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  1. Jim, Bosch 4036. Tom Telesco has some. The plugs have been discontinued. According to Tom the plugs have produced good results in the many cars he has installed the plug. Turbinator
  2. Buy and try is a way to determine what works or does not work. The incandescent 1157’s I reinstalled work fine. Personally, I find it trying to fiddle with a maybe product. A more expensive LED does not sell me on reliability. Using the tried and true is sometimes is good as it is going to be.
  3. My Uncle has a junk yard in Florida. He strips more cars, trucks, whatever motor vehicle comes his way. He says he makes more $ on parts then he does on scrap metal. Uncle has workers use a machine that skins the rubber off electric wire cords for $6. An hour. Uncle said he could do better on copper sales if his help would stay out of the storage lockers. I said at 6$ an hour the worker has to make up it someplace. Turbinator
  4. Art, for my 63 Tom Telesco installed Bosch Platinum plugs set at .0050. I am delighted with the tune up performance updates Tom completed. The distributor was rebuilt and electronic ignition updated. Tom gave the carb a rebuild. Since the updated tune up I can feel for the first time the 2nd two barrels kick in on aggressive acceleration. Tom said the Bosch Platinum plugs are good. I agree. Turbinator
  5. I read about studies regarding specific specifications of LED’s. To date the manufacturers have not concluded what specifications to publish regarding reliability of the LED. The LED’s I’ve put in the cabin of my 63 are performing so I can see better day and night. I’ve switched to the 1157 incandescent bulb in the tail lights and all is well. I thought $3.50 each for an 1157 LED was enough to get a good light. I was wrong. Turbinator
  6. How do you determine better LEDs? Price of the LED alone would not be the complete determining factor for me. Can anyone suggest the MOST meaningful specification that would point toward LED reliability? Turbinator
  7. I live in the US. Auto mechanics have been known, the US, to take advantage of the initiated. Do your home work. Read the Service Manual. Protect yourself use only mechs with solid referrals
  8. Ed, the thing I see different from other Rally wheels ( in this subject) is the color gray , as opposed to black, and the Wildcat emblem. I must say they do look sharp. Does not appear to me hard to make up a set? The emblem is very nice. Turbinator
  9. Sir, just like J Franklin said insurance companies are protecting themselves. Supposedly, the junkyard doesn’t want you to get hurt and sue them. Turbinator
  10. Rockin’ Daddy, Since I cant figure out how to get the YouTube copied and pasted to this site I can look up the title of the YouTube and send that back. Let me get it. Turbinator
  11. Pat, thanks for your timely response. I was just wondering why one group of wheels is more readily available. Turbinator
  12. Pat, would you speculate why the 65 steel wheel seems to be more abundant than the 63/64 wheels? thanks Turbinator
  13. Swede, I tried to post ( transfer) the YouTube Video regarding said subject; however, I’m not successful in doing so. I’ve put in a question of “ how to” to the forum. Turbinator