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  1. Keith do you still have your 56 Road master, i was assistant chief judge there at the time, i may try and dig up a photo of your car,,----im thinking about coming to 2023 national as well, love to meet you all.----regards.
  2. Hello --there is one more thing you can try, on the horn you will find a small adjustment screw bolt, they are not hexican head but like a torx head, just use ordinary pliars and turn it in clockwise about one full turn, then tap horn couple of times, then try and see if it goes.---a little more turn ,and try again its worked for me over the years. see torx screw photo just to the right of center bolt.
  3. cquisuila Yes Rivnut---Ed is correct here, about twenty years ago ,i purchase a couple of 1990s Buick park avenue antennas from a wreaker in Sacramento, still have them, nice working antennas ,but as Ed says that happened to me, only will work on modern radio with through ignition switch---,i tryed all ways---but gave up ,went to a auto electrician he could not get it to work. could get it to work with manual toggle switch, but the problem was they would only go all the way up or all the way down,---would not stop half way.-----On these one orange
  4. Just following on , as 1965rivgs says-----check your belts first ,especially if they are old and starting to get a hard glazing appearance, then if not the correct tension, can screech from radiator or power steering belts. Only replace fan clutch, and or water pump, if required, to test fan clutch---- --and with cold engine ,spin fan by hand fast as you can, and it should not turn more than 1.1/2 times. to test water pump--- with belts off or loose, can get a very small amount of play minimum though, and it should spin freely ,with no noise
  5. Many thanks augwarhawke----Wayne.
  6. Thank you John,----will check when it arrives.
  7. Could someone with expert knowledge, tell me ,---does this model come with emergency foot brake red dash light,---when brake is applied on.----similiar to the 65 Riviera i owned years before. Reason is if it does not come factory fitted , i intend like to fit such a light.--- my car has still not arrived in ausy yet.----many thanks Wayne.
  8. This is an original emblem for your classic Buick-----remember rain man movie. In very tidy condition,, has all the 5 pins.-----$50.00,, plus shipping to USA is $25.00, had this for years,, from when i lived in Sacramento. Buick number on back is 1338275. sorry shipping is not cheap these days. Can pay with paypal----regards.
  9. Hello 1967GMCkid, i just thought i would offer a little information re your beautiful Kelsey Hayes wheels come in 2 sizes for 1953- 54 Skylark,, the 6inch wheels are for 1954 skylark, reason was it was built on Century chassis, and the 6.1/2 inch , wheels are for 1953 Skylark that is built on a Roadmaster chassis, both will fit both years, but the 53, 6.1/2inch wheels are safer and there for worth about 15-20% more in value. Ask me how i know, i have restored both models back in 1990---92. my 53 was place second 2nd at Buick Club Of
  10. I purchased these years ago when i lived in USA,, because they have my name on them, and they are the best wrenches i have ever owned----reason is they have a terrific grip feeling when holding, and they are not to big , really good for getting into small areas, and i have thashed these spanners over the years, and have never let me down these are SK WAYNE i think were about made in the 1960s.
  11. Hi Buick 35 i know a wreaker that has a NOS muffler for your car, i may ask him tomorrow if he the choke linkage for it---will let you know--as im phoning him in about 30 hours about 64 parts.-----sunday there.----Wayne.
  12. Hello Mjwirth sent you a PM he may help.
  13. Rodney, may a bit late , but our local Holden dealers used to sell the positrack additive at there parts outlet,----but of course all Holden dealerships have been sold only about a month ago, i would try Repco parts store they may have it. It was about half a pint approx and that was added to your diff, with regular 80--90. i purchased for about 3 of my Buicks when i lived in Sacramento at Buick dealership parts outlets.
  14. Go to any parts store and buy the correct throttle body, and carb cleaner, it removes sludge, oil, gum, carbon deposits to ----new again .
  15. Many thanks for all your reply s, old tank, Smartin, and especially NTX5467, for your very informative long answer, yes you could be correct about air flow, and the OEM standards, i always wondered about that as well, as my my 65 was a nearly every day driver for 10 years while in US, but it could go like a rocket. I always cleaned the filter with brake clean ,on a hot day, would only take about 10 minutes completely dry for putting on the oil.
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