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  1. Hi Loren, I`d like to buy your horn. Sending a PM. Thanks, Tom
  2. The thin silver bar/line is an early car characteristic, nothing to do with the GS option. If your original horn bar was original to your car I would expect your car to be early in the production cycle. What is the production date of your body? A oicture of your Fisher Body plate, located on the engine firewall above the power brake booster, will tell the story. Tom Mooney
  3. John, Source a varable rate steering box from a post `68....these boxes are "faster" than the original quick ratio boxes and have the benefit of a slower ratio just off center (as in at straight ahead high speed highway situations which is desireable) which speeds up the farther the input gets from center (as in parallel parking). Tom Mooney
  4. Had the same experience years ago...1 year and the boots were shot...you get what you pay for Tom Mooney
  5. Did you read the first response in this thread? Not sure if the poster knows what he`s talking about but he said: " Best to decide what ratio you ultimately want as that may affect which posi carrier you need. The carrier for a 3:42 gear is different as compared to the carrier for a 3:23 gear...unless you want to get into spacers, etc.. Tom Mooney " 🙄 Mr. Newbie
  6. If your overheating concerns only occur at speed on the highway you have narrowed your troubleshooting tree by %50...so dispense with concerns which involve air flow, like fans, clutches, shrouds, etc because you are getting plenty of air flow at highway speed. With symptoms such as yours, cooling system efficiency should be your focus, such as drive belts, radiator, thermostat, water pump. It is possible to add an extra row of cooling (generally termed 4 row core) if your present tanks have the physical space or more efficient cores, compared to your original style, are available.
  7. Definitely `66 as the blue/green 401 has the rear lifting eye which is `66 only...I would guess the red engines are 340`s Tom Mooney
  8. What`s the title of the bulletin? I should have it, Tom
  9. Hi Loren, If the chrome is as nice as it apperas in the pic I`d like to have the 3rd one from the top. Tom
  10. Marq, The center in your pic is specific to the `63 Riviera but is obviously installed on a different big car model. Generally, regarding the big cars, if it is not a Riviera the "correct" center should be the tri-colored Buick crest. Tom Mooney
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