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  1. It s amazing with many restorations ,that it is just about always the finer details that are not correct , especially engine compartment, with so much money paid for a classic, when with only about $500 to $1000 spent getting the simple items, done correctly,. it would be worth the extra effort in the end result. I could list many--- incorrect--- features and items with this lovely 65, but i wont. A very nice example, and i hope the new owner really enjoys his purchase, and its about time Our Buicks reached higher and better prices.--thanks Tom K for showing this.
  2. For B body models, excellent working condition, have tested, hardly ever used ,as i have had this for about 30 years in a box . $35.00 --plus shipping to US is $15.00. payment by paypal.---Thank you.
  3. Both in well used condition,---For Sale--- but all complete no sticking together or past wet pages, all very readable condition, these were in side my glove box when my Electra arrived from US , dont ask me why the protection plan was in glove box , i dont know ,as it does not belong to my car, this vin is 8k1101935Y, , and sold by Ken Pruitt Buick Garland Texas ,i think the name is TE Adams----you never know a member on forum may still have this car. Both for sale , ---$60.00 for both---shipping is $20.00 to US, with tracking. payment by paypal. or reasonable offer ,and will split. thank you.
  4. Hi The Tax Man---try --One Mans Garbage New Jersey, he had some about a month ago, as they were in some photos he sent me, next to a Bumper i purchased.---owner is Dave, he is honest and reliable.
  5. 07 HD----did you ever find a mirror for your Riv. regards Wayne.
  6. Similiar for myself--i started buying them about 1987, and spent thousands dollars when i live in New Zealand , were always great but there was a period in the last 10--15 years that responses to emails were not so good, like --Kreed , Jason, others have said, i found actual phone calls was the best way to get a solution to any problem,--Kevin and Jeff -- always very good , a lady forgot name sometimes not so good . But hope they carry on with there business for many years to come .
  7. Hi Tom, actually i went into Sherwyn Williams auto paints, south Sacramento, and they had the actual paint book for Buick 63--65,Silver Cloud being ZZ. i used there 7000 system , base coat ,clear coat, i did the whole car in 3 days , 2 days prep, 1 day paint and finish, and to this day it still looks the same as the day i painted it.
  8. One of my best Buicks that i have owned, i purchased this from the original first owner Phoenix, this Riviera could still show and go to 118mph on speedo,, all stock 401, except i painted silver cloud about 2001. before i sold it.
  9. A photo of my wife in our 1973 boattail at lake Tahoe about 1993 ,i ,when we lived in Sacramento, was a wonderful car,, --then just after this photo was taken,i got a phone call from transport manager of Dream works movie company, wanting to purchase our car for the movie, Forces of nature Sandra Bullock--Ben Affleck ,-. so i went and purchased a 65 Riviera.
  10. Any Buick members that have never owned or read,--70years of Buick by George H Dammann-- its a wonderful book, so i have included a few photos of George's book,---yes im with others here---its a boat tail--. and a reminder this was written when boat tail was released. Also page 347 George listed the 73 with rear boat tail design.
  11. I can let all know Sacramento ,in my opinion is one of the best places ,to buy old cars especially if its been there from new,,--ask me how i know--i have purchased 5 Buicks from there since 1987, 3 Porsche 911s, all terrific non rust cars,----This one was the second 69 Electra, it was my driver, for10 years ,while i lived there did about 80.000 miles it it.
  12. Cars inc--------old Buick parts.com------New Jersey-----i used them fitted perfect
  13. Thought i would show this, as when i purchased my 64 Electra--i new it had really bad cracks in dash, from photos from PO in US, so i managed to get a really nice used one from ---Ones man garbage---Junkyard in New Jersey.---Dave the owner is a very reliable owner ---. Back to fitting, probably one of the most hardest jobs i have done for a long time, thought i was smart ,so tried to remove the correct way ,by removing all --8 or 9 bolt screws from behind dash, and was only able to get to 3 bolts , gave up on all the others, almost impossible with a Electra with all options fitted,, --so i cut the old dash pad at every bolt and drilled the nuts off. Fitting for the newer pad was alot better, but only able to get 4 bolts on finish fitting , all good.
  14. I ordered that Apache 1961 Jorgen Ingmann CD yesterday, many thanks Jon37.
  15. Hello Markus,--wonderful Buick and trailer van, this probably is know use for you, but some interesting facts in here. It is from my owners manual 1964 Buick Electra-Wildcat, Le sabre, and yes i realize it is 15 years later. It was placed on page 32 right next to area in manual, for changing tires, so check your owners manual----they dont always list these items in the front index.---hope you can read it--the bloches are my bad camera.--regards.
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