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  1. Hi Mike, Does the miss go away as the engine warms up? Did you confirm that cylinder #8 is carrying no power by shorting the plug and observing any change in RPM? Have you checked for spark at the #8 plug? If not, try using a new plug, or switching a plug with another cylinder. Also, try switching the wire with another and see if the miss moves. Have you checked for a vacuum leak associated with the vacuum fitting on the manifold, as Tom suggested, which may be leaning out the #8 fuel charge? It is possible to pass a compression check and still have a bad valve. A leakdown test i
  2. Jim, My experience with the `65 models is that Clark`s samples did not match but ACC had the exact match. I called Clark`s and asked if they would distribute the ACC product and was told they deliberately chose not to use ACC. This was quite a few years ago so I dont know if this is still true. The ACC carpet sets I have used have been fine in terms of quality. Tom Mooney
  3. Frenchy, How did you do that? There`s only one motor? Maybe you mistook the transmission for motors? The cables are connected to the transmission. Generally, when actuating the switch the motor should engage and you should be able to hear the solenoid/dogs engage in the trans. Sounds like you might have an issue with both components. IF you can remove the seat mounting bolts without breaking them off in the floor, it`s best to put the power unit on the bench for service and troubleshooting. The trans can usually be repaired to operating condition by disassembling and remov
  4. Bob, When I was barely 20 years old I was a fleet mechanic for what is now a very large delivery company. We were running 25 year old Diamond Reo cab over tractors with millions of miles ( Yes, Diamond Reos! The company was growing very quickly, there was no such thing as new equipment!) and worn out GMC Astro cabovers. Both the speedos and tachometers on both were cable operated. Our company was very anal about tracking the drivers and miles so every PM it was standard procedure to use a mechanical veeder root to calibrate the speedo. We had a length of road marked off on the PM test d
  5. Very often new belts. and especially inexpensive new belts, will stretch after being in servive for awhile. If you havnt adjusted the belts since you installed them, chances are very good they need to be re-adjusted. Tom
  6. Hi Ed, There is no "myth" as far as I know. Availability of the Riviera Gran Sport was announced in the Fall of `64 with production scheduled to commence in late Sept/early Oct `64. But there was a GM strike which started in late Sept `64 and lasted until late October `64. So the `65 Riviera Gran Sports (not the Skylark Gran Sports! ) became available starting in very early November `64. The Skylark Gran Sports came along approximately two months later. BTW....keep in mind Fisher Body plate dates coincide with body build and not necessarily whole car build/assembly. With
  7. Mike, Tom T. is correct. The cut-out in the gasket for the heat crossover should be in front of the primary butterflies. Your pic displays the cut-out behind the secondaries. Dont know if that`s the way you had it installed? There is no need for the stainless gasket because the exhaust never contacts the carb base on the dual 4 manifold. The parts book does spec out the stainless gasket for the rear carb however. The lack of a pattern on the intake other than the runner in question, the all shiny ones, is weird. Usually all the runners have the pattern displayed on the rea
  8. The water pump is a weak point in the Nailhead Buicks but I generally dont replace anything unless its broken. If the bearings in the water pump or fan clutch dont show any "play" I dont see why the water pump or fan clutch would be responsible for a "screach". Sometimes a fan clutch will seize a bearing and not exhibit any "play", so could be bad, but when that occurs the fan will lock up and act like a one piece unit, so the diagnosis is obvious. Given the description of your concern and your inspection of the water pump and fan clutch, I would persue the suggestion I made above. Tom
  9. Check your fan belt condition and tension Tom
  10. LOL....RH, sounds like we have alot in common! I retired a couple of years ago after a 4 decade career as a UPS mechanic. I loved working for UPS. It was a tight, challenging, no nonsense employer for most of my career and they payed well for it, both short and long term. But because John Q. Public got so soft in the belly, so did our company, needing to conform to what became the typical norm of employment expectations. After my first 3 decades of dedication, it was very disappointing to see the company`s guidelines and standards get watered down, and turn into just another big employer. Stil
  11. Hi Gordon, That makes perfect sense. I didnt consider the location of fuel line attachment, frame versus body, would determine when in the assembly process the tank was mounted. So, fuel lines mounted to the frame would dictate fuel tank install after body drop; and fuel lines attached to the body (as is the case with our Rivs) would dictate fuel tank attachment before body drop? Tom
  12. Something that has intrigued me for a long time about the top picture is the absence of the fuel tank under the trunk floor?? The color original has "mood lighting" going on which leads me to believe the photo may have been staged. ? Tom
  13. Sorry to hear the whack attack method didnt work out for you. Never hurts to try again, you have nothing to lose! The horns are grounded through their mounting. Clean, tight and bright! Tom
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