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  1. 1963 Riv Glovebox Door Please send a private message if interested Selling this `63 glovebox door. This one is surely better than most....there are a few nicks in it but I`m sure it would present a little better with some cleanup. Both return springs are intact on the arms. Pricing this glovebox door at $85 plus shipping Thanks! Tom Mooney
  2. This is the service bulletin which Bill and Jim referenced above. Notice the battery is the standard DC-12 that has been flipped around...not a special battery with post relocation. There`s more...but this should suspend any doubt as to what is factory correct Tom Mooney
  3. Notice the date on this drawing..this is surely an engineering drawing which appeared in the factory assembly manual used to assemble the cars in Flint...
  4. Notice the last paragragh and the date of the document..
  5. Shouldnt be any exhaust present in the choke housing heat tube Chris. If there was then there was hole rotted in the tube as it is a "through tube". Tom
  6. Not to mention the fact there appears to be "POS" next to the battery post! Guess Buick wasnt installing Ford batteries in their flagship model! Tom
  7. ...or its a posi with worn clutches.... Tom
  8. Hi Jon, That is a very respectable goal but he is not that particular. He just wants a `64 carb that is properly jetted for the 425 and has the roller type throttle arm so he will be able to use the `64 factory kickdown switch and bracket. I passed on your reply and contact info. Thanks again, Tom
  9. Hi Jon, Thanks for the reply. I will refer your reply to my friend. Tom Mooney
  10. Oh boy, Pete, sorry to hear of your troubles. Maybe they will pass with time? I`d love to save it but it sounds like the needed repairs are not in my skill set. Could you provide a little more info re what is wrong with the floors/body? Tom Mooney
  11. Thanks Ed...I already checked his website but there is the qualification that the listed carbs are in various conditions including for parts. I was hoping to find him a good deal on a complete, correct, rebuildable carb as someone already sold him a carb which is incorrect for his application. I`m trying to assist him in getting his car up and running including the trans downshift function with some helpful knowledge. Any help is appreciated, thanks, Tom
  12. Posting this for a friend who is attempting to put the correct carb back on his `64 425. Open to a complete, rebuildable core or an already restored carb. The shop manual is listing a carb #3665S for the `64 425 automatic. John, do you by chance have the correct carb in stock? Thanks in advance, Tom Mooney
  13. Hi Ken, Never received a PM? This happened last week with another member, but I have received other PM`s...must be a glitch in the message system? Anyone else not receiving messages? I`ll send you an email, thanks...wow, sharp `67, did not know you also have a `67, Tom
  14. I referred your ad to a friend in TX who is taking on a `63 Electra conv refresh. But the initial asking price in the ad turned him off. I suggested he give you a call and talk about price. It seems you are more realistic than the original ad would suggest so I am encouraging him to re-visit your ad. His name is Ron. Hope it works out for you both, Tom