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  1. You might a well check the STV valve for functionality. Most people buy the electronic switch that by passes the STV operational function. Since zi rebuilt 3 STV I finally gave in. I just bought the expansion valve from Old Air in Texas. Works good. I worked on the 63 AC for a long time. Ended up replacing everything J could. Even had the hoses rebuilt. Mr Jim Cannon is most experienced on this 63 AC. Are all your vacuum actuators working? Vacuum hoses all in good shape? Just trying to save you one ounce of aggravation. Turbinator
  2. When your back is stiff as a board and you are in a plush soft bucket seats it increases difficulty to reach in the little ashtray opening. Add to the bad back my oversized girth some would wonder how I do anything. I did find tube connectors for the copper tubing. The reason I needed connectors is because of the 12 foot length of copper tubing I did not allow enough length inside the car. I had already “ buttoned up” the hole I made in the floor board for the two gauges. I had to splice one of the tubes so it would reach the gauge. I found a brass 1/8” x 1/8” straight connector at Ace Hardwar
  3. From what I’ve read the T Bird out sold the Riviera hands down. The neatest Ford I owned was a 61 Ford Sunliner. For me, the neatest car Ive ever owned is my 63 zRiviera. Turbinator
  4. Ken, a number of us have had some laughs on this GAG. A pal of mine in SaltLake City Utah did the photo shop work. Thanks for chiming in. Turbinator
  5. Admittedly, larger gauges are easier to see. Add light and even easier. Because of errors coupled with mishaps I ended up ruining two sets of gauges before the third set worked. Don’t ask how someone could be so hapless, but it happened. The biggest problem I had was making adaptor connections. The NPT with British American fittings gave me headache. I knew what I wanted I could not write what it was. Finally I worked it out. Yes, the larger gauges are better. My white background with orange pointers helps to see what is going on. I enjoy having the gauges. Turbinator
  6. XFrame, installing the evaporator box with newly rebuilt hoses was more than I could handle. Finally the evaporator box was secured. Of all the fun projects was removing the heater box, checking out the doors for leaks and making sure the vacuum actuator(s) we’re working. Putting the heater box back was a little difficult. Turbinator
  7. Kevin, I’m not as fast as I once was, BUT fast once as I ever was. Being fast once is like being a Double A Fueler for 5 feet! The 6th foot I’m out of fuel.
  8. Belle, I’ve have friends that are pro entertainers in the music business. You are in the same boat with them on doing “ things”. The entertainers that I know that lead bands just show up to the gig. The stage,electric, sound reinforcement is all set up. In addition, a trusted long time admiring fan sells and collects money for CD sales at the shows. The entertainer takes a wad of cash folds the money and puts the money in his pocket. Generally, the entertainer has a driver. Now I put a 1 1/2“ diameter sway bar on the front and back of my 63 zRiviera. The rear end was raised 3/4-1” whic
  9. And where are your eyeglasses? My suspenders were worn, but under the snazzy sports coat. As far as a mature appearance Ive always appeared older. I’m not 87, but getting close. Stay Well!
  10. Actually, Buick gave me a written description of the accessories available. I tested the vehicle as outfitted and filled the blanks with what I thought how the accessories would perform. I suppose that is why I’m so sharp on the AC repair on the 63.
  11. JS, how about coil overs? Just asking. I need to lower my rear end an 1”.
  12. Now you this : when you cool you cannot hide, it’s got to come out!😎
  13. When I wrote gauges IN the ashtray I was literal. Ed, the installation you have on the console is sharp. I wanted my two little gauges where I could hide them. As you will remember I told you my left eye is on the road ahead while my right eye is trained to focus elsewhere. My right eye can see the gauges while I keep my left on the road. So, putting the gauges in the ashtray is the best route for me and not terribly expensive. The lights in the gauges are really helpful at night.
  14. Pat, this AD was early in the campaign and I had not seen the Turbines. Turbinator
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