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  1. So were there both hex(oganal) and square heads on the posi filler plugs?
  2. I recognize the picture. I just didn't put a name with it.
  3. How did you connect the kickdown and the choke on the Edelbrock?
  4. Tom Telesco will supply you with the faster ratio box. He's on the forum as TELRIV.
  5. Here's a picture from a Buick brochure that shows the positive cable next to the radiator and across the top, between the caps of a Group 27 battery. There is a service bulletin that suggests that the positive cable be run between the battery itself and the hold down bolt on the back side. It did come from the factory that way. Both cables were black, the positive one, next to the radiator, has a large P cast into it. Factory color on the air cleaner. Not a gloss and not a ruby red. The weave in the photo is from the paper the brochure is printed on.
  6. Thanks Loren. I meant to type 66, but small letters on the screen of my tablet and big fingers are not a good mix.
  7. This engine compartment show the plastic cover over the a/c fan switches, the muffler cover, the bottle to hold extra washer fluid, and the correct orientation of the battery cables - positive post closest to the radiator- plus other small details. The breather is a little too red, but this is indicative of the fact that the correct color is so danged hard to find. I highly doubt if any judge, professional or peer, would look twice at it. Only the 63 had the Wildcat decal on the snorkel. PS - The owner has made a recommended safety upgrade by installing a dual reservoir master cylinder.
  8. Tom, This doesn't jive with the description you posted earlier. ???
  9. The picture that Don posted above shows the correct color. It's a hard color to match and it's a wrinkle finish to boot. Lots of restored '63's have a brighter red non wrinkle color on them. This picture is an excellent reference to what you should strive for if you're going for totally original. Don't use Don's engine as a perfect example though. He installed a Vintage Air A/C unit so his compressor is a later Sanden style unit and his firewall is missing the OE A/C blower box.
  10. "GS springs" is a misnomer.. The firmer ride package was the H2 Ride and Handling option. The Gran Sport option did not include the H2 option, that was a separate option. If you ordered the H2 option, you got the firmer rated springs as well as the quicker ratio steering box. That option in 1965 cost an additional $10.45. I would imagine that the H2 option could have been ordered on any full sized model in '65.
  11. I think that Hereford or Guernsey might be better. 😎 Don't you just love auto-correct?
  12. Welcome to the forum. The power steering bracket is probably not unique to the Riviera. It's probably the same for any 430/455 Buick engine from that era no matter what model. Check the website for CTC Auto Ranch near Denton, TX for a bumper. Ed
  13. My 64 had an Edlebrock AFB on it when I got it. I found the correct carb for a '64 401 and installed it. Runs fine. I looked in the shop manual and found the specs for both carbs - 401 and 425. The 425 carb had miniscule larger secondary jets and (if I remember correctly) metering rods. If nothing else, you could put the 425 jets and rods in a 401 carb. I wonder if the seat of your pants can really tell the difference?
  14. Nope. Just pull out of the car wash with wet tires and "NAIL IT." Or find a dirt road, it's easier on the tires and the drivetrain. Markings are hard to find on a 50+ year old car. You didn't check out the Posi claim when you bought the car?????