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  1. Ed, I make play lists from Apple Music for exactly what I want to hear for play back. The music is loaded to my MP3 player. I had my Sonomatic original AM radio fitted and wired to play my MP3 play list through my 10 ohm rear speaker that is an upgrade from the original speaker. The replacement speaker is the same physical size as the original. Bass and treble response has been improved in the speaker and radio, The sound is not like that in today’s cars. The sound in my Riv is just fine with my play list. Every song I hear I like. Of course, I don’t know every good song there is, but I k
  2. Frenchy, you are pretty sharp yourself. When you found the Chevy vent cable you were able to use on your turn signal set I thought pretty sharp. How do you like your engine rebuild? My 401 has satisfied me quite a bit with the rebuild I had done at JB Engine Machines Rosedale Md. I remember your red paint looking real good on your zRiviera. Turbinator
  3. Tom, I like Bosch plugs in my Nailhead. Thank you for setting the gap on the plugs and installing the plugs. The engine runs just peachy. Turbinator
  4. Shaun, What Tom Telesco writes is pretty close to gospel. The Riviera Owners Association recognizes Tom as “Expert”. The ROA experts attest to Tom’s expert experience. I know this first hand. Tom has worked on my car and made upgrade improvements and all along the far still looks stock. The nuance of the Nailhead makes it different from a small block Chevy rebuild. You don’t want to rebuild an engine with less power than before you took the car in. For example after the engine is bored you then want to order pistons that fit the hole. Obvious, to all but you want the best you can aff
  5. Ed, did Diamond T ever join REO? it’s been a long since I was in Granfather’s Diamond T. I remember seeing REO on the truck. My Uncles called it the Diamond T.
  6. I just finished putting in new rear coils springs in my 63. I chained my coils up tight.... most of the time. I have spring compressors and they did a good job. The front is suppose to be harder than the rear. Really, I can’t tell you how because it took me a long time. Other than using 2 spring compressors and being safe is the best you’ll get from me. I used grade 8 bolts nuts and washers. If you still need 2 rear shocks I have 2 Bilstein’s that are new never been on the car. $260. I’ll pick up the shipping. Just be careful. I put jackstands under the car where there is heavy thick m
  7. Sir, if you are still in the market for wheel covers let me know. I restore cast aluminum turbines 63/64. TURBINATOR
  8. Bill, whatever you learned has some great lessons. Very fine work indeed. Turbinator
  9. Ed, the use of the mat was a very fine one. Creative for certain. Turbinator
  10. My GrandFather had farm truck we knew as the Diamond T. I watched grandfather start the Diamond T with a hand crank. It was cool. im familiar with UPS company culture. I was able to earn sales of UPS approved Pitney Bowes equipment from 1976 forward. A person had to know the UPS procedure. I have friends that had long careers with UPS. I heard UPS would print in paint the drivers name on his truck for years/miles of accident free driving. I heard UPS started package delivery on bicycle. Amazing outfit, but they have their ways. Thank you for the information regarding calibration
  11. Tom, I have the set of floor mats that came with my 63. They are old looking and the color is faded. Because I like to renew things and most times come up short on an acceptable restoration. However, for fun I’ll check out my mats closer for possibly of “ restoration.” I know you can’t wait to see my creation. Turbinator
  12. Good question. I’ll figure out a way to check for accuracy of the odometer. Turbinator
  13. Ed, I started off with with grease coming up through the speedo cable and dripping grease on my shoe. So, I started trying to fix the leak with a new cable that advertised as direct fit, but stretched out about 6 feet. I cut the new speedo cable and it didn’t work. Went to junk yard and got a speedo off a junk 63. The speedo fit perfect. No more leaks. I fancied a speedo that was accurate and my new cable did not help the case. I bought a new speedo drive gear from Best Offer Counts fit a $100 bucks. I ruined the new part. A friend of mine and I went back to the junk yard for a shot at a
  14. No expertise here. The 40-67 Buick Parts book will you what transmission gear tooth you need by you rear end ratio. I have the parts book if you don’t. “‘Best Offer Counts” had my 19 tooth gear for $100.00 plus shipping. Turbinator
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