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  1. Here's a complete rear seat for a 66 Riviera on the Team Buick website https://www.teambuick.com/forums/dbtclassifieds.php?do=listing&action=viewlisting&listingid=208
  2. Clocks were standard equipment on the first generation Rivieras. If you didn't order a clock on one of the other full sized models, you got a filler in the clock space in the dash. That bezel is plain, no provision for a clock stem. Looks perfect for a small tach to be housed in one.
  3. RivNut

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    I live north of you in the KC area. Terribly hot and humid summers and cold, rainy, snowy winters. Worst of both worlds. Can't put on enough clothes in the winter and get any work done and can't take enough off in the summer without the neighbors calling the cops.
  4. RivNut

    Posi unit cost

    If all of my schemes work out, I'll be running a 3.91 in my '64 but between the engine and the rear end will be TH200-4R transmission. That will give me all the zip I need but with a .67 overdrive I'll have a 2.61 cruising gear for the highway. One other nice thing about the later TH200-4R is that it has a lock-up torque converter. Time will tell. A 3.07 rear gear with an ST400 transmission and a 28/3" tall tire (225/75R15) will run down the highway at 70 mph with the engine turning 2550 RPM's. A 3.91 rear gear with a TH200-4R transmission and a 27"tall tire (same as above) will run down the highway at 70 mph with the engine turning 2175 RPM's. I'm thinking engine wear and fuel savings. My '94 Roadmaster has a 2.79 rear gear with an LT1 engine and a 460LE transmission. That trans has a .70 overdrive feature. With the same 28.3" tire it only turns 1700 RPM's at 70 mph. With all of the new O/D transmissions, it's no wonder that cars are getting the fuel economy that they do now. But you need a lot of torque to move a car that fast with such low RPM's. The ol' Nailhead is just such an animal.
  5. https://jacksonville.craigslist.org/wto/d/jacksonville-5-rally-2-rallie-ii-wheels/6781181426.html
  6. I noticed that as well. With the mileage as low as it is, it should be in really nice shape. I've had two of these XX's, neither had the original trim rings and there's nothing aftermarket that works. The chrome on the hub caps is plastic mylar and peels and chips easily. The originals came from the factor with a gold striped US Royal TIger Paw tires. I'm wondering if Diamond Back can put a gold stripe on a tire for you now? Surely would add to the looks of the car. When you see one at and ROA meet, it's either black walls or white side walls; neither as attractive as the original gold stripe.
  7. I'm betting that there were sales incentives to dealers and their salesmen to make sure that these were brought up during discussions with customers wanting to order cars. And that cars ordered by dealers were so equipped because of those incentives. (When did customers quit ordering cars and just take what they could find from the selection on the dealer's lot?)* It's hard to imagine who would want one without bucket seats and the console. Where's Darwin and his "Options included" series on the '95. The Evolution of the Riviera series on the ROA's website was written by Ed Gunyo but in reality sounds more like a pitch from Buick itself. It touts all of the new and improved reasons to purchase a Riviera but goes into no detail about engines (normally aspirated vs supercharged) or the base and optional interior packages. Ed *My older daughter and her husband ordered a new Ford Explorer back in 2014 and it took them somewhere close to seven weeks to get it delivered. I don't think today's car buyers have the patience to wait for time periods like that. They get the urge and want it now.
  8. RivNut


    Kinda how my T-shirts look after I've been sweatin' for a while.
  9. First thing I've learned to check for. Real bargaining chip; as is the side to side wobble in the steering column. I replaced the cushions for the motor cradle on my '95. Wasn't too bad (I had it done 😏) luckily there wasn't any rust. The rubber just got old. I've done the same to my '90. The bolts had rusted on it. Took some time to get them out but the new bolts went in fine. If I were truly interested, I would head south out of the rust belt to look at anything.
  10. If you're going shopping at your local upholstery supply house be sure to ask for expandable vinyl. It's easy to stretch in all directions. If you want to go all the way, here's a video showing how to use leather to recover a dash. Lots of compound curves and little out of the way places to fill.
  11. 1983 Twentieth Anniversary Edition XX for sale on Autotrader. $7,000. Looks to be pretty complete. https://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?listingId=479431977&zip=66218&referrer=%2Fcars-for-sale%2Fsearchresults.xhtml%3Fzip%3D66218%26startYear%3D1981%26sortBy%3Drelevance%26incremental%3Dall%26firstRecord%3D0%26marketExtension%3Don%26endYear%3D2019%26modelCodeList%3DRIV%26makeCodeList%3DBUICK%26searchRadius%3D500&startYear=1981&numRecords=25&firstRecord=0&endYear=2019&modelCodeList=RIV&makeCodeList=BUICK&searchRadius=500&makeCode1=BUICK&modelCode1=RIV&clickType=listing
  12. I think that you should push that one to one of the front burners. I've never measured one of the last generation interiors to see how well it might fit. How close is it and what "adjustments" do you think you'll need to do? Do your plans include incorporating the door panels into the conversion as well? Have you tried photoshopping anything like this?
  13. This dark wood is the best looking one of all the kits. I was looking for an example when I posted the two that I did but couldn't find one. Thanks for posting this one; it's outstanding. Kinda makes me want to see what's out there in the way of one of these last generation Rivieras. The '95 that I had was a really nice car but I got an offer for it that I couldn't refuse. I miss the ride and the performance.
  14. If you've dyed or painted your dash, I'd recommend that you just use mild soap and water for cleaning. You never know what kinds of distillates specialized cleaners have in them.
  15. Get a kit that's unique to your carb, not a Zip kit that's a one kit fits all. The best place to get one like this would be from Jon Hargrove, "The Carb King" on this forum Visit his website and look under the passenger car kits link. http://www.thecarburetorshop.com/ One thing that you might want to check before installing a kit is to make sure that someone prior to you hasn't replaced the carb with one from a different vehicle. I looked at what numbers are listed for a 65 Buick w/ AFB carb. There are two different numbers listed for the '65 with a 401, and each carb requires a different kit. It gets really nitty gritty when you get down to it. The 425 engine has its own listing.