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  1. There is no generic BCA member, BCA chapter, or Buick enthusiast. Each chapter is different from the other chapters, although there can be similarities and "things in common". But until the chemistry between the potential member and the BCA members they might see and interact with, things don't happen between them. People with Buicks have found me via Internet searches. I always try to answer/address their questions (many times, about selling their Buick or one of a family member) and hope to send them in a direction which might be better for them, rather than just "slamming the door in their face", so to speak. Which is how I did things when somebody would call into the parts department and seek a GM-discontinued part. Always talk about it and help them find another source (aftermarket, repro, used) that would reliably suit their desires . . . rather than just say "It's discontinued from GM" and let things end there (as so many of my associates through the years have done). End result is that through these public forums, we need to convey positive orientations toward Buicks, ALL Buicks, and the people who own/love them . . . for the benefit of ALL. Willis Bell 20811 aka NTX5467
  2. Everybody has their own point of reference on everything, whether they realize it or not. "Perceptual filters" my college prof called it. Lots of things in our prior lives can color how we view things. What might be "normal" in one part of the country might be termed "rude and obnoxious" in other parts of the country, for example. My observation has been, at our chapter meetings, that when we might have some potential new members in attendance, if some "regular member" came in late, for whatever reason, making us all aware of "the issues" (in colorful language) in front of everybody (just because they seemingly can), as good of an attempt as we (as a chapter) were making to the potential new member (and their family, potentially) to become chapter and BCA members, when that irate chapter member shows up, we all cringe a bit at what our chapter member is doing, not being able to get them to stop their tirade. End result from that "venting"? We never see those potential members again--period. To me, much of the "us vs. them" mentality of many posts in these forums can have a lasting negative affect upon people wanting to become BCA members. Or existing BCA members to not read these forums and very much enjoy getting "The Bugle" each month. Any large organization will have periodic political issues, as Mark from Cornerstone Registrations noted after the General Membership meeting. People don't join the BCA as "The Bugle" doesn't have enough coverage on the particular model years/type of car which a person might own, for example. Not unlike people not buying name-brand car magazines which might seem to lean more toward Chevys or Fords, rather than to Mopars, for example. But everybody keeps buying the magazines . . . as they always have seemed to do. Just as some in the BCA have done in the past, choosing to not renew their memberships. Such feedback has resulted in some changes in content, by observation, such that ALL in the BCA can expand their knowledge of Buicks, rather than just specializing in just one particular area (specialized and general knowledge are best when done together, from what I've seen). So, this can be how some contentiousness is bred, unfortunately. "You don't like MY car", so I'll go elsewhere". And we lose them, too, unfortunately. Some are just that way. What can we do to recapture those people we've lost??? What can we do to prevent that loss in the first place???? Tighter "moderation" of these forums, which might be perceived as "censorship" by some, that does not give everybody their right to "free speech"? "Censorship" is not good as it always seems to have some "behind the scenes" determiner of what is allowed and what isn't, in content, which at it's extreme, can be similar to non-USA countries. Or we can agree to have "civil discourse" where all can have their view heard (within specified guidelines), provided everybody remains calm and treat others with basic human respect even if there are some disagreements between the parties involved. In some cases, slight "bending of the posting rules" might be needed to allow for certain subjects to be expanded on, but that's a judgment call for those involved. This can also result in the "discussers" backing up their claims with facts and such, rather than making "comments" without such information. For example, if you might not like Holley carburetors where Rochester 4GCs used to be used, perhaps some personal experiences might be in order? Rather than just calling the Rochesters "junk" and leaving it at that. As the similar case of Holleys allegedly being "junk" can be made and expanded upon, too. This club has a huge knowledge base which can and should be shared with other members (and potential members!), whenever possible. But it seems we get too tied-up in some things which tend to prevent that, that the "us vs. them" mentality kicks in and things deteriorate from there. The BCA (or any other similar group) is not about "me" or "you", but US. Lets' make that so! While we're still around to do it!! Willis Bell 20811 aka NTX5467
  3. Well. I did take my laptop and personal WiFi with me to Midwest City. PLUS the chargers for each! As for "the world" knowing about national-level car events. EVERYBODY in the BCA should have known about this (or any) year's national meet, for months. Just from reading "The Bugle", if nothing else. Plain old analog stuff that's been around for centuries. Probably no different than with any other national-level (OR local level) car club where the members are supposed to know what's going on (as to the meets and such). Social media is nice and can expand knowledge bases, but ONLY if somebody in those realms investigates to see what's there and THEN follow it/them. I got a Twitter account so I could follow some things. Then I'd get a daily email about how many things I missed by not having a phone that would get instantaneous alerts of new tweets. MUCH of it was repeated stuff, by observation. So I just stopped looking at that stuff. Took up too much time from other things that were more important to me. That and a LinkedIn account are the limits of my social media activities, other than these car forums (where I can spend WAY too much time, sometimes). Facebook might be nice and many people use it to share pictures and such, as businesses can use it to promote/inform about what they do, BUT Facebook is not so universally used as some might suspect. I'm not on it and have no intention of putting my life story on there (as some seem to like to do). Especially if the "next big thing" comes along and obsoletes it next month, which would mean that everybody would then move to "the next best thing" as they did from FaceTime and others when Facebook came along. Perhaps there can be a designated person/entity that could do as many collector car brokers do and post to all social media platforms in one big blitz when some thing big is going to happen? Or the Calendar listings which also appear in "The Bugle" each month? Might generate some additional interest in the BCA itself, but at what cost/new member? Lots of things to consider on that. Otherwise, things can continue as they have been with targeted print advertising and the BCA Tent at Hershey, or similar. ONE perceived orientation is that if people who own older Buicks, or newer Buicks, know about the BCA, then they'll flock to it. Doesn't quite happen like that, by observation and my experiences with other single-marque clubs. Being in a car club is not on some peoples' radar, even if they've owner that brand of vehicle for years, love them, and cherish them while they own them. Even if they happen to bring their car to a show and take home a "Best of Show" award. Just not their "deal", for whatever reason. Have to respect their desires and orientations. And their desire to not own "a show car". I've not seen a reliable means to motivate those owners to be involved, or to read the car events listings in their local newspapers. They are happy where they are and few things can change that, by observation. As for the length of the days in OK, it was observed by myself and others . . . IF you don't start early, sundown can come too quickly. Or if you start earlier than others, but get side-tracked talking to people you might encounter, then you realize that place you had planned on being, well that was two hours ago. Time flies when you're having fun! Just some thoughts, NTX5467
  4. On many GM systems, there is a "high blower relay", which helps keep the dash blower switch from cooking over time. On some middle '70s systems, any time the selector lever was on "inside air", the blower automatically went to "HIGH", with an appropriate switch and wire on the control panel unit to do that. Unplugging that wire results in all blower speeds on outside air and "RECIR".
  5. And, it appears (from what Ben told me) the aero drag of that visor does NOT hinder that ole Buick from scoottin' down the road, even with a trailer behind it! One heck of a "hot rodded" engine! PLUS some great mpg numbers, too! Glad to meet and see all of those that I did! Hoping everybody has/had a safe trip back to their residential venues! Thanks for attending! NTX5467
  6. When the new H.E.B. opened up here, gas was $1.99/gallon for weeks. Lines at all of the pumps, usually three cars deep all day. Other stations close by lowered their prices a bit. Now that H.E.B is up to $2.09/gallon, everybody's getting more normalized. Crude prices are in the low-$50.00 range now, too. Where's you find a Bucees? NTX5467
  7. I was thinking that the "Strato" nomenclature for bucket seats (and bucket seat backs on bench seat cushions) was a Chevy nomenclature? A '67 era "thing"? As "StratoVentilation"? Just some thoughts, NTX5467
  8. Did this used to be the sand volleyball court at Buick Gardens?? Wet sand between your toes?
  9. No box/small suitcase full of tapes? '79 was the first year for Delco factory cassette radios. Perhaps Mother Delco was trying to tell you something about "messing with things that you didn't fully understand"?? Upgrade the amps and speakers, too??? Subwoofer in the old spare tire compartment?? Where's Grisswold? Miles of smiles, NTX5467
  10. "Sparks flying"?? Good heavens!! Any "hurried exits" or "language" accompany that event? Hopefully, the wheels on the creeper were well-lubed before that happened. What OTHER stuff are you getting done at the last minute/second?? NTX5467
  11. You DO realize that that a/c vent under the steering column can be CLOSED?? NTX5467
  12. End result is that even with alleged "barn burning" issues involved, the membership yields a similar number of votes as in prior elections where no such issues were at play. No individual candidate broke the 1000 vote level, either. Perhaps that might be a new benchmark for any one candidate to attain? Willis Bell 20811
  13. I somewhat suspect anything unusual in fluids were used by the prior owner. Just a gut feeling. You might not find a fluid rated "Dexron III" any more, as GM ceased to license that product when they upgraded to the Dex VI fluid. Look on the bottle of "multi-make ATF" to see if it's compatible with USA-built GM vehicles, as some multi-make atfs are for Hondas and such. The GM-oriented stuff is available, just read the bottle. "Normal" antifreeze. The old "green stuff", unless you do a complete fluid/flush and use something else. I think Prestone has some "one size fits most" coolant? DOT 3 and 4 are pretty much interchangeable. DOT 5.1 is the non-silicone upgrade from those. I suspect that what's in it is DOT 3-oriented. If the fluids are currently "not empty", fur not completely full either, then use just enough to get them to the "low" mark and ease it on to its new residence. Gently over shower routes to that destination. THEN once stabilized in its new residence location, you can further check things out and progress from there. Flushing new brake fluid through the lines, changing engine/trans/rear axle lubes, etc. Checking the spark plugs and such, too. Lots of stress-relieving "fun" stuff! DO check the tires' production date codes, too! But for now, engine oil and tire pressures would be main things to check. No atf unless it doesnt' want to move when put into gear. Enjoy and keep us posted on your progress. NTX5467
  14. I'll agree that we used to never replace, or consider replacing, a receiver/drier because of age. Metal contamination, but not age. But the newer ones and replacements for the earlier units are much smaller in size than the older ones. Which might be where the "maintenance item" orientation came in, due to their smaller dessicant bags? There's somebody that can rebuild the older driers, rather than use the smaller replacements. Many of the R-134a OEM condensers are physically bigger than the radiators behind them. That, plus air flow through the condenser, is what makes them chunk ice cubes out the vents. There is an aluminum version of the A-6, which Lexus uses. A direct bolt-in replacement. Just has a funny cover over the pulley. Denso makes it, I believe? NTX5467