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  1. Pay close attention to the illustration and text in the upper left hand corner. I`m quite sure these are the install instructions I referenced when recalling `80`s installs, Tom
  2. Hi Ed, The mats sold within 5 minutes of my listing their availability. I wish I could find a set of these in blue!! Anyone!? Tom
  3. I was wondering if anyone was actually reading my ads....moot point, the mats will remain above ground for now, lol... Tom
  4. Hi Gabe, Definitely correct dark green, not aqua, Tom
  5. Mats are SOLD, thank you! Please send a PM if interested $200 plus shipping Years ago I noticed every once in awhile I would see colored, factory tri-shield floor mats whose tri-shield emblem was a lighter version of the overall color. For instance, light blue on dark blue mats, mint green on dark green mats, etc...I dispensed with this oddity as being "not correct" for the mid-sixties Buick and perhaps a version which occurred just before the switch to generic GM mats. Boy was that a bad assumption! Over the next 30 years I noticed these mats were appearing in one particular model year, that being 1965. My suspicions were confirmed a short time ago when I purchased a one owner, all original `65 Buick time capsule. Included in the original paperwork was a receipt from the dealership`s parts dept. for a set of mats which the original owner purchased on the day he picked up his new Buick. Sure enough, the mats in the car, which I am thoroughly convinced are those original mats, have the light colored tri-shield emblem. At this point, I am convinced this anomoly was a `65 model year occurrence, which brings me to today`s offering... NOS dark green Handy Mats with what I believe is the `65 Buick specific mint green tri-shield emblem. These mats are CORRECT for the big cars like our Rivieras as they are 20 inches wide unlike the repro mats which are patterned after the `71 and up Handy mats which are SMALLER. The mats are definitely NOS showing absolutely no evidence of wear but may have been stored on the dealer`s shelf face down for some time as evidenced by witness marks on the back side. If not sold, I may line my casket with these and take them with me! Lol... Thanks, Tom
  6. Hi Ken, I think I misunderstood your original comment as being a comparison of the 2015 market versus today`s. If you were referring to just the present market then I agree. I think the pool of buyers at BJ, considerate of The Big Three`s offering AND muscle cars, is better suited than Gooding to present an accurate big stage auction house value on the cars. If I had my preference regarding real world values, I`d prefer to see these cars go through Russo and Steele, where there are more bargain hunters which would be more typical of the buying pool in general. Tom
  7. I meant to post about the difference in the windshields previously but forgot....I would think one windshield would be a tinted version and the other would be a non-tinted version? I know the product description says they are both tinted but as a precaution it might be a good idea to call Pilkington and verify the actual part number differences? Tom Mooney
  8. Hi Ken, I was in Scottsdale when this car went thru Gooding but we attended a different auction house. Correct me if I am wrong but as I recall almost every car, if not EVERY car, was a high end exotic at that auction except for this Riv. This was probably the cheapest car on property, right? BJ is a much different venue and audience, still alot of money being thrown around but for different reasoning, will be interesting.... But considering the radical difference in audience I`m not so sure this will be a test of the market, not really apples for apples in terms of the audience. Should be fun! Tom
  9. To be installed on the dash pad... Tom
  10. $400 plus shipping...or $350 local pickup, will be at BOP swap in St Charles IL Feb 17th Please send a PM if interested Dragged this out for a buyer that changed his mind so I thought I would make it available to the list before I re-shelf it. This 3:23 rear diff currently has a `64-`65 yoke but can be used in a `63 axle by changing the yoke. This is an open rear, not a posi-traction. The ring and pinion gears can be used in the first (63-65), second (66-70) and third (boat tail) generation carriers. These 3:23 gears can be used as direct replacements in your present 3:07 posi or non posi diff. Thanks, Tom
  11. Hi Alex, That is the way I use the ANGLED prybar Tom
  12. Ken, You have a message, thanks, Tom
  13. I received the exact same reply the second day the car was listed. I asked several questions none of which were addressed in the response. Tom
  14. Wish I could read the characters on the POP...that would reveal much Tom Mooney