared for by such a person. To be fair, I owned a music store for many years, and after a while there was nothing I wanted less than new guitar friends.
  14. I really liked those "talking" songs from the early 70's (because I couldn't/can't sing very well, I suppose.) I memorized Uneasy Rider and all the CW McCall bread commercials when I was in junior high, but Hot Rod Lincoln was my favorite. I loved the free wheeling, irreverent style of country-ish bands like the ones Commander Cody and Dr. Hook fronted. Many condolences to Commander's family and loved ones. Here's the first talking song I remember from the radio. it was from a few years earlier, and pretty controversial, as I recall. I don't think my mom liked me memorizing this one 😄:
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