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  1. Hi Winston, Yes, it did, larger tails compared to the standard Riv...I think it is present on this car Tom
  2. Hi Winston, Aside from leaking and lacking symmetry what`s not "correct" about the exhaust? Tom
  3. Art, The cumulative statistics were reported by Buick in a document titled "Daily Car Reports". The `64 data is available, Tom
  4. Hi Rod, Didnt know you are local to me...I believe I have some beautiful 853 wheels in stock....for a `67 Riv? If so, send me a PM. I`m currently out of town but will be returning to the Chicago area for a few days in the near future before leaving town once again. Tom Mooney
  5. Tilt wheel was optional in 63-64 and standard equipment in 65. I have seen quite a few non tilt 63-64 cars. The really rare occurrence is a 65 with the tilt wheel delete option...only encountered a couple of those! The outside rearview mirror became standard in 66. Previous to that the outside REMOTE mirror was a factory option or dealer option. No factory installed manual mirror previous to 66, dealer option only. If the remote mirror was not ordered by the original purchaser and no mirror was dealer installed there was no outside rearview mirror. I currently own such a car and have encountered a few others over the years. Tom
  6. The diff will only drop as far as the shocks will allow. Tom Mooney
  7. Gene is correct, the Pontiac version looks identical to the Buick but the mirror glass is larger and will not interchange. I have a complete Pontiac remote mirror which I plan on selling...if anyone is interested send me a PM. Tom Mooney
  8. Oldsmobile and Pontiac mounted them on the front fender. Tom Mooney
  9. Jim, I have the engineering drawings for the 63 factory mirror installation. Any changes in the original drawings were noted in the right hand margin, dated and initialed. The change relative to mirror position was drawn in early Oct 62. I started tracking the actual cars but didn't obtain what I thought was a good data sample so my research fell by the wayside. Is it possible the change in mirror position took 2 full months of production from drawings to being instituted on the production line? I am out of town right now and don't have access to my data but I'm almost positive I have examples of the later style factory installed mirror position which are earlier than the examples you cited. Part of the problem with the data is, in spite of the fact we can determine if the remote mirror was factory installed, the cars are over 50 years old and have been tinkered with, some many times over. Tom
  10. If your mirror was factory installed your car must be a relatively early production car. Sometime in late Oct 62 the factory installed mirror position was moved forward on the door. Tom
  11. Hi Art Valve covers are 64-6 6 CA closed PCV, same for 401 and 425 Tom
  12. Personally, I would choose a mirror of limited value over none at all, but that's just my personal preference.. Tom Mooney
  13. Agree..I've encountered both sizes Tom M
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