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  1. Sir, a while back there was Kendall Oil that was green. I dont know where Kendall went, but the Brad Penn oil is green alright. Turbinator
  2. Sir, I checked out the Joe Gibbs 15W-50 oil. The benefits they advertise seems as though is what I’m After. The 9.00 and change a quart is a sticker shock. I’m just accustomed to paying lesson for engine oil. Then again I once bought 6 bottles of Budweiser for $1.50 and a pack of Marlboros for .30. Times and things change. Turbinator
  3. Sir, I’m pretty much in the same boat as you for frequency of oil changes. I’m lucky to have a lift to get under the car. I’m too big, too arthritic, and starting to age a bit for to crawl under the car, but I can if necessary. Turbinator
  4. Mitch, thanks. Understood. I start the car often in the Winter and let idle for 10-20 minutes. Too much salt on the roads after snow fall. Even if the roads are dry it takes some rain to wash the salt off the road. I undercoated per exact directions with POR 15. I missed spots inside the metal frame supports. I have a plan to get the insides as well. Thanks again for the tip on 4 quarts, new GOOD FILTER, and top off with Marvel. I use only ethanol free gasoline. Turbinator
  5. Turbinator

    It's time for a poll

    Sir, I’m a little older, but not much., I’m 69. I’m a R&B hound since I was a kid. Willie G and Thee Midniters are from LA. I lived in LA from 63-67 in a little incorporated town , Lomita in LA County. The car culture from LA captured me. I was after a 64 Chev SS or the 63-65 Riviera. The Riviera does not have to have a thing changed by modification. The Riviera is my travel back in time. The name of the group that did “ Somebody Please” was the Vanguards. Big Manny and his guys were from East LA in a band called The Blazers.
  6. Mitch, do you put the one quart of Marvel Mystery oil in place of one quart of your regular oil? By example, your engine calls for 4 quarts of oil with a new filter. In this case you would put in 3 quarts of your regular oil and one quart of Marvels Mustery oil. thank you Turbinator
  7. Turbinator

    63 Riv AC flush and vacuum

    Mr Konga Man, I’ve been reading a training manual published by the US Navy. The Navy manual stated never mix 134a with zR12. The reason is the 134a damages the R12 o rings and causes leaks. Turbinator
  8. Turbinator

    It's time for a poll

    Sir, you might be Old School. If you are remember “ Somebody Please” recorded in LA radio station 1969. Big Manny recorded the tune before he passed. Big Manny will be missed. The group that recorded the piece name started with a V.
  9. Turbinator

    It's time for a poll

    Ronnie, a few days ago the CD Reckoning was nominated by the Blues Foundation for Soul Blues Album of the year.
  10. Turbinator

    1963 Speedo cable

    Zimm, I was guided to unloose and disconnect the cable from the transmission. Pull the cable through the casing from behind the speedometer in the dash. Zimm I had a hard time getting the replacement cable to fit. The sellers say they heir cable will fit and the cable is long enough but you have to cut the cable to fit and not unravel. Narrow down what needs to be fixed before you pull out the cable. Only but a suggestion based on past experience. You might not need a cable but your driven gear could be worn. Find out what others say what makes it jump. Go from there. Turbinator 27 degrees up here. At least it is not raining.
  11. NOS. I looked up the NOS meaning and I read “ Internet slang for new old stock.” Ha! Not even an automotive term.
  12. Try these. They are for a 63, but they might look good
  13. Turbinator

    1963 Speedo cable

    Zimm, no need to be Leary. I was not keen on pulling my dash out for repair. I got another to help pull it out. No big deal. BUT, no need to pull dash for speedo work. I did not pull out the dash for speedo work.
  14. Turbinator

    1963 Speedo cable

    Most of us, at least where I was taught numbers are written one after the other. Sometimes a decimal point that is required would help if it was placed between the numbers where it is suppose to go.
  15. Turbinator

    Rubber rejuvenation?

    Mr KongaMan I agree one hundred 100%. When I wrote this I was thinking about my 60+ year old Gravely tractor that does not have the rubber hose I need available. The particular hose has to be taken off the carb when condensation builds up and the thing won't start. Keep the Gravelys high and dry ( garaged) and they will start. use only ethanol free gasoline and drain the system completely and they start most every time. On the topic of hoses. I ran in to an interesting hose on the evaporator box for the AC on my 63 Riviera. The hose I'm referring has a larger inside diameter where it fits on a a nipple outside the evaporator box to drain the condensation. The remaining portion of the hose has a smaller outside diameter that feeds through the firewall. I've never seen a hose like that. I'm reinstalling all the components of the AC system. Starting from scratch with new components, except the vacuum modulator and STV. Ive decided to go to the STV bypass/eliminator this time. After 2 failed attempts with newly rebuilt STV's getting stuck I'm finished with that part. Now, I'm sure the system was not clean and that is what caused the STV to jam. Im making certain the system is flushed and new O rings and lubrication for R12 gas are installed properly. I'll pull a vacuum and if it holds I'll have the system recharged with R12. If the vacuum fails I have dry nitrogen supply with gauges to check for leaks. I''ll use soapy water to run the leaks. I'm hopeful I have the system going in an operational direction. New, condenser, new evaporator, new A6 compressor, new HOSES with triple barrier rubber made up, new thermal expansion valve, new drier, new vacuum hose rubber, supposedly new #1 vacuum switch... that's about it. This effort to bring the AC has been costly due to my education/training OJT needs. I will say the mystery of heat exchange in the AC process is becoming clear. The science part of is no interest to me, but what happens where and why is of interest. Again, Thank you for your support in the past and the future. Happy New Year with good Health and Prosperity. Turbinator ( Formerly Red Riviera Bob )