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  1. Pat, I`ll trade `ya for a summer with your Corvette...as long as it`s a big block with 3 pedals, Tom
  2. Ed, that`s hilarious...nice looking lady too! Tom
  3. Please send a PM if interested. I purchased this lower bumper sight unseen and was told it was for a `65. Much to my disappointment it was not and has languished in a dark corner of Tommy`s Toyhouse for too long. This is an NOS lower bumper that has never been installed on a car. It is not a take off, or rechrome, but is NOS. I have found the quality of the chrome on a substantial proportion of NOS bumpers to be undesireable with a grainy, dry look or just dull overall. Not so with this NOS bumper. The quality of the chrome plating is excellent and shows extremely well. There is, however, one flaw on the bumper and that is a handling scratch on the passenger side. The scratch looks much worse in the pics due to the camera angle and closeup as compared to if installed on a vehicle. Even though not perfect (NOS almost never is and the cars themselves werent either) this bumper would show well on a showcar and would fall beyond expectation for an excellent driver. I have 8 or 10 `65 lower front bumpers and every one of them has some condition issue related to on car damage. It is extremely hard to find a lower front bumper that has not been damaged while in use, much less an NOS never installed example $450 plus shipping or trade for `65 unit Thanks, Tom Mooney
  4. Hi OneRiv (name?), I checked the `64 parts book and Buick lists the same carpet for trims 601 and 611. The 611 trim is the blue cloth and vinyl so perhaps that info will expand your possibilities for an actual sample. The parts book shows a different carpet for trim 621 which is the all vinyl dark blue custom trim. I know the carpet for this trim is a dark blue so I would venture to guess the color that will be closest will be described as a medium blue. Both the 601 trim (a light/medium metallic blue) and the 611 trim (a lightish powder blue) are both relatively light colors and I think a medium blue would offer the contrast needed without varying too much from the original hue of the upholstery materials. I have a few interior pieces from a 601 interior. I will see if I can salvage a small carpet sample from behind the binding on a door panel...but no promises. Hope this helps, Tom Mooney
  5. I dont know who Clark`s is using for a supplier but I do know they are NOT using AutoCustomCarpets. If you obtain an original sample of the carpet you desire to match, you might also try ACC. Tom
  6. Ive restored 6 of these Borg clocks to continuous running condition in the last few days and the time between solenoid activation has been between 1 minute on the low side and 1 minute 30 seconds on the high side with most falling in the 120 to 130 seconds range. I`m sure the actual degree to which the solenoid moves the mainspring is dependent on the freedom of movement of the mechanism and the condition of the contact points and strength of the solenoid but...if one actuates the sweep of the mainspring manually to the stop of its travel I`m sure the running time for this full rewind is MUCH shorter than 3 to 4 minutes....more like 2 minutes and 20 or 30 seconds. It is highly unlikely the solenoid will rewind the mainspring to the full extent of its travel. Just my 2 cents.. Tom
  7. The clocks are "self regulating" via the operator`s input. If the clock is running too fast and you readjust the hands for the correct time the clock will self regulate to a slower speed. It may take quite a few resets to overcome a 3 hr discrepency in accuracy. Or, you can send it to me and I can do it internally. My workbench is setup for working on the clocks at this time, Tom
  8. 1965rivgs

    First Gen Riv Bumpers

    Don, As Tom has stated the upper and LOWER `65 is a one year only animal. The `63-`64 bumpers are the same. Also, there are plenty of cores available. If your friend or anyone else needs a `63 thru `65 bumper send me a PM. I have many bumpers in varying condition. Tom
  9. `63 and `65 clocks are sold...`64 is still available, Thanks guys, Tom
  10. Check to see if you have voltage at the "+" terminal of the coil with the key in the "on" position...not the crank position, but the "on" position. Sometimes there are problems with the resistance wiring in the coil supply circuit. When you check for voltage use a DVOM and not a cheap test light. The voltage at the coil will be reduced relative to battery voltage and depending on how cheap your test light is it may not indicate voltage by firing the filament in the test light bulb. On another note, I have a Snap On test light I just love...it has a digital readout in the handle which reads out actual voltage in addition to an indicater light. Easier than breaking out a DVOM if in a hurry and when voltage readings are critical like gauges, ECM circuits and compromised ground circuits. Good luck, Tom
  11. If interested please send a PM, thanks. Thought you guys might like to see first gen clocks side by side. `63 on the left progressing to `65 on the right. All 3 clocks cleaned and oiled, points dressed and offered in running condition. They are not perfect, as the pics indicate, with some paint loss on the bezels, very slight pitting or lint on the lens! Ooops...but overall these are not like the junk field car specimens which seems to proliferate on Ebay. I bench tested each of the clocks for several hours and they operated without issue. However, I cannot guarantee how long these will run as the points are 50 years old and I have no control as to if the buyer keeps his vehicle battery properly charged. When my better half asked why I was wasting my time on these old clocks and not doing the laundry I showed her a running clock with internals exposed. When the solenoid snapped and reset the clock mainspring she said "Wow, that reminds me of sitting in my Mom`s Oldsmobile". Mission accomplished...I love the sound the old clocks make...when they work! $100 each plus shipping Thanks! Tom
  12. 1965rivgs

    425 V8 in 1963 Buicks--here's proof

    Hi Pete, I recall supplying you with these bulletins...yes, the 425 was a late addition to the `63 lineup. The `63 Riv was always intended to be built with power and performance in mind and the 425 catered to that design goal. Tom Mooney PS I may also have a "zone letter" that announces the availability of the 425