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  1. Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply. Specifically looking for pics of the bases or pedestals which mount to the floor. Tom
  2. Hi All, I have several unidentified power seat units and was wondering if anyone had one laying around that I could get a pic of ? Pretty sure they are `66-`67 vintage but not sure if they are Riv? Thanks, Tom
  3. Did you check the tail light fuse? Tom Mooney
  4. If you run the engine RPM from idle to 3000 RPM AT A STAND STILL is there vibration? Did you check your trans mount to be sure it is not collapsed and therefore changing ujoint angle? Tom
  5. The engine code and production number is just to the rear of the water manifold/thermostat housing on the lifter valley cover mounting surface on the passenger side. The partial VIN stamp is on the same surface but on the drivers side. Re the trans there should be an ID plate on the passenger side of the case just above the trans pan mounting surface. If you can read the tag all info on the tag is important. A picture of both is worth a thousand words.... Tom
  6. The leaking occured after a few miles... Tom PS It was tasty!
  7. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply. Yes, I am aware the manual has been reproduced which is why I thought it likely someone may have a copy. Thanks again, Tom
  8. Doing some research and I would like a little info from the 1970 Buick assembly manual. We dont have one in the ROA library or in my personal collection. If anyone can help please send me a PM. Thanks. Tom Mooney
  9. If the insulator is properly located into the holes of the contact plate the screws will tighten and enable the horn bar to move/be depressed. If the insulator is catching on the edge of the holes in the contact plate as one tightens the screws it will draw down the contact plate and most often cause the plate to contact the hub and activate the horn. If the horn bar will only activate the horn on one side it is usually due to the contact plate is not contacting properly or there is slight corrosion at the contact point. Tom Mooney
  10. If it`s run for 60, 000 miles the distributor must be seated far enough to engage the oil pump drive shaft. Use some penetrating oil around the base. There is an oring seal that can be stubborn...or use a strategically placed 5 foot prybar. Good luck! Tom Mooney
  11. Yes, except for the reasons you listed which make it a PITA and the fact more than a handful of them I did in my 40 year career as a tech DID dislodge and make a mess due to the one piece design of the gasket and the difficulty of placing the heavy manifold, its a piece of cake....🙄 Tom Mooney