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  1. And when a bullfrog jumps he would not bump his rear end had he flapped his wings. For the experienced mechanic with mechanical aptitude to rebuild an engine would not be so hard. For others that are not so mechanical I Would be reluctant to say to them all you have to do is read the book. To minimize skills required to rebuild engines I think is myopic. It’s like saying reinstalling the evaporator box, plenum rubber, and hoses Under the dash of a 63 zRiviera requires reading the manual. The manual shows how it goes together, but not how to reinstall the rascal. In some cases you have great insights in other cases you have blinders blocking your view. It’s hard to have it right all the time. Turbinator
  2. Tex Riv, been lucky in my life having driven raggedy assed 26 foot hay:straw trucks with no brake failure. Never thought about the brakes as a kid. I went to work rebuilding my drum brake essentially with everything new or rebuilt. The brake pedal went to the floor. I pumped the brake pedal ang got the car the 63 Riv to stop pretty good. Well, I figured the leaky seals on the axle and rear end needed attention. Both axle seals were cleaned, inspected and installed by Tom Telesco from Norwalk CT. I told Tom about the pedal problem. Tom noticed a spring with cap and pin that connected to the wheel backing plate was loose. Tom said he thought that loose connection would cause the brake self adjusters to not work. Tom made what I call a brake spoon and adjusted the brakes. I have plenty of brake pedal now thanks to Tom Telesco’s know how. Car stops good. I would admit having disc brakes on the front would give so major league stopping power. Actually, what I have is great for my driving style. Hope your Monico is still “ cool” in the summer. I had good cool air all last summer, but at the end A leak occurred and now I’ve got to start over with evacuating and replacing all the O rings. Find the leak and filler up again with dry nitrogen and see if I can find the leak. Were it ez I would not have as much fun. Turbinator
  3. Not knowing what you are doing makes it harder. Not knowing how to do things slows me down while I’m making a list of what I don’t know. Mechanical ability seems to diminish as arthritis progresses. Sometimes I keep fixing things until they are really broke. Doing the same over and over in an effort to get things corrected is hard. R&R the evaporator in a 63 three times a l m o s t had me to tears. The pluggers always make it. In the absence of talent persistence and resilience have served me well. Lucky, I guess. Turbinator
  4. The things that impress the most stay with you. The zRiviera 63-65, 64 Impala SS, and stock 1950 Chevy DeLuxe with 6 cylinders are favorites. Turbinator
  5. Tom, I don’t think your last wishes to be creepy in the least. Actually, I think it is very cool. I’ll be cremated and my ashes will be spread over my home by airplane. Turbinator
  6. Hello, need four Thunderbird steel wheels 14”x 7” 5 on 4 1/2. Bob 4433867356
  7. Mr Rivman, thank you for putting up very fine emblems. Had they been the 63 TriShield or 64 R for either the turbine or wire wheel covers Id be calling you. I’ve decided to limit my interests to the 63,64,65 zRiviera wheelcovers. Good Luck. Turbinator
  8. Anxious buyer wants Emblems for 1964 and 1963 cast aluminum turbines and wire wheel covers .Emblems must be minimally of merchantible quality. Higher the quality of the goods the more anxious I can be. thank you so much Turbinator PM with regarding your treasure
  9. OldMan, I had leaks in my trunk only to find the painter or owner never put on tail light frame mounts and the lense gasket after the car was painted. Just a thought. Turbinator
  10. Bernie, wheel cover with big R in the middle looks pretty cool. I like the wheel cover. The large size white walls on the 63-65 zRiviera just is not something I like. I like the 1” wide white wall on the 710 R 15 radial with bias look. I suppose our cars are our chariots and we can outfit them any way we like. Turbinator
  11. Ed, do you know if the center cap on the two spinner comes off! The 63/64 emblems would add something to the individual looking add to his 63/64 with straight laced wires. Thank you Turbinator
  12. Pat, I never saw the center cap assembly I came up with on the Silver Arrow. I guess many people have same thoughts, the thoughts just come out at different times. Turbinator
  13. Had the wheel wheels been painted white and lighted red for night driving he may have had a futuristic look. When it comes to personal taste there is no basis for argument.