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  1. Those are the insulators between the glass itself and the mounting bracket...usually dont disassemble those fasteners to remove the glass and they therefore stay in place. I generally remove the glass with the mounting brackets still fastened to the glass itself. They were always very thin gaskets..... Make sure the diecast pivot arm on the rt hand side of your pic is lubed and free to move...often the pivot point seizes up and the arm breaks Tom Mooney
  2. Hi Jason, Yes, I have the perfect candidates at the shop now...I`ll snap a few pics today Tom
  3. John, My comment was because Tom obtained a "proper" set of `64 belts from me. Also, no red interior in `65 so your chances of finding red webbing is "less than slim". Tom Mooney
  4. Sometimes fixing a 50 plus year old car....or any machine after original manufacture...deviates somewhat from perfection. Tom
  5. I cut my teeth on these as a young mechanic, had 2 jobs for quite a few years working on cars during the day and tractors (fleet of semi-trucks) at night. Valve cover and intake gaskets, water pumps/belts were fun...but this is a piece of cake compared to the 4.1 Cadillac ...which nearly reduced me to tears on several occasions...ahhh, the good `ol days! Tom
  6. Thanks for posting Henry, very interesting. I seem to recall someone on the forum adding the `67 fiber optic to a `66?? Seems like it would be a very functional project Tom
  7. Just an FYI regarding the extension housing gasket...Buick switched to a paper gasket to replace the O-ring with a pilot run of 24K ST400`s in `66...the `67-`68 parts books show a "gasket" for the application in those years. Tom
  8. Hex is part of the valve...you might need heat to get things apart without buggering up the tube...which you DO NOT want to do! https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=8323884&cc=1021891&jsn=2214 Tom Mooney
  9. ...NOT a `64 factory option as far as I know Tom
  10. Hi Henry, If you have a couple comparison pics that would be great Tom Mooney
  11. Hi George, You are missing the stainless steel plate next to the go pedal...I have one if you need it...$25 Tom