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  1. Hmmm. Description says one owner but the Autocheck says three owners.
  2. And the Buick appreciates with age.
  3. Supposedly windage trays keep oil from splashing on the reciprocating parts, which on a high performance engine robs horsepower. Significance on a 55 nailhead - ?????? A nailhead is an externally balanced engine. To properly balance it, you need the harmonic balancer and the flex plate attached while it's being balanced.
  4. She made the mistake of giving her husband the choice "It's either me or the Buick!"
  5. Could be one of the engines with fewer horsepower transplanted into the chassis with the 4 bbl manifold swapped. If you're paying for a Skylark, you want the Skylark engine. There is also an engine serial number stamped into the block. That engine serial number needs to be the same as the VIN to have a "numbers matching" car. For some of the prices people are willing to pay for these cars, they expect to (and have a right to) make sure that they're getting the real McCoy.
  6. Two letters are the production code. The J, as you may have figured out, is for 1963. It's sequential. J=63, K=64, L=65, etc. The other letter identifies the number of cylinders, cubic inches, horsepower, and carburetor. A JN engine is an 8 cylinder 215 cubic inch 200 horsepower 11:1 compression 4 bbl engine. Here's a complete breakdown of 1963 Buick engine Production Codes: . SPECIAL & SPECIAL DELUXE ENGINE NO. NO. CYL CID H.P. COMP. RATIO CARB. TRANS. JL JZ JM JP JN 6 6 8 8 8 198 198 215 215 215 135 135 155 145 200 8.8:1 8.8:1 9.0:1 7.6:1 11.0:1 2BC 2BC 2BC 2BC 4BC MAN/AUTO MAN/AUTO MAN/AUTO MAN/AUTO MAN/AUTO SKYLARK ENGINE NO. NO. CYL CID H.P. COMP. RATIO CARB. TRANS. JN 8 215 200 11:1 4BC MAN/AUTO LESABRE ENGINE NO. NO. CYL CID H.P. COMP. RATIO CARB. TRANS. JR JS JT JU 8 8 8 8 401 401 401 401 280 265 325 315 10.25 9.0:1 10.25 8.75 2BC 2BC 4BC 4BC MAN/AUTO MAN/AUTO MAN/AUTO MAN/AUTO* INVICTA, ELECTRA 225 & WILDCAT ENGINE NO. No. CYL CID H.P. COMP. RATIO CARB. TRANS. JT JU 8 8 401 401 325 315 10.25:1 8.75:1 4BC 4BC AUTO AUTO* RIVIERA ENGINE NO. No. CYL CID H.P. COMP. RATIO CARB. TRANS. JT JU JW 8 8 8 401 401 425 325 315 340 10.25:1 8.75:1 10.25:1 4BC 4BC 4BC AUTO AUTO* AUTO A low compression engine with a 4 bbl carburetor ususally means that it was an export engine. The other significance of the JN production code is that this engine definitely is going to need premium gas with that 11:1 compression ratio.
  7. Water always seeks it's own level. Something we learned in general science in the 6th grade. Could the same principle apply here? If the top of the loop was lower than the level of gas in the tank, gas could find it's way up and out the loop. What if you made a loop that was higher than the top of the tank?
  8. Isn't that muffler designed to have both inlets on one end and both outlets onnthe other end? If you're using it as a transverse muffler aren't you going to have exhaust gasses bumping into each other?
  9. If you reached out to the 36 38 Buick Club, have you received any responses yet?
  10. That I can understand. But you'd also be giving up the opportunity to be on national television and tell others about your experience of how with a little patience and accumen, anyone can do anything.
  11. Chip, Read up, watch that video. There's a PGA tournament at Torrey Pines this weekend. There's a $7,500,000 purse. Just use your common sense, physical accumen, and patience. No problem.
  12. Sounds to me like Chip could probably read a book and watch a video then go out on the PGA tour and bring home about $60 million per year like Tiger and Phil. No previous experience needed.
  13. John, You need to be attending the ROA meets where you'll have a chance to inspect other convertibles, take some pictures home, and talk to their owners. šŸ˜Ž Not saying you shouldn't go to the BCA meets, but I'm betting there are a few more Riviera convertibles at the ROA meets. It will be an easy drive for you this year. See you there? Ed
  14. Have you asked yourself yet "Why did my father-in-law buy an older car with a more modern driveline?" Maybe that's what he wanted in the first place and you would be honoring him by continuing to work on what he first started. If he were looking for an older original car wouldn't he have bought one in the first place? Finishing whatvhe started will be a lot less costly and you'll have a car that can be driven anywhere at any time (once you get an air conditioning unit installed. Unless you grew up driving and riding in cars without a/c, you're in for some miserable drives in the summer without it. Ed
  15. Jeez that looks cold. I'm cold getting into the car in the morning after it's been sitting in the garage all night. I can't imagine having to brush snow off the seats and floors as well as the windshield if it were sitting outside. In the early days of motoring, I wonder how many car owners even had a garage ?