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  1. I would think that leather upholstery could be refurbished if you could find the correct color of conditioner, dye or whatever. Or am I wrong? I was never a huge fan of the big mid-60's non-Imperial Chryslers, but the two door versions are really growing on me. Cool car.
  2. The price looks like it's been dropped another thousand bucks to $7000. If it's been in AZ most of it's life and is as good as the ad makes it seem, it would be a very good deal, IMO. Those early iconic 4-seater T-Birds usually are very good deals, though. Almost makes me feel bad about owning my '65; I have as much money (or more) in mine...and it hasn't been painted yet.
  3. I certainly couldn't or wouldn't buy a too-nice/valuable-to-drive car. There are also cars that I loved as a kid that would no longer be practical for a 60+ year old person, e.g. XKE or '57 Corvette (too hard to get in and out of...I presume.) With those categories out of the picture, I think I might like to have a nicely restored but driver level '53 or '54 Studebaker Starliner coupe. An Avanti would also be cool...and about the upper limit of appropriate sportiness for a person my age. 🙂 It would be nice to turn my '65 Thunderbird into part of a Sixties personal-luxur
  4. It would be interesting to know if that paint is original. If so, it could possibly be salvaged (redeemed.) Us old car guys learn to look beyond deficiencies and visualize potential, whether we buy drivers (like me) or restoration projects. That being said, mag wheels on 4 door station wagons or sedans - as easy to change out as they are - are a huge mental block for me. That's because I'm old enough to remember when the only people who put mags on 50's - 60's era four door American cars (especially wagons) were dweebs who thought mags turned any car into a chick magnet. Why not us
  5. There's so much to know/learn about these cars. I would've thought one of these in original running condition would be worth a lot more. Very cool!
  6. Yes but North Dakota is southwest of Newfoundland. BTW, did you you know that Newfoundland has a time zone that's a half hour ahead of Eastern time? 😉
  7. Beautiful car! Thanks for posting the link and pics. Mid-60's Imperials are very nice looking cars.
  8. Beautiful vehicle, but I admit I know nothing about this stuff. That being said, it's without a doubt the prettiest "parts car" I've ever seen.
  9. Those are both desirable cars, but to paraphrase the old real estate maxim: "Condition, condition, condition,"
  10. Can't think of a better way for a high school or college student or anyone on a budget to get into an old car worth having. Will probably need a few things but that's part of the learning experience. I'm kind of surprised A/C cost $400 in 1963. For some reason I thought it'd be less than that. Thanks for the education. 😉
  11. Yeah, THIS is a cool car. At least the current license plate and the state of cleanliness and condition imply it's in running/driving condition.
  12. I agree. I wonder if such sellers realize that they put off as many potential buyers as they entice with their vagueness? I doubt that this particular seller would stoop too this level, but just imagine how PO'd a potential buyer would be if they actually had to go in person to see the car to find out that the engine is locked up. If a 66 year old Lincoln with a good, solid looking body is priced at $6500, I would think that a running engine would be too big a selling point to ignore...so I presume it doesn't run. Too bad I have to play detective to figure that out.
  13. My wife bought six or seven thousand tulip bulbs this year. Yikes!
  14. Yes, I also admit that I would've seriously considered that car at that price were it still on the market and a little bit closer. Really cool. Based on what I can see, they gave it away at that price.
  15. I'd heard that LIncoln convertibles from that era weren't collectible for a long time because Kennedy was shot in one. Just like Carcano rifles were never collectible among firearms guys for more or less the same reason. True, as a gun it wasn't much to write home about, but so were a lot of other collectible weapons.
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