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  1. Here is the answer from a guy ( that’s me) that only knows how to shine hubcaps. Everything that was written by the other gents before me has 100 % substance and probably 100% correct. The basics have to be checked out first: worn bushings in track bar - probably, worn rubber in the front sway bars - probably. Shocks all gone to ruin? Front end alignment for your type of tires? Next the steering box being rebuilt can only help a lot. I did all of the above and now my 63 Riviera has a great boulevard ride, feel, and steering. Before I did the work of replacing the parts the car had steering and ride feel like you were flying an airplane or driving a Forklift real fast. ive had an experience just recently when an 18 wheeler was really too close to my rear bumper on I95 South. The traffic was heavy, but moving along at 70 mph ( my speedo is correct). I jumped on it and in no time I was up to 90 getting out of the way of the 18 wheeler. B/4 I had the suspension corrected I would not have been able to go 70 mph and keep the car in the lane much less move up to 90. As a referral for Tom Telesco’s Double T rebuilt steering box you cannot find a better value and quality for your investment and support. Turbinator
  2. RivNut, many facets to a job/career/position in the work place. Your GrandDad was right on about liking what you do. I stayed in one work place for 31 years so something kept me there. The first 15 years was a lot of fun. Years 16-31 were sometimes good, sometimes not so good. I liked retiring at age 56 on my own terms/volition and that was good, real,good. Turbinator
  3. Yes, but Don has an AC that works and keeps him cool. Yes, indeedy.
  4. Gents, keeping your car wheels and wheel covers clean is part of keeping our first gen. Riviera looking good. ive cleaned a number of cast aluminum turbines and I’m always hoping to come up with a good looking 63 turbine wheel cover. I’ve come up with one that has the webs and the vanes clear powder coated. The webs have been cleaned and sanded/smoothed out for texture. The oxidation on the webs and vanes have taken down to bare cast aluminum so the powder coat will stick. The purpose of the clear powder coat on the webs is so it is real easy to clean. Some like an alumina color powder coat on the webs and sides of the vanes which is brighter. Powder coat is easier to clean. Turbinator
  5. The colors all match. Looks like the real deal. Turbinator
  6. Dr914, I guess you did flip out. A great memorable experience. The first time I saw the first generation Rivieras was in 1963-1964 in Los Angeles, CA. I was hangin’ out with my pals ( on foot at the time) just watching the semi custom early 60’s Impalas, 53 Bel Airs, 50, Chevy Coup DeLuxe Cruise by. When the 63-65 Rivs were on the street they always turned heads. Took a long time, but I finally got my 63 Riviera. Turbinator
  7. TampaRiv, once you start working on the 63 AC I’m sorry to say you’ll be spending a lot of time at the corner story dispensary.🥃🍸🍹
  8. Mr Konga Man, you are 100 % correct about the amount of work I’ve put in on my 63 AC. It’s going to work good too. When I was working for a living I put in more work in year than some put in a lifetime. The old fashion work ethic has been a curse.😂 stay Well
  9. Thank you so much. I bought some Bilstein shocks from you about a year ago for 63 RIVIERA. THank you for your positive comments. Bob Burnopp
  10. PRL, I like the way you write. Your messages is chocked with information I agree. There is some sense to how something performs as opposed to how it looks. It’s a matter of what you like and hopefully what you need. Every car I’ve owned I can remember as an adult had some percentage of leather in the seats. I like the way it looks and feels on fair weather days. It is a commercial and consumer world we live. Provide the buyers with what you can sell at a profit and hopefully something they want. Music on the radio then and now is meant to sell something. One of the greatest American songwriters of today, Dan Penn, said, “ the value of a song in commercial music lies in its ability to sell.” I love my Riviera for many reasons. One of the reasons is it easy to operate. I can set the clock, use the radio, fix some of the things that make it run. The Riviera is the real deal American car. Buick gave us what we wanted. The car has stood the test of time. The Buick Riviera is a classic no matter how it is outfitted. The car gives me a place in time like nothing else. Thank you Turbinator
  11. A very fine automobile your Dad purchased. You are fortunate to have his 64 Riviera. I’m certain it is in good hands Turbinator
  12. Bernie, the folks overseas use all kinds of animals for their skins and fur. Canadians bang baby seals in the head For their fur. Americans kill horses for their meat and skins ( think Horeen Cordovan). Why we didn’t have more leather seats in our cars during the 60’s was probably due to global warming. Who knows? i can say with certainty my 63 Red Riviera has red leather seats. I’m not sure what kind or where the leather came, but it is leather. Looks good too.
  13. Rich, I’ve been working on my 63 AC system for 3 seasons. My story is long and painfully expensive. If I were do over I’d take the car to a genuine restoration shop give them a deposit and say call me when you have cold air. I’m like you when I started 3 seasons ago I knew nothing about how AC worked. Because of horribly poor AC mechanics in my area I ended up replacing everything new. I still do not have cold air, BUT I do have a closed system leak free and ready to be charged. I bought a mobile AC book and a lot of AC tools. The forum helped me a lot. Had it not been for the ROA forum I’d be in real trouble. All my AC components are stock with exception of the STV eliminator. The 63 AC design by today’s AC is not the best design. The controls are run by vacuum actuators, vacuum switches, and vacuum hoses. The AC system is yet s stand alone system. If you have the 63 Buick Service manual you have a chance. Without the manual you haven’t got a prayer. In the case you thousands of dollars you won’t miss a full restoration shop is the way to go. If you are a DIY guy I have a minimum of $3200.00 invested in new ( not rebuilt) components AND rebuilt Freon hoses. Really, I’m no mechanic and sometimes not too smart, but I am persistent and resilient. My history of 3 yrs activity of starts and stops on AC is way too long to chronicle here. Turbinator