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  1. NTX5467

    BOD Candidates

    Thanks for that additional information. I have heard of damage to trails caused by users. It's good that the mountain bike people took an interest in keeping them up. If pooper scoopers and bags are needed for dogs on a leash, what about the horses? Just an idle thought. Willis Bell 20811
  2. NTX5467

    BOD Candidates

    I am aware that micro-management is not a good thing to happen, in all situations. IF micro-management happens, the possibly the one doing the micro-managing should have been in charge of the situation, from the start, should have happened so the perceived result will happen to their liking. Rather than forming a group to do it, then being too involved in what the group does and how they do it. In the realm of Management, "Theory X" management is highly-controlled by "management". "Theory Y" management gives a general desire and ultimate goal, but allows those involved to do what they can to make it happen, on their own, as long as the goal is achieved. Theory Y would need something of a continuous feedback loop to ensure the best result is obtained in the least amount of time, I suspect. Everybody contributes to that goal and "owns it" when it happens. Empowered and engaged. A BOD member, though, I would hope would have a good working knowledge about that which they might be deciding something about. If not, let the "learning curve" happen, with great mentors rather than casual observations. ANY research would have to be put through a "perceptual filter" to see where those being interviewed "head is at" on the particular deal. Then position that against other research. Typically, though, it can take a while to find the great mentors in a sea of otherwise. Just as it can take a while to be able to position one side of the issue against the other side of the same issue, to determine what might be best individually, or IF something might work better in a "blended" result> Be that as it may. Similarly, in making decisions and determinations, I would hope that EACH BOD member could see both sides of the subject they are going to make a decision on. Not just the side they might favor. PLUS the dynamics of the result of their decision upon those involved and the total membership. That can be where the "Ahhh Haaaa" moments happen, by observation, on either side of the aisle. In one of Ross Perot's books, he noted that in the earlier days of EDS, they had their BOD meetings around his kitchen table. They talked about matters, reached a consensus, and then acted upon it. Obviously with fewer than 9 people involved, but still a consensus that all could get behind and make work as good as it could work. EACH person had a "buy-in" to make it work well, as a result. Unfortunately, not all decisions seem to work this way. In the case of the mountain bikes, many citizens might desire to use a mountain bike to explore trails and other areas in the parks. Unfortunately, it's a known fact that the knobby-style tires on these conveyances will erode the existing trails, helped along by rain water run-off, over time, to the extent that the trails become unusable. Of course, this is not a consideration of the user at the time they use the trails. But for those that do use the trails "on foot" or desire preservation of the trails, such erosion can be an issue. Especially when the trails might become unusable due to "use". A multi-faceted situation that all might not appreciate, only seeing "their side" rather than the "big picture" view of things. Perhaps the trails can be "closed for renovation" rather than "for good"? Thing is, renovating the trails is known to take time, money, and energized/empowered/engaged individuals to make it happen in a mutually-beneficial manner, for current and future users. In other words, "people who care", in the long term rather than just the immediate future. Of course, once you get it reset correctly, it'll take less effort to revisit it every so often to maintain the desired level of durability and enjoyment. Similar scenarios exist in the national lands which have banned off-road vehicles in certain areas of the particular parks. And that's a whole 'nuther discussion! I'm not sure if BOD candidates might use this tread to advise how they'd work to make the BCA a better group, by their presence and expertise tools? I'll leave that decision to others. I make these statements as a free-standing member of the BCA. I do not speak for anyone other than myself. Respectfully, Willis Bell 20811
  3. Beemon, do you also have resistor plugs in the motor, with the solid core wires? Just curious. Any static with the hood open? NTX5467
  4. NTX5467

    Steering Wheel Repair

    Sounds like you're gonna ad another car to the family fleet? I know you probably want a stock steering wheel, but there's a company that builds period-reasonably correct steering wheels IN COLORS, that you might consider in the mean time. Might work better to keep her hands/fingers nice and soft. Congrats and enjoy! NTX5467
  5. NTX5467

    BOD Candidates

    inJack, thanks for that clarification on the dynamics of the BCA BOD's conference calls. I like that dynamic. In reading through that last-posted transcript, the first part, several suspicions tended to be confirmed to me. In my "cloud line" observation and different perceptions of what's really going on at the "bottom of the mountain". I've seen this happen in corporations and also in smaller local businesses, so no real surprise to me. Be that as it may. As I've observed before, it takes more than just a love of a particular brand/model of vehicle to make a good BOD member, of ANY similar board. It takes that devotion, plus a mix of gumption, horse sense, and doing what's right to make the group a better place for all to enjoy being in. I don't like it when I see signals that some group is seeking to "stack the board" in their favor, so to speak, by advocating that candidates who think like they do run and get elected. "Politics" doesn't need to be a part of any BOD, but it happens. We know that it happens. In some respects, the group can have more mediocre outcomes as a result. So, IF I'm going to vote for somebody, I want the assurance that they WILL work for the total good of the BCA, in a POSITIVE manner, in ALL respects. NOT to be elected to the BOD to get one particular niche issue approved. "Conflict" and "frenzy" need to be minimized so that things can happen smoothly . . . even if some spirited/passionate/emotional presentations might be made on a particular item . . . for the complete GOOD of the BCA and its members. Which can also include making a "business decision", where necessary. In these cases, it might be good for the particular BOD member to have a better working knowledge of what they are deciding about. This is another observed short-coming of corporate America today. With so many managers coming into the mix of a particular entity in modern times, many times, they don't have the existing knowledge that is needed to make "informed decisions", relying (as many legislators tend to do) upon "staff" to advise them instead. Rather than digging in to build their own knowledge base on a particular subject BEFORE making any decisions. NOT that some BOD members might currently be doing such additional educational things, but it's always a good idea, to me, to ensure that the latest information available is used rather than something somewhat dated. Be that as it may. So, I'd want to know that whomever gets my vote will go "the extra mile" in this respect. Many might perceive the BCA in the same orientation as just "a bigger car club" than the one they might be in locally. That's reasonable. But there's much more there, especially when a total realization of what goes on in the day-to-day, month-to-month realm of normal operations. Similarly, the BCA does not necessarily need to be an operational clone of another car club. No two car clubs are alike as no two BCA chapters are completely alike. Not to say that taking some good points from each to combine/modify for use in the BCA or its chapters can't be done when the end result is a "positive" for all involved. One other thing I'd like to mention. In BOD votes, I feel that there should not be any "close votes" (as 5-4) in the future. If such a situation should happen, then more consideration to the particular agenda item should be respectfully reconsidered by ALL such that the outcome is a more universally-desired outcome rather than otherwise. Can this become a new SOP? It is NOT my desire to keep potential candidates from considering running for the BCA BOD. Everybody who feels they can make a positive contribution to the BCA needs to run, if desired (with approval from spousal family members, where applicable). I make these comments as a free-standing member of the BCA. I speak for none of the other entities with which I'm involved in or a member of. Respectfully, Willis Bell 20811
  6. NTX5467

    bucket seats

    From looking at the seats themselves, I'd suspect all of the full-size car bucket seats used the same seat foam units. Different covers and such, though. NTX5467
  7. NTX5467

    '51 Super's frozen heat riser

    Nice machinery!! Unless you're needing the heat riser for cold weather operation, if the picture is where it is "stuck", it might be best to leave it where it is. It's obviously found where it wants to be positioned. In our later model cars where I had the valve replaced AND knurled the bronze bushings the shaft went through, having the working valve might have had some "mental" benefit, but no real benefit in how the engine warmed up or ran in cold weather. An inline 8 might be different than a "bent" 8, though. When you do get the new valve and install the bronze bushings the shaft goes into, make sure the shaft turns easily in those bushings! Not "tight", but "easy to turn" without being too loose. Might need to reem the bushings' ID for extra clearance. Just some observations, NTX5467
  8. NTX5467

    BOD Candidates

    Formal conf calls cost money. Conf calls on cell phones don't.
  9. NTX5467

    BOD Candidates

    Not that it's always that way, but sometimes "status quo" might be considered to be "pretty good" when it's gone and something else takes its place. Something else that sure did look good to start with, but got into "that handbasket" afterward. As much as we might desire to "force" something to an alleged better place, sometimes, when it gets to that place by evolution, a while later, it seems to be a better deal than it could have been if forced earlier on. Having faith that it'll get there is the problem. Giving "it" a little help along the way can have variable results. At work, there were times I'd see something and advise my supervisor about it. I'd get that "What do YOU know" reaction. BUT 6 months later, they'd seen it too and something was done about it them. If something had been done sooner, then that problem could have been solved earlier-on and we could have progressed with a better situation sooner rather than later, which should have helped things be better sooner. But it doesn't always happen that way. So you just see those things, shake your head, and go on. When you see that cycke repeat several times, managers aware, but nothing is done, then you presume they are satisfied with that level of mediocrity as they make their own bed, so to speak. So, onward and (whatever direction you might desire to choose). NTX5467
  10. NTX5467

    BOD Candidates

    Parkertom, when I came into the BCA in the '80s, when the Office was still in CA, EACH chapter director got a written copy of the BOD minutes/activities after EACH quarterly meeting. An agenda for the NEXT quarter's meeting was also received at the chapter level, BEFORE the meeting, to allow the items to be discussed by chapter members and a response/input sent to the BOD for consideration. The Spousal Voting proposal was one of those things, back then! End result was, if the chapter director talked to their members about these things, we all felt we better-knew what was going on and what would go on in the near future. When the BOD started having chapter-hosted BOD meetings, not all in CA, that gave the membership a chance to see the BOD in action, if they wanted to travel to do it . . . which SOME did. Whether to have "a presence" there or to "testify" for or against particular items on the agenda. Seems like there was BOD financial assistance for the members to attend these out-of-town meetings? But as finances of the BCA started having negative numbers, yearly, due to a plateau of membership levels, plus the advent of electronic communications, those public meetings seemed to be replaced by emails/conference calls as a more financially responsible way of doing things. This could also speed many decisions out of the quarterly orientation, for possibly better outcomes. BUT it also took BOD actions into a more private situation, too, it seems. Where BOD actions were known only AFTER the fact rather than having a stated agenda to work from. A published agenda mailed to all chapter directors, back then. In an era where "greater transparency" is desired in many areas, well, you make your own determination of that. The job of BOD Secretary is a daunting one, by observation. In prior times, the meetings were tape recorded and then the Secretary transcribed it later on, noting who said what, and such. With regular job/life things also going on, some "time delay" can happen before the Minutes would be available for perusal and approval. The other side of things, I'm not sure if the BOD elections had a better percentage of participation by the members in those earlier times, evidenced by voting in the BOD elections. I just know that when we hosted a BOD meeting in Arlington, TX, when Roberta was BOD President, back then, there were several HUNDRED BCA members at that meeting. There were many "hot" items on the agenda and many members felt strongly about them (both sides of many agenda items). It was a full day affair . . . with the hotel fire alarm going off during the afternoon session (from a non-related trigger). When we hosted another meeting in Decatur, TX, it there were fewer members there but some significant items were discussed and acted upon. In the past, I have heard comments about "casual recruitment" of BOD members, but it all comes down to volunteering to run for a BOD position. To me, as things have progressed, it takes more than just a "love of Buicks" to make a good BOD member as there are/can be many other issues at play in the efficient operation of an entity as large and complicated as the BCA now is. Just some thoughts and recollections, Willis Bell 20811
  11. NTX5467

    '51 Super "super dirty" transmission filter

    That was another GM lube additive. Maybe Posi-Traction additive? The Type A fluid I remember seeing was pretty clear, not colored/dyed as the normal Dexron or other 1960s ATF was. A minor issue. Even the current Dexron VI is backward compatible to the first GM automatic in the '40s. But I believe a Dexron III equivalent would work just fine. NTX5467
  12. NTX5467

    '51 Super "super dirty" transmission filter

    On newer vehicles, the "flush machines" have many variations. The better ones put new fluid in as the old fluid is removed, automatically. The less expensive ones you had to orchestrate/watch manually, so that the trans pump didn't run dry temporarily. Those machines didn't exist (as far as I know) prior to the popularity of "flushes" in the 1980s. I also suspect that any newer ATF will have a stronger detergent additive package than the 1950s ATF did. With everything now cleaned, run it a few times to get it hot (about a 30 mile drive, or so), then do a fluid removal/installation while it's still warm. Then see how things go. NTX5467
  13. LKQ and others can be a good source for a used (Like KindQuality) engine, possibly. But they are just mass-market salvage yard operations, on a national level, fwiw. I'd be for a second opinion in case the first shop was "aiming high" so they might not get a job they didn't want, for general principles. I believe there are some aftermarket intakes that aren't plastic? Since my 2005 Impala got past 150K miles, I've spent well more than the car's trade-in value on repairs, a few times over. Anything of major value, if in body damage, will total lower cost, high value used cars, no matter what brand. AND there are still a few things left to get sorted out now that it's at 200K miles. Put the repairs on the credit card and consider them "a car payment". I did consider getting something else to replace the Impala, BUT it would have taken another $15K plus trade-in to get something with low enough miles to have made it an upgrade rather than "starting over again" with repairs and such. TWO ways to look at the situation, from my own experiences. Several ways to look at the situation . . . NTX5467
  14. I don't recall any internal differences between the NA and SC blocks, other than what it took to mount and run the SC unit. Same guts in the blocks, I presume, too? Considering the modulation of boost and such. It should have a Supercharged badge on the side of the fenders if it has the SC, but the SC engine was only in the "Ultra" models, exclusively, I believe. A VIN check would also verify which it is. NTX5467
  15. Personally, you can't go wrong with the one-notch cooler plug. Put a few extra degrees of initial base timing in it and it should have similar "deposit cooking" temps as the 44 plug would at normal base timing. That's my theory. I normally went one range cooler in my Chevy V-8s with no issues. As long as the automatic choke is adjusted as lean as it can be without compromising initial cold start performance, that would help keep the plugs clean. Usually NOT a good idea to go to a hotter heat range, usually. IF there's room for the AC Extended Tip plug, I'd use that one, in either 44 or 43 heat range. Several advantages ot the "S" plug. It puts the firing tip of the plug a little deeper into the combustion chamber for a better fuel burn, a few bits of a second quicker than a normal plug. Allegedly like putting 2-3 degrees more base timing in the motor without doing that. The extended tip is supposed to run hotter at low rpms, but cooler at higher rpms, too. So it has a wider heat range spec. Otherwise, my comments above would be operative. FWIW, it's been my observation that the AC extended tip is not quite as "extended" as thar of a Champion or other brand of plug. The shank past the threads can be longer on an AC plug than on other brands, too. Just some thoughts, NTX5467