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  1. No problem Jeff, I'm glad I could help with these informations. 🙂 I don't know if the "blubby" part is vinyl or some other material... To me i looks like a plastic sheet glued on the board. You can repaint it as I did with a good quality black color spray. Make sure the color stay mat after drying! I took a synthetic resin combination 'cos it needs a high surface hardness! Good luck!
  2. I will check that asap - I'm very curious if the 1st owner had some seatbelts or not and if they where built in later on... Thank you Tom!
  3. Oh, didn't knew that! Sure if I quick calculate how many cars they more or less built in a month in 63 (+/- 3'333) and in 64 (+/- 3'138) a whole month strike could definitely make a huge difference! But still... there are more than 2'000 Rivis "who disappeared in a black hole" in 65 compared to 63! I any case, I'm very proud to have the chance to own a great 65 myself!!! 🤩😍
  4. Right, this was in 2016. Quite impressive in the vid, but if you say it was more impressive in person, dang, this must be a bomb!!! Buick MUST build this car and for sure, I will have one of these - I just started to spare for the case! 🤣😜👍
  5. Tom, This would explain why I got the "Veteran-License" for my Riv here in Switzerland without the seatbelts ('ll never get this license if your car is not 100% original!!!). I first thought, they didn't remark that I forgot to remount them in again... But now its clear to me, that some 65 Rivs didn't had some seatbelts. Very interesting, thank you! 🤗
  6. Thanks Ed, looks like I've to be more critical on my bad English and what is published in the web in general 🙈 the article was mentioned that these "15x6 finned alloy wheels" was available on 63 & 64 Rivis for some extra costs. Thank you for the information about that, good to know! (...and I will be more cautious with posting infos I'm not 100% sure about - sorry!). Do you know why they sold less Rivis in 65 than in 64 & 63?
  7. Sorry for that "somehow new" approach for "girls on Buicks". I came around this vid and felt in love instantly with this concept car - sure its new with a lot of technology and new concepts ...but somehow its very original too and at least, IT'S A BUICK! (Some may say it's "the new Riviera"!) Watch this and listen how the ladies are speaking about this outstanding Buick!
  8. As I know, the accessories such as power windows, power seats, and also the tilt-wheel where extra-cost options. Other popular options included air conditioning, cruise control, power door locks, AM/FM radio and automatic trunk release. Whitewall tires and wire-wheel covers were also available at extra cost, as were 15"x6" finned alloy wheels. For the first model year, Buick had a production cap of 40,000 Rivieras and all were sold.
  9. Hi Jeff I guess I know what you mean... Had the same issue and repainted the whole thing. I wrote an article in the Riview about this resto. You can check it on my website or download the article PDF at the bottom of the page. Here the link to the article: Hope it helps. Cheers, Schmiddy
  10. My mech did... he sent my center link to this provider for refurbish it: Hope it helps.
  11. Hallo Frank Vielen herzlichen Dank für deine Rückmeldung und für deine sehr interessanten Angaben! Zwischenzeitlich konnte ich das Problem mit meinem Mech lösen. Ist tatsächlich so, dass ich das Teil in die USA zur Überholung versenden musste. Durch das gute Netzwerk meines Mechanikers und weil er regelmässig Teile von dort in die Schweiz via Container importiert, konnte ich preislich davon profitieren. Nicht desto trotz war es aber denn noch relativ teuer... wie es immer so ist wenn es die Teile nicht mehr neu zu erwerben gibt - so ist das halt 😉. Wie auch immer, der Wagen fährt nun wieder top und ich habe meine Freude daran! Viele Grüsse nach Deutschland und allzeit gute Fahrt!!! 😀👌
  12. Oh right, after rereading its also clear to me the the trim was meant - and not the covers! 😉 Sorry!!! Glad to hear that Gery to a good set.
  13. Hi Gary I got mine fro SMS Auto Fabrics They did a great job on my seats and I would recommend them anytime. Check their website, they have a huge choice and do custom jobs too. Good luck!
  14. How cool is that plate!!!! The month and year I was born! 😉