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  1. Ed, My Dad said during WWII TIRES were hard to get. If a tire blew out they would save the tire to use as a boot for another blown tires They would fix the tube boot the tire pump it up and keep on going. MThey were farm trucks that got the boot. True story. Turbinator
  2. Tom T, if you have a place for your tools and your tools in place they are easy to find. Organization is a skill! turbinator
  3. Kevin, 20 plus years ago I raced bicycles at the recreational level. You could easily get killed with a blow out. There were 2 types of bike tires- clinchers and tubular tires. I was on a ride and a bike built for two came haulin ass past me going down a hill. The rear tire blew out and shattered the tire rim. The cyclists handled the blow out safely. My next stop I put on 2 new Kevlar clinchers. Safety first. Turbinator
  4. Sir, I believe you are 100% correct regarding common sense. I scanned an article full of pictures of what to look for when you are inspecting your tires. For those of us not keen on tire handling and inspection I believe your tire shop would inspect your tires whenever you want. Turbinator
  5. Ed, Im telling what I read about Michelin recommendation regarding inspection. Your question about how the technician gets inside the rubber is funny. I’m sure you know the tech cannot get inside the rubber. How Michelin inspects the tire is entirely a mystery to me. I’m thinking Michelin would not make something up and put it in writing. Im certain your comment was meant to be humorous. I know you well enough to know you wouldn’t write something that was facetious. Continental Tire inspects tires after 5 years for safety as well. Turbinator
  6. Ed, taking the needed part off a parts car would work? Turbinator
  7. Sir, the short version of a long story about suspension rebuilding can be answered by Tom Teleco aka TelRiv. Tom is a recognized expert on first generation Riviera’s and others. Tom has rebuild my suspension with me as the helper. Shocks, new coil springs, front and rear ADDCO sway bars, inspection ad lubrication of axle seals. Tom rebuilt my steering box, my carburetor, put in electronic ignition, and was available for engine builder to call regarding my engine rebuild. I’ve worked with Tom in my car. PM TelRiv and listen to him. He’s 75 years young and done this all his life. Turbinator
  8. I like American GM 1950-1969 cars. The period 50-69 was when I was a boy and I enjoyed the cars. Today the cars are one color and look like tennis shoe. Turbinator
  9. Gents, folks At Michelin Tires wrote five years and after tires would be inspected for safety. This is what I go by. There are numerous statements by different organizations addressing this subject. I like the Michelin method because I can remember to get them inspected every year after the fifth year. As they say, my experience and 2 cents…. Turbinator
  10. As time goes on time will become even more valuable. Try getting a thread gauge that has ability to measure your fastener. If you are finished working on your car then you are home free. You’d think metric thread gauge is not necessary for a63 zRiviera. Sometimes after market parts for the zRiviera are metric and a metric thread gauge comes in handy. I got a bunch of metal bins and labeled the bins and put the right fastener items in the bins. McMaster Carr is truly expensive on the surface, BUT McMaster Carr may be economical after all. I know when you want American size rubber hose you get it from McMaster Carr not metric equivalent. Maybe I should be hawking hardware for McMaster Carr. I will say McMaster Carr is real good, but expensive. Turbinator
  11. Sir, I have a chrome trailer hitch that is metal stamped " 65 Riviera". The trailer hitch showed up in a box lot I bought at a vintage Buick auction. I think the ball hitch is 1 7/8" or 2". I feel confident it is an engineer Buick approved accessory. What I don't know is if it will fit. You say it's it a SkyLark so measuring will have to take place. If you are interested just PM me and we'll take it from there. Turbinator
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