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  1. J3, you ask a great question. My only thought what kind(s) of skills are needed to unravel the mystery? For instance, what is the original color of the 1963 air cleaner holder? There are no paint codes. I go along with those in the know of what is accepted as the original color. Turbinator
  2. Ed, I would have dyed the vinyl and cut a piece of the dyed vinyl and pasted the cut vinyl in the sample book. Turbinator
  3. j3, so the color was wrong on the new brochure. Maybe, manufacturing changed their mind on the shade of color they were going to use after the brochure was at the dealers? I sold General Fireproofing Mail Center furniture. GF signature orange color never changed as long as I sold the product. The brochures we had were very very close to the actual color. Turbinator
  4. j3, a long time ago I was in a printers office and the topic of color came up. Unwittingly, I said how can a printer possibly get the color as close as needed every single time. The printer went on the give a lesson as he used a magnifier On a color he had in question. I’ve long since forgotten the lesson,, but I remember the occasion. Funny I remember him mentioning the color cyan had to be correct. Turbinator
  5. Ed, sharp on the tax angle. I’m not worried our government tax experts will find s way to tax electric cars. In my area I see m a n y Tesla cars. With only a 250 mile range before re charge you won’t see me buying and the $80,000 price tag I won’t spend on a damned car. I won’t live to see the electric car for the masses, but I’m sure the electric car one day will,be the way to,go. Turbinator
  6. Gents, I handled printed color brochures of many sizes for my entire selling career for a billion dollar outfit. Im sure brochures vary in quality on many different fronts. I always thought the color in the NEW BROCHURES were very accurate. As my brochures aged the colors changed. Whether the brochure was exposed to light or stored in a box in the store room time would take its toll on the quality of the print and pictures. Some colors faded more than others and others faded to varying degrees. Now it could be our brochures were not meant to last 50 years or so. A museum curator is probably a possible source for reasonably good info on color deterioration of slick shiny business brochures. Surprisingly, I happen to know a museum curator who is a world expert in air quality control that best preserves paper. I’ll ask him if he has any info regarding color quality of brochures printed in the early to mid 1960’s. Turbinator
  7. Larry, the turbines turn around will soon, but not one week. I failed to see the cracks in two of your wheel covers. I will repair yours. Sometimes it takes a period of time to braze. I’ll braze the cracks and finish the cast aluminum in a very fine fashion. Bob Burnopp
  8. Jim, thank you. One plan is to place the sensor on top of the evaporator on the suction pipe coming from the evaporator. It’s tight it might work. If the space is not right for the sensor the sensor will go in evap box. High and dry
  9. There’s a shop in Baltimore has the reclaim machine for R12. Nice folks, but they are not mechanics. Let me know if you want the particulars. Hopefully, all you need is the switch. Turbinator
  10. How many feet do you think the vacuum lines run? In the case the vacuum lines run over 12 feet the colored vacuum lines from Old Air has a chance at being competitive. Then you calculate your highly valuable time and add that in with the measuring and the disconnecting of the vacuum lines. Depression Era thinking has saved me money many times. Sometimes and I mean sometimes you have to part with your money to get the needed goods. Calculating the non pecuniary benefit of having the color codes vacuum lines may be difficult for some. At first I was lost even with the color coded vacuum lines. Having done the vacuum lines so many times I can route them with my eyes closed. Turbinator
  11. Zimm, if you are certain you have the vacuum lines routed correctly AND the vacuum actuators are working you are in free on that facet. Ask me how I know. Are you using the STV or using the STV update kit ? Reason I ask is I’m trying to find the ideal spot to wrap the STV eliminator temp sensor tube around the suction tube coming from the evaporator. After 3 failed attempts with STV valve rebuilds I’ve gone to the STV eliminator. Turbinator
  12. You don’t have to measure anything. The studs are made up as 64’s or 63’s. You have to make the studs or buy them. Turbinator
  13. I bought two (2) #1 vacuum switches on eBay. They are pricey for what they are, but it is a supply and demand thing. Adjusting the #2 vacuum switch per the 63 Service Manual directions was easy (at least for me) for center vent air flow. Turbinator
  14. Gents, Turbinator will have restored cast aluminum turbines for 63 and 64 for sale. Pay Pal will work. Newly chromed two bar spinners with blemish free 64 emblems, Center caps and turbines. Bring your own turbines and drop them off for a refinish or complete restoration. Repairs are done as well via TIG or brazing. 5 1/2” Buick and 6” Buick Riviera wheels available. A recovered black 63 Dash Pad will be for sale as well. Turbinator 443.386.7356 bobburnopp@verizon.net
  15. Thank you very much for your sharp eye and positive support. Turbinator