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  1. Mild..stage 1..but Iam trying to see if someone is selling one complete already. Mine runs and all and there are shops that can do it in MD..what are you charging ?
  2. I am looking to rebuild my motor soon. BUT if someone already has one, for a GOOD price...LETS TALK !! Thanks
  3. I have a 1967 Buick riviera and looking to either rebuild mine, or buy an already rebuilt one. Let me know what y’all have.. THANKS
  4. Who has them..and what do you have ??
  5. Anyone selling cams for a 67 riviera ??
  6. I had to auto correct he’ll of times to get the word fenders ??
  7. Iam looking for sum straight fenders for a 67 riviera..I stay in MD. The word is, that it’s probaly cheaper to find straight genders that to have a shop straighten the exsisting genders.. so if u have sum straight fenders..Iam interested for a good price
  8. That's what I was thinking, now when I took it to the mechanic...he doesn't see the leak. When I sit in traffic or drive on the hwy, it piles up
  9. Someone told me, that 67's all have this problem with leaking oil. Some claim that it's the timing chain cover and for me to grab the new and improved one. It's a puddle of oil sitting on top of the block.
  10. Thanks a lot, I just looked it up, and they are different. Thanks buddy, I made the corrections
  11. selling my 66 riviera steering column. its in very nice condition, works perfectly. Has to be touched up jus a tad bit. aim asking $250 plus shipping. contact me with your best offer.
  12. i have a nice steering column for a 66-67 riviera. i have no need for it. its in great condition. This is for a floor shifter model. It has been painted and greased. aim asking $150 plus shipping
  13. He doesn't have any mini starters himself, he wants me to order it. Plus he's adding the fact that it's a better starter. We just got some more bushings, hopefully that fixes the problem.