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  1. Apparently you didn't get my hint. GIGIGI CCCCC GI's overseas. 😎
  2. I looked up some info on the 400, 430, and 455 Buick engines. All three have the same 3.900 stroke. The bores are: 4.040 for the 400, 4.1875 for 430, and 4.3125 for the 455. The bore for the 430 is the same as the 401 nailhead, and the bore for the 455 is the same as the 425 nailhead. Hint: If you can't find rings for your 401, ask for rings for a 430. Same with the 425/455. The 3.900 stroke means the deck heights are the same for all three. So all three have the same external dimensions.
  3. The old shellac finish is what is deteriorating. If you can find a way to remove just the shellac, you can restrain and apply a new poly finish to the original wood.
  4. They're cool until they get caught in the placket of your shirt and you can't get them out without wrecking the car.
  5. Big E, You're in my neck of the woods. I'm still in the old 913 area code, in a Kansas side suburb of KCMO. I Hope that you're an ROA member and plan on going to the ROA meet in Branson this coming June.
  6. Tom posted this 5 minutes ago and it's already been deleted by the author. I guess someone listened to Tom and jumped quickly.
  7. "...cheezey flat cardboard..." Don't tell me that you went shopping at OPGI? We've been trying to warn you.
  8. I have a vanity plate on my 63 - EDS RIV. On my 64 I have a 1964 plate from Edwards County, KS, #4747. So basically. It's ED 1964 4747. Says it all.
  9. One thing that hasn't been mentioned that is in your favor, if you haven't already noticed, is that the belt tension adjustment is in the alternator bracket. Not having an a/c compressor is not a problem.
  10. Sure. Buick used the two belt system to increase the belt to pulley surface area. Many other makes use separate belts for alternator and a/c compressor. See if you can find a picture of a non a/c car. I think you'll see only a single belt driving the alternator. Here's a picture of a nailhead running a single belt for the alternator.
  11. I offered to do it on a car that I found in Memphis once, but the guy balked so quickly that I dropped it right away. From his description it should have been roadworthy enough to drive cross country. He told me all sorts of "good" things about it. He would have had all the time in the world for me to come down there. But when I offered to fly him back after driving it to me, all of a sudden he had way too many things to do. I think if he would have been okay with it, I would have flown down and driven it back. But based on his response, I figured there was something wrong. I just used it as
  12. IF you could find one, the 66 Riviera Gran Sport used a 63/64 style pancake air cleaner. If you're familiar with the 66 Riviera, you'll know that those engines came with a Rochester Quadrajet carburetor. The Qjet and the aftermarket AFB's, both Carter and Edelbrock, all have the larger 5.125" air horn. That's what someone has done here. Or find an old Qjet air cleaner, cut out the hole, and weld it into your stock air cleaner.
  13. Turnswitch.com/speakers offers some low profile dual cone 4x10 8 ohm dash speakers for use with a larger 6x9 in the rear. (Read their explanation ) As well as some dual cone 6x9 speakers for the rear.
  14. Offer to pay the seller's return flight home if he'll drive the car to you. It's his car and any repairs are his responsibility until you exchange payment for title upon arrival and inspection.
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