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  1. Hello Ed unfortunately the black pin stripe is not on the 1965 Riviera door panels. I have looked into getting the pin stripe done but the cost to have it done added way to much to the cost. I imagine if you find a good pin stripe artist or a painter they could mask off the panel and paint it on for you. If I do come across a more cost effective way to add the pin stripe I definitely will
  2. Hello RIVNIKl I did not post the picture of the charcoal/gray veneer. Unfortunately that was another person. I do have the ability to make 1 off custom sets but the cost will be significantly higher due to the cost of the veneer as I would only be buying 1 sheet for your order. Also the cost is higher since the cabinet shop who makes these for me does these in quantity and a custom set would just be one at a time. If you are interested I would need to know what kind of wood you would like to use and I could work up a price.
  3. I just posted for sale all of the different console and door panel wood grain and black vinyl kits for the 1963, 1964, and 1965 Buick Riviera models. I have the following kits for sale: 1963 standard interior black vinyl console 1963 deluxe interior black vinyl console and walnut wood grain door panels 1963 custom made kit with walnut wood grain console and walnut wood grain door panels 1964 standard interior black vinyl console 1964 deluxe interior walnut wood grain console and walnut wood grain door panels 1965 standard interior walnut wood grain door panel
  4. All of the different kits for the different years and standard and deluxe interior will be posted on my website by the end of the weekend (www.bestoffercounts.com) There will be many detailed pictures. I just finished earlier this week getting the black vinyl to make the radio bezels for the 1965 Riviera models as well as the standard interior consoles black vinyl for 1963 & 1964 models If anyone has any questions feel free to call me and I am happy to discuss these new kits as I am very excited about them!!!
  5. Wood kits are now in stock. I have made all of the versions. I even made a 63 Riviera console wood kit, even through Buick did not make it originally, just thought some 63 owners would like a custom touch. Hopefully by the end of the week I will get a chance to get pictures and get the kits posted on my website and ebay store. More info come shortly! I am also currently working on reproducing the black vinyl for the consoles as well (and the 65 Riv radio bezels)
  6. NOW IN STOCK!!! 63, 64, 65 Rivera Rear Control Arm Bushings I am selling 2 different ways. A set of 6 control arm bushings and the 6 control arm bushing with the 2 track bar bushings See the links below to my website for purchasing! Complete Set: https://bestoffercounts.com/product/1963-1964-1965-buick-riviera-rear-control-arm-bushings-track-bar-63-64-65-new/ Just the 6 control arm bushings: https://bestoffercounts.com/product/1963-1964-1965-buick-riviera-rear-control-arm-bushings-6-rear-axle-63-64-65-new/
  7. Yes that ad In the Riview about the tanks coming soon is from my competitor who also get the tanks made. I am going to change my ad in the Riview to state some of the newer items I am making now as well. I am working on 1961-1964 Fullsize Buick gas tanks as well. I am test fitting the samples this week. The 1961-1964 Fullszie tanks should be here the January 2020.
  8. I just got the new gas tanks in. I only have 6 right now. I will have more towards the end of summer. I also got in new fuel sending units for non AC cars (single line). Please call me at 215-767-0845 if you are interested in a Riviera Gas Tank and/or sending unit. Thank you James
  9. I have the cardboard piece laser cut out of plastic: https://www.ebay.com/itm/63-64-65-66-Buick-Riviera-Power-Window-Switch-Driver-Wire-Plug-Cover-Repair-New/232462006912?hash=item361fd0ba80:g:WlcAAOSwRTVaXZ9S I also have the power seat version, drivers side power vent window, and passenger side window & power vent I am also in the process of reproducing the complete connector for all of the version. They will be just just like the original one. James
  10. If you need an ignition switch with a key or any other locks for your Riviera let me know as I have several used locks with keys. I also cut keys for my own locks and can help you cut a key for your ignition switch if you would like. Feel free to call me at 215-767-0845. James
  11. I have a 64 st400 transmission dip stick tube. Do you need the dip stick as well? Feel free to call me at 215-767-0845 to discuss further. Thank you, James
  12. Did you find a 65 drivers side exhaust manifold yet? I have one. Feel free to call me at 215-767-0845. Thank you, James
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