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  1. I had 2x12 rim joists on my last deck. They were doubled and a couple stout 6x6's were pretty close to each other. Pulled a few motors with a chain hoist bolted to a steel bracket using the deck. Put some heavy beams and joists in that new shed. Use it instead of an engine hoist. Lift the body and suspend it till you get it on a dolly or some supports.
  2. Facebook took all of the text from his pictures. Each picture had a description. I've got Dave's phone number as well. Ed
  3. I have a friend who did a frame off in a one stall garage. He built some sturdy saw horses and put 4x4's across them. The body sat on the sawhorses and he could roll the chassis in and out of the garage. Work on it in the driveway during the day and roll it back under the body at night.
  4. Come on guys. COVERALLS: OVERALLS Surely I'm not the only one who worked summers on the farm and whose dad was a professional mechanic. There was a special hook outside the door to the garage where dad hung his coveralls. Had he of taken off overalls in the garage, Mom wouldn't have let him walk in the house just wearing his whitey tighties. 😎
  5. That one was not the fault of my tablet like many of my typos are. I just plain goofed that one. Thanks for catching it.
  6. Adding supplements is not recommended by the oil producers. Additives counter act the properties of the oil. Better off buying the correct oil to begin with. A five gallon jug of Mobil 1 costs around $25 at WalMart.
  7. They were offered in brochures that the dealership had. Everything from carpet savers and purse hooks to the Guidematic and Twilight Sentinel.
  8. For the road, get a "peep" mirror and attach it to the vent window frame. When you get to the show, take it off when it's time to go home. There are other temporary options too. Like suction cup wide angle mirror Or there are convex mirror that slip over your rear view mirror You get no choice for picture sizing when you copy and paste 😕 Ed
  9. TA Performance offers a NH roller cam/lifers. Mobil 1 Synthetic comes in a plethora of viscosities and applications. Check out the website. I use 10W-30 in my 90; 10W-40 High Mileage in my 94 Roadmaster, and 20W-50 in the nailheads.
  10. Even the driver's side outside mirror on a Riviera was an option. There was a dealer option for installing an outside mirror. The earlier built mirrors had a bezel that could be rotated 180° so it could be mounted on the passenger's side. Any 1st generation Riviera you see with a mirror on the passenger's door was added later.
  11. Here are a couple of pages from 1964 Buick sales brochures that show the Wildcat center cap. Both on the rally wheel and the spoked wheel cover. In both applications, the Wildcat is surrounded by a black background.
  12. In this picture, it appears that there is an insert of some sort behind the stamped Wilcat. It's not part of the cap that has the mounting tangs on it. ??
  13. Find some of the threads that discuss oils. There are a number of conventional oils on the market that meet the needs of flat tappet cams. As long as the zinc and phosphorus levels exceed 1,000 rpm (parts per million) they are usable. A friend of mine attended the latest SEMA show and sat in on a discussion of oils. Besides the 1,000 ppm the other thing that stood out was the oil manufactures statements that additives upset the blends and often do more harm than good by adding too much zinc and phosphorous. Look at the data for some of the Mobil 1 synthetics and Shell's Rotella. There are a large number of older cars running that have not switched to roller cams/lifters.
  14. The 65 even takes a different fender than the 63/64. And not just to house the clamshells.
  15. What about brake lights and back-up lights, license plate light and side marker lights. Or is it just the tail lights?