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  1. This is very inspiring, thanks for this info Ed! (Here the direct link to the video) If I knew that before, I would have choose to do this conversion! Not sure if the conversion would be DAB compatible (Digital Audio Broadcasting). Here in Switzerland AM & FM will be replaced with DAB+ definitely in one or two years. Thats why I decided to install such a DAB+ radio in the glove compartment with all wires going under the carpet to the rear speakers (to the one between the seats and two more on each side of the armrests. Today I would choose to convert my original radio with Bluetooth (and Bluetooth speakers) and streaming my music from my iPhone (or any mobile device with such a capacity). Maybe this pics could inspire Parcen65 for the mounting of his rear speaker?
  2. 🥳👍 Congrats David - glad to hear that you become a grandpa! This is something I'm waiting for but hummm, I guess this will need few years longer with my sons 😁 Yes right, it looks like these horn bars cost more and more. Can't recall how much I paid few years ago, but I'm sure it wasn't 350 box. Got them from Rick, they look absolutely great, the wohle steering wheel is now a pure jewel! 🥰🤗 As I said to Alex, with this link I'm very motivated to repair my old steering wheel! Good luck with you projects!
  3. A very interesting link, thank you Alex! I have a second GS steering wheel cracked like the one of David, but never fixed it. The method shown on this website is very inspiring me to finally fix it correctly and sell it again. 😉
  4. Here is my wife beside my 65. The pic was taken in the old town of Aarberg, Switzerland.
  5. Got mine from sms auto fabrics. I was looking for the original luxury fabric and found it there: Looks fantastic and the price is absolutely ok, even with all taxes I had for the shipment to Switzerland. They send you some patterns before you buy. Just ask for them to be sure what you‘ll get.
  6. Thank you sir! Right, a lot of work, but the car deserve it! Came out nice as I think 🤩👌🏻
  7. Hi Jason While my restoration I encountered some very rusty spots. In particular the strut at the level of the front seats in the underbody of the car. Here some photos you can download in high resolution for the case you would like to use them: Let me know if you need more! I'm looking forward to the article in the Review 😉
  8. So cool!!! If only I had been a little braver to take apart more... I already had the lid with the steel springs off! Good to know for the next time that nothing has to be cut off! 😉
  9. It's always a real pleasure to help out great people like you David! I can well imagine how it feels when good ideas are found and implemented exactly the way you wanted it - and at least watching to a well done piece! This is pure satisfaction and I must say, it turned out so damn cool and nice! Great work, mate!!!! I'm looking forward to some more pics - also from the whole car! 😉
  10. Thank you so much for your kind words, David and also for visiting my website! I very appreciate 😃👍 I've to actualize my website content and put some news about my own Riv, but lately I couldn't find the time to do so... Even in this crazy Corona times I'm very busy in my IT business, hoping this will decrease a bit in the next couple of weeks! 😉 Stay safe!
  11. Wow, looks so great!!! Better than mine! 🤩👍🏻
  12. This is so cool!!! 🥳🤩👍 Congratulations to Ray and Pete who always give so much for each issue of the Riview and made it finally to an award winning magazine! Every 2 month I look forward to read it and can't wait to have it in my mailbox! (even a bit later than in the US 😉)
  13. No problem Jeff, I'm glad I could help with these informations. 🙂 I don't know if the "blubby" part is vinyl or some other material... To me i looks like a plastic sheet glued on the board. You can repaint it as I did with a good quality black color spray. Make sure the color stay mat after drying! I took a synthetic resin combination 'cos it needs a high surface hardness! Good luck!
  14. I will check that asap - I'm very curious if the 1st owner had some seatbelts or not and if they where built in later on... Thank you Tom!
  15. Oh, didn't knew that! Sure if I quick calculate how many cars they more or less built in a month in 63 (+/- 3'333) and in 64 (+/- 3'138) a whole month strike could definitely make a huge difference! But still... there are more than 2'000 Rivis "who disappeared in a black hole" in 65 compared to 63! I any case, I'm very proud to have the chance to own a great 65 myself!!! 🤩😍