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  1. Turbinator

    Repro dash advice '64

    Thank you. Should have asked before I hurried the project. Still, feel better then sending off to have the work done. Oh, my Mobile AC correspondence courses are coming along. Heck I have most of the tools ....should learn how to use them. Turbinator.
  2. Turbinator

    Repro dash advice '64

    Here’s another from inside
  3. Turbinator

    Repro dash advice '64

    The dash has to taken out and touched up
  4. Turbinator

    Repro dash advice '64

    Frenchy, it is plastic preformed I painted. I scuffed the surface and primed it with primer for plastic. I had the color checked at a paint store and they mixed the paint with DuPont Vinyl Color. i will advise I had a hard time getting the paint to cure on the plastic. the painted surface scratched easily. Could be I sprayed it with the temp about 60 degrees F. It does not scratch to the touch, such as wiping the dash for dust. I use Dash Away and no color comes off. I have not tried to scratch with my finger nail. Another concern is when you replace the dash you must be careful not to scrape the dash on the metal windshield up rights OR push to hard securing the dash. My experience is the paint scrapes off, but the way I handle things anything scrapes off.ill send some pics
  5. Turbinator

    Repro dash advice '64

    Tom, I was satisfied with the grain. By the time I got the color right the grain was barely visible. A sharp collector m i g h t pick it up. I found out the difference by reading up on one of the Forums threads. Turbinator
  6. Turbinator

    Repro dash advice '64

    Tom, I was satisfied with the grain. By the time I got the color right the grain was barely visible. A sharp collector m i g h t pick it up. I found out the difference by reading up on one of the Forums threads. Turbinator
  7. Turbinator

    Repro dash advice '64

    Sir, I bought a dash skin that fits very well over my existing 63 Riv from Dashtop in Reno NV. With shipping came to $250.00. I carefully removed the old skin and resurfaced the foam rubber with DAP sponge like silicone. I repainted the dash. Painting plastic is specia so read up on painting plastic.
  8. Sir, a while back there was Kendall Oil that was green. I dont know where Kendall went, but the Brad Penn oil is green alright. Turbinator
  9. Sir, I checked out the Joe Gibbs 15W-50 oil. The benefits they advertise seems as though is what I’m After. The 9.00 and change a quart is a sticker shock. I’m just accustomed to paying lesson for engine oil. Then again I once bought 6 bottles of Budweiser for $1.50 and a pack of Marlboros for .30. Times and things change. Turbinator
  10. Sir, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you for frequency of oil changes. I’m lucky to have a lift to get under the car. I’m too big, too arthritic, and starting to age a bit for to crawl under the car, but I can if necessary. Turbinator
  11. Mitch, thanks. Understood. I start the car often in the Winter and let idle for 10-20 minutes. Too much salt on the roads after snow fall. Even if the roads are dry it takes some rain to wash the salt off the road. I undercoated per exact directions with POR 15. I missed spots inside the metal frame supports. I have a plan to get the insides as well. Thanks again for the tip on 4 quarts, new GOOD FILTER, and top off with Marvel. I use only ethanol free gasoline. Turbinator
  12. Turbinator

    It's time for a poll

    Sir, I’m a little older, but not much., I’m 69. I’m a R&B hound since I was a kid. Willie G and Thee Midniters are from LA. I lived in LA from 63-67 in a little incorporated town , Lomita in LA County. The car culture from LA captured me. I was after a 64 Chev SS or the 63-65 Riviera. The Riviera does not have to have a thing changed by modification. The Riviera is my travel back in time. The name of the group that did “ Somebody Please” was the Vanguards. Big Manny and his guys were from East LA in a band called The Blazers.
  13. Mitch, do you put the one quart of Marvel Mystery oil in place of one quart of your regular oil? By example, your engine calls for 4 quarts of oil with a new filter. In this case you would put in 3 quarts of your regular oil and one quart of Marvels Mustery oil. thank you Turbinator
  14. Turbinator

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Mr Konga Man, I’ve been reading a training manual published by the US Navy. The Navy manual stated never mix 134a with zR12. The reason is the 134a damages the R12 o rings and causes leaks. Turbinator
  15. Turbinator

    It's time for a poll

    Sir, you might be Old School. If you are remember “ Somebody Please” recorded in LA radio station 1969. Big Manny recorded the tune before he passed. Big Manny will be missed. The group that recorded the piece name started with a V.