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  1. You will enjoy an article on the Villa Riviera. Google "George Barris Villa Riviera" and look for the link to Car Kulture Deluxe. Covers a lot of the car's history and the author's interview with Jeff Goldstein telling what he went through during the restoration.
  2. Where have you looked so far? No need to suggest something you've already tried.
  3. If you are familiar with the Janet Evanovich series of books with Stephanie Plum as a private detective, Stephanie's car is always unavailable so she borrows Grandma Mazur's blue Buick Roadmaster. Except in the books, it's a 1953. At least the movie got the color right.
  4. I think some MiraLAX could give her some relief.
  5. When I got my '63 back in 1982, the car was running a 3.91 rear end gear. (Yes I could destroy a tire with no problem. Also made a number of Camaro drivers to think twice.) The owner was advised to install the 3.91 gears because he pulled a large Airstream trailer. Pulling the trailer put quite a load on the engine at LOW RPMs which caused some valves to burn, which in turn led to a complete valve job. So, don't get those rpm's too low under a load. You'd be better off with a 3.42 or 3.55 rear gear. You'll still be saving a lot of gas and engine rpm's but not so many that will cause your e
  6. What diameter tire did you use in your calculations?
  7. Good choice, it fits nicely in the X frame and the gear spacing, except for the o/d 4th gear, is very close to the ST400 you're replacing. The 67% o/d can really pull your rpm's down in 4th gear. With a 3.07 rear gear at .67 o/d, you'll have a 2.06 final drive which means your rpm's at 70 mph will be just a little over 1700 rpm's - my calculations come up with 1,709
  8. What 'flavor' is your built transmission? 700-R4, 200-4R, 460-LE. Something else?
  9. I leave it blank. But if/when I to edit something why can anyone who wants to look at my post before I edited it. Kind of like an online newspaper letting you read copy before the editor edits it. DUH.
  10. My question is "Why does the post have to say it was edited?" No need for anyone to see a stupid spelling error I made.
  11. I don't remember but it's possible it was just a card item in the "HELP" section at a jobber. Google ' 1057 brake light socket ' and click on the images link. With a dedicated ground wire, I would think that a plastic one should work. A least with a new socket and new bulb, there's no way of getting the bulb in wrong.
  12. Is this what you call "back till you bump?"
  13. I cured a similar problem on my 63 Riviera by replacing the factory sockets with ones that have a dedicated ground wire. Connect the ground wire to a good ground. The attached picture shows a plastic one, the ones I found were all metal.
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