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  1. Bill, Your first 2 pics is what I have come to recognize as an original cap. The next 2 pics do not resemble an original cap. I think the cap which was on your car (the 2nd two pics) when you bought it is a replacement. It also appears the replacement was not a vented cap and someone drilled a hole to make it so. The bronze fitting at the end of the vent hose has been added, dont recall ever seeing such a fitting on any first gen cars I have owned. Tom
  2. I`m not suggesting that I do or do not agree with the original engineering...just stating what I believe to be a fact in that fuel tank venting is being discussed in this thread. Tom M
  3. Just an FYI...pretty sure the original fuel cap is vented Tom Mooney
  4. Hi Jason, Interested in the front fender lower chrome panels...also the exhaust hangers. Would you consider separating the front mats from the rears? If so, I`d be interested in the fronts. hanks, Tom M
  5. I looked for a recent pic from the showroom of CARS, their ebay store/website/auctions but couldnt find it...Glenn has such a car and has owned it for many years...perhaps it is the same car? Tom
  6. Tom K, When you blow air through the hole where the large brass screw is threaded into the carb body you should also have air coming out UNDER the butterflies. Tom Mooney
  7. White custom interior? Original black car? Tom
  8. It`s normal for coolant expansion to occur in any car. The reason the OEM`s went to an overflow system is to make it possible for owners/mechanics to check the level of the coolant at a glance instead of possibly opening the radiator cap while under pressure. I have seen techs who should or do know better, do this with disastrous results. This benefit only exists if the overflow system is operating as intended so I always still check the coolant level in the radiator when servicing a vehicle. An ancillary benefit to adding the reservoir is doing so also adds a little additional capacity to the cooling system. Unfortunately, that extra capacity only exists while the cooling system is not up to operating temperature so in effect it doesnt add much of an advantage to cooling the engine. Tom M
  9. Morning Claudio, I have a complete `65 armrest although not in black. Send me a PM to discuss your options and details, Thanks, Tom
  10. Morning Bill, As I stated everyone`s experience is always a little different. My reference to the holes was not an indication that the project was as simply as just adding the holes but that the holes can be created without adding to the seat frame. Everyone`s skill set is a little...or ALOT different so after 40 plus years as a tech maybe I overestimate typical skills. having said that, I did qualify creating the holes as potentially challenging. Here is a thread I found while doing a little research regarding my statement that some `64 Riv seat frames may not have the "`65 type" rear seat frame...my guess is the lift up armrest option may have been added at some point in the `64 model year or Buick was running out what was left of the `63 type seat frames unless the option was specifically ordered: I`ll post the pics I have loaded of the dimensions as they apply from the `65 type frame to a `63 frame for anyone who is contemplating whether or not this project is within their skill set. When taking the pics I used the 2 inch mark as a baseline because it was the only way to hold the tape measure and the camera all at once. I`ll post the `65 seat frame first because I`m likely to go over the max size. As a comparison `63 seat frame in the next post:
  11. Tom and Ed, Buick used a dash pot with switch in their smaller powertrains...probably what is being referred to in this thread Tom M
  12. Hi Bill, When I took that pic I posted, I also took pics of the dimension between the `65 holes and placed them over the `63 seat rails as a demonstration because I was answering an inquiry from another member. I was going to post those pics but frankly they would probably be more confusing as compared to using a little imagination and the one pic I posted. I have found the `65 holes fall over the `63 rails. The bottom of the armrest base is slightly concave already and flattening the crown in the seat frame (I slice material out of the projected/folded crown and then flatten it, but various methods will work) produces what I think is an aesthetically acceptable installation. But that`s just me...everybody`s experience and judgement is a little different. Tom
  13. Claudio, I`ll take a look at the stash to see if I have a `65 armrest...pretty sure I have a black `64 but maybe not a `65 armrest? Tom
  14. I happen to have a comparison reference photo of a `63 and `65 seat frame. It appears that if one added some flat steel to the `63 frame that the lift up armrest would bolt on just like the `65 seat frame...but this is not correct. The dimension in the center section of the `65 seat frame is actually wider than the `63 frame so that if one wanted to install the armrest in the `63 frame one would need to drill mounting holes in the rails of the `63 frame to match the dimension between the mounting holes of the `65 frame. It can be done but the area where the holes must be drilled in the `63 frame is not flat, but semi circular, so care needs to be exercised when locating and drilling the holes. Also, not only is the grain in the `64 seat vinyl different as compared to the `65 models, but the grain which is embossed into the metal base and filler panel of the lift up armrest is different also. And just a word of warning...I have encountered `64 rear seat frames which appear to be identical to the `63 seat frame in this picture. Such is the case with a `64 I have in my shop now and I can guarantee no one has ever played games swapping seat frames in and out of this car...VERY original car...???? Tom Mooney