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  1. I snugged up the shifter rods on my 63 by using a Mr. Gasket set of bushings designed for four speed manual transmissions. Don't ask for a part number, it was some time ago.😎
  2. Do it Doug. Someone has to be first. You do it and you'll be the hero.
  3. Buick only had V8s in their intermediates in this year. 2bbl and 4bbl 350s and the 455.
  4. When considering whether to to go Scarebird or Wilwood, just think about where you get your replacement parts. NAPA down the street or by mail order. Change master cylinders to a disk/drum one or maybe a proportioning valve, and get the parts suggested and follow the instructions in the kit.
  5. Looks like they may be trying to clone their ride to look like a Local LEO (Law Enforce Officer) vehicle. Shenanigans are in their future. In college, I drove a 1963 Dodge 330, dark blue, 2 door sedan. Used to be a State Trooper car. Easily recognizable by the canted front headlights. I was going to Hutchinson Jr College and my girlfriend was going to KU in Lawrence. The Dodge ruled US 81 and Interstate 70. I would pull up behind someone and they would drop their speed by at least 10 mph. Cop tires, cop shocks, a full tank is gas, but I wasn't wearing sunglasses. You get the idea.
  6. Nice. If this is a beater, I'll take one any day. Love the color. Windows down, air vents open, 75 mph, who needs air conditioning? 😁
  7. Found the Buick but I'm curious as to what might be in that brown jug?
  8. Check the ROAs website. Theres a link to the Riview's classifieds. Theres a link to the website in my signature. Be advised, these are ads that were in the previous issue, not the current issue so the car may no longer be available. You'll have to make the call.
  9. How about this one runs on nitro. Belongs to a friend of mine who lives in Central Kansas.
  10. I got excited when I saw the first picture. Looks exactly like the car I first had when I got married. Then I kept scrolling. No bucket seats, no a/c, no power windows, no console with floor shift; not my old car in the least - except for the white paint. Should have never sold that car; the only thing it did not have was the rally wheels. I was the strange duck right after college in 1968. All my friends were into Camaros and Mustangs.